Birthday Treat, A

    James started grinning as Chloe saw his face from the corner of his eye as the train rattled onwards. They had been together for just under two years now, their relationship was going well. Well, she thought to herself, was an understatement. They were almost madly in love with each other. In fact, today was Chloe's birthday. They were on the train together on a birthday trip, and he was keeping where a secret.
    "Guessed where we're going yet?" James said to her from the seat opposite her.

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Friendly Mishap, A

Sexual Content:
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Water Balloon Figure

The sun was high on this summer day in South Jersey and Katie was busy lounging in her back yard by her pool, as she was seen on every other day. She had sported a tiny, baby blue bikini top and matching bottom as she soaked in the sun, waiting for her friends to get there. Katie could be described as pretty, standing at 5'7 with B cup breasts and an ample bottom with a flat, athletic stomach. Her straight brunette hair hung down to her shoulders with her big sunglasses blocking her particularly beautiful blue eyes.

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I Can...HH-DMG'08

Inflation Types:

Yes Inflation Artists! The Skunkman can do Helium Hooters!

Wynnesome was a Real good sport about doing it. *bows before her*

Model: www.wynnesome.deviantart.com

I Can...HH-DMG'08
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