Buoyant Bonnie

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Buoyant Bonnie

by SvenSvenson

Disclaimer:  Naughty, inflatable themes
herein.  For mature audiences only.

It was a peculiar twist of fate.  In her normal work, Bonnie exploited gravity's pull to guide tourists down raging rivers.  Her new position, however, involved doing just the opposite with gravity.  It was ridiculous on its face, really; a balloon ride without a balloon.  Who the hell thinks this stuff up?

It was common knowledge that the exploration companies out on the frontier were finding and bringing back some really strange and wonderful things. The gas was found in abundance in one system (Helios, it was called), making it almost free.  However, access to it was strictly regulated and users had to be licensed.  The franchise agreement required tour guides to take a week long training course for certification.

The tour company's owner had some connections and he managed to snag a license.  Bonnie, being one of the older and more seasoned river guides, was selected to go to the training and return to setup the program and get the rest of the Blue Sky crew trained.   So, reluctantly, she got up early one morning, drove out to the airport, and hopped on a big hybrid that was to take her to the seminar in another district.

For most of the morning on the first day of the class, she sat through the training videos with about a dozen or so other students.  In the dry tones normally found in bureaucratic policy reports, it was explained how it all worked.  Understanding the equipment setup and safety procedures was easy, but the science of it all went right over her head:  'something-something, quantum, something-something'.  

She had laughed nervously at times during the videos as did some of the other students - perhaps too nervously.  How could she not?  Was that really what the gas did to you?  

"Yes" the instructor assured the class.  He looked directly at Bonnie who nervously avoided eye contact.  "That's how it works", adding" though it usually affects men and women differently"   he finished with a smile and a wink.  This elicited more nervous laughter from the room.

The time came for a demonstration and the instructor seemed to make a point of calling Bonnie up to the front.  "First victim!" he had joked.  

Now, if you were to press her on the issue, Bonnie would probably have to admit that she was a bit of an exhibitionist.  Not a blatant one, mind you, but in her more candid moments she couldn't honestly deny the thrill she got from commanding the attention of a room full of people.  Her feigned reluctance was mostly convincing and mostly true.  But after having watched the animated version of what was about to happen to her, there was some truth in her reaction.  

The instructor had her go into a supply closet and remove some of her more restrictive under garments telling her "you're going to need room to grow." While she was busy, he explained to the class (and loudly enough for her to hear behind the closed door) that she wouldn't be taking a full dose, though it would be pure and not diluted as it would normally be the case.  Bonnie emerged a bit meekly from the room with her brasserie folded and tucked under one arm and with a sideways glance saw that every man was intently focused on her.  The other women rolled their eyes at the reaction and Bonnie's face flushed a little bit.

Lastly, the instructor had her remove her shoes and untuck and unbutton the red flannel blouse she wore over a stretchy green turtle necked shirt.  Giggling nervously, she complied and stole a glance down at her chest as she undid the buttons.  Her now unencumbered bust bounced around freely under the fabric and her long braided pony tail swished back and forth as she moved.  "Yeah" she thought to herself.  "Mustn't keep a big girl down, I guess."   An expectant hush fell over the room as all eyes looked her way.

The instructor wheeled a tank of the pure, compressed gas from over in the corner of the room to right up front, produced a limp yellow balloon, and proceeded to inflate it to a large size.  "Note," he lectured "that while buoyant, the gas in its natural state is no more so than regular helium."  He flipped the latex balloon back and forth to demonstrate, its valve pinched between thumb and index finger.  

"As the video showed," he continued, "once it’s inhaled, the gas goes into the bloodstream and is carried around the body until it is metabolized and takes effect.  After about four hours it starts dissipating and after six it is no longer present in the body."  He held up three fingers and emphasized his next instruction.  "For each flight we have set a time limit of three hours in the air, so be sure your group is kitted out and their equipment is checked and working and chronos set before dosing."

Some of the students made notes on their tablets.  

"There is enough pure gas in this balloon to lift an average sized woman in full gear" he continued lecturing.   "You'll be weighing each guest after they've kitted out and then will set the dispenser with the proper values.  It will auto-calculate each dose for just slightly above neutral buoyancy.  In regular practice, the guest will breathe the diluted gas and air mixture from the dispenser hose and mask in and out for about ten minutes.  It will monitor the gas content in the guest's breath and taper off at the right time.  The volume of pure gas in this balloon is about equivalent to what they will take in."  

He then handed the balloon to Bonnie.

"Now", he continued, "I want you to breathe out, then take in a lungful of the gas, and hold it in."

