Midnight Madness, Part 2

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The whole squad, all eighteen of them, were gathered in the changing room, getting ready for their big night. It was 11:35 and in less than half an hour they would be the ones to initiate the celebrations for Midnight Madness, the first official day (night, to be precise) of the basketball season. They were already listening to the accumulating crowd, stamping feet, noisy chats and the occasional cheer, overpowering the uplifting music that was already making the whole building vibrate slightly. Loud screeching was coming from the freshly polished wooden gym floor as people were running here and there attending to the last moment preparations, making sure everything was in place and ready for the big event. The occasional buzzing sound was filling the entire place from the speaker and microphone checks.

The cheerleaders were already wearing their uniforms and had their hair up in high ponytails adorned with extravagant golden bows. Most of them were sitting on the benches tying their shoelaces and evening out their socks, others were looking themselves in mirrors taking care of any loose strands of hair or possibly smudged make-up, some were stretching or doing voice exercises and a few were just standing and breathing, trying to calm their nerves.

“I don't feel so good.”, whined Pam, sitting on a bench-corner, her hand grabbing her stomach and her breath laboured.

“Relax Pee, you're just nervous.”, said Jessica sternly, standing in front of an open locker, checking herself out in the mirror and not even looking at the suffering Pam.

“Or it's the taco you inhaled two hours ago.”, sniggered Brittany from where she was crouching to tie a spotless white shoelace.

Pam turned a deep beetroot red and her green eyes fell on the soiled floor not able to utter another word but her lip quivered. Georgia rested a hand on her shoulder and spoke to her softly:

“You know, Jess is probably right, just relax and you'll be fine.”, and she smiled at her genuinely.

Pam looked up at her, then at Jess who was now looking right back at her, and she shook her shoulder to get out of Gigi's grip.

“I don't need your pity Gigi.”, she said mockingly.

Georgia took a small step back, then turned and left Pam's side to go and talk with Keiko and Tory who were shaking their heads in disapproval.

“Don't fret yourself Gigi.”, Keiko spoke in that low but kind voice of hers.

“I guess we all get the friends we deserve.”, continued Tory pointedly in a higher volume and glowered at Pam and then at Jess and Britt respectively.

Tanya, who was observing the scene with Beth, looked at her friend and said with sincere curiosity:

“How can you two possibly come from the same womb?”

“You know, Tanya, I often wonder about that myself... But I have yet to come to a definite conclusion.”, replied Beth sticking her tongue out, but her eyes looked sadder than usual.

Amy, who didn't look at all happy with what had just happened was now talking to James and Paige. There was much nodding and grinning being exchanged, someone could say they were acting almost conspiratorially. So did Tanya with Jane and Alisha. Beth with Keiko, Gigi, Tory and Ronnie were acting strangely as well. Ronnie was practically laughing his ass off every time he stole a glance of Jessica and he was receiving hard elbowings to the ribs by the girls surrounding him, which had already proved to be highly ineffective – maybe even the opposite.

Jessica was getting really angry with all that weird behaviour of her team and she wasn't one to tolerate such unruly manners from anyone. It was almost five minutes before their first number and they had to recollect themselves if they were to succeed in making the whole gym cheer with them. She decided to go with courteous motivating for now.

“Listen sisters and brothers!”, she yelled stepping on a bench.

“We are about to give our very first performance as a team. Don't forget, that is what we are, a team! Group hug Vipers!”

And with that she jumped down on the tile floor and hugged Britt and Pam who were now standing right next to her. Megan ran to take part in the disgusting display of power by Jessica, happy to be manipulated. Cleo reluctantly followed and so did Clair. Trixie hesitantly opened her arms and walked towards them wrinkling her nose in contempt. Amy was the first of the rest to join the hug and, watching her, all the others followed suit. Alisha with Jane, Beth, and Tanya went right behind Amy. Gigi took Keiko by the hand and lead her to the growing “cheerleader pile” along with Tory. Page was the last to join in that desperate act to force some team spirit followed by James who lovingly put his palm on her right nether cheek, winking at her when she turned her head and glared at him. Ronnie just stood some inches away from the others looking rather confused as to what he was supposed to do. The piercing feedback from a microphone signaled the beginning of their big night and so Ronnie didn't have to decide what to do anymore, he had other things to attend to.

