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There was a flash of fire at the foot of Mallory’s bed, and when it abated, the demon stood silently there. She wore the standard outfit, which is to say, not much; stiletto boots buckled around her ankles; a spiked choker around her neck; a pair of long fingerless gloves running up her forearms; and what might charitably be called a bikini - all in standard velvet black to accent pale, shimmering skin and long, flame-red hair. In one hand she carried a compressed air tank, which she placed softly at the bedside before sliding gently onto the covers to straddle the napping girl.

She surveyed her victim, smiling at the way her chest gently rose and fell beneath her tight lime-green shirt, how her flowing blonde hair spread like a halo around her, the careless spread of her legs in their tight, flared jeans. She traced a finger down one leg, circling her bare ankle, running it along the trim of her socks, sliding over the green and blue-striped soles. Mallory gave a quiet sigh and stirred almost imperceptibly. Running back up her leg, over her tight calves and powerful thighs and up to her stomach, a narrow crescent of toned midriff was visible just above her belt, a patch of bare skin that received full attention from the succubus’ tickling finger. Mallory stirred again, the barest hint of a smile flickering on her face.

The demon bent down, prostrating herself over Mallory’s form, pressing their cheeks together, wrapping her arms around her. She pulled Mallory’s body into hers, taking in the warmth and softness, the firmness of her belly, the gentle sound of breathing, the steady movement as her lungs filled and emptied. Planting a kiss on one cheek, she could feel the warmth as Mallory blushed in response, her slow stirring as she twined their legs together. She ran her fingers up her side, tickling her armpits. Mallory cracked open her eyes, awakening with soft laughter and a look of sudden surprise. Before she could cry out, her gaze met the demon’s, and she stared, hypnotized, into their inky black depths. Shock melted slowly away into excitement, fear into charmed admiration, misgiving into a desperate longing for the perfect feminine form above her.

The succubus smiled as the simple spell took hold, moving her fingers faster up and down Mallory’s sides. Mallory laughed louder, curling her toes and pumping her hips. Grinning with wicked satisfaction, the demon drew a deep breath, kissing Mallory on the lips. Squeezing her body, she heaved a lungful of air into Mallory, whose eyes widened in surprise, cheeks bulging, lungs filling, chest rising. She inhaled again, sharply, and blew into her once more. There was a light whoosh, and Mallory’s chest rose again. The demon pulled back, looking down at Mallory, who smiled, sighing, then put her arms around her and pulled her right back down.

She wriggled her whiplike tail, filling her lungs again and blowing hard into Mallory, who expanded with another long, low whoosh. Another satisfied sigh. A smile, and a simple request: “More!”


She inhaled deeply, puffing out her chest, filling her lungs to the max and packing it all into Mallory, who swelled gently beneath her.


Mallory squeezed the demon’s shapely body, pumping another lungful into herself. She sighed, giggled, and pressed her hips upwards.


The demon’s toned stomach pressed against Mallory’s rounded belly, undulating with each exhalation. Mallory’s shirt stretched smooth and tight as she grew steadily, filling out like a human-sized balloon.


Mallory caressed the small of her captor’s back, moving her hands up her sides to tickle her ribs. The succubus giggled appreciatively, filling her lungs and pressed her mouth to Mallory’s, forcing a powerful laugh into her body.


A faint stretching noise began to sound. The demon worked smoothly, pumping her legs to the rhythm, pressing her hips downwards with each exhalation. Mallory was growing tighter, firmer…


There was a light snap accompanying the stretching noise. Her shirt was completely taut, fighting the ceaseless expansion of her once-lithe frame.


Mallory’s shirt was crackling with the sound of popping threads. Something had to give before long…


The demon packed another breath of air into Mallory before sitting up, straddling her hips again to examined her handiwork so far. Mallory was bloated, cheeks bulging, body packed with dozens of lungfuls of compressed air. Her shirt and jeans were barely hanging on, stomach swollen and rounded, thighs tight as drums, belt ready to burst. Her legs spread, her arms jutting out, and her inflator perched lightly on top.

The succubus spoke softly, layering her whispers with sweet seduction. "Ready for the big one?"

"Do it," came the excited response.

She inhaled deeply, sucking in as much as possible, sipping extra mouthfuls of air to pack into herself, feeling her own body tighten with it. Completely stuffed, she bent down and wrapped her arms around Mallory's head, locking lips and blowing with prodigious force, cheeks bulging, legs kicking, toes pointed into the air. Mallory kicked her legs out to the side, thrusting her hips upward, sounding a moan that died in her throat.


The succubus flushed with excitement, exerting herself to smash the barrier Mallory’s tight-packed body presented, squeezing her lungs with demonic strength-


"Aaahhhhh," Mallory crooned, green threads falling out of the air. “Aaahhh-MMPH!”

Before she knew what was happening, Mallory was being blown up again, just as powerfully as before. Her stomach rose unfettered, but her legs strained against ever-tighter jeans. Her calves pressed, her thighs bulged, her hips squeezed by an iron grip. Another stretching noise sounded, hitting a brief crescendo. And then, with an enormous report, her jeans burst, belt practically exploding, leaving her lying on the bed spread-eagle in nothing more than her bra and panties, both in vibrant green. She leaned her head back, letting out a long, low moan of pleasure.

"Ready for more?" the demon asked, flashing a grin.

"What? M-"

Her reply was lost in a burst of laughter. The demon was tickling her again, moving down her body, a rubber hose in one hand. She worked her armpits, stroked her squirming sides, slid over tight green fabric. She moved down to her pumping thighs, over the tops, onto the insides. Mallory was breathing heavily, biting her lip, waiting for-




The succubus pounced on her victim like a cat, grabbing her wrists and forcing them above her head while Mallory screamed with unbridled pleasure. The rubber hose snaked out of her crotch, over her bare thigh, onto the nozzle of the compressed air tank turned onto full blast. Every inch of her body stretched to the limit and beyond. Cramming all the air into her was like fitting a balloon over a fire hose, and that's exactly what it felt like. The blast of air was pumping her up a hundred times faster and harder than lungpower ever could. There was only one end in sight. She was going to explode.

A loud noise sounded over the human balloon's breathless screaming laughter; her bloated body creaked and groaned, growing louder as she grew ever tighter. She was blushing full on, arching her back and thrusting her hips into the air with wild abandon.

Everything came to a final climax. There was a loud creak. A scream of pleasure. A flurry of kicking legs. A body, stretched to its absolute limit.

Mallory burst, leaving behind nothing but a rain of tattered fabric, a pair of striped socks, and a gleefully giggling succubus.

Author's Note: 

I've hit something of a dry spell with the revision of part 2 of my previous piece, so I figured I'd fix up what's probably my oldest bit of work still fit for wider consumption and throw it out here. It was nice taking a break to do a bit of writing work without much regard for plot or reason, or my usually overly-stringent standards - just a nice little diversion that was fun to write and (hopefully) to read.

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alterante popping end

If the demon was feeling really wicked, a rewrite could have her using the barb on the tip of her tail, forcing Mallory to inflate bigger and bigger, hoping she doesn't come into contact with it.

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You came out of nowhere and

You came out of nowhere and quickly became a new favorite writer. Keep it up!

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blowkiss story

GREAT story. Love the blowkissing theme. You have a new fan! -Latecomer

Agree with both those are two

Agree with both those are two new fantastic stories. I hope you keep writing I'm loving your work

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Oh hell yes.

Oh hell yes.