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Phodra was a gifted sorceress for her age of 18. She was beautiful with blonde hair and very popular in the village she was raised in. Her best friend Nalas had been by her side since she was a young girl. Nalas was also a sorcerer, although nexted to Phodra he wasn't that talented. Together they had fixed lots of problems, ranging from a simple cat lost in a tree to taking down trolls. So when Nalas told his female friend about a giant that was terrorising the neighboring town, she didn't think twice about it. They packed up their belongings and headed to the last spotted location of the giant.

It was early morning and the two were deep in the forest where the giant lived.

"One last time, will you please go out with me? We can just save this bounty for later. The giant isn't going anywhere," said Nalas. He had always had his eyes on Phodra.

"For the thousandth time, no! You are my best friend why would I ever want to change that? You do understand me, right?" asked Phodra, not paying much attention to Nalas. She had always blown him off and Nalas started to resent that.

"I just thought I'd ask you one last time is all," said Nalas casually.

"I highly doubt that, you'll ask me till you're blue in the face and gray on the head, you will," said Phodra, stopping at the sound of something moving ahead.

The two stopped and loud heaving of breath could be heard up ahead of them. Phodra shot off a gust of wind out the end of her wand that blew the foliage back. Stomping rang out, growing louder.

"Maybe this giant is too much for us, maybe we should retreat?" asked Nalas nervously.

"I don't care how big he is, he's no match for me," said Phodra, standing upright and ready.

"I think he is a great match for you actually," said Nalas, reaching out and grabbing Phodra by the arm holding her wand.

"Stop it!" yelled Phodra dropping her wand. At that moment the giant stormed from the hidden brush and came at the two full speed.

"Run, Phodra, run!" yelled Nalas who turned on his heel and left Phodra behind. Phodra bent down to get her wand but all she found was Nalas'. She held it firm and pointed it at the giant, hitting him with a magical rope that wrapped around his feet. He tripped and fell on his face, sliding in the dirt. Something felt weird in Phodra, like she was just about to fluctuate but couldn't. The giant struggled but crawled with his arms towards Phodra. She shot off another set of ropes tying his hands to the nearby trees. Phodra's belt started to tighten and she gazed down. Her belly looked a bit bigger than before. She heard the trees creak loudly as the giant was uprooting them to come at her again.

"No!" she screamed and expelled a mighty blast that downed the giant.

He flew back several meters before landing. A hissing rang out and Phodra felt her body inflate with air. Much stronger than the two incidents before, her stomach started to look like she was heavy with child. The inflation even spread to her backside, making her leather pants feel a bit too snug.

"What is this? A magical giant? You think you can just blow me up like a balloon without a fight?" a rage burned within her like a smithy's forge.

She made the ground below the giant, who just got to his feet, reach up and smash into his face like a giant fist. The hissing started again, making the stitching on her leggings pop one by one at the growing girth of her ass. Her stomach also grew, making her shirt ride up exposing her navel to the world. The giant chuckled at her as he wiped soil from his face.

"You think I look funny huh?" yelling as she grew angry as her waistline grew.

A carpet of flame spilled from the end of her wand and sweep just inches above the leafy ground to the giant. The giant tore up a tree and batted the flames away from himself. Phodra felt her shirt fill as her breasts ballooned up on the front of her. With her one free hand she tried to push her budding breasts down but it was to no avail.

"It so funny watching you grow," said the giant in a booming voice.

"Stop it!" yelled Phodra back at the avoiding giant.

The giant laughed and Phodra had had enough. She shot out bright lightning bolts that struck the giant, although it didn't hurt him. Even though Phodra inflated fast she didn't care as long as the giant was subdued. The giant laughed as if the lightning were tickling him.

"Humans think giants are so dumb but they are the foolish ones," laughed the giant. Phodra's body was inflating all over, her pants burst open with her bubbly butt and shirt ripped to show off her swelling rack.

"Little human girl not know that wand she use make her grow big like giant," said the giant. Phodra cut off the lightning and looked at the wand of Nalas'.

"He wouldn't have," she said softly in disbelief.

"I catch your friend one day playing in giant woods. I tell him I eat him if he have nothing to offer. He ask me what I want. I tell him it impossible, that I want giant wife. He tells me he can make me a giant wife. He told me he'd bring you hear and trick you into growing into a giant. With each spell you use you grow bigger," explained the giant.

Phodra threw the wand to the ground, "Then I won't use anymore magic, see where that -" She was cut off by the sound of hissing again.

"He told me that after you touch the stick you have to keep ahold of it, or you'll grow regardlessly," laughed the giant who came closer.

Phodra tried to bend over to pick up the wand but her beach ball-like belly stopped her. She tried to bend her knees but her thighs began to puff outward. The giant smiled as her body rounded out bigger and bigger. Her arms tightened in suit and raised to her sides. She was taking in massive amounts of air and swelling quickly. From her point of view the giant seemed to shrink as she grew taller and fuller. Blimping out and bursting every single article of clothing on her. The swelling slowed as she reached the giant's height although tripled his girth. The giant wore a devilish grin and approached her. He almost got to touch her but a loud crack rang out and the giant fell onto his face, unconscious. It was Nalas, standing all proud with Phodra's wand in his hand, still outreached.

"You!" Phodra fumed.

"I know, I know. I put you in a dangerous and utterly embarrassing situation. I'm sorry I had to use you to get to the giant but I thought this was fair since you didn't want to go out with me," smiled Nalas.

"This is uncalled for, you were my friend!" yelled out Phodra through rather puffy cheeks.

"I still am I assure you, unless you want to be my nemesis. In that case I could just blow you up bigger," joked Nalas, pointing Phodra's wand at her engorged stomach.

