Donna's New Look, Part 2: Fun at the Big Top

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Donna's settled in to life as the Grandenberg Girl, but there are still those begrudge her success and would seek to exact revenge.

"Donna! Over here!"

Donna turned in the direction of the voice to see a little blonde girl calling and waving. She smiled and waved back. Nowadays most people recognized her from TV and knew her name. Being Grandenberg, Inc.'s lead spokesmodel meant getting a lot of exposure, and not just on television. Being the Grandenberg Girl was a full-time job. Mainly it was making appearances at various casinos and hotels for publicity. Right now she was on such an assignment. Grandenberg's Casino, Las Vegas. She'd spent the past few hours greeting people, signing autographs, and suffering the occasional grope. Her encounter with Vanessa and that air tank four months ago had left her with a ridiculously buxom figure which seemed to invite such attention. Over time, she'd slowly shrunk down to a more manageable size; she still had to have clothes custom made, but at least she could fit through doorways now. But Donna had found that a twenty-four inch waist with a fifty-four inch bustline still drew a whole lot of attention. The outfit she had to wear didn't help matters much. Her "uniform" consisted of a halter top and tights, all made from blue spandex. Grandenberg's giant gold 'G' emblem was emblazoned on her chest. That, combined with the matching gold boots and cape gave her something of a superhero look. Even though any man who tried for a grope would often get his nose broken by one of Donna's bodyguards, some men still seemed to think it was worth it.

That's why she liked the park so much. The carnival was a place where parents could drop off their kids and let them run amok while the grownups went gambling. The games here were targeted for the very young, so Donna could walk around and mingle with the children without having to endure leering gazes and wandering hands. It was one of the few places she ever went without Vince, Chuck, and Biff, her ever-present bodyguards. Their combined half- ton of muscle wasn't required to fend off six-year olds. Plus, it was after sunset, so there were actually very few children around, and even most of the staff was off.

"Donna!" The little girl came trotting over.

Donna knelt down and gave her a big, smothering hug. "Hello there! What's your name, little girl?"

"I'm Jessica! Follow me!" She took Donna's hand and started tugging.

"What for?" she asked.

"It's a game! Come on!" Jessica kept on tugging with that single-minded sense of purpose that only a child can truly muster. Donna just shrugged her shoulders and let the little girl lead her along between the colorfully lit booths and tents.

Davy followed from a distance, quietly. He was wondering what his little sister was up to, and why she was dragging Donna around. She'd been so excited before, he'd only gathered that a clown had promised her a special present. Davy thought, well maybe I can get a present, too.

Eventually, they came to a huge circus tent that would have looked like it wasn't in use except for a sign posted outside: BALLOONS. Unbeknownst to them, Davy had followed them all the way, and shortly after they went inside, he went around back and sneaked in, hiding in the shadows. Inside, they found a clown, busily filling brightly colored balloons from a tube attached to an enormous helium tank. Nicholas Grandenberg tended to go over the top in everything he did, and even his clowns fit the bill. She was wearing the customary smiling face paint, bulbous red nose, technicolor wig, and giant floppy shoes. Her clothes were equally garish: baggy pants with gold and red stripes held up by a thick black belt with a huge golden 'G' for a buckle. Her billowy, gold and red polka-dotted shirt had the words "Grandenberg Casino" written across it. She smiled at the approaching pair. "Well, hello there!" she called out merrily.

"Hello," Donna responded. She'd always loved clowns as a child, and the sight of this one in her comic costume brought a smile to her face.

"Hya Missus Clown!" Jessica shouted, smiling. "Can I have a balloon now?"

"Why of course you can, little girl."

"Remember you said I could have an extra special balloon if I could bring Donna over here, remember?" Jessica chimed gleefully.

The clown smiled. "Why, yes! Let me see if I can find a balloon nice enough for a nice little girl like you." She started rummaging through her bag of balloons. "Hmm, let's see...oh, I think I found a really nice one!"

Donna leaned over to peek into the bag. "Let's see it."

The clown smiled an extra big smile, picked up the hose attached to the helium tank, and quickly poked the end into Donna's exposed navel. "It's right here!" Donna's eyes grew wide with shock as the clown turned on the gas, her comical smile melting into a devilish grin.

"What're you doin'!" she shouted as she felt a slow pressure building up inside her already inflated curves. She tried to pull the hose out, only to find that it was stuck. With a dramatic flourish, the clown pulled off her wig to reveal her flowing black hair.