The MC announced them and so, as planned, James and Ronnie went first through the small passageway leading to the court holding one end of a big banner each. What only a few girls knew was that James had another trick up his sleeve – inside his pocket actually. They both stood on each side of the entrance to the court and held the banner high above their heads (being above 6ft. tall, that was quite high). James slid his free hand inside his pocket and took out a small bottle. Watching carefully not to be caught, he made a quick movement and spilt the content on the floor, right in the middle of the space between him and Ronnie. Ronnie looked at him with a look that was somewhere between nervousness and delight, like a kid who is about to stick his hand inside the jam jar but is afraid of the imminent punishment.

Jessica was the first to leave the locker room, all the others forming a line behind her in their prearranged order. Her hands were up in the air, a huge smile was covering her face and her eyes were sparkling, that was her moment... But as she stepped on the hardwood floor of the massive gym, the exact second she passed under their banner, everything slowed down, the room around her turned and she could hear every heartbeat, every breath she was taking and a harsh realisation dawned on her. She was falling.

Jessica came down with a screeching sound and a thud. The audience froze momentarily and two nurses were by her side in an instant. She was screaming, not from pain so much, as from irritation. Britt and Pam who were directly behind her were trying to pacify her as the nurses were doing their best to determine the seriousness of her injury. Amy gave in and smiled if only for a split second and then quickly composed herself and turned to the rest of the team, still standing on the corridor:

“Alright girls! We have work to do here! Jess won't accompany us, at least for our first act, so we'll have to do it ourselves. Jess's bases and spotter are out as well. Sorry Tory, will you go and inform them?”

Tory, who was Jessica's spotter looked a bit disappointed but did as Amy said, she knew the plan after all and she would have plenty of time later to do make her appearance. So she ran back inside the changing room, where they had taken Jess.

“Now! I am going to take the centre spot with Cleo, Beth, and Keiko. To my right will be Trixie with Megan, Paige, and Gigi, and to my left Tanya with Alisha, Clair, and Jane. You know what to do girls, nothing's changed. We can do this! Go Vipers!”, Amy was speaking loudly and with confidence, she took all the girls with her in an instant.

During the past few months Amy along with Jessica and Brittany had made the perfect choreography. What the last two didn't know though was that each change Amy had made over the weeks had nothing to do with aesthetic reasons or efficiency, as she'd been telling them, but they were serving another, much bigger, cause. So now that the girls were gathered in the hallway waiting for their number to begin and Amy giving the last customary pep talk, the last pieces were falling into place.

Amy looked back at the entrance of the corridor and nodded to Ronnie who nodded to the MC that the squad was ready to perform. The MC announced them once again and the music started playing, and the crowd yelled and applauded.

All the girls, one by one, run under the banner and took their rehearsed spots on the court. They started dancing in a line and, as the routine progressed, they formed three groups of four. The flyers got up on their bases and started performing their jumps while yelling and cheering along with the music. The audience seemed impressed.

When the music stopped all three flyers were standing on the hands of their bases who had them over their heads. Amy, Trixie and Tanya had their hands up in the air in three perfectly formed Vs, their chests heaving and sweat beading on their foreheads. With a strong yell from Keiko, Amy's spotter, all three of them fell backwards and their spotters caught them and brought them back on their feet. After a few seconds of silence the crowd was getting slightly uncomfortable... And then Amy stomped her foot down while taking a step forward. Then she clapped once. And then she turned to her team shouting:


Turning back to face the audience she shouted louder:


All the girls took a stomping step forward and aligned themselves with Amy. Turning her head right and then left she asked once more:


The squad faced the spectators and nodded in unison yelling:

“OKAY!”, and they all clapped once.

The line of girls, as in one voice, started shouting:

“We're here to welcome all”, and they made a waving movement towards the onlookers with their right hands.

“We're white and green and gold.

