I Turned her into a Blueberry!

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"So should we get started right away?" Rachael asked while walking in through the door. David closed the door behind her.

"We don't have to, you can rest a bit before we start studying"

"Thanks, I had to walk here."

David had asked his friend Rachael over to hep him study for their cooking test. They'd known each other for about two years, since their senior year of High School. The two were similar in some ways and different in others. David was nearly six feet tall, muscular though he had a bit of a stomach, short brown hair, brown eyes, he was shy and quiet, but very nice and polite. Rachael was 5 feet 4 four inches, she was a small thin woman with dark brown wavy hair that went down to just a few inches above her shoulders, her eyes were dark green. She had taken dance lessons for a few years awhile ago so she had a few muscles on her smooth legs, and her breasts were full but not huge or jug sized. She was shy and nice like David but a bit more out going.

Rachael was wearing a short brown skirt that ended two to three inches above her knees 'nicely showing off you legs' David thought to himself. She also wore large boots that were lined with white fur, a white blouse, a black scarf, and a dark green hoodie.

"But just for a few minutes." She said while removing her scarf and hoodie. David took them and hung them up on the coat rack.

"Anything you'd like to drink, Rach?"

"Umm, yeah, what do you have?" Rachael said while pulling her blouse sleeves back down to her wrists.David lead her to the kitchen of his house.

"I got water, some diet soda,milk, orange juice, tea."

"I'll take some tea, please."

"Cool, I was already heating some water for myself."

David took out two packages of tea mix, poured some water out of the kettle into a cup with the tea bag and gave Rachael her drink first .After taking her glass Rachael took a seat, crossed her legs and began sipping her drink.

"Nice boots." David said, taking his own seat.

"Thanks." She said while rocking one of her legs back and forth lazily. "I like your house."

"Oh yeah, this is the first time you've been in it." David had seen the inside of Rachael's house twice, once a get together with her for their graduation party, another time to give her his Christmas gift.

"The place is alright, but the landlord won't allow dogs, bitch." David said with a mean glint in his eye.

"Awwwww. And you love dogs."

"Well, after college I'll get my own house, and get like four dogs. Just like when I left. I miss living at home but this is a good experience for me. Just wish I could have dogs here."

"Hmmm." Rachael said while sipping her tea. Both of them loved animals, Rachael herself had two huge German Shepard's and a cat.

David asked, "What do you think of next terms classes?"

"I'm glad we only have to take four this time."

"Yeah, but all but one is three hours long."

"Still I'm taking one more."

"Really? I'm playing it safe for now. Which one?"

"Dance, and I'm glad too because I had to stop for college and my mom's been trying to get me to again and I've wanted to. Works out fine for me." she giggled.

"Hey that's good. If you ever going to be in a show, tell me and I'll be there."

"Thanks. I will."

The two talked for a bit longer until Rachael said.

"Okay I'm ready to start. I've rested."

"Sure. Hang on, is there anything you want to eat? I'm sorry I didn't ask sooner." David said while standing up.

"No I'm good." Rachael said also getting up.

"All right, how about we study in here? I'll get my textbook."

"That's fine" after that David left and went to his room for his textbook. While he was gone, Rachael noticed a display case next to her that was full of pictures of David and his family member and friends. She noticed that a picture that was recently taken was of her, David and his best friend at his Eagle Scout ceremony. David was in his uniform his arms around her and Ryan's shoulder and smiling. 'That was a fun time.' she thought to herself.

When David came out of his room he noticed Rachael had her back to him and was admiring the picture cases. She had her arms behind her back and had a curious air about her. 'She's so cute.' thought David. 'It's a pity she turned me down as her boyfriend.' Only a few weeks into his senior year did David develop his first crush, which was on Rachael. For a while he couldn't bring himself to ask her out, until he finally did but alas she apologized and said she couldn't because she already had a boyfriend. But after wards the two worked together and became friends. David was too busy in college to get a girlfriend anyway, but if it were Rachael it would work out since they had the same classes.

"Got it." he said and placed the some several-hundred-pages-too-long book onto the oak table. Rachael laid down her own note book and text and was about to sit down when David remembered something.

"Hang on, do you want to try some gum?"

"What kind?" Rachael asked while shaking her head back to get her beautiful brown hair out of her face.

