Shopping for a Wedding Balloon

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"'Ermione could you be a dear and refill my wine glass?" Fleur Delacour asked with her usual air of superiority. Her delicate hand held out her empty wine glass to the only other occupant of that table.

"Why of course." Hermione said sweetly and took the glass. While walking across the kitchen she muttered. "It's Hermione HERmione."

It was June, summer vacation for the Hogwarts students. Hermione Granger and Harry Potter were staying at Ron Weasley's house for the holiday. They were also staying for Bill and Fleur's wedding.

And who was Fleur Delacour?

If you had asked Harry and Ron back when they first met her in their fourth year they would have said. "The most beautiful creature ever born.'

But now that the two had girlfriends t hey had no problem saying. "A beautiful and rather snobby lady."

Fleur Delacour put 'stunning beauties' to shame. With her silvery blonde hair that raveled down past her waist, enticing deep blue eyes, and fair skin it was easy to see how the handsome Bill Weasley was drawn to her.

At least on the looks level.

'Really, what does Ron's brother see in her?' Thought Hermione as she refilled Fleur's glass with red wine. She returned and forced herself to sit back down at the table. Ron,Harry,Ginny, and the twins were getting lunch. The parent Weasley's had gone off to the bank, Bill had snuck off to do something, Percy had yet to show up, and Charlie (the second oldest Weasley son) had dashed off to handle an emergency at work.

Leaving Hermione all alone with Fleur. Hermione would have gone off but...

'She'd probably accidentally burn down this house down. It's all Ron's family really has.' Or so Hermione believed.

Hermione ,as well as others in the house hold, always figured that those that were snooty also lacked intelligence. What they kept forgetting was that Fleur participated in the Tri-Wizards Tournament. And though she came last, simply getting in was still a very respectable feat.

None the less quite a few people did not think highly of Fleur.

Fred, andGeorge seemed to be the only ones that remained neutral on the whole "Love/Hate". They were indeed men but they seemed to put pranks before pretty girls first. And Fleur was a potential person to prank. Her looks certainly did except her.

Fleur did not seem to catch onto Hermione's hostility. After a few minutes of gossiping (albeit it was one-sided) Fleur stood up and walked behind Hermione. The older woman began to play with Hermione's hair, she stiffened.

"Uh-what are you doing?"

"Silly girl, I'm trying to help you."

Hermione's hand left her tea cup. "How is this going to help?"

"Your hair is so bushy, what do you wash it with? I think Ron would like it more if zit were perfectly straight. I'll help you with zat." Fleur's French accent always seemed to become thicker when it came to improving one's appearances.

"Well-uh." Hermione began but stopped when Fleur stopped too and went to her pursue.

"Ermione, I have zis beautiful nail polish that I think you will luv."

Hermione made to rise. "I'm not one for nail fact I think that's more of a Ginny thing-by-"

But Fleur would not hear of it. She gently pushed Hermione back into her seat. "Shush shush young lady. You must not be so zhy. You must learn to accelerate your natural beauty especially when you have so much potential.

'And what is that suppose to mean?' Hermione thought with a nasty voice in her head. Fleur took out her wand and waved it once. At the same time a bunch of manicure supplies appeared in the air. Hermione did not like where this was going.

"Thank-thanks Fleur but Ron likes me the way I am."

"Tut tut. Then does he not dezerve a surprise? Do you not want to pleze him especially?"


Twenty minutes later Fleur was only half way done with her 'victim'. All over Hermione's face was a thick cream. Slices of cucumbers covered her eyes. Her finger nails were painted purple.

And Fleur was once again playing with her hair!

"Hm hm let us ze here. Perhaps some of Madam's Morzo's hair solution. But I want a zertain zhine to it too. Harlow's Puffy will do zhat. Mmmmm. Maybe I'd need to rezort to an old family remedy."

"Remedy?" Asked Hermione skeptically. She was on the verge of shaking with anger.

"Yes. It is easy and zit envolves ze juices of ze newt."

A cucumber fell off from one of Hermione's eyes. It was red with anger and if it could curve back further it would stare at Fleur until she melted.

"Newt guts?"

"Maybe not but."

"I'm done!" Hermione rose and began to wipe off the face cream, much to Fleur's dismay.

"Oh! What are you doing! All of my work!"

Hermione might have begun to yell at Fleur but then the door opened and Ron,Harry,Ginny, and the twins returned. The moment that Hermione saw Ron first step in she quickly ran up the stairs to the bathroom to wash her face. Fleur glanced at the retreating Hermione then quickly greeted the arrivals.

"Back so zoon?"

"There was a long line and it took us longer to get back home." Ron had caught the sarcasm in her voice. He put down Fleur's lunch. She took it and unwrapped her sandwich.

"Mmmm. You English always over cook ze meat." She said.

Ginny was standing behind Fleur and with her hands demonstrated the 'I'm choking' expression. Harry and Ron smiled. Fleur's comment was actually one of her nicer one's to English cuisine. She now could stomach anything that was not rated five stars by the Wizards and Witches Culinary Board.