AND READY!”, and they clapped once again.

“We're...”, and with that every cheerleader, starting from the left of the line took a step forward, yelled her name, and then stepped back in line. When all were introduced they all said together again:

“And we say: go!”, clap.

“Vipers!”, stomp.

“GO!”, clap.

“VIPERS!”, stomp.

“GOOOOOOOO...”, stomping their feet repeatedly and crouching as if running on the spot.

“VIPERS!!!”, and with that final yell they all opened arms and legs and stood still in that position smiling and looking straight to the now delirious audience.

In the meantime, when she heard the first clap, Tory had left the changing room and the wailing Jessica – who, as it turned out, would be totally unable to perform that night – and her two comforters to find the next vital item for Tanya's master plan.

Back in the court, most of the girls (with the exception of Amy and Tanya) formed two parallel lines, one with nine cheerleaders – Beth, Cleo, Tory, Clair, Alisha, Trixie, Paige, Megan and Jane – and one with two – Keiko, and Georgia. The first line was positioned just inside the side line, the second right behind the first, with Keiko and Georgia behind Clair and Trixie respectively. Tanya was still standing in the centre of the court, inside the restraining circle, with her back turned to the spectators, facing her teammates. Amy was pacing behind the second, making a signal with her head to Ronnie and James who quickly folded the banner they were still holding above their heads and disappeared inside the corridor.

Tanya felt excited and scared at the same time. Her heart was racing but she tried to focus and keep her mind on the choreography. She looked at Amy through Clair's, Alisha's and Keiko's head looking for some kind of reassurance. Amy's freckled face lit up, giving her a quick wink and Tanya stretched her huge lips beaming back at her.

The music started and the girls in the front line walked arm-in-arm towards Tanya, the second line following, with Amy right behind them. They stopped right in front of Tanya who then turned to the audience and started clapping her hands above her head in the rhythm of the music encouraging them to clap themselves. Amy did the same thing yelling a loud “COME ON!”, and people started, awkwardly at first, following their lead. When almost the whole gym was clapping rhythmically Tanya returned her focus on her teammates and walked across the front line in a predatory way. Beth, Tory, Alisha, Paige and Jane locked their elbows to ensure a better grip on the girls standing next to them and Keiko and Gigi looked focused and ready to spring into action.

Tanya stopped in front of Cleo who was getting ready to make a jump but what happened next took her by absolute surprise! Tanya leaned in and touched her soft plump lips on hers, she opened her mouth and she started sucking air from Cleo's lungs. Cleo's eyes popped wide open in shock as she felt her muscular limbs weaken with every breath Tanya took. She tried to untangle herself from Beth's and Tory's grip but it was practically impossible, they were holding her too tight and the small Keiko, who had run to stand behind her, did a surprisingly good job at keeping her in place. Clair, Trixie and Megan – and the audience for that matter – looked as shocked as Cleo did and their own attempts to escape proved equally fruitless. Trixie actually started shouting but since Amy was still clapping in the beat and encouraging the onlookers to continue doing the same, they thought that it was all part of the act and after a while Trixie's screams were covered by enthusiastic yells and cheers.

As Cleo was deflating in a washcloth version of her former self, her arms sagging inside her captors' ones, her legs dangling and her defined curves losing their glory, Tanya's lips were getting bigger and bigger. She had experimented a little over the past few months and she had found that she could focus the air influx in only one part of her body if she wanted. Every “Whoooosh!” that was echoing in her head was mentally forced in her lips which where painted a bright deep burgundy colour for the occasion. Cleo's head was starting to fall back, her neck no longer able to support it and with a quick glance down her body, Tanya saw that she'd had enough, she wasn't even able to speak, only muffled and coarse “mmnhm?...” escaping her throat. Tanya's now amazingly full lips left Cleo's and Beth with Keiko performed the task of holding her high above their heads for everyone to see and then leaving her on her previous spot, Beth receding behind the second line to accompany Amy with her crowd rousing and Keiko moving to position herself behind Clair.

