Gratuitous Cheerleader Inflation

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Or, "If You're Reading This, Man, You Are One Sick Puppy"

Jeremy was about the last person who would be welcomed into the girls' locker room, and his reception was predictably negative. The five pretty cheerleaders, a few of whom were not entirely dressed, immediately scampered for cover or otherwise began yelling unfriendly welcomes.

"Just what the HELL are you doing in here?" asked the olive-skinned, long- and dark-haired Shawn, who, true to form, was the first to speak.

Had she known what Jeremy had found in the library archives during his internship, maybe she would have been a little less lippy just this once. But that's just idle speculation. Besides, who would have guessed that a book of spells could be found in a school library--much less one whose spells actually worked?

Jeremy calmly adjusted his glasses while the other leggy, nubile teenage girls gathered their clothes or spat obscenities. He stood enjoying the scene for a moment, drinking in the sight of Wendy, the well-rounded blonde in her underwear; or Meredith, standing arms akimbo in her form-fitting cheerleader sweater and her long supple legs gracefully standing beneath her short skirt. The curly-brown-haired Raynelle was half-and-half, with her skirt on, but only her bra protected her breasts from the elements. And finally there was the adorable, petite, cuddly figure and light-brown hair of Sarah, who clutched a towel in front of her... but who otherwise was butt naked.

"I am SO telling the coach, you little pervert!" said Shawn, in the bossy tone that Jeremy had come to despise.

"You'll do no such thing," Jeremy said, with uncharacteristic confidence. "Shawn, I've always liked you the least, so I'm not in the least bit sorry about this." He pointed at Shawn and snapped his fingers.

He didn't need to snap his fingers to make the spell work, of course. It was purely for dramatic affect, and it did its intended purpose: To draw everyone's attention to Shawn.

Not that Shawn wouldn't otherwise have attracted attention. Because in a few seconds, she had become a balloon.

It began with her belly, suddenly swelling up under her tight sweater, forcing stitches to tear apart, and the cloth soon rode up, exposing her bulging flesh. The other cheerleaders, too stunned to speak or move, stood slack-jawed as they watched their friend inflate. Shawn's breasts were next, swelling like balloons to twice their size and beyond. Her ass quickly followed, expanding rapidly until her skirt , no longer able to contain it, tore apart. "Oh my God! What's going on?" Shawn was finally able to blurt out, only now absorbing the situation.

"Are you doing that to her?" Meredith demanded.

"Of course," said Jeremy simply. "But she brought it on herself when she wouldn't go out with me."

"Why would I date a creep like you--Ahhhh!" Shawn was never one to hold her tongue; but this time, she regretted it. Jeremy had just looked at her, and her rate of inflation doubled. Her arms and legs puffed up, her torso widened into a globe-like shape. Her cheerleader outfit and underwear had totally surrendered to her expansion, and she stood now as a human balloon, swelling into a larger, more spherical shape.

"Stop it!" Meredith demanded again. But Shawn continued to get larger, her arms and legs disappearing into her globular form. And still she got bigger, filling up the locker room like an inflating weather balloon. "I'm telling the coach!" Meredith threatened, and stepped forward to notify the adult lesbian teacher.

"Wrong," said Jeremy, and in rapid succession, he snapped his fingers at each of the remaining cheerleaders. Again, it was just for dramatic effect, but the results were worth it.

The four other cheerleaders suddenly blimped up, as if putting on 400 pounds in a few seconds. Their bodies bloated up everywhere, filling them up so big that they could no longer move except to wobble like balloons caught in a breeze. Unlike the mouthy Shawn, however, their inflation stopped, having blown them up just big enough to keep them immobile.

All the while, Shawn continued to swell bigger and bigger and bigger. Soon she dwarfed Jeremy, who stood close to the round, inflating cheerleader and watched with fascination. There was less and less available space in the locker room, and Shawn got awfully snug between the rows of lockers. "Please stop! You've made your point!"

"I haven't made it quite yet," said Jeremy. "You're just a balloon now, aren't you, Shawn? Say it: say you're a balloon."

The strain of her expansion made her a little breathless, as did her nervousness. She was a little slow to respond, so Jeremy raised his hand as if to snap his fingers again. "No, don't!" she screamed. "I--I'm a balloon! I'm a balloon!"

