Turkish Trouble 3 Third Time Lucky

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It was early evening on an air field in the south of England, the sun had set over the horizon and the dark had begun to set in. The only building on site was a huge hanger built for holding experimental military planes but due to budget cuts it had been disused for the past six months. Then appearing from across the other side of the air field 3 people were walking across towards the access door of the hanger, each with a backpack.

Vicky: Come on Girls we only have a few hours to get this done so the sooner we get set up the better.

Emily/Hannah: Alright were coming.

Both Hannah and Emily followed until they reached a large metal door. Vicky unscrewed the wheel on the front of the door and with a groan and a cluck it swung open.

Vicky: Right were in, come on girls.

Emily/Hannah: yay.

Once the girls were inside Vicky found the lights and they revealed the room. It was a huge aircraft hanger, that easily had room for 10 jumbo jets and then more, it looked like it stretched on forever and the light lit it perfectly. It was all painted in a light grey and all the walls were smooth and at one end there was a table and a small office. All the girls then rested the back packs on the table all in a line. Vicky was the first to open hers and she removed 2 files from her back pack, giving one each to Hannah and Emily. They both had classified stamped in large red letters and were all a purple colour. Vicky the group leader, so she addressed both Emily and Hannah with the mission brief.

Vicky: Now Emily and Hannah to fill you both in as to why we have come here for the next couple of hours. It has come to our attention that there is a piece of confectionary effecting woman kind as we know it.

Vicky reaches into her backpack and reveals a large bag labelled blueberry Turkish delight in purple glittery letters.

Hannah: Hey it’s those bars.

Vicky: Ahem.

Winking at Hannah.

Vicky: These bars have been known to turn ordinary girls into giant blueberries with embarrassing consequences and it is our job to find a cure to this embarrassing ending and make them safe.

Emily: So Vicky, those are the sweets where it has been reported that if you eat them you swell up into a huge blueberry girl and then burst like a nuclear bomb?

Vicky: Exactly Emily and even though I have heard the inflation part is quite pleasurable the ending is very dangerous and painful for the subject and as you can imagine can create quite a mess.

Hannah: But how can we find a solution as if we just eat them we will end up the same as what has been reported? How is that going to help?

Vicky: Through my secret contacts I have managed to obtain the only official documents with all the information on the Turkish delight bars and information on 2 cases where the blueberrification has occurred, there was apparently a thrid but I was unable to get hold of it, anyway. So Emily if you would like to read us the first file on our first subject.

Emily: Name Alannah, age 16, build slightly chubby, DD breasts and large bum.

Alannah found the Turkish delight by chance one day in her local park, she ate the bar and then noticed her skin turn blue, sorry violet and then she began to swell up, she got so big she burst out of all the clothes she was wearing. She continued to expand to a size of 75 meters in diameter with all her limbs sucked into her body, she then felt a sudden rise in pressure then exploded into a mushroom could of juice creating a small lake and then she resurfaced from the juice unharmed but her skin dyed violet which later wore off.

Vicky: You see what I mean, it’s nice to expand but before you can even think or get someone to juice you, you explode.

Hannah: But it can’t be the same each time or can it?

Vicky: Well read your file and you will see.

Hannah:  Well it says here it was two girls this time Ellen and Carly, Ellen ate the bar and had much the same experience as Alannah but felt tight at 55 meters so Carly inserted a hose into herself to relive Ellen. This then lead to her also becoming a blueberry girl herself. Then Carly started to produce juice so the pressure equalised between the two girls and they both began swelling again to 75 meters and then burst in much the same way as Alannah, all alive but blue.

Vicky: So you see what I mean about these bars they are very dangerous and could be embarrassing or harmful if people ate them in public places like on a train or in a car it could be disastrous. That is why we three have been asked to find a cure or a way to control the final part of the process.

Hannah: Well isn’t there and antidote for the process?

Emily: Can’t the girls just be juiced sooner before they burst?

Vicky: No there is not an antidote as any further chemicals added after the blueberrification process has begun have no effect and there is not enough time for the girl to even contact someone to get juiced so there is only one method of how to possibly control the Turkish delight.

Emily/Hannah: How?

Vicky: Well there is a theory that if you take a double dosage the effects will be reduced so in this case the girl will not burst and will remain as a blueberry until juiced. There is also a part of the theory where this only occurs at a certain point so doubling the amount will only just double the side effects in some cases until you find the magical amount as it were.

Hannah: So you are saying that if you take a multiple dosage you will stop the process?

Vicky: Yes Hannah that’s correct I have 3 possible combinations I have calculated.

Emily: But who’s going to test it?

Vicky: We are that’s what’s in the bags.

Hannah: But what if we burst?

Vicky: It will hurt but you won’t die you will just be a little blue for a while but it won’t be for nothing we will monitor you while it happens for size and pressure.

