For Science! (A BE short)

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Science provides the world with all too many wonders. From medicine to techonolgy, whatever it is, humanity prospers. Yet not every piece of technology gets the stamp of approval. Some technology barely even sees the light of day whether because its ineffective, or what it provides is not seen as "useful" to the common folk. This reality strikes the ideas of many aspiring scientists, who pour their all into their experiments. Once such scientist was Rose.

With all her learning and success she never expected that her pride and joy, the "Universal You", would be shot down by the uppers in the scientific community. So what if the preliminary tests resulted in subjects having to be rolled out of the testing rooms. This boon to modern society was made to give people whatever look they wanted. They could alter their hair, their height, their weight, anything! If anything the experiments revealed it was that the machine had no limits on what it could do for a human.

With a determined grin strecthing her lips she stepped onto the platform, centering herself. She had to pull some pretty big strings in order to get her device set up in this stadium, but it was worth every cent. Looking around she knew that after she was done, there was no way those snobby suits could deny what her machine could do. No amount of cover up could possibly cover her up. Taking a deep breath, she locked her eyes on the machine that rested just off the platform: a series of computers and power cables that were all attached in one way or another to a large robotic arm. At the end of this robot arm was what looked like a small satelite dish, with reflective plates lining the interior.

Solidly gripping the remote in her hand, she exhaled and readied herself. With the press of a button, Rose felt something invisible bombmarding her. It was a wave of incredible warmth that while potent, lasted only a few seconds, leaving her entire body tingling. She had the chance to collect her breath, but it wasn't before she felt something building in her chest. Her gaze locked onto her cleavage, and in that moment her breasts suddenly bulged from within her blouse, straining her once form fitting bra. Her gasp was sharp and her hands shot to clutch her bosom, now so incredible sensitive. Amazement and uncertainty filled her eyes, yet before she could say another word, the tingling sensation renewed itself.

Again her bust billowed forth, and this time, her clothes could not keep up. The clasp of her bra immediately gave way under the growing flesh, and buttons shot every which way from her now destroyed blouse. The incredible amount of fresh weight unbalanced the female scientist as she struggled to stay standing. Her knees wobbled, doing their best to keep her still, but it was only a matter of seconds before another wave of tingles struck her. If she weren't so focused on staying on her feet, she could have possibly heard the sound of air being displaced by her massive breasts. Bursting forth in a leap of growth larger than the previous surges, Rose found herself now on the floor of the platform, unable to stand up.

During the fall, her hands braced her from falling too hard and by accident, her thumb slipped, hitting the button again. The robotic arm sounded out mechanically, adjusting the satelite directly at the fallen scientist. Unable to get away, she was overwhelmed once more with the rays from the machine, a now arousing stinging sensation blanketing her body. Although her experiment was quickly spiraling out of control, Rose felt hotness take her, and she couldn't help but grasp the breasts which held her to the ground, squeezing them, massaging them. She felt the fractions of seconds pass by as the new sensations roared, accompanied by her bosom expanding further all around her.

They were like warm bean bags who's tenderness sent her reeling. Growing larger and larger by the moment, she bucked her legs with enough strength to roll the rest of her body on top of her swelling assets. The rays cumulative effects doubled and doubled again, and in short time she was lightly balancing atop two titan orbs of flesh that completely obscured the 10-by-10 platform she previously stood on. It was in this moment that she knew that she was in for the long haul, but despite this, Rose barely batted an eye once she saw her mighty fleshy mounds overtake her machine. Mechanical crunching was softly heard over the horizon of her bust, but with flush cheeks and a gaping mouth, it was clear she no longer cared.

If fact, she couldn't help but giggle as the world shrunk around her. Higher her swelling breasts took her: 10 feet, 15 feet, 25 feet! The sheer circumfrence of her two breasts together would overcome even monster trucks. Based on sensations she gathered from her breasts, she was now growing well and on into the stands. At this point, even the Superbowl couldn't not out shine the spectacle which was Rose. Growth was now a steady pace, gaining yards of height by the minute. Looking up, the sky widened, and soon enough, she had a birds eye view of the city. Her massive self was new skyscraper within the statium, feeling the warmth of the mid-day's sun upon all of her stretched skin.

Towering hundreds of feet in the air, Rose gained a sense that her growth had slowed, and with a quick glance she realized that her bust had filled probably every contour of the inner stadium. Just then her senses began to slowly return to her, and while for a moment she had a look of dismay upon her face, it quickly disappeared, a warm smile replacing it. Gazing out across the city, she let out a soft chuckle as distant sirens closed in. There'd be no easy way to explain what she had done to herself, yet she knew what she'd say if anyone asked why she did it:

"For science!"


Author's Note: 

Posting this short here, hoping its to the liking of the few who took interest in my previous work.

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It definitely is ^_^

Each time I really enjoy your wording.
The nod to Sven added a fair share of humour.