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In a mystical place, two witches live in a small house. The witches’ names were Clara and Katrina, and they are both twins. They both have orange hair and blue cloudy eyes that shine bright in the sun.  They both wear the same outfits, which are pointy-witch hats, black robe-like dresses with long sleeves and shirts, and black high-heel shoes with orange and black necks. The only way to people could tell them apart are their personalities. Katrina, unlike her twin, wears glasses and has a more scientific intellect. Also, she can be bossy towards her sister and other people, but is always nice. Clara is a cute, sweet, and adorable than Katrina. She is more cheery and joyful. These two were trained and able to come up with potions and spells that conjure up a person to inflate like a balloon. Some times, people feared them because they knew at any moment they could be turn into life-size balloons, but mostly these girls do this to their close friends who like it. One of their friends in high places was the radiant and beautiful Janelle, the goddess of blueberry inflation.

Now, you, our dear readers and listeners, are probably wondering why I am telling all this. Well, let’s just say there was a tale that involved these two witches, and one of them got involved in a predicament from a very unlikely source: The Blueberry Potion. So begins our tale.

On a dark and spooky night, before Halloween time, the witches Clara and Katrina were cooking up some potions for their friend Janelle’s Halloween party. They got out their book of inflation spells, and one by one made every potion of every spell out of the book. From blowing up some one’s belly, butt and breast to full body inflation, they were making special surprises for Janelle and the rest of their friends. The cauldron boiled and bubbled of different colors to represent the different styles of inflation. The fire burned brightly. The witches cackled and laughed gleefully as they chanted away, as if they were singing a merrily tune.

“Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble,” sung Katrina and Clara.

They snapped their fingers and danced the night away as they kept making wonderful and delightful treats for Janelle.

“I think Janelle and everyone will love their gifts, don’t you think Katrina,” said Clara cheery. Still dancing around like a happy little girl.

“Yes. I believe they will Clara,” said Katrina also cheery and dancing around too.

As the twins kept on doing their thing, suddenly there is a knock at their door. They stopped and stared silently at the door wondering who it could be.

“I wonder who could that be,” Katrina said puzzled.

“Maybe it’s Janelle come to pay us a visit,” Clara said happily.

“No, I don’t think so,” said Katrina disapproving, “I am going to check it out.”

So, Katrina went to the door and carefully opened it. Standing outside the door was a hooded figure with bony hands and face with a mask covering half of it. The stranger wore a striped vest with long sleeves and scarf as a tie. He carried a dagger and a sword, which was sheathed in its scabbier. His fingers on both his hands almost changed into sharp blades in the light. Katrina took a step back cautiously.

“Good evening,” the stranger said in a dark, calm voice, “Is this the home of the twin sister witches Katrina and Clara?”

“Yes sir you come to the right place. How may we help you?” said Katrina cautiously analyzing the stranger.

“Is that Janelle?” said Clara happily as she comes to the door. Her smile turned upside down. “Who is this?”

“I apologize for disturbing your time ladies, but I come in need of aid. My name is Jackson Edward Todd, and I am from the far reaches in the hills of many places like London and Romania. I was recommended by your dear friend, Janelle, that you two would be able to help me with some thing important,” the stranger said calmly.

“You know Janelle?” Clara said shocked.

“How do you know her? She never told us about you,” Katrina said still looking suspiciously at the stranger.

“I know her through some inflation meeting,” the stranger said, “Can I come in? It’s awfully cold out here.”

“Sure come in any person who knows Janelle is welcome here,” said Clara inviting the stranger in.

“Thank you,” he said walking in from cold, dark night.

Katrina took a step back, still cautious, and gave a nasty look at Clara in saying why she let the stranger in their house.

The hooded stranger looked around the inside. “This looks to be a very nice place, you two have,” he said.

“Thanks. It is not much, but it is home,” said Clara nicely, “Would you like some thing to drink?”

“No thank you. Actually, I won’t stay long,” said the stranger trying to warm himself up.

“So why are you here? What is it that you want from us,” said Katrina being bossy.

“Ah yes. Well, I am here to get a potion. Not just any potion, but a potion that may come in handy against certain people,” said the stranger. “This potion must turn people into blueberries, like in the Willy Wonka book,” he said grinning under his mask.

“That is our specialty, so you certainly come to the right place,” said Clara cheerfully behind her sister.

Katrina turns to her sister giving her a look to shut up. Clara frowns and bows her head in reply.

