New Recruit, The

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Naomi's first day in space and already she's feeling the pressure, or rather the opposite.

It was a fairly menial task, the kind usually doled out to new recruits on their first day on the station; and that’s just the girl Naomi Fisher was. Nineteen, long blonde hair, wide inky blue eyes and a petite, but well packaged body and fresh out of the programme, Naomi was one of a new breed of astronauts who were given only basic training and then sent up to the New International Space Station to fill the unprecedented number of vacancies and complete their training. Astronauts of Naomi’s Dad’s generation hadn’t been so green, but then they hadn’t needed 200 of them in high earth orbit at any one time. Thus it was that only 2 hours after being checked in, before she’d even been shown her room, Naomi was in the emergency airlock calibrating the pressure gauge.

She had a small handheld pressure sensor so she knew the real pressure and had to make the electronic gauge on the airlock computer match it; otherwise when it came to automatically depressurise the airlock in an emergency it might make the pressure drop too low, too high or too fast. She crouched over the valve computer on the wall, checked the handheld gauge and lowered the pressure display on the airlock gauge to match. Then she had to lower the pressure in the chamber and repeat the process; then she was done, it was as simple as that.

She turned the valve wheel and heard a hissing as the air escaped into space; she felt the lower pressure in her ears and could see it on both gauges. Carefully she turned the wheel, being sure not to overdo it. Next thing, there was a loud bang and all the lights went out. Naomi caught her breath, and felt her heart beat faster. ‘Calm down’ she said to herself; ‘it’s only a power outage’. She heard the hissing of the valve increase in volume and looked down at the computer. It was flashing the words ‘EMERGENCY! – DECOMPRESSION SEQUENCE INITIATED’.

‘Oh crap!’ Naomi thought, she felt the pressure lowering further, and could feel it over her whole body, as though she was being stretched, and has gas at the same time. She ran over to the window to the inside of the station and started banging on it and shouting for help, feeling a wave of panic and nausea coming over her. At that point the lights came back on. She stepped back, flushed and breathing heavily. But something wasn’t right, the hissing hadn’t stopped and she was still feeling the pressure, she looked at the handheld gauge and saw the pressure dropping rapidly, she then looked back at the computer and saw the words flashing on the screen ‘MALFUNCTION! – VALVE JAMMED!’ She was still being depressurised!

Naomi could actually feel herself stretching and when she looked down, she saw her body expanding in the low pressure. She saw her stomach pushing outwards under her light grey jumpsuit, stretching the fabric and pressing on her belt. From the tightness she could feel around her ass she judged that that too was expanding, multiplying in volume as the pressure outside her dropped. She went back to banging on the window, this time frantically, shouting for help. She was still blowing up like some sort of balloon, expanding the same way a bubble does as it rises to the surface of a glass of water. She felt her midriff pushing out against her belt, bulging over either side of it. She felt a bit breathless as her whole body whooshed outwards, her breast accelerating through C cup, D cup, E cup, like balloons attached to a helium tank they just burgeoned, stretching her jumpsuit to its limits. She was still banging on the window, but no-one had appeared, she was feeling tired and weak, and her arms were also inflating, making it difficult to bend them, so that after about 15 seconds she could no longer hit the window. She stepped back, but her legs were also swelling up like blimps so it was hard to walk. Her ballooning limbs were being pushed apart, so that her arms were forced out at right angles, and her inflating waistline was about 8 feet round, pushing out against her belt with the mounting pressure inside her, when BANG! It was blown apart and fell to the floor around her. With more room to grow, her whole body surged and blimped up, till she was the size of a parade balloon. She was expanding every which way, stretching the latex of her suit like the skin of a party balloon. At the window a group of astronauts rushed by, they took one look into the airlock and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Naomi was stood their taking up half the room, like a big female blimp. They tried to force the door open but Naomi saw it was no use, and the emergency computer couldn’t be overridden. As the stretching and billowing intensified, Naomi knew what her fate would be, she was going to blow, like an overfilled, water bomb, explode and that would be the end of her. The men outside seemed to know that too, because some of them couldn’t watch, others couldn’t not watch. Some covered their ears.

A pained groan came from Naomi’s suit; or was it Naomi, she was over 15 feet wide now and still ballooning, the groaning and creaking continued, and then POP! Naomi felt a twitch around her crotch; it was a seam in her suit bursting. POP, POP, POP, the twitching feelings moved around her ass and up her abdomen as more seams went. As the seams blew, Naomi’s soft flesh, covered by her silk underwear bulged through, as silk wasn’t as resilient as latex. POP, POP, POP, BANG, BANG, BANG! The noise of the seams blowing got louder, as did the creaking of Naomi’s body. My suit’s is exploding off me’ she thought, ‘I’m sure to blow in a sec…’ BANG BANG BANG, Naomi moaned loudly one last anguished cry, BANG, BANG the tear in her suit was up to her navel when suddenly…


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