Midnight Madness, Part 1

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The university's courtyard was full of people bustling about. It was a particularly sunny and warm day (it was after all still mid-March) and consequently everyone looked particularly cheery. Tanya was lying down on the grass, her beautiful lips slightly open, book on hands and sunglasses in place. People were buzzing around her and she pretended to not care but all she did was observe, glancing over the rim of the page she was currently reading – for the past twenty minutes or so. And her mind roamed...

She reflected on the year that had passed so quickly. She'd learned (and done) things she could never dare believe. She still had the evidence on her bedroom wall and inside her closet... Since that weird day of the past April she had experimented a lot with her newfound abilities and, to say the least, she loved them! Her body, after a long transitional period, had come back to its previous state but she didn't seem to mind anymore. She felt more confident than ever. The world was her oyster. Or, to put it more precisely, her toy. All she wanted now was more ways to have some fun and this place was full of endless possibilities.

Tanya's thoughts came to a halt when she heard loud giggles coming from somewhere behind her. She turned her head and saw five girls in off-white cheerleader uniforms with bold forest green and gold details and an open-mouthed head of a snake in the centre of their chests, wearing white sneakers and socks. Two of them were blondes, two brunettes, and one fiery redhead. All of them were of average height, thin and toned but one of the blondes was outstandingly shorter and more petite than the others. The girls conversed excitedly, each with a small pack of yellow leaflets in her hands. They were walking down a stone pavement that led to the centre of the courtyard. When they got there, they stopped and the short blonde nodded to the others and shouted at the top of her lungs “CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS!!!” with a shrill voice. As if rehearsed – which was probably the case – they all “spontaneously” yelled an overly enthusiastic “WOOOOOO!!!” with equally high-pitched voices and threw a handful of leaflets in the air. After that they started circulating the crowd that had formed in front of them handing out the yellow papers with huge white smiles plastered on their faces.

Tanya slid the sunglasses down her nose, eyed the jubilant group of girls and snorted rolling her eyes. Having been trained in gymnastics for years, cheerleading was no more than a joke to her, an excuse for good-looking girls to dance, fool around and show off, performing cheap stunts and scream nonsense to give lip service to equally brainless jocks. Lip service?... That is one thing she really excelled at. Tanya's wondrous lips formed an impish grin and she reached out for a bright yellow piece of paper that had conveniently flown next to her left foot.


April 18th

She had almost a month to get ready and dust her old gymnastic skills – and some recently acquired ones. Oh, she would have some fun at last!


The gym was packed with scantily dressed girls stretching and chatting nervously. Tanya was sitting alone on the hardwood floor, legs open as far as she could, hands touching her toes. She was trying to block the noise out of her head and just concentrate. Over the past month she had brought her body back in form, trained systematically alone and in the team practices arranged by the cheerleading squad, and learned the simple – but quite demanding – tryout routine. It had admittedly been a lot harder than she initially thought, but she had done it and now she felt ready.

A group of five cheerleaders entered the room and headed towards a long rectangle table that was set almost in the middle of the gym. Tanya saw their faces from a distance and recognised them as the five cheerleaders she'd seen almost a month ago in the courtyard. They barely spared a few glances over at the contestants and simply walked right past them and settled themselves at the table, arranging papers and talking silently with each other. After a few minutes the short blonde – who was positioned in the middle of the table – stood up and called the beginning of the competition.

Tanya stood up and walked confidently in front of the table along with the rest of the girls she'd been teamed up with. She wore tight black shorts, black trainers and a crop white top that barely hid her black ports bra. Her long black hair was pulled up in a bouncy ponytail. The rest of her team (another thirteen girls) were people of all shapes and sizes. Some of them Tanya had already met at practice, some where completely unknown to her. A loud “BEEP” echoed through the whole room and Tanya closed her eyes. A second “BEEP” and she visualised the routine once again in her head. A third “BEEP” and the music started playing, Tanya's limbs moving and executing dance moves and jumps of their own accord. She tried to focus mainly on her posture and her expression. Strong, confident movements and a bright smile fixed on her huge lips, eyes focusing on the five girls in front of her.