“Well, we can do that for you sir. May I ask when you need the potion to be done,” said Katrina still cautious.

“If you ladies can have the potion done by tomorrow morning, then that would be splendid. If it is no trouble,” said the stranger still smiling underneath his mask.

“That is no trouble for me. Here is the money that I will pay you for your work, and I will pay you again tomorrow for your help,” said the stranger grabbing money out of a sack. He enfolds his hand to reveal 15 gold coins.

The sparkle from the coins shined in Katrina and Clara’s eyes. Katrina looks amazed and Clara is mesmerized at the amount of coins. Still Katrina tries to get bossy.

“Well, a blueberry potion costs…,”she stops as Clara lunges for the coins.

“This should be enough,” said Clara gleefully.

“Clara! Excuse me sir for my sister,” Katrina says while pulling Clara around and whispers to her, “What are you doing? Why did you do that?”

“This will pay for Janelle’s gift, plus if he pays more than we can get more supplies. I know it is crazy, but please sis,” Clara says pleading with puppy eyes. “Please.”

“OK. Stop that. I hate when you do that,” Katrina says giving in really quickly to her sisters’ plea.

They turn to the stranger and agree to do the potion.

“You have a deal sir tat your potion will be done tomorrow,” said Katrina and Clara. Katrina frowns and Clara smiles.

“Great. I am very glad. Well, I have to leave. I will see you tomorrow. Thank you again,” the stranger says bowing and taking his leave.

The stranger walks to the door, opens it up, and disappears in the dark night. The door closes after the stranger leaves. Katrina felt a chill in the air and shivers.

“That man scares me. Well, the night is young. Let’s get to work,” Katrina says with a heavy sigh.

“This is going to be fun,” Clara says gleefully.

So the two witches quickly went to work by getting their supplies. They got a jar of blueberries, a bottle of bloat, and other different kinds of bottles that are hard to remember what were in them. They also got their spell book ready and set. They gathered the materials in their kitchen. They put all the ingredients in an empty cauldron. Pouring, mixing, and chanting mystical words as the cauldron bubbles. The winds blow fast, the lightening cracks outside, and witchcraft fills the room.

They stopped mixing the ingredients, gathered around the cauldron, and held hands as they say the last bit of the spell.

“Double, double, toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble,” they said with their eyes closed. They said some thing in Latin that no person could ever say.

The cauldron bubbled profusely. Then, the winds and thunder died down. The bubbles stop bubbling. The girls open their eyes and looked down to see a blue liquid in the cauldron. Katrina quickly gets an empty bottle, puts in there, and carefully scoops up a good amount of the potion. Then, she puts the cap on and puts it in the refrigerator to keep it cool due to the blueberries inside.

“Don’t want the potion to spoil,” she says after putting it in the refrigerator. She looks at Clara, who was still happy and smiley, and says, “Don’t drink this in here, or what is in the cauldron. Got it? You remember what happens when we drink this. Even though, we like it, we need to save it for Janelle’s party,” she says.

But Clara had her eyes on the cauldron. Her nose could smell the sweet blueberry smell. Her mouth gets watery. Her eyes are mesmerized at the blue liquid. Her hand almost went into the cauldron, until Katrina smacks it with a spatula. Clara reacts in retreat.

“Ow! What was that for?” she said comforting her hurt hand.

“I said No! This is for Janelle and our customer. If I see you snatch a drink, I will…,”Katrina says bossy.

“OK. But you didn’t have to hit,” Clara says still clutching her hurt hand.

“Good. Well, it is time for bed. Let’s get some sleep. We have a big day in the morning,” Katrina says waking to bed.

As Katrina walks to bed, Clara quickly gets back to her trance, but then is pulled into the bedroom by her sister. “Come to bed,” Katrina said pulling Clara who didn’t go out of her trance and still had her eyes on the cauldron.

It was 3 in the morning. Everything is still asleep. The twins were all snuggled in their beds all sound asleep. Clara, on the other hand, kept tossing and turning. She woke up to the sound of her stomach gurgling from the blueberry smell.

“Oh. I want some,” she says to herself. She quickly and quietly gets out of bed and makes haste to the kitchen. She makes her way to the cauldron without waking up Katrina. The blueberry potion was still there; smelling so delicious.

“Come to Clara,” she says peering down with her mouth all watery. She grabs a spoon and carefully put it in the cauldron, then brought it up to her mouth. She slurped the blue liquid off the spoon, and then licks her lips. She can remember the first time she tasted this potion. She missed it terribly.

