Waterslide, The

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Karen stood anxiously near the mouth of the huge waterslide that lay before her. Karen had straightened, golden-blonde hair that went to her armpits, giving her a glowing aura around her. She wore a white, two-piece bikini, its elastic hugging her curves nicely, and stood at 5’3. She stood silently as her friends chatted ahead of her.

“I’m telling you, he TOTALLY would look good in a swimming suit!” said Opal, Karen’s best friend since preschool. Opal had short, brown hair, its lowest bob not even reaching to her shoulders, and a smile that could outshine anyone else’s’ by a mile. A red one-piece concealed her hefty bosom.

She was talking to Wendy, a shorter girl, 4’8 to be exact, who wore a purple two-piece and had a small fanny pack securely hidden. “I don’t know, Opal. Seymour doesn’t like swimming.” Wendy looked up to Opal, smiling weakly. “He says that doing too much makes him cramp up.”

“He’s a wimp!” Opal interjected rather rudely. “Why do you date him?”

“He’s smart, funny, and knows how to treat me…” Wendy replied with a blush on her face.

Karen stepped forward as the line continued to move. “Why does it matter?” She looked to Opal. “He helps you with the professor’s lectures and gives you tips when you do your homework.” She looked to Wendy. “And he’s nice.” Karen placed her right hand on her hip. “Everyone’s happy.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, Karen,” Opal stated, smiling. “You and your constant fixing problems.”

Each girl looked ahead to the slide’s open mouth, only a few people ahead, and its many twists and turns covered up by several different tunnels. Four, to be exact. Karen counted.

“Oh, hey!” Wendy exclaimed quickly, turning to her fanny pack. “Want some gum?” She took out three strips of gum that had blue and yellow swirls mixing together.

“Hell, yeah!” Opal grabbed a strip. “What flavor is it?”

“The wrapper says blueberry…” Wendy handed a piece to Karen.

Karen accepted it and looked at it carefully, its swirls starting to hypnotize. Luckily, she snapped out of it before noticing a lifeguard walking by. She quickly popped it into her mouth and chewed to soften it up.

The guard came from behind Opal and snatched the strip of gum from her hands. “HEY! WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA?”

He walked up to Wendy and asked her to open her mouth. In doing so, she revealed the mushed-up ball of gum. He extended his hand, palm facing up. She sighed and spat it into his hand, certain to place a considerable amount of spit as well. With a glare, he looked over to Karen. She opened her mouth, but hid the gum underneath her tongue as to hide its existence. He nodded and began to go to the back of the line. “My idea is that you might choke on these. Better safe than sorry.”

He walked away. “What a dick!” Opal cried, her face puffy in anger. “It looked so good, too!”

“Did you swallow it, Karen?” Wendy asked.

Karen smiled and stuck out her tongue, the gum sitting peacefully on top. Opal and Wendy smiled and looked at each other. The juice tasted like blueberries, alright. It was really juicy, swallowing mouthful after mouthful from the gum.

“Nice, Karen,” stated Opal. “You definitely get to go first on that one!”

Good thing, too, as only one more slider stood between them and the gaping hole ahead. Karen felt excited, the butterflies itching to get out of her stomach. She stepped forward and watched as the other guy descended into the tunnel. The lifeguard kept his eyes over the railing, waiting for her to go.

Karen sat in the rushing water, ready to throw herself to the fall ahead. She didn’t realize it, but underneath the blue-tinted plastic, her own skin was turning violet, the juice continuously flowing into her mouth.

Just then, the guard gave the okay. She heard Wendy and Opal yell something to her, but she was already falling fast down the hole.

She smiled as the rush of air sailed past her, but was starting to get distracted by a very full feeling in her gut. She placed a hand on her belly and felt the bulge slowly grow.

In a panic, she raised her head and exited the first tunnel. What she saw when she was in the sunlight was horrifying. Her belly, once trim and flat, was now the size of a basketball and growing fast.

The second tunnel consumed her hyperventilating body, the mound rising and rising with each anxious breath. Rising and never falling. Soon, her belly got huge, quickly filling up past her original basketball-sized mound and surpassing the size of a beach ball. She poked it, but it didn’t give. She was as firm as basketball, even though she was much larger than one.

The second tunnel’s exit soon appeared, the bright light glowing over Karen’s tight, blue form. Karen moaned as she felt her body start to round out. The third tunnel came over her, encompassing her body. Panic overtook her; a shiver rolling over her body only sent ripples throughout her form. Luckily for her, the third tunnel wasn’t too long and she was back out into the bright light.

As her back rounded out, she felt her head start to lift up to the sky, only watch as it fell back down; splashing into the water she was gliding on. She rolled fast, her form rounding out to five feet. Soon, instead of sliding, she was rolling. She felt so dizzy as the final tunnel came into view.

With a worried whimper, she bumped into the tunnel, the top squeezing tight into her ballooning flesh. Her upper hemisphere was in, but her bikini bottom-clad hemisphere was on display, pooling water up behind her. The white bikini she wore contradicting with her blue form was biting deeper and deeper into her flesh as her tiny blue feet kicked helplessly between the strings. The cold plastic stayed the same; it was her body that was tightening into it.