"Surprise!" The voice was different now, and very familiar.

"Vanessa!" Donna gasped. Already her bust was filling up and out, her full breasts bulging up in her neckline. The blue fabric stretched tight across her expanding body, her plump nipples pushed out by force of the helium filling her. Her buttocks, though lagging slightly behind her bosom, were experiencing the same fate.

"In the flesh!" Evil giggle. "Y'know, ever since you snagged the Grandenberg contract, I've been trying to figure out where I went wrong with my little plot."

"Stop! Please!" Donna had already blown up to her original size, and quickly surpassed it. She tried to waddle her way to the helium tank, but in her awkward state it was easy for Vanessa to push her away.

"Oh no you don't!" Vanessa laughed as Donna fell back and landed on her plushly cushioned butt, bouncing a few inches into the air. "You see, I didn't go wrong overinflating you, even though that did seem to backfire. I had the right idea, I just didn't make you big enough!"

Donna continued to swell up, her taut bosom straining against her halter top, her fattening thighs testing the limits of her tights. The laces on her boots began to snap as her calves grew too big to be contained. "Please Vanessa, ya gotta stop this!"

"What's that? You want more? Okay Donna, if you insist..." Vanessa turned up the pressure, and Donna blew up even faster. "Last time, the air tank wasn't big enough. This time, I made sure I had more than enough gas to blow up a dozen Donnas if I wanted to."

Donna was trying to get back to her feet, and failing miserably. Her legs were so swollen, she could no longer bend her knees. Bigger and bigger she grew, and amazingly her clothing refused to give. Donna panicked when she started to slowly lift off of the ground.

"Help me! I'm floatin' away!"

"Aww, we can't have that, now can we?" Vanessa chuckled. She grabbed Donna's ankle as she drifted by and tied a piece of twine around it. She handed the end of it to Jessica. "There you go, little girl. A very special balloon, just like I promised!"

"Thanks, Missus Clown," Jessica said, delighted at her huge new blue and white balloon. "Davy's gonna be sooooo jealous when I show him this!"

"Vanessa! Turn it off, please!" Donna pleaded from above.

"Oh, I guess I should do that, shouldn't I?" Vanessa turned the valve, and the hissing stopped. The hose fell from Donna's belly button.

"Please, ya gotta get me down from here!" Donna shouted. Vanessa could no longer see her face, since her breasts had bulged up to obscure it. Nearly perfectly round and over four feet across each, they had stretched her halter, bulging out above below and to the sides. On her severely overinflated torso, it looked more like a string bikini.

Vanessa walked around Donna's ridiculously inflated form to admire her handiwork. Her ass was nearly as big as her bust, leading down to huge thighs as big around as barrels, calves whose growth had completely demolished her boots, and ending in comically dainty feet, which appeared unaffected by the inflation. "My, my, my, it looks like you won't be doing any more commercials for Grandenberg. But the Michelin Man had better watch out!"

Donna took slow, deep breaths to calm herself. The first time she'd gotten blown up, at least she'd stayed somewhere near a reasonable size. But how would she explain this to Mr. Grandenberg? And even if she did tell him the truth, and even if he believe her, her modeling career was over until she could find a way to deflate. And even all that wouldn't matter one bit if Jessica lost her grip on that string... At least she was under the tent for now, safe from being seen and from floating away. She struggled a bit, causing her body to sway slightly in the air. She pressed her hands into huge breasts to try to squeeze the gas out somehow, knowing full well that it wouldn't work. She'd tried many times before to deflate herself, with no success, and Vanessa had said that there was nothing she could do but wait. She sighed. And even if she could force the helium out by squeezing, she was far too big to get a reach around to her sides, and there was so much pressure in her, her boobs didn't give a bit she pressed her hands against them."Okay, Vanessa. Joke's over, you've had your fun, now ya gotta get me down from here, okay?" Her enormous tits were gently tugging her skyward, blocking the view of anything in front of her, so Donna had to twist around and peek over her shoulder to look down at Vanessa.

Vanessa shook her head, chuckling. "Actually, I don't think I've 'gotta' get you down. I think you look quite fetching up there. Oh, don't worry though. You'll shrink back down to normal, slowly. Heck, you may even be back on the ground sometime next year!" More laughter. "Don't take her away yet, Jessica." Vanessa put on an especially evil grin, rubbing her hands together.. "I've got one more thing to show her, the crowning touch on my meticulously conceived scheme, before she gets paraded around like the pneumatic freak she is."