Tanya confidently moved to Clair whose strawberry blond hair was obviously starting to dampen at the edge of her forehead but her face was trying to retain a collected and dismissive expression. Well, that was about to change... Tanya licked her unbelievably swollen upper lip and her eyes glinted wolfishly. She lifted her right hand and softly touched Clair's lips, resting her thumb on her lower lip and her index on her upper one, and she parted them almost forcibly, Clair trying to shake her head but not being able to since Keiko was holding it in place for Tanya to do as she pleased. Tanya descended her open mouth upon Clair's and she inhaled deeply, feeling the air circulating around her lips and stretching them even more. They were now covering almost half her face, their corners easily reaching her ears. Clair had now closed her eyes since she couldn't watch herself anymore, her breasts drooping inside her once tight uniform, her arms and thighs now wrinkled like a deflated balloon... That was a nightmare. When Tanya felt it was enough, she stepped back from Clair, allowing Tory and Keiko to lift her above their heads, then let her down and go join Amy, like Beth had done before them.

The onlookers were now officially mesmerised, they were still clapping, as invited, but other than that, not even a whisper. It was like a magician's show, everyone was waiting to see what happen at the edge of their seats...

Trixie was next and Tanya had to admit that even though smaller than the other two, she had more bite in her. As Trixie was still screaming and trying to bite off a piece of Tanya's lower lip, Tanya understood why she was considered by many even more bitchy than Jessica. Trixie's eyes were watering out of anger and as Tanya was breathing in all her volume, she was still letting out cries of despair and rage. The advantage of being smaller was that it was quicker for Tanya to get it over with, and since she was the most annoying of the four, Tanya was really glad about that fact. Alisha and Paige triumphantly held the ash-blonde high in the air so that everyone could see, then let her back down and Alisha went to their dancing teammates.

Megan was last and her face was contorted in terror and awe. She didn't protest, she didn't fight, she couldn't even breathe properly. She was just shedding silent tears on her uniform. Paige and Jane on her sides and Gigi behind her held her into place, even though that was not so necessary. What they were actually doing was supporting her while Tanya inhaled her, leaving behind a mere rag barely resembling her former self. When Tanya was done with her, Paige and Jane lifted Megan up in the air, then let her down again next to the others and, along with Gigi they joined the rest in a small victory dance that had the audience burst into approving cries. Tanya just stood in the centre of the court again, her eyes fixed on the corridor to the changing room, while Amy left her teammates to collect the four deflated cheerleaders and pile them up next to Tanya like a mound of dirty laundry.

Ronnie was the first to emerge from the darkness of the hallway with a cheery Pam in his arms. Right behind him was James with Brittany. They were both holding the oblivious cheerleaders princess style, taking them to their doom... Brittany was the first to understand that something was amiss when she noticed four of the squad members missing and upon seeing a still squirming pile of uniforms... flesh... and hair...

“OH MY GOD!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO THEM?”, she screamed and she tried to put her feet down and run, but James grabbed her waist and brought her right in front of Tanya. Her arms were flying all over, trying to claw someone, anyone! Quickly, Tory and Beth clasped one hand each. Her legs were kicking frantically the air around her but, not being to move any other part of her body, they couldn't find a target. Tanya moved slowly in front of her and took hold of her face with both her hands.

“You'll soon find out Bee.”, and with that she kissed her.

Pam couldn't really understand what was going on until she saw Brittany's eyes close, her cheeks hollowing out rapidly. She then let out a frightened yelp and slumped against Ronnie, immobilised by her fear. Beth looked at her and, even though she felt sad about her, she mouthed “You are next”. To that Pam just covered her eyes and started crying. Britt was now ready to get thrown into the pile with the others, Beth and Tory had long now released her hands as all her strength had left her for good. Tanya's lips were beginning to gain proportions not seen before, not even by her. Her upper lip was almost covering her nose, her lower lip barely touching her jaw and the edges of her mouth were now extending beyond the width of her face. She felt a faint itch come and go in waves. Every time she inhaled she would feel a tingling sensation while her lips were expanding, but when she was exhaling the itch would come. That was oddly titillating...

