Acidfree is back?


A brief recap: When I first started rebuilding using Drupal, I chose an image gallery module called Acidfree. Simply put, it had the best functionality of all of the Drupal-based media galleries available at the time.

Then, as often happens with open source projects, it went idle.

The Drupal 6 version of Acidfree was still under development, but had numerous issues. And it didn't appear as though they would ever be fixed. There were unofficial patches submitted here and there by users of the software, but the maintainer of the module was nowhere to be found. I don't remember how long I waited for updates, but eventually I gave up and started looking at alternatives. Every few months or so I would check on the project to see if any progress had been made. Nothing.

Until a few days ago.

After two years of sitting idle, a new programmer has taken over the module. Dozens have fixes have been made, and Acidfree is now in beta. So once again, I've swapped out gallery modules. Welcome back, Acidfree, and countless thanks to Mr. Heinz for taking over the project.