“God it is so good like it was before. Sweet deliciousness where have you been,” she says in joy. Then, she snapped her finger and a giant straw appears in her hand. She dunks it in the blue liquid and slurps it down.

She slurped and slurped all through the night until the morning. Morning comes. The sun shines and everything come to life. The sun’s light comes into the bedroom and kisses Katrina good morning. She opens up her eyes, gets up slowly, and stretches.

“Good morning, dear sis,” Katrina stops in shock to find her sister not in bed. She looked around the room for her, but no sign.

“Clara? Where are you? Clara?” Katrina calls out. Then, she hears a little moan coming out of the room. Katrina gets out of bed and walks out of the bedroom.

“Clara?” Katrina still calls out to her sister.

“Ohhhh…In here, dear sister,” Clara replies moaning in the kitchen.

Katrina quickly walks in the kitchen and stops in shock at the opening to find Clara lying near the cauldron clutching her swollen belly that bellows over her skirt, and moans due to her stomach ache.

“Hey sister *burp* Excuse me *burp* Good *big loud burp* Excuse me. Morning,” Clara says belching from drinking the entire blueberry potion in the cauldron.

“Clara! What did I tell you! I told you this was for Janelle and our customer,” Katrina says walking over to the cauldron angrily. She sees that it is completely empty.

“I am sorry *burp* sis, but I couldn’t *burp* help the *burp* urge. It was so delicious and smelled so sweetly,” Clara still belching and clutching her swollen belly that grumbles so loud. “I don’t feel so good. I knew I shouldn’t have drunk it all.”

“Well, you knew better. Come on lets get you better,” Katrina says while getting her sister off the floor. She had to lift her up with all her might due her sisters belly weight. Clara slowly makes it off the ground still clutching her angry, huge belly tight.

“I feel like I am going to explode,” Clara says feeling full and tight, and almost about to throw up.

Katrina rushes her sister away from the kitchen towards the bathroom, when suddenly Clara stops halfway in the living room. She started to feel bloated inside. Katrina kept pulling her sister, but she wouldn’t budge.

“Hey errrr...sis? Remember our stomach felt weird when we first had this potion, because I feel the pressure piling up inside me,” Clara said still clutching in pain from her swollen belly.

“Oh crap! Don’t say that Clara. Come on we need to get the juice out of your system,” Katrina said still trying to get her sister help, but Clara wouldn’t move. She tried and tried, and still she couldn’t get her to move. Then, Katrina stopped and looked at Clara’s face as a blue spot was forming on the tip of her nose. She stepped back in fear and it slowly spread around Clara’s face, and didn’t seem like it was stopping.

“Oh crap! Clara y-you’re turning blue! It is starting,” Katrina says still backing away. Now she watches as Clara begins to look a little bigger.

“Katrina? Katrina! Help me please! I feel like I am blowing up,” Clara says in fear still clutching her belly.

“You are,” Katrina says in terror. “You’re swelling up like a blueberry.” But, Katrina noticed that Clara’s swollen belly was growing even more than the first experience.

Clara looked down and her eyes widened. Her swollen belly was growing even more; making her looks as if she were having four or more kids. She tried to squeeze her swollen belly in. It was like a bulging balloon under her black robe. Then her butt and boobs were swelling up. They grew and stretched out. Her boobs stretched her top of her robe tight that the strings holding it together were starting to untie. Her robe was also getting tighter against her backside. She peered over her shoulder and watched as her butt grew and pulling her robe tightly around her butt. She turned her head to her sister in a moaning sound and shouted at her for help.

“Katrina! Help me please! Stop standing there and help me,” Clara says blowing up. Her arms were forced out at her sides. Her robe untied itself, revealing her expanding belly and boobs, as well as her cute pink bra and panties.

Katrina, still in shock and blushing, watches her sister blowing up really big. “She is definitely blowing up very quickly,” she says to herself.

“KATRINA! DO SOMETHING!” Clara says snapping at her sister as she keeps blowing up like a giant blueberry.

“Ah! Right! Stay here! I will go get the book with Janelle’s number,” Katrina says running past the swollen Clara to the kitchen.

As Katrina quickly gets into the kitchen, she frantically looks through the spell book for Janelle’s number and the cure. She can still hear her sister moaning.

“HURRY UP SISTER! I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T HOLD MUCH LONGER,” Clara says blowing up spherically in the living room.