Bee, after the now customary display to the audience, was spread over the others like a bed-sheet with a soft “Fffwhoop”. And now it was indeed Pam's turn. Pee had gone silent by now, her whining reduced to lone sobs every other second or so. Ronnie carried her to Tanya and he let her put her feet down. Pam was so terrified she didn't even try to fight. Tanya smirked and went closer to her face, passing by her lips and going for her ear.

“You are a good girl Pam, but you really should chose your friends better from now on.”, Tanya whispered and, as Pam's mouth shot open from the affliction, she locked lips with her and she sucked with all her might.

Pam was a big, round girl, but what was left of her was a rubbery puddle on top of another five rubbery puddles. The moment Ronnie put her down with the rest, him and James picked the whole pile up and, followed by Alisha and Jane, they exited the court.

Pam had been more difficult to deflate due to her size, but Tanya was happy because her lips now were extending almost to the width of her shoulders, her upper lip was less than half an inch away from blocking her view completely and the lower one was way past her jaw now, almost touching her very well-defined jugular notch. She turned towards the audience, her fellow cheerleaders making a straight line behind her, and they all cheered at the top of their lungs, driving the gathered crowd out of their minds.

When their cheer and little dance was over the lights went off all of a sudden. Gasps could be heard from everywhere. And then a single spotlight hit the entrance to the changing rooms from where Alisha and Jane emerged, aiding a limping Jessica towards the middle of the court. Poor Jay was practically beaming having been led to believe that this was an honorary participation to tonight's events. And, as everyone was applauding and clamouring for her and due to the limited lighting she couldn't see her surroundings and that some people of “her” team were missing, she couldn't suspect what was in store for her...

The spotlight continued to follow Jessica throughout her walk towards the central circle of the court, where Tanya was still standing, never leaving her post. Jess was momentarily surprised that she saw Tanya and not Amy there, but she kept smiling. People were watching! She left her human crutches and walked these last inches herself, overdramatising her every step, making her struggle seem much bigger than it actually was. She could see Tanya a bit further ahead, her arms were now opening to welcome Jessica, but her head was still out of the spotlight's beam, still in the dark. Jessica opened her own arms. “We are about to give these people a show to remember!”, she thought, and she took one more step. But then something totally unexpected happened. Tanya's face came under the light and all Jessica could see was huge, burgundy, juicy lips! She stumbled, but being so close to Tanya, she fell right inside her arms, her lips touching hers involuntarily. And Tanya didn't left this chance pass her by! She quickly slid her arms around Jessica's waist, her lips being so big that they would hold her head into place no matter what, and she blew one powerful gust of air inside Jay's mouth.

Alisha was clapping her hands excited, her laughter echoing even over the voices of the crowd. Jane, right beside her had a smug look on her face. Beth seemed content if a little worried. Amy was running dancing circles around the girls, galloping and raising her fists and encouraging the onlookers to actively show their enthusiasm about what was taking place in front of them. Keiko was sitting down on one knee and Gigi on top of her bended leg doing some impressive stunts. Paige was in front of them spurring them on and dancing herself, her bottom flying right and left frantically stealing the attention away from the main attraction. But only for a few seconds...

Tanya was feeling Jessica's body beginning to swell, her petite figure was like a tiny water balloon compared to her previous inflation project, Alisha. She was puffing up fast and good, her cheeks bloating, her eyes popping out, even her ears seemed accentuated by the excess air inside her body. Her neck was visibly vibrating by the intensity the air currents from Tanya's enormous mouth had. Tanya had to blow inside Jessica's mouth twice as fast and twice as hard than what she was used to since this was after all a show, and they were actually performing on borrowed time.

