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“Hey there Adam!” chirped Tiffany, as she bounced into the lab and spotted the tall, lanky form of Adam at his work station. However, Adam was silent and Tiffany taking a longer inspection noticed that Adam had his head phones in while he was mixing some vials of chemicals so he had undoubtedly not heard her. Tiffany allowed a devilish smirk as she realized Adam wasn’t even probably aware that she had even joined him in the lab.

Sneaking over behind Adam, Tiffany yelled boo! And jostled Adam, which made the dork yelp in alarm the vials of chemical he had in his hands spilling over him and hitting the floor, even splashing Tiffany. “Shit Tiffany look at what you made me do!” cursed Adam, whirling around on Tiffany his dark eyes glowering down on her short, curvey form. 

“I’m sorry...” mumbled Tiffany, playing with a lock of her curly red hair, while she made apologetic eyes up at Adam, knowing full well he couldn’t resist that look. She had to suppress a smirk as she could tell Adam was struggling between his anger and his arousal over her. Tiffany knew, she had messed up though, the two of them had only been working at the lab for a short amount of time and that they needed to clean the mess up quick and ditch their dirtied lab coats before anyone higher up noticed and scolded them. “Come on lets get this and ourselves cleaned.” Cooed Tiffany, putting a soft, placating hand on Adam’s lanky arm. 

“Alright,” groaned Adam, running a hand through his black hair while a goofy grimace swept across his face.Truthfully Adam was glad to turn away from Tiffany as her touch just made the boner in his pants throb that much harder. Grabbing some paper towels the duo started cleaning, thankful that since the pair always came to work early they knew they had some time to clean the lab up before anyone else arrived. Squatting down, Adam tried to focus on cleaning up the goo that sloshed down the cabinets and the floor about him, while Tiffany worked on the splatters that had traveled further away, but he couldn’t help shooting glances over at Tiffany checking out her cleavage as she was one her hands and knees, which kept his cock aching, but also he was tingling. “All tingly....” Adam murmured realizing that the sensation was building up through his body, making him shift uncomfortably in his squatted position.

“I often have that effect on guys.” Winked back Tiffany playfully, which again distracted Adam, feeling his face flush

“No not like that, i think i’m having a reaction to those chemicals i dropped.” Groaned Adam in annoyance, rubbing at his chest and stomach which were now beginning to ache. Adjusting once again in his squatting position Adam tried to relieve his discomfort and keep cleaning but his face only burnt more as his embarrassment grew with a loud rip. Tiffany immediately looked up from her cleaning at the sound, looking for the source. Adam froze thankful for his lab coat as it had been the arse of his pants that had blown out. Adam’s embarrassment however, turned to fear as with a creak and growing rip he noticed the legs of his pants were splitting as his legs and arms ballooned. “Oh shit!” cried Adam jumping to his feet.

“What?” Tiffany asked in alarm also jumping to her feet, only to get her answer immediately as Adam whirled around, hands clawing over his chest and stomach as his formerly flat stomach protruded and his chest barreled, creating pockets of pale flesh between his buttons as his shirt was stretched further and further out by his ballooning body. “What’s happening?” moaned Adam, embarrassed as his shirt blew open along with the front of his pants, exposing by his distended briefs, the outline of his still half hard cock clearly visible and Tiffany’s gaze immediately locking onto it. “I don't know.” Rebuked Tiffany in awe, coming closer to poke and prod Adam much to his annoyance as with every moan he ballooned out more and more. Tiffany pinched at the ballooning flesh, noticing it was having less and less give as it swelled just like a balloon. “Don’t do that, help me!” grunted Adam as his back rounded out and he felt his arms lifting as his body was rounding out more and more. His sleeves and pants ripping further apart as his limbs bulged into great conical shapes. Adam’s brown eyes flew wide as he felt his legs widening and sinking into his sphere of a body and he realized in a matter of moments he wasn’t going to be able to walk. Despite this Adam tried to move and only made Tiffany jump with a start and step aside as Adam pitched forward, thankful that his lab coat still hung on, covering his arse as his overtaxed jocks tore free, allowing the cold tile surface to embrace his crotch. 

“Oh wow,” giggled Tiffany, as Adam’s expansion seemed to slow and ease leaving the young male scientist helplessly flapping his hands and feet in the middle of the lab. Walking around Adam’s globe, Tiffany noted how almost spherical Adam had become, poking, prodding noticing how taut his body felt underneath her touch. “What are you doing? Careful with your nails?” gritted Adam in frustration as Tiffany seemed to be enjoying this as she felt him up. His face once again going red as he felt his cock struggle to swell against his bulbous belly and cool floor.  “Taking notes of course, this is quite incredible.” Smirked Tiffany, testing Adam’s sensitivity by rubbing a hand up and down the part of the sphere which was formerly Adam’s thigh, feeling his body shudder and tighten beneath her caress. 