Jessica's face went blank. "Huh?"

"I need to borrow your balloon for a few minutes. Here, take this lollipop and wait outside, I'll bring her out when I'm done." Jessica joyfully took the candy and trotted out of the tent. Vanessa tied Donna to one of the tent poles, then walked back over to the helium tanks and picked up the hose.

"What now? Ain't ya done with me yet?"

"You? Oh yes, I think I'm quite done with you. Unless, of course, you'd like to be even bigger?" Donna blanched. "Didn't think so. However, I do think it would be fun to try out a more voluptuous figure for a while." She untucked her shirt and stuck the end of the hose into her own navel.

Then, once again, she turned on the gas.

Donna stared, perplexed. "What, you're gonna join me up here?"

Vanessa grinned as she felt her slim figure filling out. The clown suit was quite loose, so it didn't show yet. "No, Donna dear. I don't plan on getting anywhere near that big." She pulled of her fake nose and started to wipe her makeup off with a rag she pulled from her pocket. All the while, her body slowly swelled. Her pants were too baggy to show off her legs, but her hips started to form obvious bulges in the fabric. Her chest pushed outwards, gradually pulling the wrinkles in her shirt taut, but being untucked caused it hang straight down from the shelf created by her bosom, making her look slightly chunky. Now Donna was really confused. It almost looked as if Vanessa wasn't paying attention to how big she was getting. Voluptuous was one thing, but having breasts the size of large cantaloupes would keep her out of mainstream modeling and limit her job prospects to working in the pornography industry.

Having finished cleaning up her face, she untied her oversized shoes and kicked them off. They didn't go up very far, but they weren't comfortable to begin with and would become less so as her calves added more girth. Plus, bending over that far would be more difficult in a short while. She loosened her belt some, too. The potion caused some gas to go places other than those desired. It was only a little bit, and the visual effect was more than counteracted by the generous proportions of her bust and hips, but it still required that a few adjustments be made.

"The whole clown thing gets pretty old after a while, don't you think? Personally, I'd rather go into line of work that pays a little better." Suddenly, Vanessa's face lit up into what was an obviously contrived flash of revelation. "I have an idea!" She reached for the tank and turned the knob. She gasped as the gas surged into her at an increased rate. Within moments her tits completely filled out her shirt. Below, her thighs were now snugly wrapped in gold and red cloth, while her hips and buttocks stretched her pants out tight, nearly bursting the seams. Voluptuous, no, she was ludicrously curvaceous now. She had to turn to the side to reach the tank again, unable to reach in front of her ballooning mammaries. Her hips were so broad, she was just barely able to reach the knob to turn the gas down. Down but not completely off. Any bigger, and she'd have to lean to the side to reach it again.

Vanessa turned with a flourish to face Donna, sending quivers through her glorious new endowments. "What do you think, Donna? Won't I look just wonderful as the new Grandenberg Girl? Rumor has it ol' Nicholas will be looking for a replacement very soon. I figure I'll have to go just a little bit bigger than you were to impress him, but it'll work out in the end." She closed her eyes and ran her hands along the sides of her full, firm breasts, smiling all the while. Donna's were inflated to the point of being almost spherical, but hers still drooped just a bit. Slightly oblong, they stuck out in front of her like twin blimps. Her nipples were too far away for her to confirm how big they'd swollen up, but she could feel them pressing hard against the strained cloth. "Lovely, aren't they? They say bigger is better, but I think there is a limit. And you, Donna dear, have passed it!" She threw her head back and laughed.

Donna was shocked nearly to tears, and was speechless for a moment. "I'm the Grandenberg Girl, and everybody knows it! You can't do this!" she screamed.

Vanessa just laughed. She walked towards her, dragging the hose along with her. She wanted Donna to have a close up look at the finishing touches. "Don't you understand Donna?" She glanced down at the widening gaps between her buttons. "I already have. You may have had the guts to show yourself in front of Grandenberg when I blew you up before, but now you can't even walk. And you're so huge, you could never be a model for anything. Heck, they'd turn you to the cameras, and all they'd be able to see would be the biggest pair of tits and legs on the planet. Face it, Donna. I've won, and you've lost! Your luck has just run out!" Vanessa started laughing again, but stopped when she saw Donna smirking.

"Funny, I was jus' about to say the same about you."

