When Amelia and Samantha got the text from Rachel, they were a little confused. It was the middle of the night, approaching finals week. The two girls had been studying with Rachel only hours ago. Now, she was asking to see them at her rented apartment across town. The roommates shrugged and responded, “Yeah, we’ll be there soon.”

“Wear comfy clothes,” Rachel responded. “And don’t be shocked when you get here.”


An Ill-Conceived Escape

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“You have wronged me and the court,” the king bellowed, his voice echoing through the filled throne room. The lords and ladies of the court stood around, all glaring at the fellow in the center of the room. At the head of the room, the king and queen sat, resplendent and handsome. To the queen’s right sat her daughter, the princess. The young woman, having just seen her twenty-first name day, sat primly, yet could not help wiggling her fingers at the man in the middle. “The kingdom despises you, sir. Were it up to me, you would be put to death.

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Rating's Boom

"E-excuse me..." Valerie covered her mouth, shocked at the loud belch she had just let loose. The effects of her near constant snacking on stage had a visual and audible effect. She had to pause the show for a bit to adjust her top to cover her bulging stomach, the camera gliding about the set hoping not to catch her wide frame in full. Most of the audience was silent - they had expected this from her by now.

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Hurricane Harry

6os TV show villain Hurricane Harry. Capable of blowing buildings down with his hurricane breath. Pen and ink.

Hurricane Harry
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