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Once upon a time, there lived a wicked sorceress named Morgana, who lived in an eerie castle in a distant land. She was a tall, slender woman whose face was radiant and beautiful that it is said that no man could take his eyes off her. Her hair long and dark black like the night, and her eyes were cold as ice. She wore a long dress with a red belt. This was always her favorite dress, even on days when she would make the people of a little town run in terror. Morgan was always mean to the people. She would make them slaves and terrorize them. She would make them do her biddings. If they fought back or stood up against her, she would torture and kill them. She was feared by everyone including her fellow sorcerers and sorceresses. She was never married, and if she met a guy that she liked she would accidentally turn him in to a frog. She was all alone in her castle, cooking up dastardly spells that shook the night. People have said that every night Morgana would use her spells to bring the souls of the dead to life to terrorize everyone. Soon, her tyranny swept across to other distant lands including to all the countries on Earth. Many brave warriors have tried to stop her, but many have failed. She could never be stopped, until three unlikely heroines had vanquished her by her own magic.

This is their tale.

It was on a dark and stormy night, and evil being spread around. Morgana was working on her dastardly scheme to make powerful servants that would do her bidding.

“I need servants to do my bidding,” she said to herself while rummaging through her book of spells.

“I need them to be brain dead, lifeless, and won’t fight against me. If they do then I will easily destroy them.”

She flipped from page to page and nothing seemed to please her. Until, she came upon a page that seemed interesting. It was a spell that would turn balloons into people.

“Hmmmmm,” she said with a mischievous smirk, “This is interesting. If I make servants out of balloons, they could easily be destroyed if they turn against me. I like it. I think these servant shall be female and three would do for now.”

“Let it begin!”

So, Morgana hasted quickly to retrieve the supplies. She got three inflatable suits with stripes of yellow on the sides, and placed them on three tables with rest of the supplies. She looked at them with joy and quickly turned back to her book.

“Alright, the suits are in place, now the bodies to fill the suits.”

She rummaged through her book and found a spell that turned an object in the appearance of a human being. She started to chant the spell as magic flew through the air.

“Give my servants the appearance of a human being,” she shouted as lightning and thunder struck the cold dark night.

On the table, the balloons began to form in the suits. Appearance of organs, skin, hands, feet, faces, and hair began to take shape.

After the transformation was complete, there on the table laid three women. All of them had angelic features and pale skin. The first girl had blonde hair, the second had black, and the third had purple. Morgana walked over to view her new servants or pawns as she will call them.

“These pawns will do just fine. Each one will do their own task,” she grinned.

The transformation was done, but one last thing needed to be completed. Morgana looked back at her book and saw that only way to bring them to life was by giving each a soul that needed to enter through the mouth since their bodies were hollow-balloons.

She scanned and scanned impatiently through the book. While she flipped each page, she remembered a spell that brought things to life when she was in school days at a wizard school.

“I GOT IT!” she jumped with joy and raced back to the table.

“Hopefully this spell that Professor Merlin taught me works,” she thought long and hard to remember how the spell goes. Then she shrugged her shoulders and blew away the thought.

“Who cares! I didn’t even pay attention in his class anyway,” she laughed manically.

She began to chant the spell as if she was singing it. Lightning crashed the darkness of the night. The winds picked up and swirled all around the room. While chanting, Morgana quickly opened each of the pawns mouths and took a step back. The book of spells pages flipped uncontrollably. The room started to shake. Suddenly, ghostly forms appeared in the room.


The souls circled around the bodies and started to travel down into the mouths. Each soul filled each of the pawns up to bring the hollow-bodies to a normal size person. Morgana looked with a sinister grin and began to finish the spell. As she said the last few words, the remaining souls vanished and the room stopped shaking. The pages of the book stopped flipping.

Everything was quiet.

Morgana then gradually walked over to the bodies to see if they had come to life. As she looked, one of the pawns eyes opened, and then another and another. The bodies began to move. They rose up and stared at Morgana with blank stares.

“Their alive……..Their Alive……..THEIR ALIVE!” Morgana jumped with joy and danced merrily.

“I know I was better than my professor. I AM POWERFUL.”

