Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 2 of 4)

Inflation Types:

I feel funny!

Rapunzel stepped back to take a big look at herself, entirely blue all over from head to toe. She lay her hands on her stomach as Pascal hid away in a nearby plant to watch what'll happen next. Rapunzel's hands began to move out as her belly started to expand outwards, stretching her corset hurting Rapunzel in the process.

W-what is going on?!

Her stomach continued to swell out pushing the boundaries of her corset top, it wasn't just her belly - her breasts started to grow a little, but she doesn't really notice. Sloshing noises are heard coming from her breasts and stomach as Rapunzel tried moving around, but the weight of her body restricted her movements.

It's getting hard to move... 


The lower part of her laced corset popped off, to make way for her rapidly growing belly. Rapunzel looked down to see how far out her stomach has grown, but that wasn't the only thing she saw - Rapunzel noticed that her breasts were also filling up with whatever her stomach is with. A new sensation entered the fray as she felt her underwear felt rather tight on her - struggling to turn around and face the mirror, Rapunzel decided to move her hand down below to readjust herself. To her surprise she felt a lump, but it wasn't just a lump - it was her butt!


She grabbed one of her butt cheeks and felt it grow, Rapunzel finally turned around and looked into the mirror.

My butt too? Please stop!

Rapunzel cried out for her friend Pascal, but her chameleon companion did not respond. As Pascal shrived in horror for what is happening to his friend, he knew he had to find help to try stop this. He raced to the window ledge and looked over to Rapunzel who's whole body began inflating like a balloon, Pascal let out a sound and then went down the tower to search for help.

Pa-scal... Mother... anybody.. please help

Rapunzel waddled around the room, moaning out for help - moaning out for pleasure and release.

(To be continued...)

Tangled - Berry in a Tower (Comic 2 of 4)
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