The girls then went to the back packs and removed the equipment from them, there was a digital measuring kit which Hannah placed around the room, a pressure sensor that was inserted analy and then sent a signal to a receiver and then a speaker system to speak to the person under test.

Vicky: Right Emily bring the bars and the receivers into this office here.

Emily: Ok Vicky.

Emily and Vicky went into the office to set up the receivers and a laptop they then called over Hannah.

Vicky: Here is what we are going to do, you Hannah are having 4 bars, Emily you are having 8 and I’m having 16. What we will do is you get undressed here and go into the centre of the room then you will connect the pressure sensor and put on the head set so we in here can talk to you. Then you will eat the bars and we will see what happens so Hannah you’re first.

Hannah: I’ll get undressed then.

Hannah was the smallest out of the three girls, she had a slender figure with B sized breasts and only a small perky bum which was revealed by the removal of her skirt. Her stomach was toned with only a slight bulge as she was very slim with her hips only a little wider than her chest. After unclipping her bra and shaking off her knickers, Hannah placed the head set on and then left the control room and went to the centre of the hanger. She bent down to place the pressure meter in her bum.

Hannah: Easy does it, ah there we go.

Vicky: Setting the measuring lazars to zero, go ahead Hannah eat the bars.

Emily: Good luck Hannah.

Hannah: Ok Vicky and thank you Emily.

Hannah unwrapped all four bars and laid then out on the floor, she then got each bar and crammed them into her mouth until she had consumed all 4.

Hannah: There we go I have eaten all the bars girls.

Vicky: We will keep you posted on your parameters Hannah.

Hannah: Ok Vicky.

Hannah then felt herself she was feeling very bloated she then looked at her hands and saw the violet haze begin to sweep over her skin. In just one or two minutes she was now completely blue and her slender figure had become very chubby.

Hannah: I feel so bloated, ooh wow.

Hannah’s breasts then began to expand outwards along with her bum and soon surpassed the measurable breast scale. Her belly also followed suit and she began to expand and quite a rate.

Hannah: Hmmm this feels kind of fun and nice mmmmm.

Vicky: She has reached 10 meters.

Emily: So what is the known burst point or where are we most likely to explode?

Vicky: Well around 75 to 80 meters with these two cases but that’s only with one of the bars, so who knows what happens with multiple bars.

Hannah kept on expanding more and more and at a much faster rate than either of the previous cases.

Vicky: Hannah you are now at 20 meters and your internal pressure is at 30 psi.

Hannah: Thanks Vicky.

Hannah continued to expand with blueberry juice, her belly filling out becoming spherical with her head perched on top with her now huge breasts and bum jutting out, Vicky and Emily continued to monitor her size and her pressure calling them out every 10 increments.

Vicky: Hannah are you still ok?

Hannah: Yeah I’m fine.

Vicky: You don’t feel tight or anything yet?

Hannah: No I feel fine this is quite fun, I wish I had found theses bars earlier.

Vicky: You are now over 60 meters wide Hannah, just thought I would let you know.

Hannah: Ok thank you Vicky.

Emily: But isn’t that close to the burst point?

Vicky: Well yes it is but she says she is fine as we do get some warning according to the other girls so no need to worried yet.

Emily: Ah rite.

Everything remained all swell with Hannah she even surpassed the size reached by Alannah, Carly and Ellen.

Vicky: You have now passed 80 meters Hannah.

Hannah: Ok Vicky I still feel fin…………

Vicky: Hannah what’s up you didn’t finish your last sentence are you ok?

Hannah: No I’m starting to feel full and tight.

Vicky: Well you’re not slowing in growth and the pressure is remaining constant.

A few moments later that would all change for Hannah.

Hannah: Vicky I’m feeling really tight now.

Vicky: You have just ticked over to 90 meters.

Hannah: My boobs and my bum, I think they are getting smaller.

Vicky: Let me just check your stats Hannah.

Emily: Look the pressure inside her is rising and her rate of growth is decreasing.

Vicky: Oh god will she make it?

Hannah’s breasts and buttocks kept on decreasing in size until they were part of her main body.

Hannah: GNNN it’s really hurting now.


Emily: Oh god look at her skin its see through.


Vicky: She’s just ticked over to 99 meters, and she’s at over 200 psi.


Vicky: those stretch marks are huge and there getting bigger she’s not growing anymore and the pressure is rising.


Hannah: GNNNNNNN it hurts so much, I can’t hold this much juice I’m not going to GNNNN make it I’m GNNNNNN gona burst GNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAA


A huge splat of blueberry juice fills the room covering the screen, a set of pumps fired into action to remove and store the juice in silos. Once it has dripped down the glass, Vicky and Emily saw Hannah lying on the floor in the middle of the room, Vicky ran out to the middle of the room with a towel, helped Hannah up and brought her back into the room.