The Weasley's had been a poor family for who could say how long. however things were looking up for Arthur with his recent promotion at work. Not only he but all of the Weasley's that had moved out were doing very well financially. Bill: The oldest had a secure job with Gringotts, the official Wizarding bank (on top of that getting married). Charlie: The second oldest and had a good (though dangerous) job of studying and working with dragons. Percy: The rules burdened third brother had earned a job with the administration. The Twins: A booming joke shop business. And Ron and Ginny still lived at home.

Speaking of the twin's joke shop...

Fred casually put down a sack.

"Here Fleur, got you chips, low fat of course."

"Why thank you Zeorge." Fleur replied.

George was leaning against the wall next to Ginny, he waved. "That's Fred, I'M George."

Fleur was still having trouble telling the two apart. She put a hand in the bag. "Zilly me. Perhaps I will have only one- AAAAIIIEEEE!!!!"

A large pink bat had flown out of the bag and circled around Fleur's head several times. Fred,George, and Ginny were not afraid to let there laughter ring. Ron tried to keep his in and Harry thought that the twins were over doing it (considering they had already pranked her that morning). Fleur's witch training took over. She aimed her wand at the pink bat and fired a stunning spell. She missed and instead took a hole out of the ceiling. Ron and Ginny stopped laughing but the twins roared even harder.

"Phlegm!-I mean Fleur!" Ginny cried but Fleur paid no heed.

"Disgusting vermin!" Shrieked Fleur, she fired again and struck the bat. Instead of falling to the ground it exploded into multiply moth sized bats. With a scream Fleur ran up the stairs to her room. Leaving the twins to their laughter.

"Okay you over did it." Ginny said sternly, with a hint of Ms. Weasley in her face.

"You were laughing at Phlegm too." Fred said while rubbing his side tenderly.

"Yes but that was until she nearly destroyed the house."

Harry spoke up. "She did NOT nearly destroy the house." He bent down to pick up a fragment of the ceiling.

Ron murmured. "It's not your house so you see it differently."

Ginny put her hands on her hips. "Oh and am I suppose to have allowed her to bring the whole ceiling down on us?"

Harry shook his head. "It's just that this is more Fred and George's fault."

They chuckled and Ginny snapped at Harry. "Leave them out of this, they were just having fun."

The twins quickly went behind Harry and laid a hand down on his shoulder.

"Ooh! Looks like baby sister's going to have a fight with her boyfriend!"

"You're as good as dead Harry!"

"Stay out of this you two." Ginny said while holding back a smile. Though it usually upset her that sometimes Harry defended Fleur she could not stay mad at him. Deep down she was secretly jealous of Fleur's practically perfect looks.

The potential argument was cut short when Mr and Mrs. Wesealy came in through the front door.

"Afternoon children." Molly said. The two were carrying bags and set them down on a counter. Ron went over to look in one but his mother slapped his hand gently and told him to go finish his lunch. He obeyed.

"How's everything going here?" Arthur Weasley asked.

Harry quickly hid the ceiling fragments behind his back. The bats had disappeared only seconds before.

"Just fine." Ginny said sweetly.

"Good, good." Arthur said and turned to open the fridge. He peered inside. "Honey where is that bottle of juice I was saving?"

His wife joined in. "Oh Arthur it's right there in front of you."

"Oh right sorry."

What the two did not know was that Harry quickly held out the ceiling fragments and that the twins stealthly fixed the matter with their wands. A second later the ceiling was good as new, just in time for the two parents to turn around.

"Are you there Ron?" Hermione asked while descending the stairs. She dabbed at her face with a towel and entered the kitchen. She threw a glance at the ceiling. "What happened to the ceiling?"

Fred and George tried to shush her but all it took to stir Molly's suspicions was Hermione's question.

"Fred,George what did you two do now?"

"Why nothing mum." Said one.

"That's exactly what you two say whenever it is something."

"This time it's nothing." Said the other.

Mrs. Weasley stepped forward and then stopped and listened for a second. "Do I hear Fleur crying?"

Hermione said, "I thought she was upset when I passed her in the hallway."

"Boys?" Molly warned.

"Well,we might have played a tiny prank on her.' Fred said.

"Besides I thought you disliked Bill's girl."

Mrs. Ginny quickly put a kettle on the stove, she was fuming. "I may not approve of Bill's tastes. None the less she is still his fiancee and a human being. When I'm done comforting her I will see to you two!"

The ruler of the Weasley clan bolted up the stairs after Bill's fiancee.

Fred and George threw glances at Hermione.

"What?" She asked.

"You told on us Hermione." George declared.

"I did not, your mother was already suspicious." She sat down and began to eat next to Ron, Harry, and Ginny.

Harry said. "Isn't it better she found out right away, instead of you two lying the whole way through. In which she would have found out anyway?"

