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They say every man has a special talent.  Mine isn't that useful, but at least it's unique.

I took a few deep breaths to prepare, looking myself over in a full-length mirror.  There was no shortage of old sweatshirts and sweatpants in second-hand clothing stores, and I made sure to stock up when I could.  They were kept in a box away from prying eyes when not in use, and when I was finished with them I buried them at the bottom of the trash can to hide the evidence.  I didn't need them, but they did make the whole experience better.  At least, I thought so.

Opening my mouth wide I took a deep breath, slowly at first, pulling in air without stopping.  Immediately I began to fill out my sweatshirt, the cloth pulling against my chest and stomach.  My navel poked out from beneath the hem as I continued to inflate, my belly pushing out before spreading out into a spare tire around my waist.  My shoulders and ass began to swell, and my back rounded out to join them.

I patted my stomach, feeling the sleeves of my sweatshirt grow snug as my arms grew thicker.  A second later my legs joined in, hips stretching the tired elastic of the waistband as they filled with air.  My hands and feet came last, the bony digits swelling out into smooth curves.

I stopped inhaling and paused to look myself over in the mirror.  Before I was unremarkable and average, but now I was soft and puffy, large but not heavy.  I loved the tension and fullness, being so big and buoyant, and I felt myself stiffen and grow hard.

I took another deep breath, adding a few inches to my waistline and some more thickness all over.  My sleeves and pant legs began to grow tight, and I grinned, flexing.  I hadn't just gotten bigger around; I had gained two or three inches of height as well.  I knew it was just air, but it was hard not to feel powerful.


It was hard to feel powerful when your girlfriend came back early from her visit with her friends to discover you doing your best impression of a blimp, though.

She leaned against the door frame, red hair framing a smug smile. "Well, well, well.  What have we here?"

As soon as the words left my mouth I realized how dumb they were. "It's not what it looks like!"

"Oh really." She stepped forward and poked me in the stomach, her finger sinking in. "Because it looks like some really crazy shit to me."

At this point I was too preoccupied trying to defend my pride to try and deflate. "I can explain-"

"Outside, Michelin," she said, pointing towards the back door before stepping aside.

Despite my size I suddenly felt very small.  I waddled to the door, trying to pass through only to wedge my stomach between the frames.  I struggled for a bit to free myself until she shoved me through with a foot to my ass, and I stumbled forward, bouncing off a wall before regaining my balance.

I looked back at her and she gestured for me to keep walking, smiling at my clumsiness.  I waddled on, hoping for the ground to open up so I could fall in and hide forever.


Our backyard was big and empty, surrounded by a fence and dense forest, but as I stood outside I felt like the whole world was watching me.  The only person who was, though, was my girlfriend, staring at me with a blank expression on her face some yards away.

"So," she began. "You like blowing yourself up?"

My cheeks were burning.  Doing it is one thing, but admitting it is a lot harder.

"Answer me.  Do you like blowing yourself up?"


"Does being a balloon turn you on?"

I couldn't meet her eyes.  Despite being caught red-handed I was still erect.

"I can tell you like it.  Does this turn you on?"

"Yes." I practically had to force the words out.  If she was trying to humiliate me, she was doing a good job of it.

"Can you get bigger?"

"Yes."  What was she getting at, I wondered?

She nodded slowly, watching me, then started to inhale and didn't stop.  I stared in shock as her her flat chest quickly grew into two globes the size of her head and her stomach swelled out, pushing her t-shirt up and out of way as her midsection grew rounder.  Her backside ballooned, the stitches giving on her shorts as her thighs thickened, followed by her arms and the rest of her legs.  In less than ten seconds she was just as big and full as I was.  She sighed contentedly as a faint blush spread across her cheeks.  Noticing my dumbfounded look she asked, "what's the matter, balloon boy?  I thought you said could get bigger?"

That was all I needed.  Smiling in relief, I took the deepest breath I could, my sweats stretching as my body swelled all over, my limbs thickening and my torso losing definition.  The sweats strained before tearing apart, falling to the ground and leaving me nude in front of her.

My girlfriend nodded, satisfied, before joining in.  Her breasts grew, straining her shirt before ripping it down the center and bouncing free atop her ever-growing stomach.  A second later her backside tore her shorts apart, her panties holding on for a moment longer before they too ripped and fell away.

The interrogation had become a competition, the two of us taking in air and forcing ourselves rounder.  Our bodies were nothing but belly, balanced on legs that grew wider and shorter by the second.  I loved being so full and so huge, and judging from her blissful expression, so did she.

I felt the curve of my backside brush against the grass the moment before my feet left the ground.  I waved my arms around as they gradually lost mobility, swelling into wide hemispheres on my sides.  Across from me my girlfriend looked over the canyon formed by her cleavage and waved, open-mouthed.  All the air that would have gone into her arms must be going into her breasts.  Lucky her.

A gust of wind blew from behind, causing me to sway before slowly rolling onto my stomach.  My breath caught in my throat and I stopped, trying to suck in more air but to no avail.  I had reached my limit.

In front of me was the wide curve of my girlfriend's body, taut and full.  Her navel, normally an outie, had swollen out into a grapefruit-sized bubble.  As I marveled at her she shouted, "hey!  Did you stop!"

"Yeah!  Did you?"

"Yuh-huh.  This is as big as I can get on my own."  Her navel bobbed and she slowly rocked back and forth, and after some effort she rolled forward with a grunt.  Her titanic breasts dragged across my back, shoulders and chest, my head passing through a yard of cleavage before I came nose-to-nose to her, glowing with exertion and with a dreamy smile plastered on her face. "Hi there."


"We're huge."


She licked her lips, trying to think of something to say. "God, I'm horny."

"I know," I laughed.

She gently put her arms around my neck, and I turned my head as I leaned in as best I could.  Our lips met, my eyes closed, and she pulled me in, giving me a deep, long kiss.

Then my eyes shot open as she suddenly tightened her grip and -blew-.

I could feel the pressure building in me before my body stretched to accompany it, skin pulsing outward before finally growing steadily.  I was growing out of control, the air pushing into me, searching for whatever space it could find.  The last curves of my limbs were pulled flat, my hands and feet swelling into balls before being absorbed by my body, leaving me a near-perfect sphere, gigantic and still growing.

I watched helpless as she blew into me, her own body shrinking in my shadow, her breath warm and fierce, hissing as it raged inside me.  My body vibrated as it reached a limit I never knew I had, letting out a pneumatic "tak-tak-tak," and my cheeks and lips swelled up, pursing shut.  She pulled back, still plump and full of air. "I guess you won."

I couldn't think straight, there was so much so much pressure, so tight, so full, so hard, so huge, so helpless, so powerful, I wanted her to fuck me, pop me, blow me, roll me, pump me, ride me-

She leaned in and kissed me again, pushing the last of her air into me.  My body squeaked as it shifted around, barely large enough to hold it.  I tried to blow it out, but could only manage a series of tiny puffs.

She laughed, running a finger down my side. "But don't let it get to your head, balloon boy.  I won't let you win a second time."

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