"NO!" screamed Phodra, her skin creaking like an overinflated balloon as she wiggled in protest.

"I was just playing, here let me help you," said Nalas.

He waved the wand and a gust of air shot from Phodra's belly button. She rapidly deflated in a matter of seconds, unlike her forceful inflation. She was soon back to normal shape and size and clutched herself, finally able to cover her naked body.

"Oh, sorry," blushed Nalas.

With another wave the pieces of torn clothing pulled themselves together on Phodra's body. Each stitch wove back into place, the over-stretched leather flattened out, until she was as if nothing ever happened.

"I bet you had a good laugh about this huh?" asked Phodra sadistically.

"It was a bit funny, yeah," chuckled Nalas. Phodra pulled a secondary wand from out of her pouch on the back of her belt.

"How about we see how big you get," yelled Phodra, burning hot.

"Phodra, wait please don't!" warned Nalas.

The spell made the secondary wand explode in a bright flash of light. Nalas and saw that it was cracked, probably from her ass blowing up and cracking it. Phodra was stunned by the flash and didn't know what was happening till it is too late. Her mouth bulged as the inside filled with water. Her lips were magically sealed shut and she was forced to drink the magically summoned water. The water however kept summoning in her mouth. Nalas watched in confusion as his friend made large, loud gulps of water in front of him. The spell was intended to effect Nalas and be completely controlled by her, but it was rebounded and unfinished. Phodra tried to think hard on how uncompleted controlled spells end, if they run out or keep going. The flood in her mouth kept going though. Each mouthful of water pushed into her chest, bellowing out each of her breasts with water.

"Well, this can't be all that bad now can it? It's not such a bad look on you," joked Nalas with a playful poke to one of Phodra's swelling tits.

Without a wand, Phodra tried to concentrate and use her magic to stop the spell but the flow of water in her throat made it impossible. Her water tits tested the strength of her shirt once more and Phodra herself tried to hide the view of her budding chest from Nalas. "I think this is instant karma, it's not nice to try and inflate people," said Nalas. Phodra rolled her eyes, for Nalas started all of this. Phodra arched her back to help support the increasing weight of her new tunic-stretchers.

"Here let me help you release those puppies," offered Nalas, with his wand. It struck Phodra hard, that was it. She needed her wand back so she could stop the water. She thrust her hands out in desperation for the wand but Nalas pulled it away teasingly.

"Do you want it? Do you want it?" taunted Nalas. Phodra then accidently knocked it from Nalas grasp and it fell onto the grass. Phodra, bust still expanding, charged for it, pushing Nalas away. Nalas absentmindedly took a step back and stepped on the wand, breaking it in two. Rage once again boiled inside Phodra and she struck Nalas across the face hard.

"I didn't mean to break it!" yelled Nalas at the top of his lungs. Nalas' anger got away from him, in his fury he subconsciously increased Phodra's spell. The summoned water doubled in speed and pushed Phodra's cheeks to the max. She flailed her arms helpless as the water no longer found refuge in her three gallon breasts but in her waistline. Nalas only knew what his anger had done when he saw her throat widen and her stomach push out rapidly.

"Oh no! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!" apologized Nalas. "I'll try to stop it," said Nalas.

He put all his focus into her mouth but it didn't stop the spell. He was far too inexperienced as a magician to help her. His mind raced as he knew he had to act quickly to save her from exploding. As he rapidly thought of a spell to use, his friend grew bigger and bigger. Phodra groaned and held her blimping belly, sloshing as she shifted her weight around. Once her belly had arogantly pushed out farther than her chest, her butt filled up again. From there it filled up her thighs and calves.

"I think I got it!" said Nalas.

He focused with all his might on her belly button, to perform the spell he had earlier. As he focused it started to work slowly. Phodra's belly button started to drip then pour a little each moment. Phodra soon found the weight of all the water flowing inside her to be too much. She feel back onto her cushioned butt and water aggressively sloshed inside her. Nalas continued his spell by hand, being much harder without a functioning wand. Phodra started to feel tight all over and knew Nalas had to hurry. Nalas feel to his knees exhausted, but he had opened Phodra's navel so that it was pouring out as much as was going in. Phodra retained the size as she guzzled down gallon after gallon.

"I'll get you help just wait here," said Nalas, not paying much attention to what he said.

Nalas staggered off and Phodra was left alone to pour endless water over the forest floor. Loudly guzzling along she tried to preoccupy her mind and to calm down for now she was safe. She suddenly heard a loud thumping as something grew near.

"Foolish human play with magic and get fat!" said the giant.

He rubbed the back of his head as he approached Phodra's helpless, swollen form. He kneeled beside her and looked her over, laughing at her bulk.

"You won't be wife, you won't caught giant. Giant make sure of it," laughed the giant as he used his mighty finger to completely plug up Phodra's belly button.

The water builded back up inside her pushing her body to the limits once again. Each of her cheeks puffed up like cantaloupes, her chest swelled out to eight gallon a piece tits, her stomach widened out enough for two horses to comfortably stand on. Each of her toes and fingers swelled like sausages and the water she gulped down was becoming too much. Her skin screamed in creaking like a grand balloon growing way too full. Bigger and bigger as the giant laughed. Every detail of her body bloated to extreme proportions till she exploded. A giant wave of water pushed the giant back and up against a tree. He chuckled once more then meandered away from the site of expansion.

Author's Note: 

This is a short story about a girl who tries to use magic to conquer a giant and ends up getting bigger than it. It contains water and air inflation, rather she does.

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I want Nalas to hunt down

I want Nalas to hunt down that giant and make him regret what he did to Phodra. After that the story was quite nice to read. Still I hope Nalas will avenge his friend.