Vicky: Are you ok Hun?

Hannah: Wow I’m a bit shocked but I’m fine.

Vicky: Right Emily here are your bars, it’s your turn.

Emily: Ok Vicky I will get undressed and get out there.

Emily removed her clothes she was not as thin as Hannah she was a bit chubbier round her hips, she had a bigger bum and quite a nice belly and medium sized boobs.

She was handed the bars by Vicky. She then removed her cloths and walked to the centre of the hanger and promptly got ready.

Emily: The pressure probe is inserted and I’m ready to go.

Hannah: Ok Emily commence eating.

Emily began to eat the bars of Turkish delight, she ate them very quickly but after 4 bars she had already turned blue and had begun to fill up.

Emily: Girls I need a hand here in starting to swell up, you will have to feed me the rest of the bars.

Vicky: Ok Emily I’m coming.

Vicky left the control room and ran over to the still swelling Emily, she fed her the remaining 3 bars and retreated back to the office.

Emily: Thanks Vicky.

Emily began to swell much quicker than Hannah had done.

Hannah: Wow you’re at 10 meters already Emily.

Emily kept on growing.

Hannah: 20 meters, 25, 30 wow the blueberrification process seems to have reacted very quickly with you Emily.

Vicky: Pressure is higher than it was with you Hannah but as she is growing much faster than you did, it is not too worrying.

Emily: Well I feel fine no aches or pains to be reported.

Emily continued to swell bigger and bigger, in no time at all she had got to 80 meters and then 90 and 100 in quick succession surpassing Hannah’s size.

Hannah: Emily you have just passed my maximum size are you ok? Vicky, how is her internal pressure?

Vicky: All seems well she is not up to your stats as of yet.

Emily: I feel fine there must be a ratio to the number of bars you have to how big you can get, perhaps this is the correct formula for not bursting.

Emily continued to grow at her current rate until she reached 140 meters.

Emily then felt a huge sharp pain all through her body and her stats shot up.

Emily: Girls help what’s happening?

Vicky: Her pressure has shot up the numbers are ticking over really quickly.

Hannah: She has also stopped getting any bigger, I think she is going to burst!

Both girls thoughts where soon realised.

Emily: It hurts so much!!!!!CREAK!!!!! GNNNNNNAAAA!!!!!BOOM!!!!!

Emily exploded with a great force.

Hannah: Wow that was huge and very quick?

Vicky: Yeah it was bring her in, as soon as the juice clears.

After the pumps had ran all the juice is the hanger had gone leaving a passed out Emily in the centre of the floor. Hannah and Vicky ran over to her, each grasping an arm then carried her back to the control room and sat her down and wrapped her in a towel. After Vicky poured water in Emily’s face she came to.

Emily: Wow what happened did I survive?

Hannah: I’m afraid not you exploded in a quite spectacular fashion.

Emily: But if I exploded why do I not remember bursting, I remember feeling in great pain but I don’t remember actually bursting, Hannah you burst and you felt it along with the other three girls?

Vicky: Your rate of growth was so fast that your skin did not even have time to catch up with compensating for the juice and you passed out due to the immense pressure hence before you exploded you blacked out as they was a delay between your scream and you bursting.

Hannah: Looks like you’re in for a fun time Vicky.

Vicky: I know.

Vicky removed her clothes and headed over to the centre of the hanger very gingerly full of dread knowing what would happen to her. Vicky removed her cloths she was much shorter than the other two and she was very wide in the hips and chubby. She also remove her belly button ring and then walked with the bars and got her self ready in the middle of the hanger.

Vicky: Girls I’m ready can you come and feed me the bars please as we found out with Emily, I’ll grow too big before I eat all of them.

Hannah: I’m coming Vicky.

Hannah began to feed Vicky with the 16 bars.

Vicky: I’m swelling up already we need to be quick.

Hannah: It’s getting harder to feed them to you Vicky.

They got though 12 bars and Vicky was becoming out of reach for Hannah.

Hannah: You only have 4 to go Vicky we might just make it.

Hannah fed Vicky the other 3 bars with only one left but Vicky was now 6 meters high and out of Hannah’s reach.

Hannah: Vicky I can’t reach you what shall I do?

Vicky: Throw it up towards my face I will try and catch it.

Hannah grasped the bar and threw it at Vicky’s face. It hit Vicky square in the mouth and she gulped it down.

Vicky then began to swell at a phenomenal rate.

Vicky: Wow I’m growing quickly.

Emily: Yeah you are like a meter every thirty seconds.

Hannah: Do you think you will end up like Emily Vicky, growing at this speed?

Vicky: I don’t know Hannah I guess we will have to find out.

Vicky continued her pace of growth, quickly getting to 50 meters then 75 then her rate of growth slowed a little to a meter every 2 minutes.

