Round One

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"Princess fighter tournament 2004" had been the single most profitable enterprise that year. Filled with nothing but women fighters from all over the globe, the stunt had attracted everything from soft-drink endorsements to music CDs. The media cover for it had been astounding.

And Noriko Mune had loved every second of it.

Noriko was the epitome of the event. She was a master of several martial arts, and had decimated every opponent that had faced her so far in the tournament. She was adored by young girls as a strong role model, especially after her match with action movie star Richard Steele, who was soundly defeated by Mune. She was loved as a civil activist, donating most of the money she made to charities. Her appearances in commercials, at public events, and a couple game shows had made her a house hold name.

And lets face it, she was hot.

Noriko was lean and well toned due to all her training, but her body was still very feminine. Sporting an ample hourglass figure poured into a red and black combat outfit; Noriko was also a big hit with men of most ages. It wasn't just her knock-out figure, either. She had a cute face with big, almond eyes and short, bright red ( Obviously dyed, though no one really cared ) hair complimented by her pouty, scarlet lips. As far as everyone in the audience could tell, Noriko was undefeatable. Or, at the very least, no one wanted her to lose.

The fight was taking place in Cosplay City square, in a fairly larger ring then Noriko was used too. It was surrounded by people of all age, gender and call who loved the pretty fighter for one or many of the various reasons mentioned above. She smiled, looking over to her adoring fans. She felt a bit guilty for being so enamored with being famous, but she had to admit how much fun it was. Most of her life had been spent in near total isolation, and this was a welcome change. She waved to her fans, and blew one a kiss. Which one, she left up to them.

Her opponent today was undefeated, which made Noriko excited and a little scared of the idea at the same time. What made things more odd is that all the other fights had been in private, and the losers were not heard from afterward, both things unique to the tourney. Shaking off her uncertainty, Noriko smiled. Whatever streaks this mysterious fighter had made, they were going to end today.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the challenger has arrived!" Noriko slipped out of her short daydream upon hearing the announcer. "The match will begin momentarily!"

With that, our heroine strutted over to her corner in the ring, raising her hands high in the air. The crowd cheered again, and with a burst of confidence, Noriko turned around to see what sort of opponent had come to face her.

"In this corner, the fighter who needs no introductions, the lovely warrior, Noriko Mune!"

As if there hadn't been enough cheering, the crowd went at it again. Life was good.

"And in this corner, our mysterious challenger, Nimue Ta'olb!"

A tall, slender figure came into Noriko's view. She was dressed in armor the looked more like a black, spiky bikini. Her hair was a deep black color, and her pallor contrasted almost perfectly. She was as white as a ghost. A smirk crossed her face as she looked at Noriko. Both women knew that they would not like each other very much.

"Nimue, huh?" Noriko grinned. "The gal who imprisoned Merlin? Thats sort of a pretentious moniker, don't ya'think?"

"Oh wow." Her opponent sounded surprised. "You actually read? I'm shocked!"

"Now now ladies. "The referee stepped back. "Save it for the match!"

And with that, the bell rang, and both women took their fighting stances. Noriko sized up her goth-looking foe, looking for visible weak points. Without a moments hesitation, she struck. Her well timed blow glided effortlessly through the air, but Nimue slid out of the way. She almost looked as if she was doing an elaborate dance.

Noriko looked puzzled for a minute, but she was quickly brought back to her senses by a pair of thin hands grabbing her from behind. Nimue had slipped behind her, and she seemed to be moving in for the kill.

"Hmm, nice and lean..." Nimue's hands slid up Noriko's figure, finally grabbing a hold of her ample chest. "Oh, minus a few places I guess."

"Hey!" Noriko broke free of Nimue's hold, and whirled to face her. The audience was surprised as well, and all were silent. "What the hell kind of conduct is that for...for.." Noriko's attention changed to the slight bubbling in her chest, which grew into a distinct stretching noise. Her boobs were actually getting bigger, rounding out like balloons!

"Whats going on!? " Noriko cried out, placing her hands as if to push down her swelling chest. The new girth felt soft and overly bouncy, even the slightest movement caused them to ripple.

"Lets just say that my name may be less pretentious then you think..." Nimue stuck, sweeping her leg across the ground and knocking Noriko off her feet causing much more jiggling then our heroine was used too. Her breasts had puffed up to nearly the size of bowling balls before the stopped, but they were still surprisingly round and perky.