Fred briskly bit a chip. "I thought you two were cool. Maybe you two will be our next unexpected prank testers."

"Go ahead and try it." Hermione challenged.

"Fine." Said Fred.

"Fine." Repeated Hermione.

"Fine." Replied George.

"I thought it was a good one." Ginny said.

George nodded. "Thank you, Ginny. I always knew our baby sister was much smarter than Ronald."

"Lay off." Ron said.

"Yes leave him alone." Hermione said.

"Maybe we won't." Said Fred.

"We're going upstairs to work out the kinks in a few of our Vooze-Nose Blungles."

They quickly went up the stairs. Leaving Ron a little nervous as to what their next plan was.

"Don't worry Ron." Hermione sad between bites of her sandwich.

"She is a bit of a drama queen." Ginny said while brushing her hair back. She was referring to Fleur.

"Yes, but don't you think your brothers are over doing it a bit?" Asked Harry.

Ginny violently leaned forward in her chair. "No I don't! And I don't think she's prettier than me Harry Potter!" She took up her lunch and went out the side door.

Harry sighed and went after her. Ron began to get up but Hermione stopped him.

"I think it would be much better if those two worked it out themselves."

"But she's my sister."

"All the better for her. They can take care of each other."

"All right." Ron said and sat back down. He started to creep an arm around Hemione's back until is rested on her shoulder. He thought he heard her make a sound of appreciation.

Then she spoiled it by saying. "Do you think Fleur is prettier than me?"

Ron sputtered. "No! You're much smarter and cooler than she is."

She looked at him, danger. "But is she prettier than me?"


He hated it whenever Hermione asked him one of these questions. Whenever he said what he genuinely thought was the right thing, Hermione would get mad and act like she wanted him to say the other. Ginny's advice wasn't much help either. It seemed like the bottom line was that there was a 50-50 chance that he would get it right.

So please hold no grudges against Ron's answer. Also he is a bit daft when it comes to these issues.

His answer was: "Yes she is! But you're smart,and have personality and-"

"OOOH! GET OUT! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!" Hermione bellowed and before she could pull her wand out to threaten her boyfriend, he had already bolted out of the side door and was twenty feet away from the house.

"For goodness sakes you twit." Hermione whispered. Her face was flushed and would not cool down until she finished her lunch. She was just cleaning up when Mrs. Weasley came down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Oh dear. Where is everyone?"

"I don't know, most of them walked off."

"Do you know where Ginny is?"

"I'm afraid I don't."

"Hmm, may I ask you a favor Ms. Granger?"

"Of course what is it?"

Hermione turned in her chair and faced Molly. It looked like she was upset or worried. Hermione hoped she could help.

"It's Fleur you see."


"She's rather upset and thinks no one likes her."

"Bill likes her."

Molly rubbed her hands. "I know but she wants to be liked by everyone. Or at least by more. She needs some cheering up."

Hermione had a bad feeling about this.


Molly nodded. "I think you should go with her to look for a wedding dress."

Hermione was able to stop her jaw from dropping. "Oh."

"I would go but I have dinner to make dinner and I think it would be better if someone closer to her age went."


"And you seem to treat her the nicest and-"

"We'll have a good time together!" Fleur had snuck up on Hermione and hugged her.

Hermione very badly wanted to say 'no'. Not only was she still not in the best mood, which actually had a lot to do with Fleur herself. She disliked Fleur being clingy, going out shopping for dresses was not her idea of 'fun'.

But Mrs. Weasley looked so distraught that Hermione was able to come with:

"I'll go with her, Mrs. Weasely."

"Oh thank you Hermione!" Molly said with all the gratitude she had.

Fleur then helped Hermione up and said. "You're one of ze nicest girls I've met since coming to England." She then leaned forward and peaked Hermione on each cheek. Something that made Hermione blush and also feel very uncomfortable. It was something that Fleur would have to learn that a lot of the English did not do that.


To Hermione's further displeasure Fleur played with her hair again. "Perhaps after looking around, we zhall find ze perfect condition for your hair."

"Wonderful." Hermione replied. Fleur missed the vile undertone.

Two puffs of Floo Powder later they were in Diagon Alley, the best shopping plaza for wizards and witches (at least in England). Hermione sincerely doubted that Diagon Alley had a wedding shop but Fleur was positive despite the fact she had accompanied Bill there only a few times. First they had to stop at Gringotts Wizarding Bank for a little money. Fleur was not planning on buying a dress but just to look around. Ten minutes after arriving in the Alley Fleur already looked very happy.

'She's happy, I'm ready to go back home.' Though it was a tough call. She was still mad at Ron and did not want to face him, then again she could be shopping with Fleur for who knew how long.

Unfortunately for poor Hermione Fleur loved to shop, was very indecisive,and did not seem to care.

Hermione was proven wrong (a rarity), they found 'Gwendolyn's Wedding Witches Supplies and entered it at 1:14 p.m.

At 5:37 p.m. Fleur had reduced her selection range from 128 dresses to 98.

