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Hello my name is Julie, about 2 months ago I saw a tv commercial advertising a new game show called 'The Widest Link'.

My boyfriend turned to me and said:

"That looks interesting and your good at game shows-well shouting the answers at the tv anyway"

He had a point it seems so easy from the couch. So I thought why not? and I jumped online and filled out an application.

A few weeks later I received an email back saying I'd got a place on the pilot episode, all I had to do was get to New York next weekend.

Finally the time arrived and my boyfriend and I headed to the studios, I had no idea what to wear, so after some shopping around I found a nice fitted suit, I have to admit it wasn't too hard being that I'm only 27 and have what you could call an average figure, not too thin but athletic thanks to years of running.

When we arrived I was taken backstage, I gave my boyfriend a kiss and he made his way to the audience. Arriving backstage I looked around and saw about 10 other contestants they were all very similar to me, all female ranging from 21 to 30, they were all very pretty and slim also.

After a bit of mingling one of the producers came in with a tray of glasses with some bright green liquid in them and said we all had to drink one if we wanted to take part in the show. I was a little hesitant at first but some of the other women jumped straight in and downed theirs. It didn't seem to have any side effects and they said it was the nicest thing they'd had, so I thought what the hell, "Bottoms up"

The liquid was the nicest thing I had ever tasted! but about 10 seconds later I could feel it coursing through my veins, it was an odd sensation a bit like warm pins and needles from the tips of my fingers down to my toes, that wasn't the only thing, I also found it left me feeling very light headed and as though I was high!

A few minutes passed then the producer came in again and put a box on the floor, he started calling out our names, then throwing these garment's at us and told us to remove all of our clothes including underwear and put them on. When I got mine I saw it was a spandex one piece suit that covered my hands and feet only leaving my head uncovered, "I'm glad I brought a new suit" I thought. I slid myself into the spandex one piece, and saw it had my name printed on the front in white letters as did everyone else's. I quickly realised there was a draft around my behind, we all had holes in the bottoms of the suites, I didn't really think to ask why I had to wear it or what the hole was for-in my state of mind I just went for it, I was enjoying the feeling of the suit too much anyways.

Once we were all suited up we were taken into the studio, it was a lot like the set from the weakest link with 10 podiums in a half circle, the studio was rather large and bit dark, enough so I couldn't see the celling, behind the podiums were stools shaped like a donut on top, we all got behind our relevant stands I was the last in line and sat on the stool.

"Time for round one" the presenter said.

The audience clapped,

"Before we begin" he said "All you lovely ladies need to be plugged in"

With that he hit a button, and in one swift movement a hose with what felt like a butt plug on the end shot up from the middle of the donut, straight into my ass, a couple of us let out a squeek or a moan but no one tried to get off the stool.

"Perfect" he said

"Right first question starting on my left Nikki, what is the capital of France?"

Obviously she got it right. Then a buzzer went off and a light beamed down on the spandex-clad woman. She let out a small moan, not in pain more slight pleasure. A hissing sound could be heard for a few seconds and then from where I was sitting it looked as though she had a small podge under her breasts, I'm sure that wasnt there a minuted ago I though.

The presenter moved onto each girl and the same thing happened to them, apart from the middle girl she got her question wrong and the presenter simply moved onto the next girl without anything happening. Then it was my turn,

"Who hosted the 2012 Olympics?"

"London" I said

With that the light shone on me. I heard the hissing and then felt it! It was like a very enjoyable burst of pins and needles again then it all stopped. Wow I though as I looked down and could see I was now sporting a more rounded abdomen,

"Thats the end of the round"said the presenter

And the girl who got her question wrong was eliminated.

"Round 2"

The first girl got her question right again. This time the lights went on her and the hissing returned for longer and u could clearly see she was enjoying the sensations, you could also see it on her body too she rounded out some more even her arms and legs thickened a bit, the next 2 girls got their questions wrong, and remained the same everyone else was right and they all got a bit more inflated.

Then my turn, again another simple one saw me receive another shot of whatever it was filling us up, it felt so good rushing into me and I could feel the spandex getting tighter around my arms and legs. The girls who were wrong got eliminated and we went onto round 3.

This time the first girl got her question wrong and let out a scream, the kind of scream we should all of been doing at the thought of being inflated, but it felt soo good!! She knew her day was over, the next girl was correct and she got another dose, she let out such a yelp as more gas was pumped into her from below, now her breasts were billowing out too, her name across the suit was getting big as it stretched to contain her. My god I thought to myself I have to get this one right and that could be me, it felt wrong but so right at the same time all I wanted was to be made into a balloon!

Another 4 girls were wrong, here goes my turn!! yes I thought I know the answer! I barely had time to smile at giving the correct answer when I was hit by another wave of inflation, I felt my boobs grow bigger my arms were being pushed to the sides to clear my growing midsection, and my thighs were getting so round I was being forced into a star shape, not be mention nearly climaxing by the time it was over. Whatever was being pumped into us was lighter than air as we headed for the roof, the only thing holding us down was the butt plug.

Now only me and another equally bloated girl remained.

"Final round" said the presenter.

To my relief the other girl got her question wrong. I can actually win this I thought!! it wasn't an easy one I cant remember it now but I took a guess and got it right!!

Lights flashed confetti fell and the presenter said:

"You're winner!! You are the widest link"

And then it hit me! I climaxed straight away, with the biggest orgasm I'd ever experienced, my breasts flattened out joining the curve of my body, my arms and legs were sucked into the ball I'd become and my head was buried up to my nose, I was a complete sphere!! Then I felt someone tie a piece of string around my foot and the hose let go of the butt plug.

I floated off skyward only to be pinned back by the rope. I turned to look down at who was holding me and it was my boyfriend who had the biggest smile on his face, he'd always wanted a balloon girlfriend and I was more than happy to be one for him!!

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Sci-FiExpander's picture
This is really good!

This is really good!

Thank you this is my first

Thank you this is my first story, I will do more soon!

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Haha thank you glad u enjoyed

Haha thank you glad u enjoyed it, there will be more In The future