The official cheer training has kicked off as soon as all the new members of the squad were picked and introduced to the rest of the cheerleading team. Tanya was one of them even though, after completing the tryouts, she was not as sure about herself and her success as she'd been before. The whole thing has proved to be much more difficult than she'd initially anticipated. The training she could handle easily, but the social skills required were not her cup of tea... But she was getting around to it eventually. The whole squad consisted of sixteen girls, some of them Tanya liked, some she did not, but they were all her “sisters” now so she genuinely tried to get along with as many as possible.

Jessica (usually called Jess, or Jay) was the captain of the squad, the basic coach and part of the choreographing team. She was the short (really short, around 5'2”) blonde with the shrill voice Tanya had seen at that very first day at college and the head judge at the tryouts. She was what Tanya would always expect from a leader of a cheer squad, full of fake smiles and sweet demeanour, but always strict and critical. The rest of the five were Pam, Brittany, Megan, and Amy. Pam (Pee) and Brittany (Britt, or simply Bee) were Jessica's BFFs – and yes, they still called themselves that after High School – and they were being adorably called “PB&J”... Pam was blond as well, even though her hair was unmistakably bleached and not natural as she often insisted. She was of medium height and stout, with a protruding round tummy that she was always trying to conceal. Brittany, on the other hand, was of the same height as Pam but quite skinny, even though muscular. Her hair was of a dark mahogany colour. Mandy was the other brunette, her hair a deep sepia colour that matched her chocolate skin perfectly. The fifth and most notable of the five was the redhead. Her name was Amy. Her skin was the palest skin Tanya had ever seen and was speckled with light freckles. Her hair was a bright orangey red that flowed down her shoulders like molten lava. She was hands down the most respectable of the five, not only to Tanya, but to all of them. Even Jess, who was usually bossy, mellowed down when she spoke to Amy. From what Tanya could see thus far, Amy was someone that had actually earned and not forced the respect she was receiving – unlike the other four that were either bullying, or begging for it.

After three months of training two times a week, Tanya had managed to bond considerably with some of the girls, so much as to be able to say that they had become her friends, not only during practice, but outside the gym as well. Beth was the smartest even though she rarely spoke much when surrounded by many people. Her chestnut hair had some forest green highlights that matched the team's uniform. Her only con was that she was Pam's sister, but they didn't seem to get along so Tanya turned a blind eye on that. Alisha was her second favourite person, dark skinned, full-figured and pink-haired, she was a cheerleading nightmare, but she had managed with skill, passion and attitude to claim a place among the skinny and the proper. Alisha's best friend was Jane, a typical tomboy. Her body was of the same build as Tanya's, tall, lean and flat allover. Her short light brown hair was always tucked behind her ears when practicing and spiked at all other occasions. They were sarcastically calling themselves “AB&J” but, as Beth had noted, now that Tanya was in the group that term was no longer tenable.


It was October and in a few hours the first official practice of the season was about to begin. Jessica would announce the role of each girl in the team and introduce them with the first choreography of the year. Tanya had already showered, put her hair up on a messy bun and now she was getting dressed while waiting for Alisha and Jane to pick her up. The weather was turning a bit chilly so she chose to wear a tight pair of ash grey leggings, a black sports bra and a slightly loose green tank top. On top of that she wore a baggy and warm burgundy hoodie. She heard the horn, the girls were there. She quickly slipped in her old white trainers and stepped out of the door.

When she entered the car she saw Alisha in the driver's seat, her ever-smiling face welcoming her and Jane giving her a warm greeting nod.

“Damn girl! You. Are. Fast! Way to ruin our reputation for always being late.”, said an amused Alisha with her loud voice and she burst into laughter while starting the car.

“Not everyone is as vain as you are Alisha...”, Jane replied with a glint of irony in her eyes.