While she danced the pawns all stared at her ad then at each other and then back to at her. Finally, Morgana stopped, and turned her attention to her servants.

“Pawns! I am your master Morgana. I command you to do whatever I say. If you don’t, you will be destroyed. Got it?” she ordered them.

The pawns stared at her and then finally said simultaneously, “As you wish master.”

Morgana was so happy with herself. She then ordered the pawns to do their first task.

“First, as your master, I command you to clean this castle. It is filthy and dirty. When you’re done, I will give you your next task.”

As Morgana finished ordering them, the pawns quickly did their task. Each one dusted, mopped, and straightened all the furniture out. They even cleaned the windows, mirrors, bathrooms, and the library. Everything in the castle they cleaned.

A few hours passed, the pawns finished cleaning and reported back to their master.

“We finished cleaning master,” they said simultaneously like robots.

“Good! Everything looks wonderful,” she said analyzing everything in the castle.

“OK! Time for your second task, but before I tell you I need to give you three names so I can tell you apart.”

She walked over to each of the girls and looked at them from head to toe. She looked at each of their eyes and was surprised by how amazing they looked. The blonde hair girl had brown eyes, the black hair girl had green, and the purple hair girl had gray eyes.

“Interesting,” she said analyzing her handy work.

She pointed to the blonde hair girl and said, “You will be named Nikki.” Then she moved over to the black hair girl. “You will be named Sabrina.” Lastly, she then walked over to the purple hair girl. “Finally, you will be named Yumi. Yumi Tisugi.”

Morgana turned around and stood back to where she started when looking at them. She turned back to face them and spoke in a commanding tone.

“Nikki! Sabrina! Yumi!” Each of the girls did a curtsy when their names were called.

“Time to give you three your second and most important ta…,”

The clock chimed 10pm. Morgana cut herself off from she was about to say and turned to face the clock. She stared unpleasantly at what time it was.

“Pawns! I will give you your next task tomorrow. It is time for bed. Follow me.”

Morgana ordered them to follow her. They followed behind her as she them to their room.

“This will be your room you three,” she said while opening the door.

The room was dark and dreary inside. Morgana lit a candle in the room. The light revealed three un-slept, broken, uncomfortable beds. The room smelled like some one had died in it.

“These are your beds. Sleep well for I shall wake you up when I get up,” she quickly led them in and went back to the door. “Good night.” She said softly and eerily as she closed the door leaving the pawns in their nasty, prison room. The pawns just stood there and stared at the door lifeless as a statue.

>As time passed, the clock struck 12. The chimes echoed all through the halls and into the pawns room. As the chimes chimed, the spell that made them lifeless started to wear off. The pawns started to come alive. They started to have feelings, emotions, and even hearts. Lifeless to life they became.

They all blinked and looked all around them in confusion.

“Where are we?” Yumi said.

“What is with these suits?” Nikki said.

“What is that awful smell?” Sabrina said disgustingly

They all looked around with disgust.

“I seriously need to get out of here it smells,” Sabrina said becoming nauseous.

Sabrina ran to the door, opened it with haste, and rushed out of the room. Nikki and Yumi followed behind. They came into the hallway and were surprised at wonderful it looked.

“WOW! We must be in some kind of castle,” said Yumi surprised.

Sabrina, still in disgust, quickly ran from room to room hoping for fresh air would be revealed. As she opened up and closed every room, there still no sign of fresh air.

“I need to get out of here, or I will die,” she said over-dramatically.

Yumi, who was still in amazed, walked to where Sabrina was, and suddenly she felt a chill in the air. She turned to where it was coming from.

“Sabrina! The outside is this way.” Yumi called out to Sabrina pointing toward the door.

Sabrina quickly turned to the door and ran to open it. When she opened the door, she turned to Yumi with displeased.

“This is not the outside! This is just another smelly room with books, and bottles.”

Nikki turned and walked toward them wondering what was going on. They all entered the room, analyzing every thing. Nikki went over to one of the bottles and picked it up. There were eyeballs in the jar. She put it back nauseatingly and turned to the others.

“EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! There are dead things in these bottles!”