Vicky: Girls I seem to have slowed down.

Hannah: Yeah but your pressure has increased a little but nothing to worried about though.

Vicky: Oh good.

Vicky continued swelling passed 100 meters and showed no signs of slowing.

Hannah: Everything is ok Vicky your pressure is still creeping up a little.

Vicky swelled for the next half an hour going up in increments of 50 meters going pass 150, 200 and 250 with no bother at all.

Vicky: Wow I’m huge, no massive, how can I get this big.

Hannah: Well I have now idea but you have no issues yet.

Hannah would very soon have to eat her words.

At 265 Vicky began to feel some discomfort.

Vicky: Umm guys how am I doing I’m starting to feel odd.

Hannah: No there’s nothing odd here.

Vicky: It’s getting worse, I’m starting to feel tight.

Vicky was right she was running out of skin to stretch and soon she physically showed signs of getting too full.

Her boobs began to shrink and her hands started to sink into her body.

Vicky: Girls what’s happening there?

Emily: You are slowing down in your rate growth.

Hannah: But your pressure is increasing at quite a rate now you’re at 150 psi.

Vicky: Oh god I’m going to burst aren’t I.

Hannah: We don’t know that yet Vicky.

Vicky continued to grow, her hands and feet were absorbed and her breasts had now become part of the orb with only her head in an ever deepening creator.

Emily: You’re now at 180 meters and at wow 220 psi.


Vicky: What was that?

Hannah: It was you Vicky I think you are running out of room.

Vicky: Oh god!

Vicky cringed, now her skin had ran out of give starch marks began to form and a dark purple line began to cover her body.


Vicky: It’s starting to hurt girls, I don’t think I’m going to make it.


Hannah: You’re now at over 400 psi Vicky, I’m sorry we can’t help you.

Vicky: It is ok girls at least we tried to find a solution to this problem. GNNNNN, its hurting really badly now GNNNNNN.

Vicky was now at 295 meters and steadily approaching 500 psi and the end was looking to be certain.

!!!CREAK!!! !!!GROAN!!! !!!RUMBLE!!!

With her stretch marks getting ever larger Vicky had condemned herself to the fate of her two friends she had become silent and waited for the end.

Hannah: Oh no she going to blow and I’m not sure the building will hold up to the blast this time.

Emily: I think you are right Hannah, shall we take cover?

Hannah: No we have all been through it we will stick together.

Emily: Ok Hannah I’m ready.

!!!!CREAK!!!! !!!!GROAN!!!! !!!!RUMBLE!!!!

Vicky was at 299 meters and at 499 psi she was about to tick over to 300 meters and 500 psi and even in so much pain she let out one final cry.


Than all went silent all the noise and movement stopped and Hannah and Emily turn and looked at each other in amazement.

Hannah: Are you seeing what I’m seeing Emily?

Emily: If you’re meaning that we still have a very large Vicky, then yes I can confirm that you are not dreaming.

Hannah: We have done it, she didn’t burst.

Both girls jumped out of their seats and shared and embrace.

Then voice appeared over the radio.

Vicky: Hey girls before we celebrate can we possibly make me a bit more comfortable?

Hannah/Emily: Vicky! Your fine, ok we will get onto it.

Vicky: No great rush it feels quite nice to be this big.

Hannah: So the pain has gone away.

Vicky: Seams it has done.

Emily: Right we will get something to get you juiced with.

Both girls left the control room and found a large industrial pump attached to the wall.

Emily: I’ll get a hose and attach it to Vicky.

Emily dragged the hose out to Vicky and screwed it into the end of the pressure gauge attachment.

Emily: Turn it on please Hannah.

Vicky: Oh yes please Hannah.

Hannah selected the silo setting for the location to pump the contents of Vicky.

Hannah: Pump is going on.

Vicky slowly felt the pump kick in reliving her of the juice.

Vicky: Aww that’s feels good.

The process took several hours but by day break Vicky was back to her normal size but a little blue.

Vicky: Now girls pack the stuff up we have the results I’ll have to take it to the labs at school and see what I can do to it to dilute it a little to reduce the size quite a bit.

Hannah/Emily: Right ok we’ll get onto it.

Within 15 minutes all the girls were dressed and ready to leave they switched of all the lights and   locked all the doors behind   them vanishing into the undergrowth around the air field.


Author's Note: 

Here is the third installment of the Turksih trouble saga this time starring three girls who try and find a way to cure the endless expansion process. 

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Really could have done without the script format, cos that's what I felt I was reading.

Cool pump
I like it please keep up the good work

The story is very good and ehile i don't generally care about errors in grammer or spelling (especially since i pretty much ignore them or just am too lazy to remember them when i write rarely) it never hurts to practice and improve if only to find even more ways to entice the reader. All in all i thought the series thus far was VERY GOOD! Don't let the flaws stop your work