Bonnie breathed in deeply, exhaled, and brought the balloon to her lips.  She paused a moment, unpinched the valve, and with closed eyes inhaled as much of the gas as she could.  Her chest rose as she breathed in and for a moment, the gas in her lungs exerted pressure against her airway and diaphragm.  But soon, the pressure seemed to lessen and with each heartbeat her chest fell a little as if she were slowly exhaling.  In the time it would take to count to ten, all the gas in her lungs was gone.

"Now, breathe normally."

A bit startled, she opened her mouth and breathed in, deeply at first and then regularly.  A feeling of butterflies built in her abdomen and she looked over at the instructor quizzically.

He was looking down at his wristwatch and marking the seconds as they passed.  After about twenty he distractedly said "Okay... we should see something in... just about... now" and then looked up at Bonnie.

With a puzzled expression, she looked down her front and then twisted her head around to check for... to check for what?  Her question was immediately answered.  All at once, there was a sudden rush that cascaded over her and, startled, she reflexively straightened up, looking wide eyed in astonishment.  

The man smirked.  His eyes chuckled.

All over, her skin felt as if it were flushing.  Then, it felt as if it were tightening.  And, then, as if it were softening and that static electricity was attracting the fabric of her clothes.  A low hiss began to build that seemed to come from everywhere.

There was a distinct murmur from the students sitting at the conference tables around the room and a dozen set of eyes widened as they stared at the brunette standing up in front.  Bonnie scanned the room and realized they were all staring at her chest and, following their gaze she gasped at what she saw.  

Her bosom was expanding, pushing out and filling the green turtleneck like a pair of helium balloons would do.  She could feel her breasts expand into the fabric, perking as they inflated with a sibilant hiss.  She reflexively brought her free hand up to her décolletage as her growing lady bumps pressed into her forearm.

As if on cue, she then felt her legs begin to expand into her previously loose jeans.  Startled again, she quickly reached down and explored her hips.  The big yellow balloon waved about as she clutched it.  Previously curvy, her hips and thighs were now comical in proportion to her waist.  

The hiss in her ears continued unabated and as she explored her ballooning backside, she felt her abdomen begin to press out against the shirt and her belt.  She brought her hands around to her belly as the big yellow balloon bobbled about frantically with her movements.  

The rest of the class was silent, their rapt attention on the incredible sight before them.

As quickly as it started, it was over.  She stood there, mouth agape and breathing rapidly.  Her now enormous bust heaved into the stretchy shirt with every breath.

"You okay?"  the instructor asked.

Bonnie nodded in the affirmative, though in reality she was somewhat stunned.  

"Good.  You should already feel lighter on your feet."

The inflated girl looked down at her feet and quickly realized that she could no longer see them.  Slowly, she went up on her toes and back down.  Her bust bounced with newfound buoyancy.  Her belt and jeans were tight.  "Yes... definitely."

"Good."  The instructor reached over to Bonnie's swollen midsection and pinched the fabric of the green shirt, drawing her free floating boobs down as he pulled.  When he let go, her breasts gently floated upward until they bounced off the restraining material.  "The gas affects people differently."  He gestured at Bonnie while addressing the class.  "Notice how she is bigger up top than what you saw in the videos."

A dozen wide-eyed students nodded in agreement.

"You'll need to explain this to your guests before inflation starts.  Some folks can really freak out when they experience something different from what is in the safety video."

A few of the students managed to jot down a few more notes.

"The system computer compensates for this and will transfer the balancing fluid around the jet units to allow free rotation in any axis."

There was another round of notetaking.

"Now, Bonnie" he continued.  "We're going to get you to neutral buoyancy."  

Bonnie nodded to the instructor as he turned to face the class.  "This will be a little tricky with a manual dose but I want to demonstrate how difficult it is to estimate properly.  You should always use the dispensers.  If you have a broken unit, take it out of service.  Never try to guess because it will void any liability we have and your employer will take the fall if anything goes wrong."

The students acknowledged this proclamation, most nodding to show they understood the seriousness of it.

The instructor turned his attention back to Bonnie. "Okay, exhale again and take only about a third of the amount of gas this time.  Do as best you can."

"Okay."  She breathed out, closed her eyes in concentration, and brought the balloon's valve back up to her lips.  Pausing briefly, she let the gas flow from it and inhaled, stopping at about what she thought was the right point.  Opening her eyes and holding the gas in, she pulled the now smaller balloon away from her lips and looked at the instructor who was once again checking his watch.  Meanwhile, the gas disappeared into her bloodstream.

At the twenty second mark, he looked up again and said "let's see how you did."