“Well, girls, I'm sorry to disappoint both of you. You see I just like being punctual, but I assure you that my vanity is intact.”, said Tanya winking at Alisha.

“Talking about vanity, PB&J are going to give us our uniforms today.”, Jane informed the other two.

“At long last sister! I want me a niiiiice uniform to cover that precious body.”, exclaimed Alisha, her hands leaving the wheel for a split second to squeeze her enormous breasts over her purple sweatshirt.

Tanya saw Jane roll her eyes but a small chuckle escaped her lips which had them all in fits of laughter instantly.

As they entered the gym, ten minutes before the arranged time, they saw that almost all of the girls where there, with the exception of PB&J who always wanted to get in last for some stupid reason of their own and Megan who was mimicking them in a desperate attempt to become one of them. Tanya also saw two new faces, and they were male. One was tall, excessively muscular, with brown hair and a well-natured – if only a bit simple – face. The other was slightly shorter and definitely less muscular, with light brown hair and a pair of rectangular glasses. They were both speaking with Paige, the most feminine girl Tanya has ever seen in her life. She was of medium height and her body had that extreme hourglass shape that can drive people of both sexes mad. Her face was kind and framed by dark brown locks which she was currently putting up in a low ponytail. Tanya heard the squeaking sound of sneakers on hardwood and she turned her head. Jess with Britt, Pam, and Megan entered the gym wearing their uniforms.

“Welcome sisters to the first official practice of the season!”, yelled Jessica with a forced smile and all four of them broke into applause.

“I would also like to welcome our new brothers, Ronnie and James, who are here to help us with our most demanding stunts”, she continued.

Both boys turned to the whole room and gave an awkward smile to everyone around.

After the introductions were made Jess told the girls to start the warm up. They all started doing laps around the gym for a couple of minutes and then gathered on a corner to begin with the stretching. Amy was the one showing the exercises and making sure everyone was doing them correctly. Jessica stood behind her and when the cycle of exercises was over she cleared her throat and spoke out loud.

“As you all must know by now, there are three main positions in cheerleading, a flyer, a base, and a spotter. The first, such as myself, is the one performing the jumps, the one on top, the one that flies. The second is the person that lifts, supports and tosses the flier. And, last but not least, the third is the one that stands behind but is always alert and ensures the safety of the flier and the success of each stunt. No-one is more important than the other and they all are a vital part of the team, and I cannot stress that enough!”, she said with a somewhat overzealous emphasis.

“That being said, let's move on. So! Fliers: me, Amy, Trixie, and Paige. Congratulations! Bases: Bee, Pee, Megan, Clair, Alisha, Cleo, Beth, and Tanya. Congratulations! Spotters: Keiko, Gigi, Jane, and Tory. Congratulations! Do any of you object to the positions given to them?”, Jessica asked raising a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

Paige confidently raised her hand, and after a nod from Jessica, she stood up and said, calm and collected:

“I'm very happy that you think I can be a flyer but there is a slight problem, I'm afraid of heights. Besides that I am positive that someone else here is of much higher skill than me and also has a far greater experience as well, and that is Tanya.”

Tanya looked at her surprised by the unexpected vote of trust but she said nothing waiting for Jessica's response.

“Tanya? B-But she is way too tall to be a flyer! And, no offence Tanya, she does not quite have the looks, or the attitude for it...”, at that point some gasps were heard and Jessica stopped talking as she realised the PR mistake she had just made.

“I agree with Paige.”, Amy turned her head from where she was sitting on the floor and looked Jessica in the eye. “Her balance is very good, she might be even better than ours and she might not have your attitude but she sure as hell has some of her own! As for the looks I'm not even going to dignify that comment with an answer.”, and she nonchalantly turned her head again and looked straight at Tanya who was beginning to blush.

“I see.”, Jessica mumbled. “Let's have a vote then. Who here believes that Tanya should be our new flyer?”