“That’s why I have to get out of here. It smells like dead things,” Sabrina said still over-dramatic.

Yumi, who was paying no attention to the others, walked over to a table with a book. It was the book of spells. Yumi gently reached to open it, but suddenly a chill swept around her sending chills down her spine. She closed her eyes and started to see flash of images. She can see Morgana bossing them around, ordering them to do some task. Then her vision changed to her and the others killing and terrorizing while they were under Morgana’s reign. She quickly opened her eyes in fear and raced back toward the others.

Yumi went to Nikki and Sabrina, and told them about this weird feeling from getting close to this book. She explained about these horrified visions that she saw and that it is important to leave this place.

“We have to leave this place before this evil witch uses us as slaves for evil biddings,” Yumi said still in fear.

“OK then let’s get out of here,” Nikki said turning around, until Yumi grabbed her by the arm.

“Wait! Before we go, we have to figure out how to stop her. She might hunt us down for escaping,” Yumi said authoritative.

Yumi quickly went around the room looking for any thing that would be used to kill the sorceress, but there weren’t anything; only books and bottles. Then, a faint voice or whisper struck Yumi’s ears.

Take the book on the table. It will help you.”


Yumi turned everywhere to find where the voice was coming from. She turned and thought that it was Nikki or Sabrina telling her to take the book.

“Did you two say anything?” Yumi questioned.

“No. What are you looking for any way? We have to get out of here,” Nikki said with a confused look on her face.

“Yes! Listen to Nikki, Yumi. My nose can’t take much more of this awful stench,” said Sabrina while she was covering her nose.

A chill passed Yumi again, and the airy whisper came back.

“Take the book! There are spells to help you defeat her. Take it and run……….Take it and run,” the voice echoed in her ears.

Yumi hesitated for moment and stared at the book. The voices kept urging her to take it. So, she raced over to the book and picked it up.

“What are you doing? That is the sorceress’s book. That won’t stop her,” Nikki barked at Yumi. Both she and Sabrina were confused toward Yumi’s behavior toward this book.

“It will stop her! I have a feeling that it will. Some one is telling me that it will,” Yumi said with confidence.

“Who is telling you? The book is telling you?” Sabrina said sarcastically.

“My conscience is telling me.”

The Clock struck 2, and the chimes echoed through the dreary castle. The girls turned toward the sound with dread.

“We have to go! Fine! If you say it will stoop her then take it! Come on! Now,” Nikki said ushering the two out of the room.

Yumi smiled and ran with the book out the door. Nikki followed behind followed by Sabrina.

“Finally we are getting out of here!” Sabrina said still holding her nose.


The three girls ran through the castle with haste. The clock kept chiming the fifteen minutes that was going by. Time appeared to be against them in leaving the castle. When they came to exit, they opened the door quickly. Nikki led them outside and closed the door behind her. They have escaped.

As they were outside, the blistery winds greeted them. The fresh air kissed their noses.

“FRESH AIR,” cried Sabrina joyfully as she took in the smell.

“Happy now,” Nikki said annoyed at Sabrina’s complaining.


“Let’s go! We are not exactly away from her entirely,” said Yumi running past them carrying the book.

Nikki followed and then Sabrina, whom was still smelling the fresh air. They ran as fast as they could. As they journeyed farther away, they stumbled upon the entrance to the woods. They stopped in their tracks looking at the woods and then all around.

“We should go into the woods. She will never find us in there,” said Yumi.

“I think we should go right and not in the woods,” said Nikki opposing.

Sabrina, still happy and smelling the fresh air, went past them and stopped near the entrance to the woods. She turned to the others.

“I think we should. We can rest and get enough energy as possible, besides I am exhausted from all the running,” she said adventurous and tired.

Sabrina and Yumi stared at Nikki to agree with them. Nikki stared back with disapprove, then she gave in cause she couldn’t stand looking at their “puppy” eyes.

“Fine we will camp in there.”

Sabrina and Yumi jumped up and down with joy. Sabrina turned around, stretched out her arms, and opened her mouth and intakes the sweet air. As she was ingesting, Yumi and Nikki stared in shock and started to slowly move back in fear as they saw Sabrina’s butt inflating.