“Stop that!” grimaced Adam, trying to move but barely managing to make his spherical body jostle, much to Tiffany’s delight and his embarrassment as his lab coat fell away leaving him completely naked before her. Seeing Adam now completely naked finally made Tiffany snap out of her awe as she realized how swollen Adam was and how bad it would look if someone else walked into the lab. “I guess we should try to get you down.” Bemoaned Tiffany, planting her hands on Adam’s side and ignoring his protest rolled him over to his work bench so he could help her figure out how to reverse what had happened to him. She couldn’t deny she rather enjoyed rolling Adam around like a big helpless ball, she really wished to keep him like this for a while longer but she knew better. Tiffany also knew she’d need help as sure she was smart but Adam’s work bench was covered in notes and beakers filled with various chemicals making it impossible for anyone else to decipher what he was doing.

“Alright, so what did you use?” Tiffany asked eyes still scanning the messy bench
“I used....” Adam’s voice turned into a gritted moan as with a quivering shudder his circumference swelled outwards and upwards
“Oh my god, you’re swelling again!” exclaimed Tiffany in awe and shock, inspecting Adam wondering why he was swelling again when she noticed the patch of chemicals, just as Adam saw the trail that had been made as his body had been rolled through the patch on the floor Tiffany had failed to clean up. “You bitch you did this on purpose.” Hissed Adam as the pressure inside him grew more intense each shudder feeling like a deep tissue massage as his body tried to stretch more and more. Adam could only helplessly wiggle his fingers and toes, he couldn’t even move his head anymore as his neck swelled then sunk into his orbicular body. “I got to get you out of here,” muttered Tiffany watching Adam grow bigger and bigger, the peak of his sphere now taller than she was and still growing.

Walking behind Adam, Tiffany put both hands on his shuddering, stretching body and begun to push, rolling him towards the doors she hoped Adam could still fit through. Tiffany knew there were some big storage rooms no one ever used and never visited on the floor they were on, so she figured if she could just roll Adam into one of those rooms before anyone saw him she could buy some time to undo this. Though she wondered how much more Adam could take as his groans became louder and not just from his mouth, his body was now groaning and it felt so taut beneath Tiffany’s palms. It soon even begun to become more of a struggle to roll Adam as Tiffany saw Adam’s expanding sides brushing the benches on his sides, slowly wedging him. “Hurry..” panted Adam, face scrunched tight fearful of what would happen if he kept swelling wedged between the two benches.  Luckily Tiffany managed to roll the mounting man free of the benches and both felt elation as the doors rapidly approached. However, their hopes were dashed as with a squeaking groan Adam only made it half way out the doors until he was wedged stuck his body still inflating.

“Get me out here!” Adam growled, feeling his body warping as his middle was constricted by the door frame, forcing his body to swell outwards into the hall and back into the lab, the cool surface of the floor doing nothing to ease the heat that was welling up inside Adam along with each shuddering, swelling moment of pressure. “I’m trying!” yelled back Tiffany, abandoning simply pushing Adam’s bulk and resorting to taking running charges into him, but with each retreat to take a run up she could see Adam was only more massive than the last time, by her third attempt to ram him she saw that he completely filled the door, his ballooning bottom end distending out and around the door, his feet fruitlessly squirming for purchase. “Wow...” Tiffany muttered to herself, she'd never thought Adam would get so huge and he was still swelling. “Tiffany... what are you.... doing?” grunted Adam, unsure whether she could hear him over his groaning body, as with horror he felt his black hair brush the wall opposite the door and he realized how hugely swollen he had become.  Tiffany was frozen in place, unable to make out Adam’s muffled cries and pleas, she could only watch as the groaning creaking wall of flesh pressed into the benches nearest the door and begun to lift the panels of the ceiling when the groans switched gears and became rumbles. The rumbles building upon one another with each shuddering wave of size that forced Adam to swell bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. His body impossibility tight from the pressure raging inside him and being constricted on multiple fronts, Adam even begun to panic he was going to be suffocated under his own bulk as his head hit the wall and was being pushed down into his body. A torrent of terrible thoughts raced through Adam’s mind, what if he could never get back to normal? Could the building withstand his growth or would he eventually burst free? Would he ever stop swelling this time? Or what if he swelled too big and popped? The last thought of popping reverberating through his mind as the pressure became immeasurable and his body struggled for space to swell. “Tiffany you bitch!” Adam cursed with sudden realization he was at his limit, hoping she at least heard that before with a tremendous BOOOOOOOOOMMMM Adam was gone.  

Tiffany suddenly found herself dazed and looking at the ceiling. It took her a moment to realize the force of the blimp sized Adam popping had blown her off her feet. Propping herself up on her hands, Tiffany looked at the slightly warped door where Adam had been wedged noticing that not a trace of Adam had been left in the blast. It made her tingle, it had actually been really hot to watch, but with a moan that surprisingly escaped her lips, Tiffany realized the tingle was more than just between her legs. Looking down Tiffany saw her breasts and belly ballooning now pulling the buttons tight. Wide eyed Tiffany looked down and realized she had been blown back into a puddle of the ooze that had made Adam swell to bursting point....

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She should've rammed one

She should've rammed one final time and burst him then--that wouild've been perfect!