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Tanika was to visit an online webshop. She was trying to buy new clothes for the summer. Eventually she clicked on the page of her favorite fashion designer Lilou Cloudois. Cloudois was well-known for her "out of the box" ideas. She had designed things as : high heels for men, bikini's for the winter, and much more.

Tanika bought a t-shirt that you could also wear inside out. It was just a shame that the shipment of the shirt from France to America more expense than the shirt. But Tanika saw an article what this could change that. She began to read it carefully.

"Lilou Cloudois booked with her clothing much success in Europe. Now she is  planning to sell het latest fasion in America. Are you a real American woman, and you dream to become model? Please send an e-mail and photo to us. You're can be  the new face of the fashion industry!"

This was Tanika's big chance to meet Cloudois in the really. But also a chance to become model herself . Without thinking she sent an email to Cloudois article.

(A day later Tanika was told that she had won, 2 months later she travelled to New York for her photoshoot ).

Tanika walked in to  the studio. Quickly she saw  Lilou Cloudois talking on the telephone. Cloudois was dressed in a black garment. She had a white painted hair that grew to her sunglasses. She saw that Tanika was waiting in the studio. She stopped her phone call and walked on to Tanika.

Bonjour, my name is Lilou Cloudois. Sorry for the telephone. I have here an American manager if you know what i mean".  Carefully Cloudois looked at Tanika's body and smiled. “When i saw your picture i thought: I should  choose you , the most beautiful afro-american  i have seen in my life." She put off her sunglasses to admire Tanika's body. "You body shape is perfect for my idea"

Cloudois put her sunglasses back on and grabbed a paper bag. "This is the Summerdress for your photoshoot. Pleace, would you change clothes, then i call my manager".

Tanika walked into the dressing room andundress herself. When she opened the paper bag she saw was crying so much that there is a yellow feminine touch. What Tanika equal noticed was that the dress was very small, almost a child-size . But she decided to put it on. But the dress fits perfectly.

Tanika walked in to the studio where Cloudois was to calling again. "Why should I do it faster ... A pop star?... he cannot wait… .i have booked this studio ... ok ok ... I see what i can do." Cloudois turned the phone off and focused her attention on Tanika.

"That yellow color match  wonderful with you". Cloudois took some photo’s out of her handbag . "These are the pictures i have made of the Polish model Anna Bratalsky, with you i have the same plan".  Tanika carefully looked at the photos.

On the photos there was a woman in a red dress. In every picture of the stack or the woman seemed to become more rounded and thicker. Also the advertising text to each photo was "Cloudois's Strexx, the clothes the stretch with you."

"This is my latest idea" Cloudois spoke. "Clothing that stretches along with your body. So everyone can my clothes. And you do not need to search for Small or XXL, because everything fits."

"I Get so than a airbag under my dress?" asked Tanika. Cloudois laughed "no Tanika, then we dont see the curves of your body. I go to blow you up for the photoshoot."

Tanika was surprised. " This is save? ".  "Of course, tomorrow you have you own figure back" Cloudois reassure her.

Tanika went in place of the photo shoot. From the hallway  Cloudois brought a large electric pump. She put this pump next to the camera. At the end of the pump was a blue tube. "Tanika, if you place this tube in your body. Than we can start." "how do you mean place in my body ". Cloudois just looked what uncomfortable. "Through you rear exit Tanika".  With some doubts Tanika did what she was asked to.

Cloudois rivaled her thumbs up "now we can begin. I first take a picture of how your body is normally" with a white flash of the camera a photo was  taken. Cloudois looked on the display of her camera to admire the photo . " Magnifique! You have talent for this job"

Cloudois ran a button on the pump. With a rumbling noise the pump was turned on. Tanika felt that the tube blew warm air in her body. She felt slowly her stomach and intestines become filled with compressed air. Under her yellow dress her belly began to grow.

"You start to get a nice tummy" said Cloudois adoring. Flash! She had made the second picture.

Tanika had never had this much a bloated feeling. It felt like it was an enormous fart. But to her surprise was this feeling was getting stronger by any second . Its stomach had already a really round shape. Flash! The third photo was made.

Tanika rubbed with her hands on her abdomen "mrs Cloudois, i am not very sure about your plan. I feel  uncomfortable with it".  Cloudois began reassuring her. "Don't worry. Many women will admire you. You are the pioneer of my fashion in America. And on your body, don't worry." Tanika began to get more confidence.

She looked like she had ¾ of a pregnancy.

Suddenly Cloudois was called "Hello ... What….  Than all ... 80 Minutes?... but ... Okay.." they hung her phone again. Flash! "Beautiful photo. but we have to work faster" said Cloudios  annoyed. They ran the button of the pump again.

Tanika felt the pressure increase in her body. She felt like a birthday balloon. Now  also started  the curves of her body to grow. Her breasts were a cup  grown, and also her hips and buttocks were rounder.

Tanika felt the pressure increase in her body. She felt like she was a birthday balloon. Now the curves of her body started to grow to. Her breasts were  grown a cup, and also hips and buttocks were rounder.

"Is my body now not too thick for the photo?" asked Tanika in the hope that the pump can be turned off".  "No it looks beautiful. You cannonball round stomach. Your filled breasts. Your tight large buttocks. You are beautiful. You will be the most beautiful, largest and most famous woman of the USA".

Cloudois took place behind her camera"let me see that you proud you inflated body" Tanika sat her hands on its large breasts and looked defaint in the lens. Flash! "Good Tanika, good. " for the following photo Tanika stand crooked  so that her round buttocks withdrew the attention. Flash! Tanika began to enjoy it. She looked to her enormous belly. Hard she pushed her hands the belly as if it seemed like she wanted leak itself with its nails . Flash!

Tanika had no idea by how far she had been blown up . Her stomach was like a large beach ball . Her breasts had the size of a motorhelm. On her hips you could put on both sides a waterglass.

After a while Tanika was feeling tight . It can not be the  dress. But she thought it was her skin. "Mrs Cloudois, i am now what tight in my skin. We can stop" Cloudois looked her  "we still have take a last photo".  Tanika posed smiling with her arms lying down on her body. It seemed like she was pleased with her inflated body. Flash!

Cloudois went to the pump to the button to turn it off. But when she turned the button she heard it break. "Merde! That stupid pump" Tanika still felt that there was air pumped in her body. She felt that her body was against its maximum.

Cloudois grabbed her phone "don't worry Tanika, i call for help".  Annoyed she called her American manager.

"Hello ... yes, this is Cloudois here… ..button of the pump is broken… .yes ... she is already really far inflated ... yes ... yes i would like that ... why does the technical service only work on tuesday ... no ... there must be a technician NOW ... I do not want a repeat of what is happend in Europe ... Don't you know how difficult that trial was against that Polish family?... of course…. i do not want that That happens with this model ... ok.. so quickly as you can."


Cloudois telephone call was disturbed by a hard bang. In the studio flew all loose pieces skin and yellow cotton. On the place where Tanika was  were only 2 high-heeled shoes left.

Stressful  Cloudois  smoked a cigarette. "If i have won this trial ,my manager will buy a good pump this time. Because if this happened with my Australian model to, I will be ruined"

Author's Note: 

its one of my stories (i have more but i need to translate it). i hope you like it. please, dont mind my grammer. I did not grown up with English, and i have a grammer-handicap.

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A neat setup

Hey your very first story on this site. So far my favourite is your "The Inflate Quiz" though this one is nice as well.

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yes, my story is finally on

yes, my story is finally on this site. im very pleaced you like it.

And boom goes the inflatee