Explosive Event, An

I sit on the floor, casually lounging as I fill yet another balloon. There's still several hours before the party, so I haven't gotten dressed yet; I'm wearing a simple pair of panties and a form-fitting white tanktop. I sigh. "Man, who knew blowing balloons would take so long?" I lament, turning to you.

You're sitting on a chair in jeans and a white t-shirt, using a pump to fill the balloons. "Well, it's a good thing we have this pump. It could be a lot slower," you note, with a smirk.

I pout. "Well, I suppose. Still, next time we should just buy them, I guess."

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Problem with P-Ballons, The

The Problem with P-Balloons

By kairiinflator


The day was finally here. A few weeks ago, Nintendo posted about the 'Super Mario Bros Super Package'. A surprise filled crate, filled with Mario related merchandise. Me, being the ultimate Nintendo fangirl, purchased it immediately; regardless of the large price tag. Now I was hauling it into my basement with a mad gleam in my eye, and a box cutter in one hand.

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Chemical Chaos

“Let’s see here… if I combine these two compounds I get this strange combination which has unknown but possibly adverse effects.” Jazette shook around the vial full of the unknown liquid. She brushed her black hair done in braids back to avoid them getting in the way. Her floral print sleeveless cheongsam was her favorite piece of clothing as it was a gift from her tailor aunt who personally designed it for her. The stockings she wore doubled as shoes thanks to the padding on the feet beneath it.

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Make Me Big


By Latecomer


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Conspiracy, part 1: Peer Pressure

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Katie's been on the receiving end of Trisha's abuse for far too long. But in getting her revenge, she attracts the attention of a secret organization lurking in the shadows.

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New Recruit, The

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Naomi's first day in space and already she's feeling the pressure, or rather the opposite.

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