On Galleries, Revisited

I like Menalto Gallery, I really do. Apart from Drupal features, it has almost everything I want from a gallery. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with Gallery 2 as Gallery 3 doesn't have the integration API yet. Blech. And the devs don't seem to think that being able to review a picture before it's posted is an important feature. This is a built-in behavior for nodes in Drupal, so its absence is jarring. Add that to what I'd be missing from the gallery being shoehorned into Drupal, and I've reconsidered my decision.

Alright, there were other factors. First, it looks like there's a replacement for the now-abandoned Content Recommendation Engine. Second, Node Gallery will be getting nested galleries. The feature is still in development, but I'm hopeful. It's at least worth giving a shot. For the time being, I may proceed without it.

After all this time, I've lowered my expectations. Node Gallery can give me all of the functionality of the current image gallery, plus the bells and whistles that Drupal provides. It's not ideal, but has the potential to become ideal. And for now it will do.