Friendly Mishap, A

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The day was hot. Being in the middle of summer, days like this came often, and often did we make the best out of it. Geared with my bikini, my towel, and some sunscreen, spending the day basking in the sun with my bestie sounded like a marvelous idea. Of course, the beach was a bit too far away, so we have to settle for your back yard, pool and all. I had a good feeling about today, and I planned to make the best of it. Nudging my sunglasses upward on my nose, I parked up on your driveway, grabbed myself, locked my car and made way for the door. No matter how long we've been good friends, and no matter how many times I've been to your house, out of a undying sense of courtesy, I ring the door bell...

Bing, biiiiinnnnng, bing...

Looking through the glass inlay, I see your lovely figure strolling up to the door, until I hear the lock on the door click. As the door open I greet you with a friendly smile while I take in the sight. Much like myself you're sporting a lovely summer bikini, colored a series of complimentary blues and purples. I can't help but grin, seeing how well your petite frame fills the piece, mentally undressing and redressing you at my whims. With a pleasant greeting, you take a step out and give me a fullsome embrace, though your face practically goes immediately into my cleavage given your height. I giggle at this and comment on your looks as we both make our ways to the back yard. As always, the lawn is a perfect deep greep, and the pool is a glistening blue. Many memories live here, and I hoped to make a few more interesting ones today.

I scanned over the turf and saw that you had already laid out your towel, and following suit, I laid mine next to it, on the side closer to the pool. Taking a look around, my eyes took note of certain features of your back yard: the back of the house itself, the hose reel, the sprinkler panel, the sun chairs, and the vast yard itself. Thoughts fluttered in my mind, and a silly smirk drew itself upon my face. It was then that I came back to reality when you tapped me shoulder, gesturing to the sunscreen bottle in your hand. I blinked, and then nodded humbly as you laid face down, undoing your top.

Just where I want you...

I liberally apply the sunscreen to all of your back, but once I'm done, I take advantage of you laying down and tip-toe over to the sprinkler panel. I've worked this thing before, and now was the time for to make good on all my waiting. Closing the panel, I walked steadily over to the hose and quietly began to pull out a length of it. Ensuring the hose head valve was shut, I turn on the water, and put it down close to the grass. With the minute or so I had left, I knelt down, and ever so gently, kissed the back of your neck. With the desired reaction, I feel your body shiver giddily, and hear you giggling. I tell you its all apart of the fun, and just as you begin to question me about what fun I'm refering to...


With perfect timing, sprinkler heads began to pop out of the ground, one after the other, and as they filled with water, they began to shower the entire the lawn, including us. The shock of cold water raining down on you jolts you enough to make you scramble to your feet, hurriedly trying to collect your towel before it was too late. Fortunately, it already was, but not for the towel. Calmly I stood to my full height next to you, and with little grace I give you firm push backwards, knowing full well you're not the best with your sense of balance. You arms wave wildly for but a second until your rear comes in contact with the ground, an odd foomph accompanying it. After a short squeak, you look right at me, eyes burning in a confused and betrayed manner, but that doesn't last long. Before you can even muster a curse or stern insult you feel a coolness entering your lower half. The anger in your expression leaves instantaneously as you take a look around, until your see your rear end...

Slowly but surely, it begins widening, getting rounder, bloating outward.

Your shrill squeal pierces my ears as you frantically try to push yourself off. By now you must know that you conveniently fell on a sprinkler, and all that water that would be going to the lawn is now flooding into your soft, bubbly bum. Turning your head to the left and right, doing your best to get a glimpse and your filling behind, you forget to take notice of where I've gone. Yet, by the time you do notice, once again it is already too late. Standing before you was myself in all my wet and shining glory, armed with a now running hose. Determined to not let you get a single word in the hose soon finds its way inside your mouth, stuck so securely that it stays even after I let go. Your eyes widen incredibly while you begin to tug hopelessly at hose as the flow of water from it starts to fill your cheeks, rushing steadily into you. As you take in what soon amasses to be gallons of liquid, you quickly come to the realization that its not going down into your stomach...

Its billowing out your uncovered breasts, bulging them more and more like waterballoons...

For the most part, everything had gone according to plan: you, filling up in a rapid pace, not only from one end, but two! Bigger and bigger you became, your once lithe form bloating to newer and larger sizes. Your entire form becan to somewhat raise higher with the size that your butt had obtained. Each cheek tremored with the sloshing and whirling waters that were within. Your breasts weren't far behind as each minute the hose pumped water into you was another cup or more added to your liquidy bust.

Admiring my work, I stepped around your swelling form, poking and proding where I saw fit. You didn't take notice, but who could blame you, having your body slowly transform more and more into a watery hourglass is something that demands one's full attention. While still frantic, I sense a calm overcoming the fear, as you cup your impressive breasts together, feeling their softness, their sloshyness, how smooth your wet skin is beneath your grip. After a while, I even see a blush reddening your cheeks. To me, this couldn't have went any better, as I kneel to your side, a curious hand lifting to squeeze your squishy bosom. Your face says a thousand words in response to my touch, but this is just the beginning.

Larger you swell, plumping up marvelously, steadily more, and more, and more!

The soft sounds coming from your lips signal the intense sensation. Each touch feels like electricity, stinging so lightly, but so desirable. Your behind rivals two overly filled bean-bag chairs, your bust surpassing even the largest of beachballs, swaying heftily on your chest. On your figure, these proportions are simply outrageous, and only getting more and more so as time passes. Though, you want more it seems. Your hands run all over your body, squeezing, touching, holding, kneading. My hands are right there with yours, rubbing, massaging, pushing, teasing. Everything is flowing and flooding, pushing your limits with each ounce, each quart, each gallon that fills you. Soft but ushered moans flutter from your limits. You can feel the pressure mounting. Higher and Higher! Larger you fill, bigger you bulge! I reach my hands around to your front and give both your swollen nipples the firmest squeeze!

Your pleasured and water muffled scream fills my ears...and then all goes silent.

One by one, the sounds of sputtering sprinklers come to and end, as they all retreat back into the ground. The timer on the garden hose even times out, and with a gentle tug I pull it free from your mouth. You breathe heavily for short time as I drape myself across your shoulder, nuzzling my cheek into yours. For a time you marvel at the sheer size you have gained, reveling in the wonders that are your massively plump breasts, and your stupendously large rear end. Getting up, I walk around to your front, and slump onto your breasts to see you face to face. I give a slight remark, something to the effect of things not being bad. And for my efforts, I receive a flick to my nose, and a stubborn, but thankful grin.

Completely worth it.

Author's Note: 

Another short, this one for makemesaurus from a "How would I inflate you" thread.

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