Amy along with Alisha, Beth, Jane and Paige were the first to raise their hands. Keiko, Georgia and Tory were next and, after a meaningful look from Paige, James and Ronnie also raised their hands.

“We have a majority then. Congratulations Tanya, you are now a flyer.”, Jessica said, not even trying to fake some enthusiasm.

“Let's go on with the practice, we have much to do.”


“You know the Midnight Madness is in two weeks, right?”, asked Beth with wide-open eyes.

“I see what you are trying to say but I don't think we would be able to pull this off. And, even if we did, it's a big safety risk!”

“Well, you know me girl, I'm always with you! But this...”, Alisha was more sceptical than Tanya had ever seen her. So she turned to Jane.

“Don't look at me, Tanya. I don't like this. Surely, a chance to ridicule PB&J and some others from our “sisterhood” is an added bonus... But I still don't like it.”, Jane stated matter-of-factly.

Tanya looked behind Alisha's shoulder, through the window of her apartment. The girls had come for a visit and she mentioned some thoughts she had about the choreography of their first official event, Midnight Madness, and some things they could do to improve it – without the approval of their captain of course. The whole university would be there – well, ok, that was an exaggeration, but many people would attend.

“I think you haven't yet understood what it is I am proposing here, so let me explain further.”, Tanya said and she stood up from her couch, where Beth and Jane were still sitting.

“I would never ask of you anything that could possibly jeopardise the safety of anyone, not even Jessica's! What I'm saying is that, with our skill, we could easily prepare something slightly different. If you'll agree, we can inform some of the others as well. I don't think that Paige, or Tory, or even Amy wouldn't jump at the opportunity to put the captain to shame...”, she continued, letting her gaze fall on every girl.

The girls looked at her and then each other trying to figure out what it was they wanted to do. For Beth it was twice as hard since her sister was involved, she would be one of their prank's “victims”, but she always thought that she needed a lesson and stop being Jessica's and Brittany's little poodle. Maybe it was time for some tough love...

“Ok.”, Beth said with conviction.

“Tell us what your sneaky plan is, what is that grand scheme that will deflate our beloved captain's ego.”

Tanya's eyes glinted at Beth's last phrase and her beautiful lips opened slowly to reveal a sincere – if a little devilish – toothy grin. Beth's left eyebrow lifted in a wordless question while Alisha and Jane looked at each other, Alisha shrugging in ignorance and focusing once again on Tanya.

“ “Deflate”... Well, that is but part of my plan... But, before I go to that, I must show you something.”, Tanya said and flexed her finger in the direction of Alisha, motioning her to come close. Alisha stood up from the leather armchair her voluminous backside was occupying for the last hour and walked towards Tanya with a quizzical look on her face. She stopped about a dozen inches away from Tanya not sure what her friend had in mind and it was she wanted from her. Tanya moved closer and with a soft movement of her right index finger, she swept some strands of Alisha's long, wavy, pink hair behind her ear and Alisha froze. As did the two girls who were gawking at the scene open-mouthed.

“Don't worry Alisha, it might feel a bit strange, but I promise you it won't hurt and the moment you'll want me to stop, I will!”, Tanya said truthfully and reassuringly staring Alisha straight in the eyes. She chose Alisha as her aide because she knew she was the most open-minded of the three and also less likely to get shocked. At least she hoped...

“I just really need to show you guys something!”, she continued, her voice almost pleading.

Tanya moved even closer, parting her mighty lips vaguely. Alisha closed her eyes. Closer... Beth and Jane leaned forward in their seats in anticipation. Closer... And their lips touched. Lightly at first. Tanya felt Alisha's trembling limbs going up to touch her arms ever so lightly and she smiled in the kiss. She opened her lips further and with a flick of her tongue she teased Alisha's incredibly plump upper lip, and Alisha moaned faintly. Tanya wanted her to feel safe and completely relaxed, she was her friend, the last thing she wanted was for Alisha to feel uncomfortable so she let her lead now, leaving the intensity and pace totally up to her. And when she was absolutely certain that Alisha was as relaxed as she could be under the circumstances, she cupped her face with both her hands and she started blowing inside her mouth... At first Alisha did not realise what was happening, just a weird sensation on the inside of her mouth, the only sign of her mild discomfort was the furrowing of her eyebrows. Beth and Jane, ever speechless, where watching in awe as they witnessed their friend being.... blown up?... by their other friend.