“Sabrina!” Yumi shouted in fear, “Your butt….it’s……it’s…..growing!”

Sabrina stopped and turned around confused.

“What are you talking about? My butt is not big,” Sabrina said taking it offensive, “The air must be messing with your heads.”

Sabrina went back to her pose and closed her eyes. She kept ingesting more and more air in her mouth. This time her breasts and belly started to expand. Yumi and Nikki, wide eyed and jaw dropped, stood frozen in bewilder as Sabrina kept inflating. She was blowing up like an inflated beach ball. Yumi then shouted out to Sabrina.

“Sabrina! Look at your body. You’re swelling up like a balloon!”

Sabrina opened her eyes and turned around to face Yumi in annoyance.

“Yumi! There is nothing wrong with m……,”Sabrina stopped as she looked down at her swollen form. Her eyes popped out and she screamed in fear.


Sabrina turned her head to see her butt. She was in shock.


Sabrina turned her head back to the others panicking.


Yumi and Nikki moved in closer to see how she was so huge. Yumi poked Sabrina’s belly. Sabrina groaned in discomfort.

“oooooo……please don’t do that. I feel like I am going to pop any second,” Sabrina said in pain.

“Sorry. It appears when you were taking in all that air your body seemed to expand. Sabrina! Blow out the air! I think you will go back to normal,” Yumi explained to Sabrina.

“OK! I will try.”

Sabrina puckered her lips and blew out the air. As she kept blowing, her belly, breasts, and butt started to deflate back to normal. Yumi and Nikki were still shocked at what was happening. As Sabrina let out all the air, her beautiful slender body came back.

“That’s much better,” she said while looking herself over happily.

“That was weird,” Nikki said, “I wonder what made you inflate like that.”

Suddenly, Yumi got that strange chill again. The voice came back.

“The answers are in the book. Look in the book.”


Yumi looked down at the book and then back up to the others. Sabrina was still checking herself to see if the inflation would come back.

“I have a hunch where we can answer that question, Nikki. But first let’s find a place to relax and shelter from the witch, she said.

“Ya lets get going, too much weirdness for me is tiresome,” said Sabrina.

“OK. Well, Yumi lead the way,” Nikki said calmly.

Yumi smiled and lead the way into the woods while Sabrina and Nikki followed behind.

While the pawns journeyed in the forest, back at the dreary castle, Morgana woke up from her nap. She yawned and stretched, and got out of bed refreshed.

“Today is the day,” she said with a smile.

As she stood up, she picked up her wand on the table and waved it around. Her pajamas turned into her favorite black dress with the red belt. She walked out of her room, dressed and ready, and headed to the pawn’s room.

“OK you three time to do your task. Time to do my bidding,” she said opening up the door. She looked in inside to se if the pawns were awake.

“Pawns get up and ready,” she said walking in, “It is time to….” She paused as she lifts the blanket to find no on underneath. The bed looked as though nobody ever laid in it.

Morgana took a step back in anger. She went out of the room and searched all over the castle for the pawns. She yelled and screamed while calling their names. But no one was there. She was all alone again. She screamed in anger and went to see if her book would spells to fix this problem. She went to the area where the book was, but it wasn’t there. Morgana looked every where panicking.

“Where is it? I know it was up here. It was here last night,” she searched and searched, but there was no book. Her eyes had fire in them. Her face was turning red hot.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” she screamed in rage.

“They took my book, they escaped, and they defied me. NO ON MAKES A FOOL OUT OF ME!”

She took out her wand, swished it around and chanted a spell that would teleport her to find the pawns. Green and black fire swirled and engulfed her.As the flames engulfed her, she vanished. She was on the hunt.

While Morgana was hunting them down, our heroines journeyed deep into the forest. As they stopped to rest on their journey, Yumi would explain to the two about this voice that tell her what they need to know. She would read them, from the book, about how they were made and why they were created, as well as a spell that she looked through the book that would protect them and defeat Morgana.She explained that the souls that are inside them were the souls of the innocent that Morgana killed.

“She has to be stopped,” Yumi said.