The rush didn't happen this time but the softness did and Bonnie could feel herself expanding again, her breasts leading the way with the hiss of inflating gas.  Even her shoulders seemed to expand and she could feel her lips swell just slightly.  The weight on her feet seemed to noticeably lessen.  There was something else, though.  She could smell it; the faint scent of latex and it wasn't coming from the balloon in her hand.  She raised her wrist to her nose and sniffed her skin, momentarily distracted from her ballooning body.

"Ah." the instructor seemed intrigued at seeing this.  "Most folks can't detect or don't notice that."  He turned to the class again.  "That's the polymerization at work.  It gives off a distinct smell that is very similar to latex rubber."

As the effects of this dose slowed, her now impossibly large breasts pushed up and out against the green turtleneck and were beginning to pull its hem out from the waist of her pants.  They floated up to her chin and formed a busty horizon in her field of view.  The tethering creases in the shirt's fabric that had formed earlier were being stretched smooth and her hips, thighs, and belly were straining under the ever restrictive pants.

"It looks like you're not there yet" the instructor commented.  "But give it a try and see how close you are."

Bonnie easily went up on the balls of her feet and gasped when they momentarily left contact with the floor.  Her ballooning breasts wobbled in the shirt, pressed against each other and seeking release.  It almost felt as if they were on the verge of making a squeaking noise rubbing against each other, as did the rest of her skin.  She stumbled for a moment, her balance now very awkward.

"Very good."  The instructor said as he nodded his head in approval.  "Try it again, but just take in little bit of gas."

Bonnie now had to reach around her voluminous bust to bring the yellow balloon up to her lips.  After a small hit of gas and another wait of about twenty or so seconds, she was inflating again.  Her breasts strained upward, finally pulling the hem of her shirt out and exposing her ballooning belly.  Her backside strained against the seams of her blue jeans and it felt as if the stitching were popping at the apex of her hips.  Most of all, there seemed to be almost no weight on her feet and she giggled quietly.  The episode quickly faded.

The other students were still enthralled.  The instructor smiled at her.  "Well, let's see, then."

Again, she went up on her toes, easily pushing away from the floor.  Bonnie gasped as it to shrank away and the lights in the ceiling seemed to drop down to meet her.  "Whoa!" was all she managed to get out.  There were gasps from the other students.

She had floated up from the floor to perhaps three or four feet above it and for a moment she remained there, gesticulating while still holding the yellow balloon in an effort keep what balance she could.  The moment passed and she slowly drifted back down to terra firma.  Nervously, she held her arms out her sides as if she were balancing on a log.  "This is kind of fun" she said to nobody in particular.

The instructor smiled at her in amusement.  "Yeah, ain't it?"  He then turned to address the class.

As he spoke with his back to her, a strange impulse took hold of her.  She breathed out, brought the balloon back up to her lips, and inhaled another big hit of the gas.  Most of the class dropped their jaws at seeing this and stared at her, prompting the instructor to turn around.  

"Bonnie, what did you just do?"  

She smiled at him as if to claim innocence.  

He looked down at the now significantly deflated balloon she held, sighed loudly, and pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.  "Not one of these ones again" he mumbled, slowly shaking his head back and forth.

Right on time, the softness returned and she could feel her curves balloon out even more.  As her breasts swelled, they pushed further skyward up into her face.  Hissing, her belly and hips followed and as the pressure mounted, the stitching of her jeans began letting go, exposing the now shiny, inflating flesh of her thighs and posterior as they pressed out through seems of the ripping fabric.

Her classmates expressed a mixture of amusement and awe at how big she was getting.  Had they been rude, they may have pointed out that Bonnie's underwear matched her green turtleneck shirt that was now being pulled up to her ribcage by her inflating chest balloons.

Still blowing up, Bonnie felt her feet leave the floor again and, thrilled, brought the balloon up around her ballooning bosom.  She breathed out, closed her eyes, and tilted her head back before breathing in another big dose of the gas.  She was most of the way to the ceiling when the next wave hit.  She kept expanding as her jean’s stitching rended with a muffled pop-pop-pop.

Finally, her head bopped into the ceiling tiles, halting her ascent, and her body rotated into the prone until her inflated derriere made contact as well.  All eyes had followed her progress up and a few of the students laughed at the spectacle.

"Alright everyone" the instructor addressed the class with annoyance in his voice as he looked up at buoyant Bonnie.  "We'll take lunch now."  

The students stood up and shuffled out the door, some glancing up at the ballooned girl pressed up against the ceiling.  The instructor remained, staring up at Bonnie silently, arms folded across his chest.

Bonnie looked down with a devilish grin and then inhaled the remaining gas from the balloon.  

The instructor shook his head and walked out.

Author's Note: 

Inspired by two illustration commisions Throwaway261 made.

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