Looking for advice on purchasing breast forms for Roleplay

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Looking for advice on purchasing breast forms for Roleplay

I will not deny that I am one lucky son-of-a-bitch. My wife has been very supportive of my fetish, particularly enjoying roleplaying breast expansion from time to time. We've done just imaginary roleplay ("I think my tits are getting bigger") as well as some bra stuffing. Last night, though, she dropped a bombshell on me, by announcing that she's planning to buy some big silicone breast forms (like those for mastectomy patients and cross-dressers) to add some more realism into our play, and she wants my help picking some out.

We have a budget of $80-90 and we're planning to order from Amazon, so I'm curious whether anyone has any experience with buying breast forms from Amazon sellers? The two big sellers seem to be KonMed and Motawator.

I'm currently looking at these:


Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice? Warnings?

Has anyone ever used silicone forms for BE play? I know that it's important to be careful with them to avoid tears and punctures. Any other things we should be aware of?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Shoot, I thought this was answered before, sorry for the wait.

Well, I'm not really sure about that model. I know some people have gotten latex inflatable breasts but I don't know much about them

Bumping so somebody else can help.

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Those will be shaped for an entirely flat chest with no breast tissue at all.  I suspect that if you put them on top of a breast with adipose tissue and the rest, it would end up looking weird.  One thing you can do which is a lot cheaper would be to use "chicken fillets", which are like the pads of padded bras but made of fair skinned coloured silicone, and a pushup bra.  That would be under a tenner.  You can also have double pushup bras which are padded from both the bottoms and the sides of the cups.  I think they cost around twenty to thirty quid.

You might find that the breasts themselves squish outwards under the armpits or otherwise spill over a bit if you did any of that.  You can sort of gather all the breast together and shove it in the cup but it tends to slip, and so do the fillets.

Then again, you can actually make the breasts bigger in a variety of ways, which is what I did, e.g. massage, slapping, drugs and suction.

Weird talking about this because I've never had the slightest erotic interest in breasts!

Is that at all helpful?



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Thanks for all the input! We're very aware of the flat back issue with the large forms, but they'll very likely be under clothing 80% of the time, so odd shaping shouldn't be a huge deal breaker. We already have some enhancers, but the idea is to move up to a more "dramatic" effect. We've looked at actual enlarging techniques, but my wife is very much in favor of non-permanent ideas.


While I enjoy body/belly inflation as well as blueberry inflation, my primary interest is breast expansion/inflation and its also the one my wife actually enjoys, herself. Still, the advice is much appreciated!

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I personal have no experiance with this silicone made stuff, so i aint gona tell a personal experiance with this product.

But i know that there was a lady in my country who faked a total pregnancy of tripples with some silicone breast and belly. So i think this stuff is really realistic. 

And boom goes the inflatee


if you are looking for breast forms search ivita on amazon they have boob vests for 40 dollars hope this helps

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go here https://www.amazon.co.uk/IVITA-Enhancer-Silicone-Breastplate-CrossDresser/dp/B0742G1CBH/ref=sr_1_16_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1510681916&sr=8-16&keywords=ivita

jack busfield


these are good ive used them before for roleplaying and they feel realistic

jack busfield

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