Inflatable Infiltration

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Calisea's desire for a hasty departure to Stormwind was halted by the Shattered hand, much to her dismay. Her guild had taken the liberty of having her fitted for some human sized clothing, Calisea having been forced to also endure an unbelievably boring lecture on human culture by an orc elder. At last, the guild deemed her prepared for her lengthy task, Calisea packing for what could be a very long time away from home.

"I just wanted to leave and improvise...but no!" Calisea grumbled, packing her new clothing, alchemy supplies and potions, and her enchanted helium tank. The assignment document she was handed told her that there was a flower shop on the outskirts of the run by a young woman, informing her that dealing with her and taking residence in her shop would provide her with a temporary home, and more importantly...a base of operations. After packing, Calisea left a note letting Cailee know she would be gone a while, and left.

She was taken on wyvern back to Elwynn Forest, dropped off just outside of the town of Goldshire. Calisea waved to the departing wind rider, heading north along the road to Stormwind City. As she approached the massive gates, she was stopped by a guard holding a lantern. "Miss...It's after nightfall, what business brought you to the city this late?" He asked, Calisea struggling to remember her alibi. "The Defias torched my home in Westfall...I came here to find a safe place to stay!" She acted desperate, the guard changing his tone to a more amiable one. "Oh...I see. Then hurry along, I'm sure the inn will accommodate you until you can rebuild, or find a new place to stay...good luck!" The man motioned for her to be allowed in, Calisea trying her very best to hide a smirk.

Calisea had been to Stormwind before, but in her troll form, which did not allow for much sight seeing. She was in awe as she walked unimpeded through the city, sneaking peeks at the small map she was given. "The inn...ah! Here it is!" She walked into the cozy little inn, telling her sad story to the inn keeper...who bought it just as easily as the guard outside. Calisea was given a nice little room, the girl not bothering to unpack. She collapsed onto the bed, getting a much needed nights sleep.

When Calisea finally woke up, it was approaching noon. She cursed herself slightly, gathering up her backpack and other belongings and immediately heading out, and thanked the inn keeper as she left hurriedly. Following the directions on her mission paper, she walked the trade district, attempting to find the flower shop in question. Calisea wasn't looked at oddly but a few times, due to her vibrant blue hair. "Stormwind we go!" She smiled, opening the shop door and heading inside.

Rachel was having a relatively uneventful least until the blue haired girl entered her shop. Calisea licked her lips a little, thinking the flower girl was pretty cute...but mostly because she was wearing cherry lip stick. "What can I do for you?" Rachel asked, Calisea looking at the large variety of plants on display. "Erm...I'm looking for king's foil..." she said, silently locking the door from within once her target had turned her back to look for the herb. Calisea then walked over to the counter, quickly chugging the water in Rachel's glass, replacing it with one of her newest creations; a clear, odorless helium potion.

"I'm sorry...I think I'm out! The stuff makes great medicine..." She apologized, Calisea smiling a little." It's fine...I'll just keep looking around..." she replied, Rachel drinking the "water" in the glass, coughing a little, Calisea almost giggling out loud. "I'm gonna go get some more water...I trust you won't run off with my plants!" Rachel said jokingly, heading up the stairs to the second story of the shop, her house. Calisea played the waiting game, looking out of the front window to make sure there were no guards patrolling nearby.

Rachel had begun to feel funny. A soft tingling feeling crept all over her body, the girl sitting on her bed to rest for a moment. A moment was all she had, however, as she began to feel gassy. "Ugh...was that water bad?" She groaned loudly, laying on her back. What she felt next caused her to cry out in alarm. Rachel felt her belly start to expand, an audible hiss coming from within her body."What's happening to me?! I'm getting bigger..." She moaned, gripping the sides of the bed as her ever-expanding belly ripped through her blouse. Calisea chose to walk in at this moment, smiling at her poisoned victim. " think something is...wrong with me!" Rachel squeaked out, her stomach easily the size of a huge beach ball, feeling her thighs starting to plump out. Calisea seemed to ignore her plea, getting onto the bed and kneeling by the ballooning girl. "Hmm. You have quite a ways to does this feel...." Calisea traced a finger along the girls belly, caused a squeaky moan to escape the victim. "Oh!" Rachel gasped as Calisea began to rub her ballooning belly, her skirt bursting off at the waistline. Her breasts began to fill up with the lighter-than-air gas, Rachel coming to the realization that she was starting to float.

Calisea was debating on what to do with the girl, noticinga trap door leading into the attic. Rachel bobbed along the ceiling, her body creaking loudly as the potion has nearly finished running it's course. Rachel moaned at her attacker, the pressure and the feeling of lightness quite pleasurable. Her limbs were soon absorbed by her round body, and before long, Rachel was nothing but blimp. Calisea dismissed the attic idea, shoving corks into the helium-filled woman. "I need this place for a while...I'll keep you around as decoration! If you behave...I might deflate you some day..." Calisea remarked, tying the girl down in the bedroom, Rachel content with bobbing there for now.

"Now...on to bussiness...." Calisea said, reading her documents...

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