“Yes I agree with you, but how will we defend ourselves. We are human balloons. She has the power to pop us into pieces,” Nikki said objectively.

“Yes she could, but I believe there is a way to stop her. We some how need to harness and become skilled with our abilities to inflate,” explained Yumi.

“I agree with Yumi. We didn’t know that we can inflate until you guys saw me expanding like a blimp. I would love to teach this witch a lesson for what we are. I would give her a taste of her own medicine,” said Sabrina as she pretends to be punching Morgana. Then a loud noise came out of no where. Sabrina looked at the two as they held their nose. Sabrina started to feel so embarrassed because she just let out hot air.

“Jeez Sabrina! Let out some steam! Don’t have to gas us to death,” Nikki said in disgust.


“Sorry. I guess I didn’t know I still had any in there,” Sabrina said as her cheeks turn red on her face.

Nikki and Yumi looked at each other and laughed. Sabrina joined in.

>As they kept journeying to find shelter, the pawns started to train themselves to control their powers Some times they would play games like who can become the biggest? Some times they would play a trick on each other like the time when Nikki shoved Sabrina’s head in the water while she was taking a drink. While Nikki had Sabrina’s head in the water, Sabrina would ingest in a lot of gallons of water causing her to blow up like a huge water balloon. Nikki and Yumi rolled in the grass laughing hysterically as Sabrina would slosh and belch a lot while she would roll back and forth in her blimp state.


“Hey! That wasn’t *BURP* look at *BURRRPP* Damn! I need to take one major leak,” said the bloated Sabrina.

Sabrina looked at Yumi and Nikki with a discomfort look.

“One of you needs to roll me to the nearest bush.”

Yumi and Nikki stopped laughing and looked at each other. They played “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to see who will roll Sabrina. Sadly, Nikki won by rock and Yumi lost by scissors.

“I win! Loser has to roll miss round to the bush,” Nikki said with joy.

Yumi got up with displeased and walked over to Sabrina. She put a hand on Sabrina causing her to shout back in discomfort.

“Yumi! Watch those hands! I feel like I am going to explode at any moment,” said Sabrina.

“Oh shut up Sabrina,” said Yumi as she pushed and rolled Sabrina to a bush.

Nikki went back laughing hysterically.

After the waterfall of the century, Sabrina was back to normal. With vengeance, Sabrina got back at Nikki later by holding her nose while she was sleeping while she ingested the air.

After they had fun teaching and learning how to harness their powers, they were ready for any thing. They harnessed the ability to fly over mountains and tall trees. Nothing could stop them.

As night covered the sky and the moon was shown full and bright, the pawns came to a place to rest. They worked together making a camp fire and gathered around resting their heads on the soft grass. They wished each other good night and went to sleep while the warm fire kept burning.

While Yumi was sleeping, she started to have an awful nightmare that Morgana found them and killed them and then everyone else in the world. The world was burning all around due to her tyranny, and more wandering souls roamed the Earth. She woke up in fear. She jumped up to see if it was all a dream. She glanced at her friends, who were still asleep around the dying fire. She turned her head toward the book, reached out and held it close to her as she lay her head down. She calmed herself and sighed heavily.

“It was just a bad dream,” she said while looking up at the sky.

Then, a person with fiery eyes and a mischievous grin looks down at her. It was Morgana.

“Hello Yumi! I see you have something that is rightfully mine,” she said with evil grin.

Yumi screamed in terror as Morgana reaches down and picks her up by the throat and ripping the book out of her hands. Sabrina and Nikki jump up quickly and stood in fear as Morgana held Yumi. They got in their fighting stance.

“Release Yumi Witch or we will destroy you,” Nikki said.

Morgana laughed manically and held Yumi tight as she was flaying around to get free.

“YOU DARE ORDER ME! ME! YOUR CREATOR AND MASTER! I will see you dead for ordering me what to do. I will kill you two after I destroy your friend,” Morgana yelled in anger.

Morgana lifted up her wand and points it at Yumi. She starts to chant a spell. As she was doing this, the wind started to pick up fast, and lightning filled the sky. Nikki and Sabrina held their ground.