Hermione was sitting in the exact same chair since she first sat down. Around 2:57 she realized that Mrs.Weasley asked her to go simply because she did not want to get stuck with Fleur. Hermione was not the kind of girl that loved shopping. Sure she liked to go out with friends and buy a few things. But unlike most of the other girls from school she did not make it her main hobby. She could bear shopping with Ginny who liked shopping only slightly more than Hermione.

Fleur came out of a dressing room wearing a stunning cream colored gown. On it's back was a bow, a white silk scarf was around her neck, and at the helms there were delicate lacy embroideries.


Hermione had her eyes closed and made a tiny snore.


The younger woman's eyes snapped open and she stood up. "When sugar is added to the Wolf's Bane potion it is rendered useless!"

Fleur stood there silent for several seconds, silent. "Oh! Very interesting."

Hermione blushed, she had been dreaming she was back in school. And even though she was in one of Snape's classes she wished was back there instead of with Fleur.

Fleur continued. "What do you think of zis one?"

Hermione sat back down. "Very nice, it even looks exactly like the last five."

"Oh no no! The bow, she is smaller, and the color is gently lighter and-"

Hermione pretended to listen to Fleur's lecture on the differences between the dresses. How she wished was she was back in Snape's classroom, at least Potions were important.

But what she was dying to do was to get with Harry,Ginny, and the twins, and continue to work on a pay back plan to Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson. They had plenty of ideas but no solid plans. They were all sure that the twins would come up with something that would be worth the wait.

Hermione was brought back to reality by a loud squeal. It had been emitted by Flour and she quickly strolled over to another dress.

"Zis one! I must try zis one!"

"Uuuaaargggh." Hermione groaned while putting that evening's Daily Prophet paper over her head,sliding down her chair.

"I am not going into this woman's shop!"

"Fine I'll go in myself!"

Pansy stomped into Gwendolyn's Wedding Witches Supplies, leaving Malfoy outside with all of his newly bought 'toys'. Floating around him was an enchanted trunk, one that followed him when he wanted it to. Stashed inside were expensive things that he did not need, as well as dark arts artifacts. The artifacts were far more interesting. Scattered amongst them was: a dragon statue that attacked home intruders, a tea kettle that screamed whenever it's top was opened, glass dishes that exploded, a necklace that sprayed fire whenever adorned (if the wearer did not say the password), a mirror that showed the gazer's corpse, and many other terrible enchanted items.

Pansy had left her own floating trunk outside with Malfoy. After waiting for a minute he decided to set his trunk down and examine one of his artifacts.

The one thing he loved most about Pansy was that her love of dark artifacts rivaled his. Though sadly she loved to also shop for 'girl things'. He could not believe she tried on thirty sweaters and asked for his opinion on every one. How he dreaded that she wanted his opinion on wedding dresses next.

'Why on earth would she want to try on wedding dresses anyway?' Thought Malfoy as he rummaged through his trunk.

And then he felt her hand closer around his wrist and he was hauled up.

"What are you-?" He began and she pulled him into the store. She was genuinely excited about something.

"Oh Malfy come and see come and see!" She whispered excitedly.

"If it's a dress-"

"Be quiet and look!"

She stopped and then pulled him down behind a display. She had to grab his head and turned it to show him what she was looking at.

Hermione Granger.

A sleeping Hermione Granger.

He chuckled evily "This is too perfect to pass up."

"Are you going to blow her up into a balloon?"

"Of course sweet Pansy." He said and he extracted his wand from his robes. His heart was beating with excited. He raised the wand over his head. How he wanted to see that bushy haired mud blood turn in to a balloon...a nice soft floating balloon...woman.

In the middle of his arm twist his wrist was caught in a vice by Pansy.

"What are you doing!?" He said hoarsely.

"Stop and think." Said Pansy with iron. "We're already in trouble because of the Weasley going to the Ministry. Our parents are in trouble too. If they caught us again then someone on the council might give us an hour in Azkaban!"

Even Malfoy had to shudder at the idea of going to Azkaban. He glanced at the still sleeping Hermione then back to his girlfriend. The idea of turning Granger into a balloon again fueled his will to fight.

"No one is going to catch us! Don't tell me you're chicken!"

But Pansy smiled. "You act like I want to let her go."

"You did just say-"

"I merely SUGGESTED that you stopped and thought about this. I have and I know how we can embarrass that Granger AND get away."

Malfoy put his wand away. "If you're thinking about a potion forget it. I can't make it here."

She took his hand and lead him towards the entrance. "No, I'm not talking about a potion and I'm not talking about a spell. I've found a third way."

Malfoy was surprised. "A third way?"

She nodded and ordered her trunk to land on the ground. She knelt down and opened it.

