Bad First Day, A

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It was decided that an all female superhero team should be formed to combat evil. After much discussion, it was decided that the team should be comprised of Spider Woman, X-23, Scarlet Witch, and Firestar, with The Wasp as team leader. The team was called in for their first mission when a villain known as The Inflator was attacking downtown New York. As the the heroins flew to the scene in their jet, Firestar asked, “Why is he called “The Inflator”?”

“I don't know,” replied Wasp. “I guess we'll find out.”

The team landed the jet in a street near to where The Inflator was. They quickly made their way to the villain, who was wearing a generic white outfit with a cape. Wasp hated his lack of fashion sense. The villain turned to face the heroins. He smiled at them. “Well, looks like the cavalry has arrived.”

“Inflator, I'll give you one chance to surrender,” said The Wasp. X-23 growled.

“Enough talk!” X-23 charged at The Inflator with a great roar. He chuckled to himself, then raised his hand and pointed at the charging hero. X-23 stopped dead in her tracks, sheathing her claws. She clutched at her stomach, groaning with discomfort. Suddenly, before the disbelieving eyes of her teammates, X-23 started to inflate. Her belly started to creak as it grew, absorbing her arms and legs. She looked down at her boobs as they too disappeared into her ever expanding belly. Soon, her belly stopped inflating, and what had once been X-23's body was know a giant sphere with a head on top.

“So that's why he's called The Inflator,” muttered Firestar. As Wasp opened her mouth to give orders to her team, The Inflator pointed at the group with an evil smile. All four heroins groaned with discomfort, just as X-23 had, and they each started to clutch a different part of their bodies. The first to start changing was the Scarlet Witch. She clutched her breasts as they started to grow. The outlines of her nipples were visible underneath the tightening spandex, and she could feel her clothes start to rip. Eventually, her boobs ripped right through the red outfit, and they didn't stop there. Her boobs kept growing until they were each the size of a car, leaving the Scarlet Witch immobilized.

The next to inflate was Firestar. She grabbed her butt as it swelled up, ripping through her skin tight pants. As he butt cheeks grew bigger and bigger, Firestar was pushed onto her stomach from the weight. When her butt finally stopped growing, Firestar was trapped underneath it, whimpering all the while.

Spider Woman felt strange inside, as if she were filled with water. As her skin turned blue, she realized what was happening. “Oh shit, am I going to turn into a blueberry like in that old movie?” As if to answer her question, her stomach started to expand. It quickly rounded out and ripped through her outfit, exposing her blue belly. Her arms and legs were absorbed into her body as her breasts puffed out, blue stains forming around them. Spider Woman's mouth filled with juice, bloating her cheeks like a frog. Her inflation suddenly ended with a great ripping noise, as her boobs ripped through her costume, showing off her dripping nipples.

The Wasp knew that she had to do something, so she grew to her giant size. She quickly realized that his was a mistake. Now the whole city would see her inflation! The first thing that started to inflate were her hands, which swelled up and ripped through her gloves. Next, her feet and toes bloated, ripping through her high heels. She tried to wiggle her toes, but nothing happened. Next, her breasts inflated, then her butt, then her belly, and every other part of her body inflated until she was just a huge blob of flesh, her head barely visible.

The Inflator walked down the street, inspecting his victims. X-23 glared at him as he pocked her, causing her to wobble back and forth. “Bouncy,” he remarked. Next in line was Firestar, who he playfully slapped on the ass. She groaned. “Nice bottom.” He then walked over to Spider Woman, inspecting her blueberry like body. He squeezed one of her nipples, juice squirting in his face. “I look forward to juicing you later.” She didn't like the sound of that. He glanced at Scarlet Witch's boobs, eyeing them strangely. Finally, he looked up at the skyscraper of flesh formerly known as The Wasp. “I don't know how I'm going to get you back to my lair,” said The Inflator.

In the end, The Inflator left The Wasp, tacking everyone else back to his secret base. Wasp was eventually turned back to normal, but they still haven't found the other super heroes...

Author's Note: 

I plan on doing more stories with The Inflator in the future.

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Look forward to seeing The

Look forward to seeing The Inflator :)


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