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I cover my ears and cringe as I hear the sounds of fighting close by. My friends are getting their butts kicked right now, and I'm hiding under a receptionist's desk. Also, I'm sobbing uncontrollably - which is probably breaking some unofficial bad guy code, somewhere.

Jesus, what the hell have I gotten myself into?

My name is Lacey, and I am the worst super villain ever.

I'm only here because I let everyone push me around. My friends and I messed with something we shouldn't gave us all powers. Matt is impervious to harm, Rachel can lift things with her thoughts. I can...well, I can generate gas clouds. I know, right? Awful. But the others thought it was enough that we should use our abilities for something and not just sit on them.

Matt and Rachel think that superheroes are lame, and defenders of an unfair status quo. So I tagged along with their stupid idea to rob a bank, because super originality apparently did not come with the package.

We all got colored hoodies to wear and stitched stupid insignias on them. Matt picked out the name "Unbreakable" because that's his favorite movie. Rachel was "Telekeni-Miss" because she thought it was funny.

I chose "Puff" because I'd rather be the butt end of a marijuana joke then a fart one.

As for the current situation, our bank robbery was actually going well. Rachel had a bit of a knack using her powers to crack safes somehow, and I had been able to knock out the staff with...some kind of gas I made. I was actually feeling way better about the whole thing. In till Nyxian showed up.

Nyxian is the mandatory "dark avenger" of our city's resident super squad, The Light Brigade. No one knows too much about her. She is small, and thin, she wears a practical black lycra outfit with armor here and there and a featureless black mask. Several villains have confirmed she has no superpowers. You figure this would make her less frightening, but the opposite is true.

See, say Starlight flies her fat ass over and stops your robbery. She'll make some light construct to keep you held down in some embarrassing way so the police can show up and take you away while she enjoys a donut or something.

Nyxian? Nyxian will break your goddamned fingers so you can't think straight enough to employ your abilities or pull a trigger. Nyxian has sprayed something in Matt's eyes, and all his invulnerability doesn't mean squat if he's on the ground screaming in pain. Nyxian has proven that Rachel can only use her powers on one thing at a time by beaning in her in the temple with something that looks like an apple sized ball bearing. Also? I am pretty certain she is doing that finger thing I mentioned earlier to make sure "Telekeni-Miss" doesn't menace anyone else today.

I know she probably hears me whimpering, even if I am covering my mouth. I can hear the click of her hard boots on the ground as she circles the desk I'm under, and when I finally force myself to make a move I find myself staring up at the cold white lenses of her mask.

I gulp and raise my hands in surrender. I swear I can hear her sigh underneath that mask, and she gruffly tells me to turn around. If she restrains me, she adds, I can go along quietly (unlike my friends).

That would be that, right? She can tie me up, I can get arrested, and tell the court that Rachel and Matt coerced me into this. Maybe I can get out easy, and keep on being a spineless wimp my whole life.

Not this time, goddammit.

Instead, I can use her little act of mercy against her. Like a real super villain. Hit her with a bit of knockout gas, grab some cash and run. That'd be a start at least. I try to do my best villain laugh and shout something pithy - which manages to congeal into a high pitched screech of some kind. Nyxian actually hesitates for a second, probably out of genuine concern. Villains are supposed to capitalize on this kind of thing, right?

I start thinking, trying to utilize my powers before I lose the chance. I shut my eyes, to afraid this will fail. Gas! That's what I need right now, any kind of gas! And a lot of it, enough to deal the self righteous vigilante right in front of me! And...nothing. Have my powers given up the ghost already?

No, I feel the tingle in my fingers that happens when I use them, so they are working. Just not like they normally do, something I confirm when I open my eyes and look at Nyxian.

Something is definitely wrong with her - her straight posture is gone. Her knees are buckling, and she sounds like she's hacking and coughing. My eyes open wide as she stumbles back, and tears off her mask to get some air. She's not what expected; young, plain, with short cropped black hair, narrow dark eyes and a slightly olive tint to her skin. Then she gasps loudly, taking in some air before she starts hacking like crazy again. When she looks right to me, she doesn't look like a dark avenger of the night; she's just a girl who's frightened about whatever the hell I just did to her.