"Jeremy, cut it out!" Meredith protested.

He ignored her, instead saying to Shawn, "Say you want to be the biggest balloon in the world."

"I w-want to be the b-b-biggest balloon in the world...?"


"I--I want to be the biggest balloon in the w-w-world."



Jeremy smiled. "And so you shall be."

"Stop making her bigger!" Sarah pleaded, her taut, naked, puffed-up flesh wet and shiny.

"Hey, you heard what she just said," said Jeremy. "But don't worry: I don't think she'll GET much bigger!"

The sound of Shawn's moaning was now accompanied by the groans of the lockers as her planet-shaped body squeezed against them. Her skin, stretching thinner and thinner, began to emit a high-pitched squeak. "Oh, please stop! I think I'm gonna burst! I'm really gonna burst!"

Jeremy smiled and covered his ears.

The other cheerleaders, too bloated to move their arms, could only watch Shawn get bigger and bigger and bigger...


The loud bang echoed in the room, as scattered remnants of Shawn decorated the interior.

"Shawn!" Raynelle called out. "She--she really popped! You blew her up till she burst!"

"Thanks for the news summary," he replied.

"You slimy bastard!" Meredith spat.

"You'll take those words back later," Jeremy assured her. "But first...!" He made his way over to the plump, naked Sarah; beside her was Wendy, whose bra and panties were stretched to the max but still clinging desperately to her ectomorphic form. Jeremy felt up Sarah's bloated belly, hearing the squeak as he ran his hand over it, testing her resistance. Then he did the same to Wendy, poking her to gauge how much stretch she had left in her.

"What are you going to do with us?" Wendy asked nervously.

"I thought we'd have a little race," Jeremy told her. "Whoever pops first wins! Or is it, 'whoever pops first LOSES'? Aw, hell, just blow yourselves up till you burst." He waved them to start, passing on the whole snapping-fingers thing.

While Meredith and Raynelle shouted at him to stop, Sarah and Wendy began a bizarre race. They both inflated like competing balloons, each seeming to want to be bigger than the other. They inflated and inflated, Wendy's underwear finally snapping off her expanding form as she tried to keep up with Sarah. They grew bigger and bigger, colliding into each other, putting Jeremy in the mind of massive, overgrown cleavage. And still they grew and grew and grew, the locker room becoming more and more confining, their bodies packed closer and closer together, getting tighter, tighter, TIGHTER!

"Hurry up, Sarah!" Jeremy said. "Wendy's getting bigger than you! But you can get bigger! Go, Sarah! Get bigger! Bigger! Bigger!!"

"Mmmmmhhh!!" Sarah said, expanding and expanding until her body made a loud, rubbery squeak and...

POP!! She burst.

"Whoops," said Jeremy. "I guess Sarah wins. Or loses."

"Ohhhhhhhh--!!" said Wendy, still getting larger and larger and larger and...


Jeremy looked at the wide, vacant space that only seconds ago was filled with cheerleader balloons. "Well," he reflected, "they're BOTH winners in my book!"

He stepped over to Raynelle, who tried to escape but succeeded only in wobbling a bit, like a toy balloon on a string. "Please," she begged him. "I don't wanna pop, too!"

Jeremy ran his hands over her and said soothingly, "You, Raynelle--you're okay. You've always been really nice to me and treated me with some modicum of respect."

She asked, "Does that mean you won't pop me?"

He shrugged. "No, I'm just saying that for the record. Now be a good girl, and inflate yourself till you explode." He took a few steps back to give her room.

"Noooo!" Raynelle surged bigger, inflating at such a rate that her cheerleader skirt and her bra quickly snapped off and sailed across the locker room. Her growth was much faster than anyone's, growing to twice her size in just instants, and still getting bigger, bigger, bigger. In just seconds, she filled up the room between the lockers but still kept expanding and expanding until Jeremy heard that familiar squeak--


And with a sinister grin, he turned to Meredith, whose cheerleader top looked painted on her chubby form. "And I've saved the best for last. No one's made fun of me more than you, Meredith. You never passed up a chance to tell me what a loser I was."

"You ARE a loser."

"And you, my dear, are a balloon." He rubbed his hand over her body. "God, this outfit still looks good on you. I don't want to tear it too fast. Just get a little bit bigger."

