Five Gallons

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Sam parked her car, took the keys out of the ignition, and walked up to the water machine.

The machine was meant for filling large water bottles. Sam deposited a few coins, and was about to press the button for one gallon. Then, she was struck by an idea.

She looked down at her flat stomach. It was very visible, as she had made sure to wear a loose top and stretch pants. As she rubbed it eagerly, she thought about what she was about to do.

She could fill herself up with a gallon, easily. She had done two gallons before, and three once. But...could she really hold five?

After a minute of thinking it over, she decided to go for it. Even if she got hurt, the pleasure would undoubtedly be worth it.

She opened the plexiglass door covering the spout, positioned her finger over the 5 gallon button, and opened her mouth under the nozzle. As soon as she hit the button, the water started flowing.

If she had simply been swallowing water, a lot of it would have overflowed as she struggled to keep pace. But instead, she used a trick she had learned, and held her epiglottis open. With nothing to slow its entry, the water began making its way into her stomach.

As the first gallon filled her up, she felt her belly start to swell. It stretched with the pressure, and she felt a massive wave of pleasure nearly overtake her. Even though she wanted to let it happen, she kept firm, as there were still four more gallons to go.

By the second gallon, her belly was fairly round, looking like she was five months pregnant. She felt another sensual burst, but held herself to the spout.

When the third gallon finished going into her belly, it was swollen to the point where she looked eight months pregnant. The fourth gave the appearance of triplets, and her navel was stretched outward. She could hardly resist giving into the sheer pleasure, and could barely stay standing--not just because of the sensuality of it, but also because the four gallons of water in her swollen midsection was quite heavy.

The fifth came and went, and the nozzle stopped spewing water down her throat. At last, she could no longer contain herself, and had an orgasm right there on the floor.

When the waves of pleasure slowed at last, she hoisted herself up, and, holding her globe-sized belly, made her way to her car. As she reflected on the night, she could only think of one thing.

Janie was going to love this.

Author's Note: 

my first real "inflation" piece, I think it turned out good.

Written by me, Mono Be aka gener8onslost

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