He did love her. Years ago when they met at Hogwarts she was rather 'puggish'. But in the last few years her looks greatly improved. Her black hair reached her lower jaw line in smooth strands. Her chest had sprung out a bit too and other parts of her body became quite shapely. Her nose was rather buttonish and Malfoy found that 'cute' (his opinions of it would translate to that). She was wearing a brown sweater and a black long skirt. He nearly reached and stroked her hair when she grabbed something and jumped up.

"A dress?" Malfoy asked skeptically.

Actually it was a very ugly brown dress with moth holes in it. But Pansy was confident.

"No, it's enchanted I bought it from Borgin and Burkes. I thought the same thing but then it magically became the dress I wanted. Burkes explained that once a woman laid eyes on it, it would become the dress they're always wanted."

The dirty dress became deep red and it's size changed to fit Pansy Parkinson. She gasped happily while Malfoy held up his hands. "You want to give Granger the dress of her dreams!?" He reached a hand out to feel it but Pansy slapped his hand away.

"Let me finish will you?Once the wearer puts on the dress they will soon fill up with air. No potions, no spells, nothing to connect us. Except for Burkes but-"

Malfoy felt his wand. "He wouldn't dare tell on us if anyone asked. Let's go."

Parkinson took up the dress and led the way back into the shop. They were gleeful to see that Hermione was still sleeping. Carefully Pansy crept forward and gently laid the dress down onto the small table next to Hermione. It was neatly folded and the moment it left Pany's grasp it changed back to it's old moldy look. Then she snuck away and went into hiding next to Malofy.

"Now let's wake her up."

Malfoy raised his wand to fire a stunning spell but then Fleur burst out of the dressing room in her jeans and t-shirt. Her arms were crossed and she sighed.

"Ze zelection here is too small. We will go home and-"

Her eyes had passed over the folded dress once, then something made her look back to see the dress of her dreams.

"Oh my 'Ermione! That looks good!"

She snatched the dress and went back into the dress room. Hermione lifted the paper off her face, glanced around, then went back to sleep. She wondered when Fleur would be finished.

Pansy clenched her fists and shook them. "Ooh! Who was that!?"

Malfoy was not as upset as she was in fact, "Shh! I recognized her, that was Fleur Delacour."

"You mean-"

"Yes the same one from the Tri-Wizard Tournament. This still works out."

"What do you mean?"

Draco quickly snapped the image of an inflating Fleur out of his head and answered. "I heard that her grandma was a veela, she's not a pure blood at all."

Pansy clamped her hands together. "Oh I see."

Veela were gorgeous creatures that could mesmerize most men and some women with a simple glance. Fleur being related to one would probably have something to do with her excellent looks. How the two Slytherins hoped that Fleur would start filling up until after exiting the dressing room.

They were in luck. Only seconds after Fleur had put the dress on she happily walked out.

"Ermione I think zis is ze one!"

Hermione lifted the paper and was rather impressed. The dress was a light blue and reached down to Fleur's ankles. It's waist gently clung to Fleur's own and outlined her thin stomach, and full breasts. Around her waist was a light gold girdle. Her arms and collar bones were bare but her shoulders were covered with smooth, soft trimmings. On the back was a matching bow. The dress was rather traditional and yet it certainly did not hide the wearer's shape.

Fleur brushed back her hair. "Now if only zer was a matching veil it would be perfect."

Hermione stood up. "It does look very good on you Fleur." She was not saying that just to get out of there. She really meant it.

"Yes zis is the one. I will have them hold it for me."

Hermione blinked. She saw something then rubbed her eyes, believing that she was just sleepy. Looking again she was quite it was real.

Fleur's stomach was bulging ever so slightly.

"Fleur, do you feel okay?"

The older woman spun gracefully. "But of course 'Ermione. I haven't felt better!"

"Are you sure?"

The stomach was hardly bigger, only someone with a keen eye like Hermione's could have caught it. Gently it pushed out, barley touching the dresses material.

Fleur's smile broadened. "Ermione you must learn to relax. A lady like you will develop wrinkles early. At least zat is what my moma zaid to me at your age in fact-"

Hermione looked again, Fleur's stomach pressed out sightly further, smoothing out a few tiny folds.

Fleur still did not notice she put a finger to her lip in contemplation. "In fact my zister,Gabrielle, would look adorable in zis dress too. In fact I think zit would be perfect for you and Ginny too. I think I will speak to the owner and-"

Fleur looked a little pudgy but still did not notice. Everything she said was not heard by Hermione all she could think of was-


Away in the hiding spot Pansy became nervous.

"Malfy what if they still figure out that we are behind this."

He smiled handsomely. "I've just thought of the solution. To not be seen, I have this."

He pulled something shimmering and light from his pocket, unfolded it, and covered Pansy's shoulder with it, she gasped.

"An invisibility cloak!?"

"It set me back quite a bit and Burkes had to do a lot of work. It's only right that a Pure Blood such as I own one."

Invisibility cloaks were truly rare. One of the few other known owners of one was Harry Potter. It was only recently in their rivalry did Malfoy learned that Harry had one. Immediately he set out and spoke to every shop owner he knew that had 'connections'. He had picked up just that day.