Jessica was feeling dizzy. If not for her immense dismay, this could even be a pleasant sensation. But her mind was panicking, she was trying to move but she was totally unable to. Her torso was being held tight by Tanya, her limbs did not comply to her brain's commands and her head felt like being crushed by a set of huge pillows. She was feeling the air travelling through her whole body and a soft “Ppppfffshhh” echoed inside her head, barely audible under the volume of the cries from the ecstatic audience. After her face, her feet were the first thing to swell. Due to the immense power with which Tanya was blowing air inside Jessica's body, it was all travelling immediately to her toes, making them bigger and rounder with every passing second. Soon Jessica's feet hurt unbelievably, until she heard a loud “Crrrack” and her new white sneakers bursted like a pierced basketball. Tanya was surprised to say the least! She had never seen air go straight to just one part of her “victim's” body so quickly. She was impressed by herself. And she continued with renewed interest and gusto.

The next thing to puff up were Jess's calves, becoming like two family-sized soda bottles. Her socks created beautiful bulges right above her ankles and they were creating a sausage-like effect on her feet. Jessica's knees and thighs were starting to lose their definition as her legs extended in a puffy “V” shape, not being able to close anymore. Her butt rounded out like two volleyballs and she felt the pull from her underwear as it started to rub against her skin. Her skirt slid up her thighs very much resembling a pancake tutu, not covering any part of her anymore, just sticking straight out, garnishing her bulging buns with frilly white cloth. Jessica could feel the air inside her belly going in circles, expanding her in every round. Her body stretched out in every direction filling out every slight curve she once had. She felt her fingers stick out with an almost audible “Plop”, one by one, a tingling sensation travelling up her arms, making them straight and round in its passing. Air flowed freely into her small breasts and, nipples first, they started filling. She could feel them protruding through her sports bra and even through her skin fitting uniform which was now struggling under the increasing pressure. Jessica's boobs were now E sized and they were getting bigger, ballooning straight out and towards her shoulders.

Tanya was beginning to feel, if possible, out of air. She wasn't using any of the air inside her lips to inflate Jessica, instead relying completely on her own lungs' power. She was getting tired and it was showing, her face getting red, trying to keep a steady pace. That was Tory's cue. She run and grabbed the item she had acquired earlier and brought it next to Tanya.

“Let me help you out a bit here Tanya.”, she said enthusiastically as she pulled a thick hose and quickly turned a valve with deft fingers.

Tanya's ginormous lips were pulled up into a magnificent grin as she detached her mouth from Jessica's and, still holding her waist, she turned her to face Tory who instantly stuck the hissing hose of the helium tank inside Jess's mouth with a loud “Ffffssswhooomp”. The hissing continued, now muffled, inside Jessica's skin, helium flowing around her body, slowly making her bigger and lighter at the same time. Tory grabbed the tank with one hand and the hose with the other, dragging their captain behind her to the side of the court where she could continue her inflation undisturbed for the rest of the night...

The lights went on again and everyone was awestruck by what they saw next, Jessica totally forgotten in her corner, still growing by the minute. From the railing of the upper tier of seats was hanging a huge banner, covering the entire balcony's front from one end to the other, almost a hundred feet long. What was strange about that banner was it's shape, like these chains of people children cut out of paper. But each person was different, to the far left hung a brunette with really long hair, next to her a strawberry blonde, then an ash blonde, a chocolate skinned brunette, another, lighter brunette, and to the far right a bleached blonde. All of them were stretched out of every human proportion, widened to the extreme, tied together by knots to their wrists and ankles, leaving their hands and feet dangle freely like rubber gloves and socks. Ronnie and James had the brilliant idea to mount this cheerleader garland at the railing tying Clair's and Pam's right arm and leg and left arm and leg respectively to the poles situated at each end of the balcony. The girls were blinking, still not able to believe what had happened to them, still trying to talk and move, resulting only to faint struggling “Mmmmmm”s and barely noticeable wiggles here and there. But at least they were even now fulfilling the purpose of morale boosting, maybe more than before if the crowd's endorsing cheers and passionate applause was any indication.

It was now time for the really fun part of the night! Tanya, was taking deep breaths to recover from her previous act, she should be totally rested for the next one. While the spectators were still preoccupied with the new gym decoration, Tanya lay on the hardwood floor and got ready. Her teammates seized their dancing and formed two parallel lines, a good sixteen feet away from her, one line consisting of Tory, Beth, Keiko and Amy, and the other of Alisha, Gigi, Jane and Paige. Everyone focused on them once again and there was complete silence throughout the gym – only a slight hissing was still coming from Jessica's direction. Then Amy abruptly raised her hand and intense music started playing.

