Butt Inflation


Jessica sat behind her desk as she got ready to work and let go of a long sigh. Another day of same old, same old. I think I really need to make some changes in my life she thought. I just can’t see myself doing this much longer, just to climb the corporate ladder. With that thought she logged on to her computer and pulled up her e-mails for the day.

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Feeling Light Headed

“Hello? Anyone? Anybody there? I’m trapped on the moon base and need some way to get back home!” Jazette called the intercom for the fifth time. She was currently wearing a breathable heated gray mesh tight suit for comfortable space exploration. Jazette was on the moon base for a special experiment but while Jazette was sleeping there was an emergency evacuation that she wasn’t warned of and now she was stuck on the failing base.

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Ms. Bouncer - Rising High

Amelia looked at the gaggle of scientists around her. “So let me get this straight,” she asked, “somehow, one of your weather balloons floated on up, and ended up getting stuck, and now you want me to retrieve it?”

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Ms. Bouncer - Daily Grind

The shrill beeps of the alarm clock jolted Amelia awake in her bed. She blinked in the morning sunlight as she sat up and hit the OFF button with a sleepy arm. Last night at work had been a doozy, with Jerry apparently thinking that bringing a bottle of Sprite near sensitive equipment wouldn’t end in disaster. Turning to look at the calendar on her wall, Amelia scanned for the day’s date. 21st, 22nd, 23rd… wait! Today was the 26th! Amelia pumped her fist and smiled. It was the beginning of her two-week vacation! And that meant loads of time for patrolling the city!

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Mystic ass expansion

Inflation Types:
Mystic ass expansion
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Repleti Baca Sucus

“Late again, Erica?” Professor Lakosky smirked, as a red-faced Erica timidly raced to her seat. She felt both embarrassed and enraged. This was the third time this week she belittled her in front of the class, and she would not take it sitting down. Actually, she would, but she had a trick up her sleeve.

Under the guise of night, she had attended sororities specializing in ‘magic’. She knew it was a bunch of baloney, but what other way to release anger than by whispering odd obscurities at your botanical professor?

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Skipping Class

Eva sighs, slumping down more on the bench as she stares at the clock. Her dark brown hair flowing down and resting on her shoulders the more she slumps. Her legs stretching out more, lifting one of them up and gently relaxing it on her other leg. She reached back, grabbing on her black shirt and pulling it down over her jean shorts which fit loosely on her. She acted like she was sitting alone, in total silence. But instead, she was in a noise filled hallway of her school.

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Emily Gold: Thickening Agent

Thickening Agent

Cloying beads of sweat gripped Emily's brow, gluing her coppery hair to her goggles as she painstakingly measured and gingerly mixed chemicals in the clear vials she held. If too much air got into the mixture, it would froth for days, and the reactions would take that much more time to finish reacting and degrade. This was supposed to be Temporary, after all.

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Buoyant Bonnie

Buoyant Bonnie

by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer:  Naughty, inflatable themes
herein.  For mature audiences only.

It was a peculiar twist of fate.  In her normal work, Bonnie exploited gravity's pull to guide tourists down raging rivers.  Her new position, however, involved doing just the opposite with gravity.  It was ridiculous on its face, really; a balloon ride without a balloon.  Who the hell thinks this stuff up?

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Center of Attention 5


"So what is it that you find... interesting about it?"

She turned away from her apartment window. "About what?"

"You know," he continued. "Being big."

"Oh." A faint smile crossed her face. "Well.  I guess it's about being larger than life, in every sense of the word.  Just being a figure of awe that's impossible to ignore."

"Even if you can't move?"

"Yeah.  Doesn't stop people from realizing that it's me that's blocking all that traffic."

He nodded silently.

"You're the same way, aren't you?"

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