Vanessa furrowed her brow and stared at Donna quizzically. Then she heard a voice behind her. "I wanna balloon too!" the child screamed plaintively. Vanessa turned herself about (a process which took significantly longer with her significantly fuller thighs) and was about to tell the little twerp to find another fucking clown to get his damn balloon, but stopped dead before speaking a word.

She saw a little boy with dirty blonde hair. He looked to be about nine years old.

He was standing next to the helium tank.

With his little hands on the pressure valve.

Vanessa's mouth twitched, not quite sure whether to turn to an expression of panic or rage. Realizing that the fact that the gas was still flowing meant that she was still inflating, albeit slowly, and that she hose was stuck until she could turn it off. And although the tank wasn't more than six feet away, she couldn't move quickly enough to stop the boy if he decided to crank it up. She quickly regained composure. "Ok, little boy. I've got lots of balloons in my bag over there--" She started to take a step towards him, but stopped when he tightened his grip on the pressure valve's control knob.

"I wannna special balloon! A big one! Like Jessica's!" He pointed to Donna, still tethered to the pole.

Donna giggled. "Go ahead, Vanessa. Get the boy balloon. Or heck, he could just turn that knob and make one outta you..."

"Shut up!" she screamed at Donna. Hearing the stitches straining in the back of her pants, and looking down on the bulges of flesh that were peeking out between her buttons, she realized she was quickly running out of time. She switched back to her sweetness voice. "Come on, just step away from the tank. You wouldn't want to hurt a clown, would you?"

"You're not a real clown! I saw you take off your hair! And your feet aren't big and floppy! And your nose isn't really red!"

She was losing patience. "Listen kid, clowns aren't real. They're just people dressed up in makeup and funny clothes."

Little Davy's face flushed red as it twisted into childish rage. "Liar!" he shrieked, as turned on the knob with all his might.

"NO!" Vanessa shrieked. Too late, of course. Her body ballooned outward, filling her clothes and then some. Gaining buoyancy, the her lightening body lifted her up to her tiptoes, but that clown suit was surprisingly sturdy and refused to tear. The gas continued to flow, building pressure inside her and causing her massive tits to bulge out of every available gap they pushed out into the spaces between the buttons, and two large bulges started to peek out the bottom of her shirt. "TURN THAT DAMN THING OFF BEFORE I EXPLODE!" she screamed.

Vanessa was normally quite well schooled in the art of tact and manipulation. But in her panic, she failed to consider what effect such an outburst would have on such a child. It was not the desired effect. For while all Vanessa saw was that she was in a very precarious situation, all little Davy saw was a dangerously distended woman standing in front of him. And all he heard was a straining sound not unlike an overinflated balloon, an angry voice, and the ominous word "explode." He panicked. He screamed. He ran.

"No! Don't go away!" Vanessa called, belatedly realizing she'd made a grave error for the second time in as many minutes. Frantically she tried to think up a plan of action. She couldn't walk, her legs were too pumped up. Even as baggy as her pants were, she'd filled them til they looked like tapering, overstuffed sausages.

Then, having put up a valiant effort, the Grandenberg Clown Costume finally gave out. It started with a single button, the middle one, popping off and flying away. The rest fired off like machine gun shots, just as Vanessa's ass burst out of the back of her pants, her thighs splitting the cloth down the sides. To Donna, who viewing this spectacle from behind, could only watch as Vanessa exploded out of her clothing. Free from all restraints, with the helium still flowing on high, her rate of inflation ran rampant, unhindered except for the belt which looked like it was pinching Vanessa's expanding waistline painfully tight. She began to lift up off of the ground.

"Donna! Please, you've got to help me! We've got to find a way to turn off the gas!"

Donna laughed, "Actually, I don't think I've gotta help you. Y'know, the last time I was in a situation like this, I just had ta wait til the tank was empty."

Vanessa had to lift her head up as her gigantic tits pushed up into her face. She had far surpassed Donna in size, and was still growing steadily. "You don't understand. There's enough helium in that tank to fill up this whole damn tent! I'll burst!" She could feel her skin growing tighter and tighter.

Donna rolled her eyes. "Ok, I'll see what I can do." She turned her back to the pole and grabbed a hold of it. With great difficulty (her oversized butt made things quite cumbersome), she managed to inch her way down until her feet touched the ground. But she nearly lost her grip when Vanessa started screaming again.