So THAT'S where the gas is showing up. I catch myself grinning.

I watch as she grimaces again as her smooth black silhouette begins to bulge in spots. I watch her small chest snap a few seams here and there as breasts swell out, causing attached body armor to fall to the ground. She grunts as the strange phenomenon spreads, inflating her waist and stomach like a suggestively gravid inner tube. She clumsily moves around, knocking into just about everything. Her grace, poise and skill have been nullified by a painful and unceasing change in girth.

Having waddled some distance from me, she struggles to reach over her now bulbous stomach to her utility belt. It's a pathetic display, as the latter is being smothered by her exaggerated muffintop. Still, I'm not chancing this one; I will the gas to increase in volume and her body puffs out all at once - legs and arms fly into a starfish position, her waistline billows to the point where that little belt of her snaps off and clatters sadly to the floor. I'm drenched in cold sweat - normally I'd be embarrassed, but I'm not the one who looks like an unfortunate extra in a Gas-X commercial, now am I?

She she lets out a cry, but glares at me through tears - she knows she's screwed here, and is trying to put on a brave face. It's here I realize I finally realize that I am a terrible person. I look at her mask of defiance and impossibly bloated body, and I can't help but be immensely satisfied with myself. All my tact and mild manners over the years were out of fear, not any sort of kindness. I reach out to her and give her swollen dome of a belly a flick, loving the odd little noise it makes when I do.

She cringes, finally speaking. "I don't know who you are, but you've won already! Get it over with!!" She screams at me. I think for a moment, circling her as I do. She's more the twice the woman she was when she showed up - around the size of a truly obese person, save for being big and taught rather than flabby. Her girth is primarily around her middle, possibly because I willed it as such; she is absurdly wide at the waist, with a protuberant stomach and flaring hips. From behind I can see the distinct shape of her much larger butt, as her lycra costume has ridden up dramatically.

"Sure then, have it your way." I laugh, as her body once again billows. By her squeak of dismay, I can tell I've caught her off guard. "I'll bet you never once thought it would end this way, did you?" She can't do anything about it really - I step back, watching as the fabric of her costume struggles to keep up, tearing slowly but surely as she stretches further and further. Her belly splits the front of it open, letting some of her engorged flesh ooze through. I snicker as her boots and gloves pop off of her inflated extremities, and at the way her eyes dart around to see her body growing impossibly large and much, much too quickly. She is slowly deprived of even that, as her cheeks puff up enough to nearly force her them shut.

"Pwease, shhtap! Not wike dis!" Her once intimidating voice is made shrill and laughter inducing by her current state. She's still standing, thanks to the fact that her whole body has managed to keep equilibrium in it's enormity. Another growth spurt and she's mooning me with that enormous ass of hers, now free from any sort of restraint. I rouse my stupid friends, who stare agape at the bloated embarrassment that was terrifying us moments before. I shush them as the gasp at the sight before them and quickly usher them towards the exit. Nyxian is likely at her limit, and we shouldn't be around when she blows.

As I get out myself, I hear an undignified grunt and the sounds of the last of her lycra costume giving way. I turn my head to take in the full scope of my work; the city's most feared vigilante, defeated in one of the most absurd and humiliating ways possible. Her once fit body is fantastically bloated and slick with sweat - even her brilliant mind can't find a way out of this one.

The resulting explosion shatters most of the building's windows, but we'd cleared a safe distance and then some. Matt and Rachel go home that night with their money, and will likely never speak of this again.

Me? Well I'm a bonafide supervillain now, and I'm not about to stop here.

Author's Note: 

A mean spirited inflation story about a super villain who discovers a more creative way to use her powers.

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Awesome for an origin story!

Awesome for an origin story!

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Finally, thank you!

An inflation story that was pleasurable to read!  Well done.

As to Puff herself...bring it ;)


Well thank you! I do my best.

Well thank you! I do my best. My recent output has all been weight gain stuff, so it was nice to do something I could post here.

As for Puff, I have this idea where she decides to lay low, acting in tandem with villains who hire her to deal with super heroes they want defeated and humiliated. So I guess it would depend on if you had someone who really wanted you taken down a peg or not. :p