Noriko was struggling to stand again when her opponent leapt in the air, and landed on her, pinning her to the ground. The crowd gasped again, shocked at the whole occurrence to begin with. Nimue grinned and in one swift motion let go of Noriko, and glided her hands down Mune's legs then leaping away before poor Noriko could even act.

Nimue giggled as her opponent got up, and realized that her thighs felt bigger and heavier because they too were plumping outwards. She stumbled as her whole leg thickned, and she blushed bright red when she realized her posterior was also billowing; it had caused her outfit to ride up, revealing much more of her growing figure then she cared to admit.

Noriko's body had fattened up into a ridiculous hourglass shape; her chest was round and ample nearly spilling out of her tight outfit, her hips had widened considerably, her tush had grown from round to a bubble-butt and even her legs had grown immensely thick. She took up her fighting stance, sweating a bit nervously. Could she fight like this?

Nimue laughed. "This I have to see..." She sidestepped as Noriko jabbed at her. Angered, Norkio attempted a high kick, forgetting that her leg had not only grown thicker, but softer and flabby. Nimue stopped her kick, grabbing hole of her enlarged limb. "Trying to hit me with this thunder thigh? " She laughed, flipping Noriko flat onto her face with a quick throw move. She flushed again, her big rump was high in the air, as if she was presenting herself.

"Damnit..." Norkio rolled over. "I can't fight like this..." Nimue stood above her, stepping hard on Noriko's still toned stomach. Noriko winced.

"Oooh. I missed a spot, didn't I?" Niumue licked her lips, as Noriko's belly grew and bulged, her foot suddenly sinking into a flabby dome. Noriko yelped and threw her off, causing Nimue a bit of shock as she fell onto her own behind. Noriko stood up, almost in tears as she watched her stomach bloat up like a balloon. She looked rather fat now- even her arms had grown thicker. She resumed her fighting stance, but even her routine swaying was a struggle, her newly fattened body wobbling like jello at the slightest moment.

"Still wanna fight, my enlarged enemy? " Nimue cackled, and gestured towards Noriko. "Give it your best shot."

Noriko, against her better judgment, lunged at Nimue, swinging at her with her right arm. Even this took it out of her, and she missed completely. She bit her lower lip. All her years of training and it had been ruined by some hokey magic spell. How was she supposed to win when she was blimped out? Nimue laughed, dodging another of Noriko's punches, and shoving her hand into Noriko's doughy belly, causing the turgid fighter to stumble.

"This is fun, my puffy pet, but times almost up, and I need to finish you.." Nimue slipped forward, and pecked Noriko on the cheek, shocking the audience and her foe all at once. "And thats it...Ever eat too much, too fast before, you blimpy bimbo? Cause' this is gonna feel like that, but way worse!"

Norkio gulped as her body began to inflate all at once, but differently this time. It was growing bloated and taught, filling up with some sort of gas! She flailed a bit, finally starting to panic; her stomach was pushing out, and feeling rather painfully bloated. She belched, a little loudly and while it embarrassed her, it did little to stop her expansion. She tried to move with little avail, but as she stared at Nimue, she swore to herself to get one last hit in.

Nimue backed up, a little surprised that Noriko hadn't given up yet, and a little frightened too. Noriko waddled towards her as she continued to blow up. Her whole body was blimping out rapidly, even her previously unaffected face, which was beginning to look round as well. Nimue continued to step back.

"What are you doing!! Give up already!!" Nimue screeched, unaware how close she was to the boundry of the ring.

Noriko finally lost her mobility, as her whole body exploded forth and nearly doubled in size. She had become a womanly sphere, and looked about ready to burst. She fell over onto her expansive stomach, feeling mortified as she rolled slowly towards Nimue, who giggled.

"HA! How does it feel! You were once loved and admired for your figure, and look at you now! A regular blimp! Its just great!" She cackled, and Noriko turned bright red.

"Shut up! You know-" But she didn't get to finish. Nimue, startled by Noriko's sudden shout, fell backwards. out of the ring.

"Ring out! Noriko Mune wins!" The referee said, unaffected by the whole match. Noriko blinked, suddenly poogin back to normal size. Well, almost normal. She still felt a little bloated.

"Well, that was a shock, heh, you bi- " Noriko's jaw almost hit the floor. She watched as Nimue blow up to her former size, right in front of her eyes. "Holy...what happened...? Why did..?"

She shrugged. "You know, whatever. Nothing from today makes sense anyway...."

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