Raiders of the Wakellium Tomb

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"You sure this is the correct tomb?" My assistant, Georgia asks me. We both stand in front of a four hundred year old tomb to a Wakellium chieftain.

"The hieroglyphs here talk about Marmaren the great Wakellium chieftain." I point to my left, shifting my weight because of the pack of supplies on my back.

Staring at the skulls on pikes, Georgia is overcome with fear, "Maybe we shouldn't go in there, it could collapse on us or have deadly traps."

"I'm standing right here. I've been there a dozen of Wakellium tombs, they'd traps are primitive at best. I can spot them from here," I boast.

Georgia and I enter the tomb's wide stone entrance, with torches in hand. As the light of the flames dances across the light brown ancient stones, we reveal more hieroglyphs.

"The Wakelliums believed in a goddess of water that gave life to the world?" Georgia asks me.

"Yes, Wakelless - Mother Earth is other words. Although, they believed that the world was used to be completely covered in water and that ground was evil. Formed from the sins of all people. That's why they were obsessed with water," I explain. I suddenly stop Georgia so I can let her listen. Deep in the tomb there is a light sound of water dripping. "All of their tombs that make in underground caverns with lots of water movement. This is one of the highest of the Wakelliums so his cavern should be something that blows the others out of the water… no pun intended," I chuckle. We both continue on into the deep tomb, as we proceed we notice the rocks become darker when we get deeper into the earth. We soon come to a large circular door that seems to have been closed for a few centuries.

"Any traps?" Georgia asks with a nervous gulp.

"Well the thing about the Wakelliums," I hold a torch near the door and look it up and down for a latch, "they never were very good weapon makers. That's why they were pushed into extinction by other tribes of warriors. The only tool they had was the water they coveted so much." I find the latch and pull it back and step back rapidly. A pile of wood falls from the ceiling in front of me, would've landed on me. "See, that would have scratched me at best." I mock as I kick the ancient wood at our feet. I open the door and I'm stunned by the sight of the tomb. This tomb is much larger than any other I have seen. On three of the cavern walls there are mini waterfalls and small holes in the ceiling that shine in a small amount of light. The light shines on the water and flicks across this forty by forty foot tomb.

"It's beautiful," Georgia expresses with a open jaw. I hold my torch up and look around for more faulty traps but spot none.

"It's funny how they used to torture their prisoners. They used to force feed them water if you could believe that. The larger your crime or sin the more water you can to consume. For some villagers their stomachs ruptured and they died, they just believed that was Wakelless killing them for a moral sin."

With my little eye I spot a gem incrusted headdress setting on the sarcophagus. I walk up a step stone incline and stand before the majestic sarcophagus of Marmaren.

"Check this out," I say as I walk towards it.

Suddenly the ground beneath my feet crumbles and I fall a foot into some wet sand. This is more than just coincidence, it's a real trap.

I reach out and grab the headdress, "Catch!"

I say as I chuck the artifact at Georgia.

She securely catches it and runs to me, "What's happening?"

"I think -!"

As I turn my head while talking I'm met with a long rope-like hose in my mouth. I grab hold of it and try to move it but I can't, it's jammed good in my mouth. Because of how I'm standing and I can't move my legs I'm stuck with it in my mouth. Suddenly my cheeks balloon up with water, a great flow of water pours into me through the hose. I'm forced to swallow each gulp and I don't know how much I can hold. Georgia stands, dumbfounded, behind me and watches. I wave my arms to signal her to help but she seems too scared to move. My belt starts to feel really tight due to my stomach swelling with water. Soon it bursts and my pants get pushed down. The buttons on my shirt pop one by one as my breasts start to fill with water too, going from a mere B cup to the size of basketballs. I feel her hands on my bloated sides as she inspects me.

"How can you hold so much water?" she asks as she walks around to where I can see her.

I try to motion her with my eyes towards the hose in my mouth. She grabs my chest and stomach that bloat out in all directions as water forces itself into me. My shirt, backpack, and brassiere soon burst off. Followed by my shorts as my butt helps round my back out. Bigger and rounder I get as the water flow stays constant.

"You're rounding out like a huge ball Ms. Jones," she laughs as she plays with my belly button that just popped out as my belly is getting so full.

She's right though, I feel my arms and legs sinking into my huge, round mass. I start to feel full of water but suddenly I feel my legs pull up out of the sand. Because of my ball-like form it has pulled out my anchor. I'm surprised at Georgia's reaction to all this as she gives me a nice pat on the belly and walks around behind me and towards the entrance. The water sloshes heavily in me and my weight makes me slowly roll backwards towards Georgia. The incline I walked up to get here works with my huge sphere-like body. I roll down the ramp and at Georgia fast. She lets out a yelp at my rolling six foot wide water balloon body as I roll towards her. She sprints just in time to get through the doorway and my tremendous speed is suddenly stopped as I get wedged in the doorway of the tomb. My legs hanging behind me and my hands and head sticking out facing a rather happy looking assistant. I groan and try to push my hugely water logged body through the doorway but I'm far to large to get out of this cavern. I hold my arms out to Georgia for help with the broken hose still stuck in my mouth.

"I bet you want me to get the water out of you? Well I'm sure if we wait the water will come out of you eventually," she pats me on the head if I were a frightened child.

"Maybe you could help me push it out?"

Georgia shows me a wick grin as she gets down on her knees beside my beach ball chest. She pushes into both my breasts with all her strength. The water is pushed from my chest into my body, my face bloats up and my arms and hands fill to their limits as she holds my boobs in. I try to tell her to stop but all I get out are moans and groans.

"Not working is it Ms. Jones? But it does make you look cuter."

She releases my chest and my two breasts surge out like two beach balls on front of me. My arms and face deflate to the size they were previously. Georgia stands up and takes a few steps back to look me over.

"You know it's funny, you wanted to get this headdress," she holds it up flaunting it, "so you could be big and famous. But it looks like I'm the one that's going to get famous from it. Although, you did seem to get big from it, really really big." She jokes as she gives my round body a poke. "That's right Ms. Jones, I'm taking the headress and all will know of how I ventured here and retrieved it. At first I thought the trap would kill you like a normal person. Although, this is much more interesting. I still need to get rid of you though," Georgia says as she looks around.

I gulp in fear as she looks around for something to finish me. A sharp stick could pop me or she could strangle me. She looks at some water running down the wall of the cave. She gives me that wicked smile again and I cringe. She takes the broken end of the hose and stuffs it in the wall, the water flows down the hose again and into my mouth. I try not to drink it but I must.

"Now that's a good girl," Georgia giggles at me and pokes my cheeks that are full of water now.

She casually puts the headdress in her pack and walks away with a cute wave as I feel the walls of the cavern start to crumble from my expansion. I know that if I survive this, I'll make sure I get my revenge.

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I wanted to continue reading

I wanted to continue reading this, but after the first few sentences being written in the present tense, I realized that it looked just like an RP session with some minor editing, so I gave it a thumbs down.  Fix the narrative and tense of ths story and maybe I'll re-read it and give a more positive review.