The first to leave her line was Tory, who ran towards the lain Tanya, doing several intricate handsprings. When she was a few feet away, she made a high jump and dove onto Tanya's half-open mouth head first, landing on it with her lips, her feet straight up and her hands stuck to her torso. Tanya blew inside Tory's mouth, making her face round and puffy and sending air to her whole body expanding it quite a bit. With her next exhalation she made her breasts and butt swell even more, creating bulges everywhere a piece of clothing was hindering Tory's expansion. Then Tanya blew one last time more forcibly, sending Tory flying several feet above her head. The now lighter Tory spun in the air a few times and landed with her feet next to Tanya, starting to dance to the rhythm of the music.

Alisha was next. She ran from her line doing continuous cartwheels, also making a high jump and landing onto Tanya's pillowy lips, her pink ponytail tickling Tanya's upper lip. Tanya sent two strong gusts of air inside her body and she could feel the same exhilaration she had felt that first time in Tanya's apartment, she couldn't get enough of that! Alisha's thighs and bottom were bulging heavily under her panties and she could feel her breasts ready to burst her uniform open. That's when Tanya sent her through the air and she landed next to Tory with an amused smile on her face.

Beth backflipped her way to Tanya, turning only to make her dive to her lips. With the first “Pfffft” she felt her cheeks filling with air that then travelled up her body with immense force, expanding everything on its way, her arms, her breasts, her thighs and her calves. Even her shoulders felt swollen. And she felt unbelievably lighter. The second gust went straight to her butt, which visibly grew bigger with that slow flowing motion of a balloon being blown up. The third time Tanya breathed out, she flew and made a simple flip midair before landing next to Alisha and Tory. They quickly positioned themselves and got ready for the next “arrival”.

Gigi skipped one third of the way, her face beaming as always and her glinting eyes dancing. She did a no-hands cartwheel and went for the dive. Small and cute Georgia got stuck on Tanya's lips like an arrow. People were encouraging the girls getting more enthusiastic by the minute and so Tanya blew out two times and on the third she sent Gigi higher than she had sent the rest. Gigi did a breathtaking double front flip, landing her exceedingly enlarged body on Alisha's left and Beth's right shoulder, Tory grabbing her ankles from behind to make sure she wouldn't fall. Gigi was on top of the world and the people watching her over the moon!

In the meantime Jessica has occupied her half of the court and had gone airborne, floating charmingly like a parade balloon . Her body was now a gargantuan ball, the only curves she had given to her by her still struggling uniform that separated her arms and head from her torso, and by her panties, that made her butt and thighs look even bigger than they were already. Her socks had long now been shredded so her feet were continuing their expanding unbothered by any confines. Jessica had accepted her fate and all she did was observe her surroundings from up high, the hose keeping her head facing downwards. With a small flick of her left hand (that's all she could do at her state) she spun a little, her eyes instantly falling on the cheerleader banner and even she, even with the amount of irritation inside her head, found that slightly entertaining – though she would never let the ringleaders know that. Spinning a little more her eyes fell on the performing cheerleaders below her and she had to admit they were doing a very good job...

The ever-silent Keiko planted herself in Tanya's lips after a succession of elaborate yet delicate flips. Tanya was really intrigued by the thin Keiko, as she was a girl with much talent but little to no self-esteem and she wanted to change that so she blew a bit harder than before wanting to give her friend a bigger boost. Keiko's tiny breasts sprung out right away with an audible “Floomp”. After the second amount of air rushed inside her, so did her previously barely-there buttocks, gaining an mazing definition, even under her bodysuit – which was now bulging all over. Tanya's last blow sent her next to the others who were already performing their stunts, waiting to be accompanied by Keiko's team.

