Emily Gold: Portrait

Image by Gwahhh of my character, Emily, mixing up some trouble.

Emily Gold: Portrait
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Emily Gold: Thickening Agent

Thickening Agent

Cloying beads of sweat gripped Emily's brow, gluing her coppery hair to her goggles as she painstakingly measured and gingerly mixed chemicals in the clear vials she held. If too much air got into the mixture, it would froth for days, and the reactions would take that much more time to finish reacting and degrade. This was supposed to be Temporary, after all.

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Wicked Way to Go, A

Inflation Types:

After much deliberation, the townspeople came to the conclusion that the old shack in the middle of woods must be a place of witchcraft, and they schemed of a way to purge such terrifying acts from their vicinity.

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