Meredith felt herself grow a little wider, a little rounder. Stitches slowly began to tear, and small rips appeared in the fabric, exposing her elastic flesh.

"And a little bigger."

Meredith grew some more. The holes in her outfit tore some more, the ripping sound becoming a little louder.

"A little bigger."

She puffed up more, slowly but steadily. The stitching was tearing everywhere now, the lettering on her sweater beginning to peel apart as her skin bulged out of the holes in her uniform.

"Bigger... a little bigger... that's it... bigger..."

Meredith's body grew more and more circular, the pressure welling up inside her at an exponential rate. Her skirt tore apart and fell to the floor, unable to contain her expanding waistline. The sweater was torn nearly to shreds.

"I'm going to take this nice and slow," he told her. "Just little by little, until that one little puff too many overinflates you, and ... bang!"

Suddenly, Meredith tossed back her head, closing her eyes and moaning. "Ohhh, yes!" she suddenly shouted orgasmically, a smile spreading across her face.

Jeremy lifted an eyebrow. Now THIS was an interesting development.

"God, Jeremy," she said, "I hate to admit it, but this feels so good! And I never knew you could be so attractive when you're dominating!"

He looked at her skeptically. "If you think you're going to get away by flattering me, forget it. I'd rather see you pop than screw you."

She shook her head as much as she could without her neck. "No, Jeremy, I'm serious! This feels great. I want to be bigger."

Casting aside his doubts, Jeremy stepped closer, putting his arms around her spherical figure and asking softly, "And what else do you want?"

"I want to be your balloon."

He nodded dumbly, lost in her words. "Go on..."

"I want to get bigger. Bigger than any of my friends were. I want to be the biggest balloon you've ever seen. I want to be the biggest, fullest, most inflated balloon possible! And then I want you to blow me bigger! And BIGGER! I want to be the biggest balloon in the world!!"

"And then...?" he asked excitedly, losing all control.

"And then I want to POP! Pop, like the overinflated balloon that I am! Pop me! Pop me! Make me BURST! Make me EXPLODE!"

"Yes! God, yes!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"Just one thing: Kiss me goodbye. Kiss me goodbye and then watch as I inflate till I burst!"

"Of course," Jeremy said, tilting Meredith's axis so that he could reach her lips over her globular body. And he then he kissed her.

Several passionate seconds later, Jeremy knew he was screwed.

He first suspected it from the tingling on his lips. And as he tried to pull away, he found he could not. And then he felt it: the unmistakable feeling of his stomach pumping up and out.

He was inflating.

His eyes showed panic, desperately pushing on Meredith's body, but all that seemed to do was make him bigger faster. And he realized why: Meredith's body was deflating--he was absorbing her air.

His growth slowed a bit when his belt began fighting his expansion, but it was a pointless struggle. It snapped apart, and he swelled further, tearing his clothes, causing his pens and pocket protector to clatter to the floor. And still he plumped up, getting bigger, fuller, rounder. Meredith had shrunk to her normal human size... but now Jeremy was one big ball. A human balloon.

Meredith pulled away, and his expansion ceased. For the moment. He looked at her with a mixture of pleading and confusion. Meredith smiled back menacingly. "Betcha didn't see THAT coming, now, did you? You think you were the only one to find that book of spells? I thought it was bullshit, myself, but I guess it really works, after all. Fortunately, I remembered what it said about reversing spells."

"Uh, Meredith, I wasn't really going to pop you, you know," he said lamely. "You know I've always had the hots for you. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

"Oh, cram it, balloon-boy!" she snapped. "Even if I were dumb enough to buy that for one second, you just popped all my friends! Not only am I going to pop you--..." Her expression changed back into a malicious smirk. "--I think I might just go around and pop all YOUR friends. Not that you'll be around to see it, of course." She was about to command him to burst but stopped. "Whoops. I almost forgot." She snapped her fingers at him.

And Jeremy inflated bigger and bigger. Meredith seemed to get farther and farther away as his body inflated closer to the ceiling, his body bending the locker doors, knocking over benches, filling the room with his growing roundness. Fuller and fuller he grew, until he heard a familiar squeak and Meredith waved him goodbye...



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He deserved it.

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