Danielle's Punishment

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It was a rainy day. I was laying on my couch waiting for my boyfriend to come over. It had been 3 hours since he had called so I was getting worried. I thought "Where could he be?" But then I thought maybe he was getting something nice for me. After all he always buys clothes for me. I use him for money all the time I am a 5 foot 6 inch girl. I weigh 120 lbs and I'm a model. But I need money for food so my boyfriend buys me all my clothes. Anyways, Hours went on and he still wasn't here. I got worried and called. But then I heard a knock on my door. I opened it up and there he was. But he didn't have clothes like I expected. He had a box and some ropes. So I asked "Babe, what's that?" 

"A surprise I got for you Danielle." He responded. I was very confused but I didn't say anything. I wanted to see what this was. He went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses of wine. "Here drink this. It tastes great." He said. I didn't respond and drank the wine. At that moment I started to feel dizzy 

"I feel dizzy babe" I said

"Perfect" he responded. At that moment I passed out. I woke up, my arms were tied together as were my ankles. "Are you ready for your surprise?" He asked

"What happened? Why am I tied up?" I asked

"You'll see babe. I'm about to lift a lot of expenses off of myself" he said. At that moment he pulled out a large air pump. He started to put the tube in my mouth and I resisted. But then he forced the tube into my mouth. Then he showed me the pump. It was a bicycle pump. He started pumping. Every pump my belly felt fuller and fuller. "How is it Danniele?" He asked taking the tube out for a second.

"Please stop! I'm full!" I responded

"I've spent way to much money on your clothes for modeling and I'm done with it. So I figured if I make you big enough the modeling company will fire you." He responded. Before I could say another word he shoved the tube back in my mouth and started pumping again. My belly started to expand. At first it was a tiny bump. But then I looked like I was 9 months pregnant. Then my breasts started to expand. My tank top was straining and then it happened, My tank top bursted, revealing my swelling belly and breasts. My belly was the size of a beachball and my breasts were two basketballs. My ass was also blowing up at this point. I was moaning in pain but I couldn't stop the flow of air rushing into my body. My leggings were stretching because of my enormous ass. My stomach was enormous now and my bra had snapped. My boyfriends was getting tired of pumping and he stopped to talk to me again. He said "I think I like you big like this. In fact I could get my way out of every expense and inconvenience. I'm gonna make you burst!" He was laughing at me. I felt like crying. I didn't want to explode. But I could do anything. I was helpless. He started pumping again. Every pump hurt more and more. My ass tore through my leggings. My breasts were the size of two beach balls and my stomach was stretching its limits. My cheeks filled. Tears were coming out of my eyes because I knew it was gonna happen. My stomach was turning red. He was laughing. Then... I exploded

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hehe, Ive got to start

hehe, Ive got to start mistreating more boyfriends ;)

Bellyinflator89 (not verified)
Lets fill in! :)

THAT would be a sight to remember bloated_cheeks! ;)....Maybe we can try inflating your pussy and butt too? hehe ;)