"Get under that." He said to Pansy and she did just that. "I will go and bribe off the workers and anyone else here. We'll have the place to ourselves."

She snickered and Malfoy quickly walked off.

Pressing about only an inch and a half away from her body, Fleur only then began to feel strange.

"Oh, um, Ermione I feel like I should zit down for a bit."

Hermione scratched her head. "I-I, you're filling up with air Fleur."

She looked at her. "What?"

"Air, you're filling."

Her stomach pressed a little further giving a little strain to the girdle.

"Up?" Asked Fleur.

"Up." Said Hermione.

"Up where?"

A little more-

"No." Hermione said remembering that Fleur's English was not perfect. "I mean air is going into your body."

"But how? It cannot be."

And then her stomach bulged out several inches at once and blew off her gold girdle. Fleur cried out and threw her arms up.

Hermione pointed at Fleur's distended body. "That's how!"

"Malfy she just blew her-"

"I saw." Malfoy said and joined Pansy underneath the invisibility cloak.

"Is everyone else gone?"

"Only took a bit of money and a threat here or two but yes it's just the four of us. I think I'll blow Granger up with a spell now."

"No! Let's watch her reaction to her friend filling up first."

"All right we're do that first."

Pansy sighed and laid her head on Malfoy's shoulder.

"Ermione what is going on?" Asked Fleur. She put her hands onto either side of her belly. It was the size of a bowling ball.

"It's the work of these two mean people."


"Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson. They're here somewhere and I'll find them!"

She started to go but Fleur grabbed her wrist. She whispered and looked on the brink of tears. "No! Stay with me I'm scared!"

"There's nothing to be afraid of. You won't be hurt but they need to be dealt with."

Fleur looked around the room, her other hand still rested on her growing stomach. "But-but ze are not here! No one is around! It is just us! I don't want to be alone."

Hermione was sympathetic. After all she was scared too and it in was in the middle of a class room when it first happened to her.

"I'll stay with you."

"Zank you. You have a big-"


"-HEART!" Cried Fleur, her chest had jumped out several cup sizes. They tightly pushed against her dress. She grabbed them and moaned. dramatically.


Her thighs blew out as well. The dress was not tight nor was it 'loose' before but now it was becoming stretched and very well outlined her expanding hour class shape. Ever moving her hands Fleur touched at each expanding parts and was panicking as they grew bigger and bigger.

"Oh no! Zis is terrible! My figure, my poise, my looks,my skin, my-"


Her chest surged again, each one surpassed the bowling ball size. The dress tore a little bit between her chest as it was opened wider. A bit of her black bra peeked out from the tear.

"My lovely dress!!!" Cried Fleur with her loudest voice.

'It's just a dress.' Thought Hermione but she none the less began to comfort Fleur by rubbing her back.

"Don't worry you will be fine."

"How do you know?" Asked Fleur while trying to push her stomach back in. At it's furthest point it stuck out half a foot.

"Because it's happened to me."


"Yes and to Ginny too."

"And you are all right?"

"Yes nothing bad happened to us."

It looked like Fleur was beginning to calm down. "Zen I won't panic anymore-"


The dress tour further around her cleavage. It was open enough for her breasts to be free, but not enough for the dress to slide down to her waist. Her shoulder pieces were still attached to the main body of her dress. Through the silk bra one could make out Fleur's nipples. She began to blush and felt her bra strap dig into her back.

But she was mostly upset about her dress.

"Zis is terrible!"

"Oh Fleur it's only a dress!" Hermione said irritably.

"But it was the one I was going to pick out! OH! What if Bill were to see me like zis!"

Hermione rolled her eyes and figured she would have 'wowed his socks offf' considering Ron and Harry's reaction.

"He would understand that this is not your fault."

"But he won't find me beautiful he'll-"

Her heavy stomach pulled at her dress, holes and tears appeared in it as it pushed down, straining the shoulders. Air began to fill into her sides as well. It was becoming too much for Fleur as her thighs were becoming thick and her butt big. She tried to walk forward which became a waddle. Her high heels did not help matter either. She could not move her legs too much either because her dress was becoming too tight.

"I need help!" She cried before her shoulder pieces were torn apart. She yipped and grabbed for her falling dress and held it up. Though her bra clad breasts were shown Fleur still held up her clothing. Bigger and bigger her belly become, always pulling at her dress, trying to take it lower. Fleur was losing, either she would have to give it slack, or her dress would tear and she would re-grab a new part of it. Sadly losing the battler Fleur finally held the dress around her waist. Her belly button was covered but her helm was up to her knees as she inflated with air. The blue clothing was slowing down her swelling but did not stop it. Her butt,thighs, and belly were becoming constricted and so desperately wanted to fly out.

"Oh Fleur." Hermione whispered and patted the older woman on the back, noting the bra was looking very stretched and uncomfortable.

