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A click can be heard on the computer screen as it briefly flickers and a familiar face fades into view. Blaire smiled and waved to the webcam, blowing a quick kiss to her audience.

"Hey guys! It has been so long since I have done anything and I just want to say that I am in fact alive! Things have been pretty crazy since I acquired my... capabilities. I have been having a lot of fun, though I've come to find some people don't appreciate random acts of inflation, but they don't have much of a choice! In case you were wondering the show that I auditioned for... damn, three years ago already, is actually happening! I don't want to give too much away but let me just say it is going to be incredible! We have been advertising through word of mouth throughout the community because if the general public finds out, they may want to shut the whole thing down. Like I said, a lot of people don't have a fondness for inflation like we clearly do. We've got a huge space and it is finally coming together too! So keep an eye out for that."

Blaire reaches in and grabs the webcam, exposing the audience to the room that she is in. Big, spacious, and empty.

"Now, I have a lot of people that know the means of contacting me and you guys have been sending in some great requests for me to actually film for the inflation world to see! Ask and you shall receive!"

She laughs and puts the webcam back where she found it and takes a few steps back, finally revealing her outfit to the audience. Her body is completely natural, no improvements in some clothes that the crowd is sure to love.

"If you all can't tell from my outfit, I am going to be doing a special video today for all those who share an appreciation for a certain movie that happens to be a favorite of mine! I hope you all like the blue dress, a little tighter than most things but hey, Violet is all grown up now! I figured the red belt across the waist is a nice touch too. It's bound to be uncomfortable so thank you all for that!"

She spins around, lifting the back of the dress up and doing a sexy little dance, showing that all she is wearing underneath is a matching blue thong.

"I hope blue is my color because you all are going to be seeing a lot of it today."

She reaches down into her cleavage and reveals a blue stick of gum, slowly starting to strut towards the camera until it is just her face, sliding the gum into her mouth and slowly starting to chew.

"Mmm... I think you all know what is going to happen next. At least I get to enjoy a nice, hypothetical meal before I become a big blueberry girl for all of you. Let me just say the roast beef is to die for. It doesn't seem to be lasting too long though, the tomato soup is slowly coming on. It feels like it is just running down my throat, nice and warm and... uh oh... I think something is happening."

She uses the camera as a mirror and notices her nose taking on a tinge of blue before it spreads out to her cheeks.

"I... I'm turning blue!"

Blaire giggles as the color spreads through her face. She reaches up and touches her nose, the color spreading into the tips of her fingers, and down neck. She takes a few steps back so the camera can see her entire body again as her cleavage changes color and her thighs are soon to follow.

"I feel so funny! My whole body is tingling and I feel... heavier!"

Once her entire body was a dark shade of blue, her hands shot down to her ass.

"Ohhh I feel so tight all of the sudden!"

She says before her ass immediately begins to swell outward, causing her to stumble back. The growth was slow enough for the audience to surely enjoy but quick enough to offset Blaire's balance. Her dress rode up as her ass doubled and soon tripled in size, exposing her blue ass which appeared to be devouring her now tiny thong. Her thighs swelled up soon after, giving her a distinct pear shape. The entirety of her legs quickly got rid of her muscle tone and resembled trunks.

"My ass is huge! I hope this moves up quick, my tits look so tiny! Oh... Oh God my belly! My belt is getting so tight on me!"

The juice began to spread up her body, her stomach quickly shifting from flat, to pot belly, to expecting. The belt dug into her sides as juice began to slow both under and over the belt. Her belly seemed to attempt to spill over the belt, but it held tight.

"Oh God! It is so tight! I don't know how much more I can take! I feel like my stomach is... just... gonna... po-"

*POP* The belt shot out from over top of her expanding belly and flew across the room, the buckle almost hitting the camera. The moment it popped, her belly shot out, swelling foward so much that the weight of her constantly swelling bottom half kept her standing. Her stumble forward not only surged out her belly even further, but it allowed her breasts to finally start expanding.

"Oh thank you! That was getting to be so painful! I don't understand how much dress is holding up, I'm a blimp!"

She wrapped her arms as her breasts expanded, pushing them further away from her body. Her dress strained and tore just at the belly button, exposing her billowing midriff and spreading as the growth continued. The dress tore directly down the center of the cleavage, the fabric covering up her nipples.

"Looks like it's a good thing I didn't wear a bra. I hope you all don't."

She said with a wink as she reached up and pressed the fabric against her breasts, covering up her nipples as the rest of her dress lost the battle and fell in tatters to the floor. Her body began to round out as her back joined in with the rest of her growth, her ass consuming the rest of her legs as her thighs seemed to melt into the rest of her.

"I'm getting so big and helpless! Somebody do something please!"

She shouted with a fake sense of alarm as her cheeks swelled outward. Her arms began to sink in to the rest of her body and before no time, she was a giant, blue sphere with enormous breasts, her hands and feet wiggling to no avail to move her out of her situation. Her body rolled slightly forward to compensate for her juice-filled breasts which sweet blueberry juice began to trickle out of. Her growth appeared to stop soon after she rolled forward, her little head poking out from her body, nearly 10 feet round.

"Thank God the growth finally stopped! My skin feels so tight and the juice is just sloshing around inside of me! I can't even move! I need to be juiced!"

She smiled and put the gum in between her front teeth to show the camera.

"It's a shame this gum still has plenty of flavor, too! Care to join me?"

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Outstanding work

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O//////O jus wow <3  Great story, got me aroused lol keep it up that was really good :)