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Gillian looked up at the sign above the shop and gulped. It read 'Skin Tight', and the black curtains in the window were always kept drawn acting almost mirror-like. She could see herself in the glass of the doorway, her shocking not-at-all natural red shoulder length hair draped over her University's womens rugby team t-shirt, which met at her waist with a pair of light blue jeans with a tear in each knee. Slapped in the middle of the doorway was a sign saying "Over 18s Only, open 8 til late". She looked at her watch, it read 7:30pm.

Her friends had gathered around holding up their phones and started filming. "Go on! Go inside." her friend Trisha goaded her a little bit. Just a little bit earlier they had been playing a particularly hard game of Truth or Dare and stupidly she'd chosen the dare. "Come on! Please don't make me do this." she pleaded with her tormentors. They just grinned and corralled her closer to the door.

"Fine." she steeled herself and walked into the shop. The brightness of the lights hit her first, from the outside the shop looked gloomy and dirty, but inside the floor was clad with bright white tiles, and the walls in equally bright white paint in the ceiling. Along each wall were racks of shiny clothes, some long, some short, in a variety of different colours. "Wow." she whispered to herself. 

The shop was quiet, and all that could be heard was someone quietly humming to themselves in a back room. Suddenly an older lady, probably 40 years of age, appeared from behind a white curtain. She was wearing more or less business attire, a black skirt to her knees and a white blouse, her dark hair up in a bun and her feet clad in black patent not-so-high heels.

"Hello dear!" the lady said cheerily. "I'm Karin, how can I help you?"

"Well... Erm... " Gillian blushed slightly. "My friends are outside and they pushed me in here on a dare." 

"Oh a dare is it?" said Karin "Well, I like dares, it's good to be daring isn't it?"

"I guess so." she replied and looked around at the clothing hanging on the walls. "What's this stuff?"

"It's the finest latex rubber dear. 100% natural, all organic clothing, we've got skirts, dresses, trousers, leggings, catsuits, hoodies, things that are tight, things that are loose, things that infl... You're new to all this aren't you?" Karin patted Gillian on the shoulder. "Listen, I know you came in as dare, and most people would just dash out again, but why don't you really show up your friends and try something on?"

"Well I suppose... What about that?" she said pointing at a rack with about 15 dangling yellow catsuits on it.

"I'd guess you're a size... 16?" guessed Karin, getting it spot on. She went over to the rack and pulled a yellow catsuit from it's hanger. "Changing room are over there" she said pointing "Please use the talc!"

Gillian peered at herself in the mirror and looked at the catsuit drooping from the hook in the changing room. She stripped down to just her underpants and bra and dusted herself down with the talc just as Karin had asked, she tugged herself into the catsuit and pulled the zipper up her back. She put her trainers back on and stepped out of the changing room.

"Oh wonderful! You do look good!" said Karin honestly. Gillian looked in the mirrors, her breasts were pert, it lifted her bum, the black stripe down the side make it look a lot like that movie she'd seen not so long ago. "Can I go outside and show my mates?" 

Karin nodded, and Gillian opened the door gingerly. There was a flash of LEDs from her friends' phones outside as they took photos. Trisha grinned "That's one for Twitter!" 

Gillian dashed back into the shop and sighed. "Well that's going to be all over the Uni by tomorrow. Wish I could get them back for this."

"Tell you what" said Karin, grinning. "I have a plan."

A little later, Gillian re-appeared at the door, still wearing the suit. "Guys, come inside, it's actually really nice in here, the shop lady is amazing."

Trish looked a little skeptical, but did secretly admire the way it looked on Gillian. Karin appeared at the door as well. "You aren't just going to let your friend look this amazingly sexy when you're out tonight are you? I mean, just think of how many looks she'll get, heck I'm thinkng of asking her to be a model for our store..." 

Trish looked incensed, and crashed between them both into the shop with a couple of her rugby club friends following. "Our turn then." she said assertively.

Karin pulled a thinking face. "You look like a size 14, and you, you look like you'd be a size 16, and lastly you, you're about a 12. Same colour as your friend?" she asked. The three girls in the shop nodded.

Karin went over to another shelf and pulled three identical yellow catsuits from the rack and passed them to Gillian's friends giving a knowing glance at Gillian. "Go put these on please, and don't forget the talc!" she shouted as the three girls went into the changing rooms. Each of them donned their latex suits with ease and came out of the changing rooms at the same time.

"Oh yes, each of you looks wonderful" said Karin, Gillian giving a wry smile. 

"Tell you what" said Karin "as I think you're all such wonderful people you can keep these ones on for tonight, just bring them back in the morning without damage. If you could leave a small deposit of £100 and I'll put your other clothes in a bag."

Trish paid the deposit on her credit card and left the shop holding her old clothes in a bag, they swaggered down the street in their new rubber suits turning the eyes of everyone going in and out of the clubs and bars.

Gillian coughed "Oh Trish..." she said, grinning from ear to ear. "You look... Lovely." she held up a small remote control in her hand and wiggled it. 

"What's that?" Trish replied, stopping just outside a pub.

"A remote... Your suits are a little different." Gillian replied. "This one is for facebook". She prodded the remote and a faint hissing sound could be heard. Trish immediately put her hands up to her breasts. "My boobs, they're... Growing" slowly her breasts expanded along with her two friends, growing gently from a C cup to a D cup and on to even larger cup sizes.

Gillian watched agog. "You're inflating!" she said with a chuckle. "Oh this is priceless. How about one for Instagram?" she cackled pressing another button, a slightly louder hissing was heard. The yellow suits started inflating rearward, the three girls bottoms started to blow up and Trish grabbed her bum then her boobs smooshing them with her hand. "OK OK I'm sorry for tweeting the photo! You can stop that now". Her blow-up bosoms were now approaching the size of large beachballs and her bottom wasn't far behind. 

Gillian was almost bent double in laughter and took a photo... "And now for Reddit!" She declared pressing another button, a much louder hissing could be heard, this time Trish held onto her stomach, the latex bulging outwards, her legs and arms started to pump up too. Trish and her three friends inflated quickly. Trish swiped at Gillian for the remote, but lost balance and fell forward onto her giant inflating form and came to rest face down but still 4ft from the pavement. Gradually her legs and arms were pulled into the inflating sphere of a suit. Gillian pulled a few lengths of string out of her bag. "Think I might need these" she said attaching them to the girl's ankles. "Wouldn't want you floating off!"

"Floating..." Trish said panting as the pressure grew.

"Yes... Helium floats you idiots..." she replied gleefully. 

Slowly each of the girls lifted skyward, each of them panting at the pressure built up in the suits, each of them a sphere around 6ft in diameter with hands, feet and head in small dimples. Gillian held on tight to the strings as they became buoyant. "That'll do for twitter... Stupid... Balloons. #sillygirls." she said, tying them off to a nearby bench. She stood back and took a photo on her phone. "Well worth it." she said and squeaked off into the pub. "See you girls later, I'm going to get smashed."

Author's Note: 

True story.  Maybe. 

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