Her arms were becoming plump. One was forced out straight while Fleur made her left arm remain bent, ever holding the dress. Finally she could not fight it and her other arm went the same as the first. In her fist was another scrap of her would be wedding dress.

"Mmmm!!!" She moaned as her belly and butt took another surge and her dress exploded into shreds, pieces, and scraps. Her silk black panties clung to her butt and lower stomach. The bra was becoming tighter and tighter, the only relief Fleur got was when one of her shoulder straps blew off, and then the other. The bra held on sadly and slide down her chest lower.

"Zis-zis lingiere is zo expensive!" Fleur complained as her stomach and sides filled out further and further, pushing her panties down. Eventually she blushed.

"Ermione a favor if you pleaze?"

"What?" She stepped forward.

"Could you...pull up my..." she did not have to finish.

Hermione turned red but did what Fleur wanted. She slowly slid her fingers into the waistband of Fleur's panties and gently pulled them up. It was a bit of a struggle and she had to use both hands to get them up another inch before she had to give up. Quickly she extracted her hands and shook them as thought getting water off.

Fleur's gallant figure was long gone, she was now a balloon woman. She had her legs left and full arms. It wa tos take a little more time before she would reach Hermione's size and shape. She waddled towards Hermione.

"Now what do we do?"

Hermione was still a little red in the face from helping Fleur. "We get you-"

There was the sound of something squeaking. Hermione knew what it was. Fleur felt one side of her panties slid up her butt cheek. It was uncomfortable and she waited for the second to follow through but it remained where it was, covering her butt. It was so hard for her to believe that she had the perfect body only a few minutes ago. Her regular clothes would not fit her!

"Now what do we do?" Fleur repeated the question.

Hermione was about to answer the question when Malfoy and Pansy came out of hiding.

"Now we make your lives even worse than before!" Pansy laughed and the two Slytherins drew their wands.

Fleur turned while Hermione reached for her wand but Malfoy fired a stunning spell and Hermione was knocked over onto her butt. Quickly she drew her legs towards her chest and tried to stand up but Malfoy kept his wand pointed at her.

"Don't move Granger or I will turn you into an even bigger balloon than last time."

Hermione had no choice but to remain still. Fleur was even more helpless. She had become even bigger and more balloon shaped that Hermione or Ginny had. None of her human shape was left, just a huge globe with her head,feet,hands, and huge breasts sticking out. Her underwear clung to her body so tightly that Hermione wondered how it had not exploded off.

Fleur huffed while she slowly waddled towards Draco and Pansy. She furiously flapped her hands while her face was red with anger.

"How *huff!* dare you, ugh, two do zis to *puff!*me!"

They laughed at the balloon woman's slow but determined charge. Hermione's anger flared as Pansy skipped around the distend Fleur and poked at her body.

"You're so fat! What on earth do you eat?"

"Stop it!" Shrieked Fleur as she tried to move around and follow the much faster Pansy. Draco laughed but kept his wand pointed at Hermione, the only one who could do anything.

Fleur continued to huff and puff as she became madder and madder at the taunting and dancing Pansy.

"Little girl I should warn you not to mez with a Delacour."

"Little? Ha! For once you're right blimby."

Pansy waited until the last second to jump out of the way of another one of Fleur's waddle-charges.

"Zis is an outrage!" Fleur shouted out.

"Oh be quiet!" Pansy said and she put her hands to Fleur's belly and pushed.

"No zont!" Fleur said and she toppled over onto her back. She kicked and flapped her legs while shouting. Pansy and Draco roared with laughter. Hermione jumped up but Draco fired a spell and nearly broke a piece of the wall behind Hermione.

"Last warning Mud Blood." He said.

"Leave her alone! It's me you want isn't it?" Hermione asked, trying not to watch the kicking and screaming Fleur.

"Hard to believe she was a potential Tri-Wizard champion." Pansy murmured.

Draco said. "It's not just you we want Hermione. It's anyone that is not impure. Half breeds like Fleur here is partially Veela."

He was about to continue when Pansy pointed her wand at Fleur and said. "Do shut up." She fired a spell and quickly Fleur rose into the air.

"Oh! Ermione help me!" She cried and went up into the air higher while rotating. This brought out more laughter from the two Slytherins.

"Wait a second!" Pansy snapped and looked at Draco. "What about my dress!"

"What about it? It was great!" He laughed again but she did not.

"That fat half breed ruined my dress! It's all over the floor now!"

"Who cares? It did the job!"

Pansy stomped her feet. "But I wanted to use it on everyone I dislike! It cost me a fortune and it was a one of a kind too!"

"Listen Parkinson! We're in the middle of having fun and you're not going to spoil it with your whining!"

Hermione just stood there and tried to think of a plan. She considered herself the only one that could turn the tide. She did not register that Fleur had reached the ceiling. But was moving her body around by her foot or hand against the ceiling, rotating around to get the perfect angle. With the back of her head to the ceiling, silvery blonde strands falling over her shoulders and back. And her breasts looking down, Fleur Delacour took in a long breath and forced it down into her filled body. The arguing Slytherins did not notice this, nor did Hermione. Fleur pushed her body out by less than an inch.