"That's the weird thing. See a few weeks ago I saw an add in the paper for this new gum. They had it ready but they want some testers before they mass produce it. Y'know for feedback. So I wrote in saying I'll try some and I just got a small package of the gum in the mail this morning. It's called "Wonky Four Course Meal Gum".

One of Rachael's eyebrows rose, "Wonky's Four Course Meal Gum ?"

"That's the name."

"Were there any warnings included in the add?"

"I don't think so..."

"David, how do you know this won't do something bad to you?"

"Come on, this is practically the same as putting in into any store. I think it's just pre-feedback they want."

"I suppose...."

"Do you want to try it or not?"

"Maybe..." Racheal thought for a second. "Does it say what flavors this gum is?"

David looked at the multicolored back of gum. "Let's see, first it's tomato soup, then a green salad, after that is chicken and rice, and for dessert it's blueberry pie."

Racheal continued to think about it. "Hmmm, Wonky's why does that name sound so familiar?"

David chuckled. "You're probably thinking about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you know, Willy Wonka?"

"I suppose, but it feels like I'm forgetting something."

David laughed. "Wonky and Wonka. Four course vs. three course. Maybe you'll turn into a big blueberry just like Violet Beauregarde!"

Racheal rolled her eyes and gave David a playful shove, which didn't amount to much since he was almost twice her size.

"Well since it doesn't have beef, y'know it upsets my stomach, I'll try it."

David took out piece of gum out of case and handed it too Racheal. "I'll try one after you."

"You're letting me go first so that if it tastes like crap, which it probably will, you won't have the displeasure of tasting it yourself."

David smiled "You got it. Well not quite I'll probably taste it anyway. I'm like that even with people saying this one movie is terrible. They say it's terrible which makes me curious and I try it anyway and it's terrible."

"You're hopeless ,Dave." Racheal said while unpeeling the wrapper. David took the wrapper from her and threw it into the trash. Racheal was putting the purple strip of gum up to her lips when she heard a soft beating. She turned her head and saw that David was beating his palms against the table.

"What are you doing?"

"Drum roll."

"David." she whispered.


"Stop it."


Racheal smiled and turned back to the gum. The woman put the gum into her mouth and sealed it shut with her small lips and began chewing. She made an odd face for a second.

"Tastes like crap doesn't it?" David asked.

"No, just paper actually. It's a dud-Wait!" Suddenly Racheal's face brightened up. "Wow! I can actually taste tomato soup! It's as though I can feel it on my tongue! And it tastes like it's fresh out of the pot!"

"Whoa, are you serious?"

"Yes it's like I'm having a fresh bowl of it right now. Hmmm. Ah now it's changing, I can taste lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and radish! I guess I've moved onto the salad. It's pretty good. I can practically feel the carrots breaking between my teeth."

David looked at the gum container, "I wonder what the calories are in just one strip."

Racheal continued to chew the gum vigorously. "The salad left a bit to be desired but it wasn't bad. Now I can taste chicken served with rice. Now this is good! Such rich and filling chicken!"

David smiled at his friend. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's a good thing I ordered this after all."

Racheal continued chewing happily, "Oh, now it's changing once again. Yum it's blueberry pie all right! It's delicious! The pie is filled to the brim with blueberries! Wow this is so good!" The woman was savoring the gum.

David began to tear out a piece for himself, "That settles that! I'm having one now." He glanced back up at his friend's face and made a most peculiar expression of his own.

"What?" Racheal asked without stopping her chewing.

A odd thing was happening to Racheal. It looked like she was blushing but instead of her skin being red it was a light blue and seemed to be spreading on her face slowly.

"What?" Racheal asked again her long eye-lashed eyes blinking while her small soft lips became purple.

"Urm, Rach, believe it or not but you're blue."

"What are you talking about?" The blue was darkening and now spread completely over her face, and sank into her forehead that was covered by her bangs.

"Well, just your face I suppose." he stuttered but then noticed the blue was spreading down Racheal's creamy throat. "Now your neck." He added.

"Oh for goodness sakes, what are you talking about?" She asked irritably while placing one hand onto the top of the table and crossed one of her legs behind the joint of her other.'Nice poise.' David thought while admiring her legs then he shook himself out of it. "Racheal, I'm serious! Your body is changing color! Look at your hand!"

The woman rolled her eyes "Hmm great gum-" she started to say but then she caught sight of her hand.