Tall and shapeless Jane was next and Tanya knew she was about to get surprised. Girls who never thought of themselves as very “feminine” – like herself for that matter – were the ones to get more weirded out by the results of inflation on their body. Jane's lean body made contact with Tanya's and her eyes popped out as she felt that strange sensation on her cheeks and then up her whole body. Jane was expecting it to be really difficult to balance herself on top of Tanya's face, upside down, and considering her height. But it was so easy! Tanya was doing most of the job, holding her by the mouth and keeping her into place by squishing her face. Jane got some bouncy curves after a couple of blows and when, after the third, she landed next to Keiko she looked so surprised by her own body's view that Keiko's knowing look didn't register for a while.

For the next girl Tanya had to get up. Paige walked towards her almost seductively – at least that's what it looked like to the audience but Tanya could see the comical face she was pulling. Paige was afraid of heights so Tanya couldn't send her flying and consequently they had to find another way. Tanya just stood in the middle of the court grinning at Paige and waiting for her to stand beside her. When Paige looked her in the eyes mere inches away from her powerful lips, Tanya snatched her waist and squeezed her making Paige's hourglass shape even more dramatic, and she gave her an inflating kiss. One blow and Paige's curves went to levels unimagined before. With the second Tanya's hands still on Paige's waist got covered by skin bulging over and squeaking with the contact. Tanya pushed Paige's face away with a small “Ppfftoomg” and her hands left her waist. Paige smiled uncontrollably at Tanya and also stole a glance at James who was still on the railing looking down at her with his mouth agape and, if the distance was not mistaking her, with a growing bulge in his pants. She turned to skip towards Keiko and Jane giving the opportunity to Tanya to slap her butt lightly, sending it jiggling, before she lay down again.

Amy was the most spectacular of all, with her red hair, her shapely figure and her flowing movement. She sprang repeatedly on her hands and feet, executing various drills leaping through the air like a graceful tumbleweed in the middle of a dessert, her wispy hair following her every action. With an extraordinary last jump she embedded her mouth in Tanya's waiting lips and immediately started swelling in all the right places, her small figure filling out and becoming even more ravishing with every exhalation. Tanya blew Amy away with a final forceful puff and she went straight on Jane's and Paige's shoulders, Keiko securing her ankles in place in a flash.

A deafening ripping sound echoed throughout the gym and everyone turned to look at Jess, who was now a monumental round balloon, covering almost all of the ceiling, over ninety feet in diameter. A monumental naked balloon... Her uniform, panties and bra, not being able to contain her epic proportions anymore had been shredded to smithereens, sending tiny white, green and gold cloth confetti around the room. Her massive boobs were floating freely for everyone to see, her vast ass touching the ceiling and her puffed pussy lips open to the crowd underneath. Her hands and feet were the only parts of her limbs that were still sticking out so she couldn't do anything to cover herself. She couldn't even turn her head to hide her embarrassment and resurfaced rage... So she just closed her eyes tightly and tried to block out the lusty whistles and the thunderous clapping.

Tanya laughed her heart out at the sight of their shamed captain. She stood up, still holding her belly with one hand and wiping her eyes with the other. Her tremendous lips were pulled up in an amazing smile that could be seen from miles. Her teammates, having completed their stunts, were now by her side, all in their gorgeous puffy glory, laughing themselves and patting each other on the back. They had made it. The spectators, now more ecstatic than ever with that unexpected grand finale, were springing from their seats applauding passionately and yelling on the top of their lungs cheering the girls for that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime performance. All the girls gathered in front of Tanya in a long line, hugging each other on the shoulders or waist and moved towards her with an affectionate look in their eyes. Tanya, who was still smiling, now was on the verge of crying but not from laughter, but from this amazingly moving look on their faces. Looking at them, all her new friends together, watching them so happy by her own making she realised that what she gained this past year was so much more than she expected. She gained acceptance – and countless more possibilities for fun! So she leaned close, Jess's uniform still showering them celebratorily, and as they were all huddled together, she gave them a huge smack, covering all of their faces with her breathtaking (pun intended) lips and was lost in the triumph of the moment as they all succumbed to an honest, spontaneous group hug...

Author's Note: 

Tanya wants to have more fun, and what better way than enter the cheerleader squad?

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