Zombie Mall Kids, The Frequel

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Poor Rosa, I know you're going to die in this scene. You, the voice of reason, whose only sin was being curvy and Hispanic in this otherwise white and assless travesty. I’d toast to you, but I’m pretty sure we are out of soda and I don’t feel like checking.

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Creepy Inflation

I can feel the cool, wet, morning air as I walk down the rain soaked street and soft rain drops collide with my umbrella. A few cars pass me as I stroll on the wet, street and puddles of rain. A couple of the cars splash me or honk and I try not the get angry at them. The splashing makes the umbrella almost completely useless to me, but I take a deep breath persevere. Lightning flashes in the sky above and thunder soon greets my ears. I smile and enjoy the weather as I remind myself it’s better than being stuck inside my dreary apartment.

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