"Oh my god! I am turning blue!" Her hand was already completely blue and the color was traveling down her body, under her clothing. Despite this odd development Racheal continued to chew the gum while looking around at her new skin color. Then David saw a light blueing on the skin just below where Racheal's skirt ended. It hadn't stopped that's for sure. The blue continued to spread down Racheal's thighs, then calves, shins, and most likely ended at her feet.

"I'm-I'm completely blue now." she said shocked.

"Racheal I think you should spit out that gum."

"I can't! It's so good!" she said still chewing it non-stop.

"You remind me of Gollum. Seriously spit it out."

"I told you I can't! Is there a number on the pack or in the ad?"
David quickly looked at the package. "Yeah! I'll call them and ask if there's a way to fix it."

Racheal then said. "Umf, so much juice in my mouth." and promptly swallowed the whole huge mouthful of juice. 'Hmmm, the taste is so strong still.'. A split second after Racheal swallowed the juice, David let out a gasp.

"Now what?" Said the small blue woman.

"Umm,look down." David said while turning red in the face.

"My chest!" she cried out, her breasts had in fact swelled out a bit.Racheal swallowed another mouthful of juice and again her breasts swelled a bit more. "They're growing bigger!"

"Try spitting out the juice!" David said trying to help her but he also couldn't help but feel a little aroused due to Racheal's swelling blue chest. "Or try swallowing the juice in smaller gulps. Racheal tried this but her chest continued to swell at the same speed, it seemed that she didn't need to swallow more juice because she was swelling at the same rate. David noticed something else: that her thighs looked a bit fuller, and her stomach wasn't as flat as before.

"Hey, I'm afraid it's filling out in other place."

"What!?" At that she looked down and saw her body changing.

It was odd but David could have sworn he heard a very faint gurgling sound, as though water or some other liquid was coming out of nowhere and filling Racheal with it. Racheal's stomach jumped out another notch, her thighs and breasts continued to grow. By now her chest had grown a few cups sizes larger. Racheal placed her hands against her growing stomach and tried to push it back in due to it getting tighter around her waist. Now she looked to be a few months pregnant and the filling didn't seem to stop. Suddenly there was a small pop, it was the sound of the lowest button on her blouse popping out. Racheal's stomach and bellybutton were now showing between her blouse and the waistband of her skirt . Again she placed her hands against her stomach but the growing shape just pushed her fingers apart.

"Ooooh What's going on?" Racheal moaned while moving her hands to her thighs and tried pushing them back in. The thighs were growing thicker and thicker with the juice. *TWIP!* Another button flew off Racheal's blouse. David continued to watch in fascination as the woman's breasts, stomach, and thighs swelled. By now Racheal's breasts were straining against her top most buttons. Racheal then placed her hands against her ever growing cleavage and looked at David. "David! Hurry up and call that number!" she said angrily.

Then there was a *RRRRIIIIIIIPPP!* and the sound of a cloth landing on the floor. Racheal's green eyes widened and then she slowly looked down at her feet and shrieked. Her stomach and thighs had finally grown too large, and as a result they had torn her skirt which now lay down around her booted feet.

"My skirt!" Racheal shrieked. She was wearing white panties that were somehow stretching quite well against her growing thighs and stomach.

'White huh?' David mentally commented with a very flushed face, 'that goes good with your new blue skin.'

Racheal was blushing though instead of red her cheeks looked to be purple. Her stomach caused two more buttons to burst off revealing her huge blue stomach which caused her panties to slide down underneath it. Only one button was left on her blouse, which was holding it together over her breasts.

"David-" she started to say but then this last button finally flew off, exposing her growing blue chest. A matching bra was holding on tightly to her form, though despite her chest had grown to the size of bowling balls the bra held on. Her blue nipples were well outlined against the white cloth. Her sides began to fill with juice and the other parts didn't abate in their swellings. Due to her swelling sides, Racheal's arms were forced into horizontal positions. Her body was becoming rounder and rounder, she could feel the back of her blouse being pressed tightly against her back.

To David it looked like Racheal's arms and legs were being pulled into her body. Racheal's body swelled and swelled while she chewed and chewed while quickly whipping her face and hair around at her body in shock. In unison, the sleeves tore off the main body of her blouse, while that itself split in two and landed on the ground. Racheal nervously licked her purple lips, she noticed something amiss and licked them again. Her lips were even plumbing up! A third lick confirmed this fear and she even felt the juice plumbing up the cheeks on her face. The weight of her body was becoming heavy, she turned her feet inwards to help keep her standing but she could feel her legs trying to spread out.

