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"Why? Why, why why..." I thought as my car rumbled to a stop in a lay-by. Here I was on my way to a particularly interesting party, when I get a flat tyre. I got out of the car and looked at the tyres. It was nearly sunset, the sun was a brilliant orange colour. 
"Oh for f..." I mumbled to myself as I looked at the drivers side back tyre. It was quite obviously flat. Looked around the tyre and there was nothing obviously wrong. I pulled open the boot of the car and started taking out all the junk looking for the spare, a horrible space saver tyre. I flung various bits of detritus out of the boot and onto the road, the odd jumper, the 12 volt tyre compressor, and found the spare. 
I tried the tyre pump first, nothing, not a sausage, that would mean changing it for the spare. I was going to get hot, I'd already put on my outfit for the party. I tugged at the latex costume under my tracksuit. It was warm already, and I'd get warmer. I managed to get the jack out and change the tyre to the spare, put the junk back into the boot along with the old tyre. I take a swig of water and looked at my watch, I had a bit of time before the party so off I go to find a tyre shop.
My sat nav directs me to the nearest tyre shop, Fast Fix. It didn't look busy, and I was in the middle of what looked to be a bit of a run down industrial area. I undid my tracksuit top a little bit revealing a bit green of my party outfit.
"Hello!?" I called in to the tyre place. I could see people milling about in the gloom inside. I could hear the hissing of a compressor and the pop of a tyre being put onto wheels. I heard a woman shout to me. "I'll be with you in a minute."
I got the old tyre out from the boot of the car and placed it against the back bumper. I turn around again to look into the tyre shop and there's a woman standing not 3 feet from me. "Hi" she said. I look her up and down and stutter my words slightly. She's clad from neck to toe in shiny red rubber, the low sun glistening off the curves across the front in big white letters is the name of a tyre company "Brimstone", down the middle are tyre tracks in black. The catsuit she's wearing has a revealing v-neck showing off a deep cleavage. In her gloved shiny right hand she's holding a tyre inflater hose. She's looking at me directly with her piercing blue eyes through her neatly bobbed blonde hair.
"Hi" I say open mouthed.
"It's the uniform isn't it?" she says gleefully, "It's our standard uniform. Hold on a sec, just got to adjust things a little"
She placed the hose onto a valve at the side of her catsuit and and presses the trigger, there's a loud hiss and her cleavage deepens and her breasts grow larger. She winks at me. I just stand there agog. She releases the hose from the valve and raises an eyebrow.
"Your a little flat..." she says.
"Me, no I'm not flat, I don't need erm... flat?" I reply pulling at the neck of my costume, it pings back with a snap.
"Your tyre stupid." she grins at me and kneels down in front of the tyre to take a look, the latex creaking as she bends over. I can't help but see all the way down her catsuit v-neck. She notices a little bulge at the bottom of my leg under my tracksuit and pings at it.
"Hello, what's this?" she said pinging it again. "Looks like you are a little flat." She looked up at me and winked. "Roll your tyre into the workshop for me."
I gulp and follow her into the workshop mesmerised by her catwalk sway. Inside there's another girl in exactly the same outfit fitting tyres to an old Mustang.
"So... What rubber shall we fit you with today..." she teases. "Cheap, mid-range, or expensive... Your current one is a what? 16 inch... You should go for mid range." 
She looks down at the flat tyre and runs her hand around the rim to look at the markings. "205... 55... Yep... We're doing a special on Nitrogen fills this week, you get that free, a mid-range tyre that size would be around £75. So anyway what sort of valve is this?" she pulls the bottom of my tracksuit leg up a little bit.
"I um... I'm going to a party." I reply. "This is my costume, I'm a erm... Dragon" I turn a bright shade of red. 
She waves the other girl over. "Sheri, please take care of this tyre for me, mid-range."
Sheri takes the spare wheel away to the other side of the workshop for fitting, looks back at me and grins.
"Now". she smiles at me. "Nitrogen fills are buy one get one free... Do you need filling?"
She kneels down in front of me, and as quick as a flash she pushes a hose onto the valve on my costume. "Now, let's set the PSI we're aiming for... How about... 25?" She presses a couple of buttons on the nitrogen fill station and it bursts into life sending gas down the hose and into my suit. At first I don't feel anything, then I can see the front of my tracksuit bulging out, the legs start filling out getting fatter and fatter.
"How am I supposed to get..." I start, but then she puts a finger over my mouth and says... "Shhhh... No talking my big fat dragon... No talking"
I'm getting visibly larger now, the tracksuit top is pulling up revealing some green rubber, meanwhile the trousers are pulling downwards the pressure causing the tail to start inflating causing a bulge.
"Oh my... You are a nice, fat, dragon" she purrs into my ear. "Where's your head?"
She digs around inside the top of my tracksuit hoodie and pulls out the dragon's floppy head, pulls it over mine and zips it up around the neck of my costume. She detaches the hose from my costume and attaches it to the valve on the dragon head mask. I hear the loud hiss of gas going into the mask and filling it out. The horns, nose and muzzle of the dragon pop into shape and my face is being hugged by rubber.
"Oh yes... Chubby dragon face." she says as she gives me a squeeze. "We'd best get you out of that horrible tracksuit"
All I can do is mumble and nod.
She pulls the zip undone and a bundle of green rubber flies forward no longer held under tension by fabric. She pulls the tracksuit trousers off revealing chubby green dragon legs, and a tail unfurls backwards. She connects the fill hose to the suit again and it starts to expand once more. In a way I regret the choice of a tyre valve, but on the other hand, I've got the most gorgeous woman I can imagine fulfilling one of my secret fantasies. My arms slowly lift upwards as the pressure builds and the suit inflates further. It rounds out to it's fullest shape and the machine stops. I stand there, a mid-green dragon, puffy spines down my back, huge tail and massive fat chubby dragon belly. 
"Did I say Nitrogen fill?" she says with a gleam in her eye. She comes up close to me and gives me a squeeze, pushing her ample breasts into my inflated form, puts her lips to the ear hole in the head of the dragon and whispers. "It's Helium, and you're going to get bigger and... floatier"
She pushed the button again, and the sound of gas flowing starts, my suit gets tighter, faster, my legs push outwards, and slowly I lose touch with the ground.
"Sheri, fetch a rope, we've got a new mascot!" she shouts.
Author's Note: 

Contains UK Englishisms, sorry, I'm English.

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For a non-popping story, not

For a non-popping story, not bad at all! Maybe more descriptions of the gals ;-)

Good story!

Good story!

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I realize the tag says Male

I realize the tag says Male Inflation, but I did not read the tag before reading the story, so I imagined the protagonist as female.  While probably not intended, you did a great job making the protagonist very open-ended, such that the reader could project their ideal person, or even themselves, into the role, with nary a hiccup.  Good job.

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Thanks. It was intended that

Thanks. It was intended that the protagonist was male, but you're right I never describe him/her.