“I AM GOING AS FAST AS I CAN,” Katrina says with haste. As she finds the number and the spell for the cure, a knock is at the door.

“Crap! The stranger is here for the potion,” Katrina says in a state of panic.

With all these problems happening, Katrina successfully finds the number and the page for the cure, and quickly retrieves the bottle in the refrigerator. She goes into the living room, where she sees her huge blueberry of a sister round and rocking back and forward on her swollen form.

“I will be back Clara, Hang in there!” Katrina says making her way to the door. She opens and the stranger appears outside; wearing the same clothes.

“Good morning, Ms. Katrina. I hope I am not bothering you. I come to collect the potion, the stranger says calmly.

“Yes. Here it is,” Katrina says giving the potion to the stranger.

“Thank you. It looks amazing,” the stranger says analyzing the contents in the bottle. “As promise, 25 more gold coins for your hard work.” He reaches in his sack and hands the money to her.

“Thank you for doing business with you,” Katrina said taking the gold pieces.

As Katrina collected the gold coins, Clara, who is swollen spherically, calls out to her sister, “Katrina! I think I stopped swelling.”

Katrina turns her head to Clara, who is behind her all swollen and replies back, “I am coming.” Turns back to the stranger, “Sorry this is not a good time. My sister drank the entire blueberry potion last night and is a huge blueberry at the moment,” Katrina says in panic and closes the door, but the stranger stops her.

“If I may Ms. Katrina, can I come in and take a look at your sister for a minute, I need to witness if this potion works,” said the stranger.

“I am sorry sir, but no. My sister… she is in trouble,” Katrina says getting defensive and tries closing the door again, but the stranger didn’t budge.

“Please Miss,” the stranger said staring at her; putting her under a spell. Katrina gets mesmerized, and lets him in. The stranger walks in and comes in contact with Clara, the swollen blueberry witch. She was huge. Her orange hair dangled on her swollen form, and her pointy-witch hat still sits on her head.



Her pink bra snaps off revealing her swollen boobs, and the only thing she had on was her robe and her pink panties.

“Oh, dear me, I am sorry sir for my appearance,” she said with her puffy cheeks.

The stranger walked over to Clara and touched her swollen body.

She moans. “Please sir, don’t touch. I am going to explode.”

“I am sorry Ms. Clara. I was just analyzing your lovely form. Your beauty is so radiant,” the stranger says calmly.

“Oh! Why thank you,” Clara says blushing and flapping her hands all around.

The stranger turns to the Katrina, who was still mesmerized and then back at Clara, who was rocking and blushing.

“I hope you get better Ms. Clara,” said the stranger. Then he walks back to Katrina and says, “Thank you Ms. Katrina for your help, here is what I promised you. It was a pleasure meeting you and your sister.” He brings her hand to his lips, which were under his mask and kisses it. Katrina, still under the spell, blushes. Then, the stranger takes his leave and disappears as the door closes behind him.

Katrina wakes up from her trance and looks all around for the stranger. She looked outside, but he was no where to be seen. She held in her hand the strangers sack of gold coins, and was still blushing on her face. Then her sister calls out, “Katrina? Dear sister, can you please return me back to normal now?”

Katrina comes back to focus and turns to her sister. “Yes time to get you back to normal.” She closes the door.

“So, who was that man?” Clara said still spherical.

“I am not sure. But whoever he was. He is really kind and….mysterious.”

So, as time passed, Clara did get back to normal, but was still blue until the color faded away. Two days later and it is Halloween. The two witches went to Janelle’s party with their goodies and gifts. While at the party, they asked Janelle if they knew a person named Jackson Edward Todd. Janelle said she didn’t know who that person was.

“He sais he knew you at an inflation meeting,” Katrina said.

Then Janelle remembered hearing that name, but told them that some one with that name died years ago.

“Died? But he couldn’t have. We saw him. He came to us for a potion,” Clara said shocked.

“Well that’s the only person with that name that I heard of, and yes he died years ago,” Janelle said

Clara and Katrina looked at each other in shock and fear.

“If he is dead, then who was that at our door?” said Katrina puzzled.

Katrina walks away from Clara and heads toward a window. She looks out at the starry night sky and holds up the bag of gold coins.

“Who was that man?”

As she watches out the window, the stranger, who is far away from her view, stares at the house where the party was being held. His maniacal laughter echoes across the land.


Author's Note: 

This was a request story for BlueberryJanelle on Deviantart.

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