Racheal closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. 'Ooooh this underwear is getting so tight on me!' Which shouldn't surprise anyone since by now her breasts were nearly the size of beach balls and the bra, though the two shoulder straps had ripped, still hung on. The bra now only looked like a strip of cloth the only covered a little more than her nipples. David looked closely and could see that the area around her nipples appeared to be damp and were getting the cloth wet. 'Why do my nipples feel wet?' Racheal thought to herself. 'God I JUST WANT THIS BRA OFF!' And with that the strap across her back finally broke and sent the bra sailing over David's head an into his kitchen leaving David to ogle at Racheal's huge breasts which showed that a little bit of berry juice was escaping from her nipples..

The blueberry woman's arms were indeed being pulled into her body, by now only a little bit of her forearms remained, with the tatters of her blouse around her wrists. Her shins and feet were all that remained of her graceful legs. Though not as tight, Racheal's panties were not stretching as well as before, a foot and a half gap was now between her bellybutton and the waistband of her panties. They were growing ever so tight around her crotch and buttocks. Racheal was blushing even more profusely due to the fact that all that remained of her attire was her panties and boots. She wasn't the only one blushing though, David was as red as a beet.

"David would you help me all ready!" She screamed at David who came out of his trance.

"Yeah sure of course."

"As you can see I'm just in my underwear so I'd appreciate if you could call-"

Racheal's panties began to shake due to the incredible pressure that they were undergoing, Racheal closed her eyes 'Please don't rip off!Pleasepleaseplease!' she mentally pleaded with herself. David marveled at this transformation, Racheal was no longer the dressed 5'4" beauty, she was now a nearly naked, round, shiny, blueberry woman.

"Wow." he whispered.

"David-" Racheal began but was once again interrupted but an odd noise. It was the sound of something straining and making a squeaking sound and it sounded like it was coming from behind Racheal. David hurried past Racheal's form, and had to slip in between the wall and her side and took note that her underwear shouldn't be able to hold on much longer because the side stitchings were starting to be pulled apart. The man inspected her backside and concluded that the odd sound was one side of Racheal's panties riding up her butt cheek. Then while inspecting the underwear began to shake again and the other side followed suit of the first. The bunched up underwear now gave Racheal the appearance that she was wearing a thong.

Racheal whirled her head around as best as her shoulders and fat cheeks allowed. "David? David!? Where are you I can't see you!" She said nervously, her sight was hindered by her still growing breasts.


"What are you doing behind me!?" Racheal said while turning her head around as best she could,. Her huge breasts were being bushing up further up in front of her face.

"I was just-"

"Stop staring at me and help! OOOHH GOD! THESE PANTIES ARE TIGHT!"

"Umm, do you,um, want me to pull them off you or something?-

"Hell no!" Racheal's face blushed even more, "I don't want to be naked!"

'I don't think they're going to last much longer anyway.' David thought, since the leg holes were stretched out at least several feet wide.

To Racheal's despair her overstretched underwear began to shake a third time. Racheal again closed her eyes' Oooooh! Please stay on!Pleaseplease!'. But it was to no avail, her panties gave one last groan, a slow riiip and then a quick loud *rip!*, they tore in the back and sailed off her body causing her to jiggle for several seconds.

Racheal cried out while David said "Wow, those were so small, I can't believe how big they stretched before ripping."


Racheal continued to swell up. "Awww, how much longer?" she moaned. David was worried she was going to swell until she burst. But thankfully both their prayers were answered, after only another thirty seconds she finally stopped.

"Looks like you stopped."

"I'm naked!" Racheal shrieked.

David marveled at Racheal's new look. She was small earlier but now she towered over him in all of her blueberry glory. Her crotch was pressed against the floor and that was keeping her upright mostly but her feet could still touch the ground, she no longer hand legs or arms or a neck, just a round blueberry with hands, feet,breasts and head sticking out of it.

"I'll um, I'll call that number now." David said while trying to squeeze past Racheal and the wall. His body accidentally brushed against her's and she started to wobble.

Racheal started flapping her hands to regain balance, "Whoooa! Help me David! My breasts are too heavy!WAAAA!" With that she tumbled forward landing on her breasts like they were pillows *DOOMMPH!*. Due to her landing on her breasts some of the berry juice squirted out of them.

