Just a Piece of Gum

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The cold Halloween air gave her goose bumps all over her belly. She shivered and wrapped her arms around her bare stomach. She hoped to combat the cold, but her arms felt just as cold as her middle. Veronica was small and skinny with a curvy body. She had long black hair and wore emo glasses. Her tummy pooched out a little but otherwise it was small. She had worn nothing but a red plaid half-top and mini skirt with torn wings and mesh sleeves for effect.

She stood outside her boyfriend’s apartment waiting to meet him. He lived a few blocks from frat row were the Halloween party they were at had gotten too rowdy. They decide to retire to his place for the evening. He had to grab some things on the way. She had a pretty good idea what he needed. Either way she’d get to curl up with him and spend the night.

“Hey dear,” a voice said behind her.

“Richy!” she jumped on him and rubbed his side with her breasts.

“Settle down dear, we have a view things to do first.”

“Ok,” she gave him a begging frown.

He led her inside and broke out some relatively expensive wine for college students and they made out on his couch for a few minutes. They stopped and she knew what he wanted. It was a little odd, but he had such a reaction to this simple action. She had agreed to ever since the first night he made her do it. After all it was just one piece of gum.

“What flavor do you have tonight?” she said in the most seductive tone she could without laughing.

“Oh, this one is special,” he grinned as he held up the stick.


She grabbed the gum and unwrapped it. She cooed like its slightest touch turned her on. His eyes were locked on to her mouth as she slipped the gum into it with a playful moan. She had him under her spell and all by just chewing this gum. She let out more moans and overplayed mmmm’s as she leaned back in the couch with chest stuck out. Soon Veronica didn’t need to fake it. By the third or fourth sound it was her true reaction.

“Oooohhh, my god it’s my favorite! Pepperoni pizza with a side of buffalo wings!”

“I’m glad it worked out,” Richy said with rapt attention.

“It’s oh so wonderful!” she cried while she rubbed her belly.

She could feel the greasy morsels enter her belly, bite by bite. Veronica started to feel a little full and her belly looked the part as well. It rounded out a bit, but Richy’s finger circling her left nipple distracted her. She let out a little burp with no difference as his hand drew lower and made slow patterns on her belly. Bite after bite slid down her throat into her belly. Enthralled by the strong flavor and Richy’s eyes she ignored her full belly.

“It’s a meal in a stick of gum. God I hope it’s not fattening. I can’t stop chewing it’s so good,” she let out a playful giggle followed by a deep true gasp as Richy rubbed her right breast.

“Your so sexy when you allow yourself to let loose with food,” Richy said as he rubbed the fuller tummy with both hands.

Veronica loved the feeling of his hands and moaned more to entice him. He rubbed her softly and V ignored the worsened feeling in her belly. She had finished what felt like an entire pizza and yet more pizza seemed to fill her up. The pace sped up with each chump of the gum as did the heavy sensation in her belly.

“Richy! My belly!”

His hands lifted to reveal a little but noticeable new potbelly.

“Hmmm…seems to have gone wrong, somehow,” Richy said as he poked her bloated belly.

“The side order went by quick, but the pizza…it never ends!”

Her mini skirt slid further and further down her body as her belly seemed to grow with every slice. The skirt seemed to be tighter, almost smaller as she tried to tug it back up. She chewed furiously all the same as her eyes widened with narrow pupils at her visibly plumper thighs.

“I suspect if you stopped that constant chewing…maybe you’ll stay small enough to be recognizable,” Richy said with a cold delighted grin as stroked her left still puffing lovehandle.

Her belly, as if taking a cue, rolled out into her now well-padded lap. It stuck out over four inches across her lap and grew rapidly towards her knees.

“God Richard! I’m becoming fat!” Veronica panicked.

“You are fat. You’re nearly twice the girl I knew,” Richy said snidely.

His hand began to stroke her broadened belly. He drew a lazy spiral around her deeper navel before poking his finger in it. He looked Veronica in the eyes and looked down to her belly as half of his index finger could fit in her navel. She bit her lower lip as she followed his hand. He rubbed her from the tip of one lovehandle to the other. She let out a little whimper at the size of it. I am fat! Before he’d only get a fingertip in there she thought. She tried to stop chewing with all her might, but she was overwhelmed by the flavor. Even with Richy’s cruel behavior that added to her terror, V’s chewing increased with each new flavor surge.

“Oooohh! I can’t s-s-top…URP! It’s too good!” Veronica mumbled between sloppy chews and belches.

The belt across her hips was now tight and groaned at the bulk it held back. Her half-top struggled to restrain growing breasts. Now her tits looked ridiculously large in her tiny half-top. She belched again and she struggled to hold her belly in. It was halfway on the trip to her knees now. V’s reward for all her struggle against her belly was the revelation of how plump her hands looked.

“My hands!” Veronica screamed lifting them to her eyes in surprise.

Her stomach shook like pudding as it fell onto her cushioned thighs. The belt she wore burst and her hips plopped into place from under her skirt.

“My, my that mini skirts almost too small to be a thong now.”

Richy traced her bare thighs and hips with his fingers. He looked her in the eyes as he gave her fat stomach a playful slap. Ripples swept through her and Veronica shivered at the odd sensation.

“Hmmm, you’ve failed the first test dear. Can you stop chewing before the doorway proves narrow for a girl of your girth?” he said rubbing her wide belly.