“Please! Don’t we will do anything! Just don’t hurt Yumi! PLEASE!” Sabrina pleaded.

“Please………….. No please!” Morgana says with a smirk and evil stare. Morgana still chants the spell. Suddenly the souls come out of the ground and circled Yumi and Morgana. Yumi couldn’t escape Morgana’s tight grasp.

“YUMI NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Nikki and Sabrina shouted

Yumi looked at her friends and started to shed a tear for she knew this was her end. Then the souls lunged directly at Yumi causing her to scream. As she screamed, the souls shot in her mouth. Morgana held on tightly to Yumi, laughed and watched as Yumi began to expand. Nikki and Sabrina were still screaming Yumi’s name. As the souls kept coming, Yumi kept expanding. She felt the pressure building inside. Her breasts were expanding outwards, her butt stretched to out growing wider and her belly shot out straight. She clutched her swollen belly with discomfort. Her arms slowly shot out straight as her all her arms and legs were being consumed by her swollen form. She kept growing and growing rapidly as more souls kept pouring into her. Yumi kept on crying for she knew she was going to pop. She closed her eyes as she felt her balloon skin get tighter and tighter.



A huge explosion sent Nikki and Sabrina flying backwards. Dirt filled the air with dead leave swirling around. Nikki and Sabrina slowly got up and looked all around for Morgana and Yumi in the dirt mist. Then they saw a figure revealing from the debris. Nikki and Sabrina stood frozen in terror and sad when they saw Morgana still holding her arm out where she had Yumi. Pieces of Yumi flew everywhere around them.

”One downs, two more to go,” Morgana said with a grin.

“Yumi! You killed Yumi! You WITCH!!!! Nikki and Sabrina cried out in rage.

“Yes and you two will soon join her,” Morgana said as she raised her wand. A beam shot out and hit a tree. Nikki and Sabrina dodged out of the way. Morgana kept sending more beams at them.

“Stand still while I kill you two,” she said impatiently.

Nikki and Sabrina kept dodging and finally hid behind a tree. Morgana walked over to the tree. She jumped out and shot a beam, but they were not there. Her smile became a frown. She looked all around her and they were no where to be seen.

“I know you’re still alive. Come out wherever you are!”

While Morgana was searching, high above the tree Nikki and Sabrina hide.

“Thanks to Yumi for teaching us to inflate and fly,” Nikki said while out of breath.

“We have to destroy her, but how?” Sabrina asked while out of breath too.

“Well she is too powerful with her wand,” Nikki answered.

“Yes her wand of course! Did you see how she used it to pop Yumi? If one of us distracts her while the other gets her wand away from her then kill her,” Sabrina said sounding smart.

Nikki looked at Sabrina with a surprised look. “Brilliant! But how are we going to do that?”

Sabrina thought quick and hard, until she got an idea.

“I GOT IT!” Sabrina proudly said.

So, the two girls whispered the plan and then did “Rock, Paper, Scissors.”

Meanwhile, Morgana was still looking for the two pawns. Then Nikki stepped out from behind a tree.

“Hey witch come and get me!” she said trying to make Morgana angry.

Morgana shot a beam at her, but it missed. She ran after Nikki and Nikki then ran as fast as she could. Morgana kept zapping beams hoping that one will hit Nikki. As Morgana thought she was getting close to Nikki, Nikki disappeared from her sight. Morgana, holding her wand at the ready, twisted and turned around everywhere to find Nikki or Sabrina.

“Where are you? SHOW YOURSELF!!!! Sabrina said while she had steam and fire almost coming out of her mouth. She was so pissed!

As Morgana turned her back, Nikki, high above in another tree, inflates herself round and jumps down on top of Morgana knocking her to the ground. Her wand flew out of her hand and lay far away from her reach. Nikki, deflated back to normal quickly, punched and fought Morgana on the ground. Then a flash of light shot out from Morgana’s hands and blinded Nikki. Nikki clutched her eyes and cried out in pain. Morgana knocks Nikki off her and hovers over. She raises her arms as though she was going to zap electricity out.

“No more games! Time to die,” Morgana said as fire balls formed in her hands.

“Hey Witch!”

