OK, I've come to realize a few things about the site implementation over the past few days.

First, my original vision for the Story Archive was far more complicated than it had to be. The SA has to be a bit custom because I want it to do a lot more than the normal Story content type does. Good for news articles, but a bit sparse for a fiction archive. The revelations:

1) Most of the custom stuff I want to do I can do within the Taxonomy.
2) Much of the rest can be done by adding custom fields to a regular Page content type.
3) Using a Book Page means that the whole issue of organizing stories into chapters is just solved.

These are all Very Good Things.

In addition, I tracked down the problem with AcidFree. MySQL is much more forgiving with queries than PostgreSQL, particularly when it comes to ORDER BY and DISTINCT clauses. Edited a couple of views and a query, and we're good to go.

Sorted through the pictures from the current image gallery. Egad, there are a lot of them. But they're all organized into a directory structure now, so when I'm ready I can just do a mass import.

Lots of progress today, I'm feeling good.