"What's happening to me?!" She felt her chest pushing forward beneath her voluminous bust, as if she were taking a deep breath. A very deep breath; her torso was beginning to fill up with gas. It build up in her gut as well, surging forth as her belt snapped. The man who had sold her the potion had warned her that overinflation would cause "unpredictable" results. Perhaps this was what he meant. "Donna! Hurry!"

Donna was stunned into inaction for a moment as she watched Vanessa's slender back and waist swell outward, her once ridiculously exaggerated hourglass figure becoming more and more globular. Then her arms swelled up, rapidly catching up with her legs. Her thighs and upper arms now merged smoothly into the enormous balloon that her body was becoming. Her breasts, once two enormous masses in their own right, were now merely hemispherical bulges on a much larger globe. "Whoa," Donna gasped. Getting back to the task at hand, she pushed off from the pole, reaching out sideways to grab hold of the helium tank before she floated back upwards.

"Hurry! I'm think I'm gonna burst!" Vanessa had been blown up so huge, if it weren't for her protruding head, hands, and feet, she might easily be mistaken for a flesh-colored weather balloon. That, and the fact that she was almost twice as large and taut as a drum.

"Hold yer darn horses, I'm workin' as fast as I can!" Slowly, she managed to turn the knob. Without the flow of gas to hold it in place, the nozzle fell from Vanessa's navel. And without the hose to hold onto her, Vanessa drifted up to the ceiling of the tent. But she'd been blown up so big at this point, it was only a few feet before her blimped backside hit the top.

She let out a sigh of relief. But it quickly faded. How the hell am I going to get down from here? "Ok Donna, I'll make a deal with you. I'll tell you how to deflate yourself, if you promise to deflate me next."

But Donna would have none of it. "Y'know Vanessa, I'm really gettin' tired of you always tryin' to mess me up! I think I'll jus' leave you up there for a while to teach you a lesson."

Vanessa just grinned mischievously. "Hope you have strong hands, because as soon as you lose your grip on that tank, you'll be right up here with me."

"You think I'm so dumb, don't ya? Well you're wrong!" To make her point, she carefully unscrewed the hose from the tank. With the other end disconnected, she stuck the nozzle into her belly button. She lost her grip and began to float upward, but she didn't care. All she cared about was the hissing sound of the helium rushing out of her through the hose.

Vanessa was dumbstruck. Donna quickly deflated, her pneumatic voluptuousness dissolving away as her body returned to earth. In less than a minute, she was back to the slender figure she had months ago. Her clothes, designed for a much fuller figure, were practically falling off of her. Though greatly relieved, she was a little sad. She was no longer the Grandenberg Girl.

"Come on, Donna, don't leave me like this! I'm sure we can work something out!"

But Donna was distracted by the voice she heard calling her in the distance. It was Mr. Grandenberg! "Uh oh, how'm I gonna explain this?", she said to herself, looking at her deflated form. She was none the worse for wear, no sagging or stretch marks, but there was no way she could continue her modeling for Grandenberg. Unless...

Realizing she had little time, she reconnected the hose, took a deep breath, and turned the gas on high. Her slim physique quickly ballooned up into her million-dollar curves, filling out her spandex, then straining it. By the time she turned off the pressure, her hips were nearly three feet across, and were still overwhelmed by her enormous bust. She glanced down and saw her bulging cleavage was barely an inch from her chin. She was even bigger than she was when she started this career, and loving it.

Donna was coiling up the hose as Nicholas Grandenberg entered with her three bodyguards. "Donna, where have you been? Some guy just hit the jackpot, and we need you pose with him for a pictu-- My goodness!" he gasped, eyeing the way she was nearly bursting out of costume that had fit so well earlier that day. "You look incredible! I thought you were going to be slimming down."

"Oh, I think I might be stickin' around as the Grandenberg Girl for a bit longer," she said. "Hold onto this," she said to Vince, handing him the hose.

"Well, great! We can have your contract extended, we can renegotiate salaries with Madame Dubois, and--" He finally noticed the human balloon who was taking up so much space in the tent. "What the hell?"

"Oh don't mind her," Donna giggled. "That's Vanessa. She's one o' your clowns, and she was just havin' a little fun with the helium tank."

"Oh." It was so bizarre, he wasn't even sure he wanted to inquire. "Ok, Donna, you just get back to the casino lounge. Vince, Chuck, Biff, you go with her and make sure she doesn't get harassed. And you-- Vanessa was it?" he called, looking up at her.

"Yes, Mr. Grandenberg," she squeaked.

"You're fired." He walked out of the tent, leaving Vanessa all alone...

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