"Do you want me to help you up?" David asked apprehensively.

Racheal twisted her head around, her hair falling around her face. "No, I really want to be a big blueberry forever. I'm more comfortable lying like this. JUST CALL THEM!!"

David was a bit shook up by seeing Racheal's angry side, he always saw her calm and shy side, which is why he practically leaped over to the phone and at long last dialed the number.

"Hello, Wonky help line. My name is Steve how may I help you?" answered the man over the phone.

"Hi. My name's David and my friend Racheal tried your Wonky Four Course Gum and-" David went on to tell the story to Steve.

While Racheal lied there she realized something.

"Hang on, Wonky? I knew that name was familiar. That's a company that makes joke products! DAVID! WAS THIS ON PURPOSE!?" She furiously wiggled her hands and feet to try and get to David but sadly that's all she could do.

David covered the phone receiver, "I swear to god Racheal that I didn't intend for this to happen. I was just as ready to eat some of that gum when I heard how good the flavors were."

"Hmph!" was Racheal's answer and she turned her head away from him. David got back to Steve.

"Steve is there a way to reverse it?"

"Of course. But first you have to make sure she wants to change back."

"I'm quite sure I don't have to ask that. She's pretty pissed at her predicament and I can't blame her."

"Just ask her for the record. You have to."

David groaned and turned to Racheal. "Racheal, the man says I have to ask you this, do you want to change back to your former look?"


David turned back to Steve. "She says-"

"I heard her. Okay now in order to get her back to her original shape, that's easy, she just has to be juiced."

"Okay, how do I do that? Do you have a station or something for that?"

"No you can do it yourself."

"WHAT!?" David turned red in the face.

"It's easy, jump on her, squeeze her, drop stuff on her. It shouldn't hurt her and she won't burst. Not unless you drop her from a very high place but-"

"Are you serious" David asked while his face grew redder.

"I am. And to get rid of the blue skin we'll send you a gum that'll reverse that part. But she has to chew that after she's juiced. Juice her, call us back, and we'll send someone out with the reverse gum ASAP for free. This can all be done by the end of the day."

"Umm, okay. Sure. I guess I'll talk to you later. Thanks." with that David hung up the phone.

"What did he say?" Racheal asked from her lying position.

"Ummm, its seems that you can get your skin color back with some gum. About the juice, you have to be juiced by someone manually. Like me, or somebody else."


"Uh-yeah. Should I call your family and explain to them or-"

"I don't want them to see me like this, besides it'd take them forever to get me home and juice me. I'm here, you know about it, you do it so we can get it over with."

"If you're sure. I mean I'll be squeezing your whole body and-"

"I'll understand David don't worry. I'd rather it was a friend like you, that's better than going to some station and having one of their employee stranger do it"

"Okay. Is that gum still strong?"

"No, it lost it's flavor about a minute ago. I'm done with it"

David took out a paper towel and put it up to Racheal's face so that she could spit the gum out. David threw it into the trash.

"I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

Racheal seemed to be regaining her cool because her response was a sarcastic "Ha ha." David went into his garage and came back a moment later with several blue tarps He then laid one down on the floor and covered everything else in the room with the others. He then rolled Racheal onto the large floor tarp, he could hear all of those galleons of blueberry juice slosh around inside of her with each push.

When he got Racheal into position he said. "Before I start is there anything you want to drink?"

"Some water please."

David left and came back with a large glass of water with a straw in it. He put it up to Racheal's plumped purple lips and let her drink it until she was done.

"Thank you."

"Would you also like me to take those boots of your feet?"

"Yeah that would make me feel better." David then rolled her onto her back and took off her boots and socks.

When he did that he asked, "Are you ready?"

"Yes, and Dave thanks for helping me out. I'm sorry I yelled at you earlier, it's not your fault."

He took his hand, brushed back the hair on her forehead and began to calmly rub it, Racheal let out a relaxing sigh, "Don't worry about it." he said.
He placed his other hand onto one of Racheal's huge breasts.


"That's fine."

"Then let's juice you."

He squeezed it.

'Man, I'm am SO glad I moved out of my parent's house before this happened.' David thought to himself happily.

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so digusting and cliche

Why does every story under, "blueberry" always involve breasts leaking juice and ripping panties?