Morgana turned around and saw Sabrina pointing her own wand at her. Morgana stood frozen in her tracks and was shocked to see her wand in Sabrina’s hand.

“This is for Yumi,” Sabrina said has she chanted the same spell that Morgana used on Yumi.

The winds picked up again. A light formed at the tip of the wand. Lightning struck the sky and the souls rose up again, even the souls that embodied Yumi came out too. They all swarmed around Sabrina and Morgana.

Morgana ran toward Sabrina in rage. “Give me back my wand!” Morgana shouted.

“You seriously have to go,” Sabrina said heroically.

The souls all swarmed and smacked Morgana on the ground. Morgana got up from getting smacked.

“I AM POWERFUL! I AM THE MOST POWERFUL SORCERESS IN THE W….” she began to say until a soul shot straight in her mouth. She stood in fear as all the souls lunged at her.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed as the second soul reached her mouth before she could close and went down her throat. Soon, all the souls followed and she couldn’t resist closing her mouth.

Her cheeks swelled up as if they were being pumped with air. As the more souls Morgana kept ingesting, she looked down at her belly. It started to bulge out. She grabbed her belly as it expanded. As the souls kept pouring in, her body seemed to be expanding like a helium balloon. Her eyes widened as her thighs and ass began to fill up her black dress. She muffled out “MMMMMMMM!!!!!!!PWEASE!!!!!!MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!STOP!!!!!!!!!!” She moaned in pain has red belt kept getting tighter and tighter, until…


The belt snapped sending it passed Sabrina. Sabrina stood and stared.

“Pay back is a bitch,” Sabrina said





Morgana’s dress started to rip apart. Wider and wider she grew. Her arms shot out straight. She started to flap her hands as tears began to flow from her eyes. Her breasts popped out revealing her growing monstrous bra that was holding her head up. Soon she lost control of her arms and legs and started to rock back and forth. She could feel her body getting tighter and tighter by the minute. Holes were beginning to form down the sides of her dress as her whole body was filling up by the angry souls.

Sabrina could see that Morgana will soon explode, so she ran to Nikki to get her up.

“We have to go! GET UP!” Sabrina ordered and helped Nikki to her feet, “HURRY! SHE IS GOING TO BLOW!”

Sabrina and Nikki started to run as fast they could. They didn’t look back to see what the souls were doing to Morgana.

The souls kept filling her up as big as ever. Then all the all souls were inside her. Morgana looked down at her swollen form and then she looked afraid as the soul of Yumi looked at her.

“OH CRAP!” Morgana said with puffed up cheeks.

Yumi’s soul smiled and then shot straight at Morgana.


A huge explosion sent Nikki and Sabrina flying forward. The ground shook, and the heavens above rattled in frenzy. Trees and leaves were flying everywhere. A huge dust cloud filled the sky. People from all over the world could see the explosion and hear it.

As everything died down, Nikki and Sabrina got up out from the debris and looked around.

“Damn! I know she was full of hot air, but I didn’t know that she had a bomb in her,” Nikki said out of breath and lightly laughing.

“Well, Yumi and the other souls are free. The world can finally be relieved from Morgana’s tyranny,” said Sabrina looking at the huge crater explosion site and the sky.

“Yep! Well, let’s get out of here. This hero stuff takes a lot of energy out of me,” Nikki said.

Sabrina looked at her with a smile. “Let’s go.”

So, Nikki and Sabrina walked away from the site and into the sunset.

So, thus concludes our tale about our brave pawns, who sacrifice themselves to destroy the evil Morgana. As like all fairy tales, good triumphs over evil, and our heroines live their lives. The people are relieved and celebrating. They made a statue of the three brave pawns. As for our two heroines, they went their separate ways, but they always come back sooner or later, fighting another force of evil in the name of Yumi.


Author's Note: 

I did this for an artist on Deviantart. I can do story requests. I have plenty more stories coming.

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I want everyone to know that I am not taking anymore requests at this time.

how to improve

This really needs to be cleaned up some...maybe the format it was in when it was submitted produced the wide spaces 'tween paragraphs; it made it rather hard to read and disturbed the flow of the narrative.