The black mesh on her arms was tight and the tiny tears she had cut earlier had not staid small. The circles of lighter flesh grew and spread into each other. Their tearing and bursting were quite audible and V’s hair fluttered from side to side as she looked at her fatter arms. Soon limp pieces of clothe hung from her chubby arms. Each strand swung in unison with the movement of her arm flesh.

“Uh, oh…your starting to burst at the seams my dear!”

She let out a whimper as her wider upper thighs and the weight of her belly slowly began to spread her legs. She could feel the tip of her belly touching the warm leather of the couch seat below. Her panties bursts followed by her skirt exploding. With a loud fleshy slap her freed lovehandles landed on her hips. Her half-top exploded next leaving her bare breasts on her giant belly. Which was fitting with her belly now the biggest part of her. Her tiny frame and figure completely gone now, if her friends saw her they would not recognize her beyond her glasses and long black hair.

“V you’re just filled to the brim with fat now. Look at you! Even your cheeks are fat!”

Richy squeezed her left cheek. He dodged her fat and slow arms as she swatted at him. Despite her boyfriend’s cruel warnings and behavior she kept up the chewing. She had eaten a variable feast of pizza now. Over two dozens and the pace was quickening.

“Hmmm, I wonder what went wrong? Oh well, I’ll get it right someday,” Richy said out loud.

He poked her rotund form and jiggled her arm fat absentmindedly. V gave up the struggle. She chewed and let Richy poke and prod her flesh. The flavor was starting to thin out and she had to chew harder and harder to maintain it. Finally it ended. Her hips only an inch or three pasted the edges of the cushion she sat on. Her belly was on the edge of the couch with her legs were spread wide by it. She continued chewing furiously still hoping for more flavor despite being a light tan blob of a girl because of it.

“You’ve become plump somehow…but...” Richy said disappointed that trailed away.
A light sweet flavor hit her tongue and Richy’s face lit up with joy. He stared at her face as the flavor slowly revealed itself to her. It was blueberry pie with whipped cream! Her favorite desert!

“…but maybe not?” Richy smiled.

He stood up focusing on her face again.

“What?” she said.

“Your nose dear…”

“My nose what?” Veronica asked.

The blueberry flavor grew like the pizza before, but sweet and richer. It soothed her nerves.

“Now your cheeks!” Richy cried with joy.

“What?” V began to panic again.

She touched her cheeks. God they were puffy but no bigger than before. She let out a moan. The taste was starting to distract her from Richy. V noticed his eyes trail down to her chest slowly but didn’t care.

“It’s even better then the main course dear?”

She nodded yes as she closed her eyes in ecstasy. She cooed as a gentle coolness flowed through her.

“Good because the effects on you are even better!”


She opened her eyes. The tan color of her skin was turning a deep rich blue! Her hands, breasts, belly and legs were turning a deep blue. She chewed faster as the change sent shivers throughout her body.

“I feel funny!”

She looked to her tormenter for answers and got another cruel poke to the stomach. She watched as her rotund blue form widened more. All rolls and folds tighten and sagging fat firmed as she ripened like a fruit. The sound of rushing juice and her stretching flesh filled the room.

“What’s happening?”

Again, Veronica got no response but a knowing grin from her lover. The juice collected mainly in her middle and hips. Both spread wide as juice flooded them. She could only chew like a cow and watch her fate as it filled her up. She knew now she had now entered Richy’s true fantasy from his eyes. Her head lifted off the couch as her back swelled causing her to arc backwards. She could hear the juice flowing inside her. Her limbs tensed and became immobile cones. Her once tiny breast obscured her view of her blue belly. She could no longer see Richy as the last of his blond hair disappeared behind her rising blue form. She was rapidly rounding out.

“I’m blowing up like a balloon!”

“Like a blueberry,” grinned Richy as he poked her lower belly.

The couch began to creak and groan. V felt her blue limbs being gobbled up by her spherical body. Her back lifting her higher and higher in the couch. She felt each surge of juice as her hair brushed higher up her back. Her cheeks puffed out knocking off her emo glasses. Her whole face swelled as the juice began to look for every unfilled spot in her body. Soon she was watching her wrist disappear and her fat hands be pulled into little divots. Her feet followed suit. Her round chin touched her chest and began to sink into her body, too. All the while she was still chewing. Veronica’s terrified eyes peeked out from the divot as she bobbed side to side. She stared at the a big round blueberry she was. The couch snapped in two and she rolled unto the carpet with a scream.

“Oh God, I am a blueberry! Help! Help!” V cried as her eyes darted around. “The juice isn’t stopping! At this rate I’ll explode”

“Uh, oh!” Richy said with guilt.

He hadn’t thought about too much juice. He only thought about not putting in enough. He better think fast or the girl would explode! He never wanted to actually kill her!

The pressure grew and grew inside V. She cried out again, but nothing could be done. The tiny girl now spanned most of the twenty by twenty room. She tried with all her mettle to stop chewing but it still tasted so good! Veronica chomped as furious as ever. Her straining skin moaned as gallon upon gallon pumped into her overripe body. Her eyes widened with fear as the groan turned to a louder creaking. She could feel her body start to give. Veronica screamed as she exploded. She popped like the overfilled berry she was and quickly covered the whole apartment in juice.

“Next time I’ll be more careful,” said Richy as he wiped V off himself. “Next time will be perfect! Or at least not as messy!”

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Every time I really want to read a good inflation story, I come back to this one. I know it's been years and years since it's submission, but if the author ever sees this: Thank you!