water inflation

Fun at the Fair

A little something since the weathers getting colder... and I couldnt really think of anything festive. Leave me alone.

Fun at the Fair
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Water Balloon Figure

The sun was high on this summer day in South Jersey and Katie was busy lounging in her back yard by her pool, as she was seen on every other day. She had sported a tiny, baby blue bikini top and matching bottom as she soaked in the sun, waiting for her friends to get there. Katie could be described as pretty, standing at 5'7 with B cup breasts and an ample bottom with a flat, athletic stomach. Her straight brunette hair hung down to her shoulders with her big sunglasses blocking her particularly beautiful blue eyes.

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Lesson in Humiliation, A

Ms. Jackson was a vile professor of English. Every student that attended the college heard a horror story here and there about her. Since her subject was one of the most necessary courses in college, you always had a chance of falling into her class. Most of the students that were unfortunate enough just dealt with the low grades and relentless criticism from Ms. Jackson. She was a short, slightly pudgy woman.

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Five Gallons

Inflation Types:
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Sam parked her car, took the keys out of the ignition, and walked up to the water machine.

The machine was meant for filling large water bottles. Sam deposited a few coins, and was about to press the button for one gallon. Then, she was struck by an idea.

She looked down at her flat stomach. It was very visible, as she had made sure to wear a loose top and stretch pants. As she rubbed it eagerly, she thought about what she was about to do.

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