Control 2: The College Years

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Note: To understand this story, you might want to read (or reread) one I wrote several years ago, named “Control”, which given the origin of Michael and Suzie.


Michael sat under the shade of an oak tree. Scattered around him lay the various books of his discipline, a laptop, and a notebook that had this week’s notes transcribed from his professors’ lectures. It was Friday, and the week of exhaustive schoolwork and internship had finally taken its toll. He was beyond tired, and being stretched out on the soft grass of the campus quad in the shade was enough of a lullaby to put him over the edge. With two hours until his next class, he allowed himself to doze.

Have you ever noticed that what you were thinking about or doing just before going to sleep then influences what you dream about?

The most lucrative part of plastic surgery, which he was in school to learn, is breast enhancement. It was something that an old girlfriend, Suzie, had turned him onto when they were teens. She had placed helium balloons under her shirt to simulate the breast she wanted to have, to amuse him. Suzie had told a hypnotized Michael that he had a ‘special power’, which meant that he had the ability to cause her breast to inflate with helium until she would begin to float, and in his trance-like state, he had believed her.

Michael was so convinced of this power, that he gathered all the information he could find on telekinesis and telemorphosis, and began experimenting. The first time it worked, he was in a study group with other pre-med students. He was concentrating hard on one of the under-endowed female students, Jenny, envisioning her breasts swelling, like he did with Suzie as a teen, so much so that his brain, under so much straining, began tingling strangely.  A sudden startled gasp and a button from her shirt hitting him in the face brought Michael out of his stunned trance. And there Jenny sat, the top button of her blouse missing and the others straining to contain her new E-cup boobs, with a surprised smile on her face while the rest of the group gaped at her.  She never worried about filling out a bathing suit or needing to use a floatation device again.

But as he began to nod off under the tree, months later, it was back to his first experience with Suzie that his mind wandered.

He began to dream of that day. She had told him to close his eyes, and Suzie began to play act what would be her response if Michael had the power to make her breasts inflate with helium. She acted startled at first, making a hissing sound as if her breasts were filling from a helium tank, and had slowly rose up onto a chair high above him as if she was gently flying like a balloon, and she had cried to him to catch her hand so that she didn’t float away. He had opened his eyes to the vision of Suzie almost hovering above him, only tethered from floating off by his firm grip, all the while his head buzzing.

Like what happened that day, and his experiment with Jenny, his head began to tingle while he drifted through the dream.

A girl walking passed the sleeping Michael suddenly stopped, an unfamiliar sensation spreading across her chest. Like a hundred fingers caressing her at the same time, she gasped at the palpation, dropping the books she carried in startled surprise. Her hands pulled her red shirt forward, and she looked down to make sure no insect or foreign body had fallen into her exposed cleavage, and that was when she noticed her breasts expanding rapidly into the shrinking cups of her bra.

Another rolled passed Michael on the sidewalk, rollerblading to her fitness class in the next building. As her boobs began to grow, her tight sports bra couldn’t handle much volume and began immediately to tear at the seams.

Another woman, taking advantage of the spring sunshine, was like him asleep twenty feet away. Dressed only in shorts and a bikini top, her breasts began to inflate. The sensation of expansion wasn’t enough to wake her, though her twin towers blew increasingly upward, her nipples soon escaping her top and pointing resolutely at the sky.  

The first one, not noticing the predicament of the other two yet, wrapped her arms around her burgeoning boobs, trying to push the swelling back down, to no avail. Bigger and bigger she became, and as her red shirt became smaller, unable to contain her growth, more cleavage was forced through the opening in her shirt and up toward her face.

The rollerblader stopped in her tracks when the sports bra tightened and came apart. Noticing for the first time what was happening, she covered her expansion with her arms, but resisted the impulse to call out for help, since this would just bring more attention to her plight. As she grasped her breasts, they grew more, pushing her arms outward and upward.