A scream from Opal was audible from behind, despite the gurgling of the giant water balloon. Suddenly, from behind, Opal slid into Karen’s backside. The bump shook throughout the entire sphere, giving it enough momentum to slip through the tunnel. The tunnel was larger on the inside, so she was able to roll down the slide a bit more. She felt her cheeks swell with something sweet, but couldn’t even figure out what it wa… Blueberry juice? Was she full of it? It explained her sloshy body and rounded form.

Suddenly, she felt her body stop again, this time at the exit. Her body wobbled around as she bumped into the encasing plastic. She flapped her hands like a flightless penguin, helpless and unable to move, slapping her firm sides feebly. Despite her attempts to get herself out of… herself were foiled by ironically, herself. Opal’s form slid into Karen’s panty line, squeezing her struggling feet slightly inward for a moment. Her bikini bottom strained over her rounded body.

Opal was stunned at the odd blockage, the round water balloon wobbled as its strange foot-like appendages flapped in defiance. Opal slid her footing underneath the pooling water, standing slightly. She placed her ear up to the ball, half on the white and half on the blue. Listening, she heard bubbling and swelling from the strange thing.

Karen mumbled miserably as she felt a human ear press against her southern hemisphere. She groaned between her swollen lips, hoping Opal could hear. Luckily, she could.

Opal gasped, pulling her head back, almost slipping in the slide. “Karen? Karen is that you?” She placed her ear back to the rounded body of her friend. She listened to the mumbling and groaning that echoed from her rounded form. Karen tried to make calls for help, but was unable to.

A few noises in front of Karen’s head caught her attention. Staring dumbfounded and completely surprised, several kids, teenagers, and even the lifeguard were watching the cork at the slide’s exit flap her extremities and mumble behind swollen cheeks. They were too surprised to even have any idea on what to do. Karen felt her face burn and turn a darker blue as a blush overcame her. She hated being in the center of attention, but this was far too much. Her eyes felt rather soggy as the humiliation grew along with her.

Opal pressed her pointer finger into Karen’s blue flesh between her left foot and her panty line, causing a newfound strength in Karen’s feet as they both struggled beyond themselves. Opal looked over the entire expanse of Karen’s body and the plastic of the slide. Karen’s body was straining and being squeezed by the slide’s exit, bulges growing on her blue body. “You look tight!” Opal pressed her palms into Karen’s body, pulling her already tight skin even tighter. The groans coming from her body creaked even louder. Opal released her grip and looked around the edges of her body, noting the bulges that formed.

Karen moaned at the sudden increase in pressure on her skin. She felt her body want to give up and burst, but continued to swell. She felt her friend’s hands press into her taut flesh, the sensation being so alien and was definitely not wanted. Suddenly, the pressure increased as Opal’s palms were pressed even more violently into her side. Karen moaned as Opal pushed her bulbous body, trying to help stop the blockage. The water had pooled up to Opal’s knees.

Opal grunted and groaned as she pushed her blueberry friend, her palms pressing deep into Karen’s lower body. Opal couldn’t tell if she was making any leeway, but continued regardless, pushing harder into friend’s body. Suddenly, Opal felt her efforts gain fruit as the sphere slid through the slippery slide. Opal flipped face-first into the puddle of water that had welled behind her friend before she slid down the rest of the slide.

Karen felt her body roll into the serene-looking pool ahead. She didn’t have a chance to gasp for air before her body sunk in. Karen’s eyes were open, despite the burning chemicals, and watched as her body sunk before rising up and popping out of the water like a basketball that was forced underwater. A pair of hands were placed against her panty line and slid across the right side of her rounded form. Karen tilted her head hardly an inch, as her body had little give. Opal swam around to Karen’s swollen face.

“Karen? Karen, are you okay?” Opal asked in a worried tone as she neared into Karen’s eyes. Karen attempted to talk, but all that came out was some moans and inaudible calls. Opal wrapped her arms around her swollen friend’s squirrel-like cheeks caringly. “We’ll find something to do…”

With a juicy BOOMPH from behind, Karen felt someone’s feet bump into her nethers and bounce away. Karen ‘oomphed’ behind her swollen cheeks as her round body floated closer to Opal, almost locking them in a kiss. Opal looked around as much of Karen’s body as she could to see Wendy swim around. “What in the Hell happened?”

Opal looked to Wendy and back to Karen. “What did happen?” Karen mumbled something from behind her cheeks but no one knew what she said.

Karen began to tear-up, the tightness of her body finally climbing to a maximum and ceasing. She was swollen and on display for everyone, she was helpless, and nobody knew what to do. It was too much for the girl to take. She began sobbing thick, blue tears. Opal placed a tender hand on Karen’s wobbling cheek. “It’s okay,” she said soothingly. “We’ll find something to do.” Despite her sincerity and care in her voice, she had no idea what to do or even where to start. Swollen blue balls aren’t something everyone has as a friend.

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