Butt Inflation

Bob and Mary's Life part 3

(Author’s note: Bob and Mary experimented with a substance called felium or female helium a few months ago.  Its floatation properties are twice that of helium, but half the density.  Not a lot is required to achieve human lift.  They also discovered that after a month of taking felium pills, their bodies had adsorbed the felium and could produce it at will.

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Bob and Mary's Life Part 1

The day was like any other day, warm, sunny and blue.  Bob was returning home from work at his usual 6pm.  He worked like most others, nine-to-five and had a commute.  Bob was an average guy with a wife and two kids; the quintessential husband, father.  Normally he comes home, goes to the bedroom

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Night at the Opera, A


"Honey, are you about ready?" you called from downstairs. "Just about! Be down in a minute!" I called out, still standing before the mirror on the oak dresser. I stand there with my one-piece outfit, a tight little black dress you had picked out for me. It is very elegant, hanging loosely in gentle folds of black fabric and v-shaped in the front. It hugs my shapely hips and stops an inch above my knees.

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Blow by Blow Tale #1: A Sunny Hue of Hugeness


There is nothing like a little sun on the bod to make one feel more radiant and alive. In the winter months though it is almost totally impossible in the face of a Buffalo NY winter to get sunlight and a tan the natural way…unless one is a walrus. (Funny I say that…there was a comment once from a not-so-brainy admirer of mine that referred to my massive bosoms as "a pair of walrus bodies.")

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Blow by Blow Tale #4: All Dressed Up with No Room to Grow

Helia and I were invited to a costume party and Helia had plans for both our costumes. I was not going to argue with her but she was pretty good with stuff like that.

I walked to Helia's house and knocked on the door. "I'm in the backyard!" she yelled sweetly. I walked into her backyard. Helia stood there in her costume. She was dressed as Sailor Moon. She even had that cute Odango Attama hairdo Sailor Moon has.

"Helia, you know Lisa Harrison said she was going as Sailor Moon, didn't you?"

"Yes, love, but I'm going to be a bigger and better Sailor Moon than Lisa." Helia tells me.

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Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How

"Buyer's remorse" doesn't quite capture what she was feeling.  "Cheated, humiliated."  Now, those terms would describe the feeling more succinctly.  Perhaps what had made the encounter so troubling was the fact that she didn't consider herself to be the easily duped, naive type.  The consumer mayhem of "Black Friday" surely didn't help.  Yes, that's it;  long day, fatigue.  That's why she gave in.  The comforting embrace of rationalization always helped to salve a psychic wound such as this.  But, stil

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Blowing the Audition, part 1

"I got a callback mom!" A young brunette girl said, jumping up and down ecstatically on the phone, her C cups bouncing with every jump. The 20 year old girl, Blaire had auditioned several weeks ago for a new show going up Off-Broadway. All she knew about the show was that it was an absurdist theatre production where the actors and actresses would have to pass several different tests if they got a call back.

"I'm so proud of you hun! Don't stress yourself out too much, you want to be focused for this, it's your big day!" Blaire's mom said proudly.

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Sorceress’ Apprentice, The

Shalandra waited patiently under the covers, not daring to move a muscle. When at last she heard Mistress begin to snore, she carefully climbed out of bed, threw on a dress, and crept quietly out of the bedroom.

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Emergency Escape Enchantment

Being a mercenary for hire was always an interesting job. The work took you to many strange and facinating places. Unfortunately, it also took you some very dark and unwelcome places.

Such as the inescapable, direbadger filled canyon swordsman Flint Ironstag and his mage partner Haruka Ariadust had found themselves trapped in.

It had started like a routine quest, some old fart requesting they check out an old temple, find the treasure within, and bring it back to the starving villiage so the townsfolk could buy some food. Pretty simple really.

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