The sunbather barely flinched when the string holding the cups of her bikini top together snapped. They were made to cover up her AA cup boobs, but quickly were overwhelmed with the new inflation. Higher and higher her nipples protruded, aiming for the clouds. Because of her small, lithe frame, and being the least garbed, she was the first to become airborne. Her shoulders lifted from the blanket she was lying on, her breasts now surpassing three feet round, pulling her up into a sitting position before her posterior lost contact with the ground as well. It was then that, as her feet left the earth, she woke up and noticed the weather balloon-sized breast flesh that was pushing into her face as she floated upward. She screamed, flailing her arms and legs in the air.

The first one’s shirt gave up, exploding the last three buttons at one. Her B-cup bra snapped mid-cleavage, and with her breasts now free, the expansion proceeded unrestrained. Back arching, her endowments pulled skyward forcefully. Soon she was on the tips of her toes, and then she couldn’t feel the grass under her feet anymore. “Ah….help!” she exclaimed weakly, but the only ones nearby that could hear her were the two other women, both also inflating, and a sleeping man under a nearby tree.

The blader was the last to ascend. Weighted by the rollerblades on her feet, she tried skimming away from the others, though with her towering tits floating up into her face, she couldn’t see where she was going. She was even bigger than the others when she finally lost her battle with gravity, and began to buoyantly rise.

“Hey, you!” she screamed at the lounging guy under the tree. When he didn’t respond or move, she risked removing some of her ballast and took off the helmet she always wore when rollerblading. Taking the helmet in her right hand, looking left passed her growing boobs, she through it wildly in Michael’s direction.

 The helmet bounced once one the grass and hit him in the side of the head. “What the…” he said, sitting up abruptly, looking around angrily for his attacker. Then he noticed the three women in various stages of buoyancy. “Oh shit!”

Squeezing his eyes shut and pressing his hands to the side of his head, he began to mumble to himself. “Deflate, deflate, deflate…” he kept willing it to happen, but the three screaming ladies prevented him from concentrating enough to cause the tingling again. The one in red and the sunbather had already floated up fifteen feet, well out of his vertical range, but the one in rollerblades was only eight feet up, and he ran, leaping, and grabbed one boot before she sailed any higher.

His added weight pulled her downward. Their inflation had stopped when he woke up, so thankfully they weren’t continuing to blow up more. But as Michael descended with one, the other two were still hovering, drifting southward with a slight breeze. “Sorry!” he yelled to them, helpless to be able to do anything for them.

“Don’t let go of me!” the girl demanded as they slowly sunk back to the ground. When his feet felt touchdown, Michael was able to pull her further down, wrapping his hands around her waist to prevent her from floating away. “Thank you!” she explained, relief flooding through her. She grabbed him in a strong embrace, pulling him into the deep canyon of her cleavage until his head popped through next to her face, and planted a long, passionate kiss on his lips. “My hero,” she whispered to him, a note of awe and appreciation in her voice. “How can I ever repay you?”

Michael smiled, letting his imagination run. “I can think of a couple of things…,” he said, wrapping his arms around where her inflated tits connected to the rest of her and giving a good squeeze.

Though they never floated any higher that about twenty feet off the ground, the other two still had to be rescued. The woman in red caught onto the branches of a tall tree about a mile from the campus and had to be brought down by the fire department’s ladder truck. The sunbather drifted passed the windows of an office building and was able to capture and cling to the rail of a fire escape until a lawyer from the neighboring office was able to bring back to earth. All three women had to be taken to the local hospital to be properly punctured to release the buoyant gas that, without explanation, somehow had built up in their breasts and caused them to inflate and float. After extensive investigation, no hypothesis was ever reached on what some people are now calling SBIS (Spontaneous Breast Inflation Syndrome), having found no causative agent. Nor were there any other similar events ever occurring to show a pattern.

But Michael knew what he was going to do with this ‘special power’. Definitely breast augmentation. If only he could learn to control it.

Author's Note: 

This is the prequel to "Control", showing how Michael developed his power, with some "bumps" along the way.

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