Voodoo Balloon

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Helia falls "victim" to an expansive prank.

There was much giggling.

One watched the street while the other maneuvered the helium cylinder up close to the window. The lights were on and the curtains closed, but a pair of eyes and a video camera watched the street through the mail slot in the front door.

“Any sign of her yet?”

“No, just some jerk jumping around under the plum tree on the corner. Hope he’s still around to see the action. Perhaps we should wait ‘til later, when there’s more people about.”

“No, we can’t guarantee we’ll get this close later and I don’t want to have to lug that tank around. Would you want her to know whom to blame? It’d look pretty obvious.”

“Not with everything that’s going on tonight.”

“We’ll stick with the plan as it stands. She’ll think twice before flaunting her ridiculous chest in any man after this, audience or not.”

“The guy on the corner’s gone. Here comes our friend though. The video is…on. Quick, start the first balloon”

More giggles as a limp balloon was pulled onto the nozzle and the valve was opened.

Helia strode down the pre-dawn sidewalk, admiring the last of the full moon, ankle weights and palm dumbbells making each step a cardio proclamation: feeling good, pumping blood, power on. Her cheeks flushed with hot blood, she didn’t notice the mid-winter chill. “Glad I wasn’t out dancing naked: what do they call it? Sky clad?; last night. Stupid Wiccan coven. Freeze their butts off one day,” she thought.

As she approached the corner with the leafless plum tree she felt a rumbling in her chest and came to a dead stop. Hands, still grasping their steel burdens, came up to give a reassuring caress to her abundant breasts, trussed up in their gravity defying sports bra.

The rumbling recurred and continued, turning into a quiet but insistent hissing.

“What is it this time? Magic pills slipped in my vitamins? Something I ate which disagrees with me? Scientific genius crossing a line man was not meant to cross?”

“Is it working?”

“She’s stopped. She’s playing with her boobs. Yes, her left tit is getting bigger. Give it heaps.”

The whooshing sound grew louder and the balloon expanded in all directions, tugging upward against the cylinder nozzle.

Helia’s hands now focused on her left breast as it sprung to attention under her outfit. Whatever was causing her inflation this time, it was fast acting and very specific. “Why only one breast? I love getting bigger, but a the unbalanced look is out this season.”

Her left hand found its way to approximately nipple ground zero and tried to hold in the growth in the hope that some restriction on the left might encourage the right to try catching up. No such luck. The breast continued to hiss and swell while its partner remained unchanged.

“This outfit’s still got some give, but who knows how big I’m going to get this time?”

She began to pull her sweater upward, experiencing considerable difficulty in getting it past the inflating girth of her left breast. With her sports bra revealed, the imbalance became even clearer.

“My God. She’s taking that well. I don’t think I’d look that calm with one huge boob and one, um,” the girl at the spy hole looked down at her own small bumps, “less huge boob.”

“See how she likes this,” replied her friend as she gave the valve a vicious twist.

“Straining sounds came from the elasticated, triple stitched material of the sports bra. Cold air teased at the burgeoning breast flesh in the gaps being forced around the distressed fabric. Helia, with much practice in such circumstances, attempted to reach behind herself to save yet another expensive bra from complete destruction, but the new wave of expansion beat her to it and the remnant of the torn undergarment hung pathetically from her right side, still covering her other breast but lacking conviction.

The newly freed left boob pulled upward, offering the poor girl a most uncomfortable

new posture, which she alleviated by lying down on the sidewalk.

“Might as well make myself comfortable while whoever’s doing this has their fun. I’ll have mine too!”

One hand caressed the inflating, floating orb of ballooning breast, reaching as far out and around as it still could, while the other teased the more easily accessed nipple and areola under the remains of her bra on the right.

“Wonder if they’re into granting wishes?”

“She’s what?”

“She’s getting off on it.”

The girl at the cylinder hastily tied off her huge balloon and pushed her friend from the mail slot. Sure enough, there was Helia, not ten yards away, fondling her mis-matched boobies in the light of a street lamp.

A car passed by, weaving erratically, its head lights veering away, missing the inflated, otherwise unmissable breast as tyres screeched and hubcaps flew.

“Get the second balloon going,” but the phrase was cut short by the loud hissing as her friend pre-empted her order.

“Ah, finally, some yin to balance my left titty’s yan,” thought Helia. Her fingers, still passing over her nipple in circles, were spread apart by expanding flesh. The right breast, obviously eager to catch up with its sister, inflated quickly, throwing aside the forlorn bra cup and fighting for airspace above the supine super heroine. With hands still testing their tautness and massaging their massive surfaces, Helia’s balloon breasts slowly drew her to standing, then to tiptoe, then to the toes of one foot. Helia raised her free foot to her hand and, using touch alone, undid the Velcro on her ankle cuff weight. Holding it as well as she could manage around the barbell, she gingerly repeated the process on the other side, drawing her huge breasts gently down ‘til she could reach the remaining cuff.

“What is that silly bitch up to? If she lets go of those weights she’ll float away. Stop the gas or she’ll float away anyway. We want to humiliate her, not get put away for manslaughter.”

The second balloon was tied off and all eyes crammed to watch the spectacle in the street through the tiny gap.

They saw Helia, still standing en-pointe, gracefully raise her arms above her head and bring them down again quickly, releasing the four weights as one. She rose quickly out of sight.

Helia shot upwards, breasts first through the early morning light and thought “Wheeeeeee.”

In the doorway the bewildered girls stared at each other, failing to notice the balloons they’d tied off growing larger, as voodoo works both ways.

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