Alisha's cheeks were now profusely puffed up and she was beginning to realise what was going on when the tingling sensation travelled down her throat, to her shoulders, to her breasts and was rapidly moving towards her belly. She opened her eyes and looked straight in Tanya's, still relaxed, but a bit worried nonetheless. Tanya patted Alisha's cheeks playfully and her eyes creased on the edges as she smiled inside the kiss once more, trying not to lose contact with her friend's lips. She felt Alisha nod slightly and her own cheeks puffed up as she blew one more time in her trusting friend. Alisha's already big and round bottom started swelling significantly, and so did her thighs, calves and even her feet and her toes, trying to escape their cloth and leather confinements. Alisha felt her clothes rub unpleasantly against her bloated figure and a warning “Mmmmm!”, escaped her throat and entered Tanya's mouth. Tanya felt the vibrations on her tongue and that was all she needed to stop. She backed away slowly, gently leaving Alisha's lips but still holding her face inside her hands.

“Are you ok?”, she asked with concern.

“I'll be damned girl! What was that?”, Alisha practically shouted.

Tanya's hands fell lifeless on her sides, and her eyes focused on the patterns of a wooden board on her floor. What was she thinking? That they would welcome it? She should never have decided to share this “gift” of hers with others! How could they possibly understand?

“And why on earth haven't we done that sooner?!?!?”, Alisha's voice reverberated around the room and there was a split second of total silence – that felt like a lifetime for Tanya, Beth, and Jane, as they were all trying to understand what was going on – until her booming laughter covered everything. Jane and Beth were the first to snap out of their shock and join in the laughing spree. Tanya needed a bit longer to realise that everything was fine, but when she felt Alisha's arms pulling her in one of her signature crushing hugs she just sighed with relief and didn't fret anymore.

“Look at me! I'm bouncing!”, Alisha yelled while jumping up and down excited, taking Tanya with her.

Alisha looked so excited that made Tanya's heart race with joy. It was the first time she'd used her powerful lips on someone she actually liked – and it felt great! Alisha was already full-figured but what she has become now was quite a sight. Her whole face, especially her cheeks and naturally full lips, were fairly swollen. She had gained just a few inches in height but several in circumference. Each of her prominent features was now almost double in size. Her breasts were upstanding and squeezing each other deliciously, her nipples swollen, mounding over her bra and through her thick blouse. Her belly, rounder than ever, looked like a soft giant chocolate marshmallow, peaking under the hem of her straining blouse and over her even tighter yoga pants. Her bum was like two juicy watermelons merged together right above her bloated thighs that stretched the fabric of her pants quite visibly. Even her arms were like two loafs from a high-end bakery and her fingers rows of succulent cocktail sausages. Tanya was feeling happy she had such an amazing friend – inside and out; she was feeling happy for all of them. She had come clean with them and she felt oddly liberated. So all Tanya could do now was look at Alisha, Beth, and Jane and laugh her heart out.

It took them a long time to recover, but they finally did and Beth was the first to speak.

“Now, seriously, what was that? You didd't expect us, I suppose, to just sit around and not ask.”

“No, of course not.”, said Tanya pensively.

“It all started in last year's April......”, and she started recounting everything that had happened over a year ago. She even showed them the “props” that were Brianna and Justin, still jiggling, still emitting muffled sounds. It took her about an hour, questions and all, and when they all stopped talking she looked at all her new friends again and, having regained all her previous confidence, she asked:

“Well, do you want to hear my plan now?”

Author's Note: 

Tanya wants to have more fun, and what better way than enter the cheerleader squad?

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