'Oh forgive me my brassiere but zis is personal.'she thought right before her chest pushed out a tiny bit further. The strap that was digging into her back broke apart and the black bra flew forward, causing her breasts to fly out and jiggle for a few seconds.

Mafloy looked up in time to see the huge bra fly right at him and into his face. He cried out and flew back while his aim went wild and he fired a spell.

Pansy spun and looked at her falling boyfriend. "Malfy!" She cried.

Hermione was about to make a desperate dive for her wand but something flew past her head. She threw back her head and looked up in time to see Fleur's hand catch her own wand.

'Wow!' Thought Hermione. 'She summoned her wand mentally!'

Fleur was quickly able to position the wand so that it aimed at Pansy. The entire scene lasted less than three seconds.

"Now feel ze wraith of a Delacour!" Fleur said proudly and fired her spell.

But Pansy felt nothing. Malfoy was trying to get the bra off his face. He was panicking and that was not helping.

Pansy laughed. "You had your chance!" She pointed her wand at Fleur, intending to do who knows what.

But then her belly blew out to the size of being nine months pregnant with triplets! Her sweater was pushed up high, her long skirt was torn apart, and the waistband of her dark purple panties was ruined! She gazed down at her new stomach.

"What?" She asked then felt her panties began to slide down her thighs. She yipped,grabbed them, and pulled them up.She saw that Hermione was going for her wand and that Fleur was not done yet. Her will to fight was lost and she cried out. "Draco help me!"

Malfoy finally got the bra off him and saw his new girlfriend. 'Wow.' He thought while admiring her distended stomach and noticed that she was holding up her panties with one hand.

Then the table next to his head went flying. Hermione's stunning spell had missed him by inches. He was brought back to reality. With one swift movement, he grabbed his invisibility cloak and threw it over Parkinson and himself. Quickly the duo retreated from Hermione's spell casting. She could not see them but could hear them leaving.

"Malfy wait! I can't run with this stomach and-!"

"Hurry up hurry up!' He hissed.

"Oh my panties!" Pansy moaned and Hermione saw the scrap of clothing fall out of thin air, onto the floor. She fired another spell but missed and saw the front door of the store open and then quickly closed.

Quickly she turned to Fleur. "You were wonderful Fleur!"

She could make out Fleur's smile. "Zhank you. It is was a sort of reflection spell I used on her. I gave her some of the air in my body. I warned her. But what about me! Zis is zo embarrassing!"

Hermione noticed that Fleur was a little smaller. She pointed her wand and used the same spell that brought her back down to earth. Gently Fleur landed on the floor and Hermione began to roll her towards a fire place.

"We'll use the last of the Floo Powder to get us home. Bill's mom can help you."

"Are you zure?"

"Yes I'm positive."

It took a great deal of pushing and grunt but Hermione finally got a portion of Fleur into the fireplace. Sadly at one point she pressed her back into Fleur's side and forced too much air to her lower body. Fleur's panties snapped off her body and broke a window. Quickly they went home.

The dinner for The Weasely Family and Harry Potter was interrupted by the sound of something big landing in their living room. They dashed in there to find a naked and bloated Fleur, lying on her back. Hermione was lying on top of Fleur's belly and quickly looked up and tried to smile at the gaping audience.

"I...think Fleur wants a dress made for herself. She knows what it'll look like."

Bill quickly dashed over to his wife and marveled at her. Ron ran over and helped Hermione down.

It was going to be an interesting night of story telling and deflating. Ron lead Hermione into the kitchen while holding her hand. Everyone else was going over to help Fleur.

"Oh, Hermione I like your fingers nails." Ron said while they sat down at the table.

Hermione glanced at her purple nails, the ones Fleur had painted. She smiled.

"What do you mean that dress is not one of a kind!?" Shrieked Pansy Parkinson at Burkes, the man who sold her the enchanted dress. She was wearing a large green robe over her stomach and legs. It was the first thing she saw that would fit her.

Burkes kept glancing at her new stomach and face.

"I made a mistake. I thought the dress was a rarity but my dealer just discovered a whole bunch of them."

It was a story he told again and again.

"Then what about my money!?" Pansy asked. She used one hand to hold her robes together and stretched the other out.

"Sorry Ms. Parkinson but a deals a deal. If you want another dress then-"

Malfoy snapped from out of the shadows and pointed his wand at Burkes' nose.

"Give my lady back her money or you'll not only have to worry about me but my dad and all of his 'friends'."

Burkes gulped and quickly returned Pansy's money. Pansy and Draco exited the shop quickly. She looked both mad and happy as she looked down at her stomach and stroked it slowly. Malfoy could not help but continue to glance at it every chance he could. They would find a way to get the air out of her and then-

Though he did not know what he was feeling he knew that this was war.

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