Control 5: Beach

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Control 5: The Beach

“I can’t believe it,” huffed Suzie. “That’s that same woman!”

Michael stifled a growl. All he wanted was a peaceful weekend, being off call for the clinic, and to spend the day at the beach with his wife. Their car was packed for a lazy day in the sun and surf: towels, blankets, beach chairs, a cooler full of cold drinks and sandwiches, and a large umbrella to give them shade so they could relax and read books on their Kindles when not in the water. But Venice Beach was jammed with people, all coming out to enjoy the first warm, non-rainy Saturday in the last month. So they moved north to Santa Monica beach, fighting traffic all the way there, almost in a crash with a yellow convertible along the way, until they reached the bustling parking lot. He had spotted a car leaving a parking space, and casually waited for the car to depart before moving to take the space. The same yellow convertible that had almost caused the accident five minutes before came flying around the corner from the other direction, almost clipping Michael’s classic 1967 Ford Mustang, and screeched to a halt in the space he was aiming for.

“Too slow, moron!” the convertible’s driver yelled, waving. She was a fiery Latina, with long straight dark brown hair that almost matched her complexion, wearing a long white beach cover-up over a swimsuit. Her passenger, a tall blonde, laughed at the couple in the Mustang, and flipped them off when Michael honked his horn at the two women in frustration. Giving up, Michael moved on, and eventually found another spot to park his car.

They unloaded their gear, Suzie grumbling angrily about what had happened, and moved towards the sand. Santa Monica beach, in the shade of the world-famous pier, was just as packed as the one they left in Venice. So they had to drag their stuff quite a distance through the hot sand before spotting an open area big enough to spread out the blankets, chairs, and umbrella. But as they approached, Suzie saw that they would have competition for the choice beach spot. “I can’t believe it,” Suzie turned to her husband. “It’s that same woman!”

“And it looks like they are headed to the same place we are,” Michael said through gritted teeth as he dragged the heavy cooler and umbrella. The Latina and her blonde accomplice were headed in the same direction, and both groups increased their pace. Suzie pulled away from Michael, racing ahead and planted the beach chairs in the same to claim the spot.

“Oh no you didn’t,” Latina wagged a finger at Suzie. “This is our spot!”

“We saw it first, bitch” declared Blondie, dropping a towel on the sand defiantly.

“Too slow, moron,” Suzie echoed, smiling haughtily at the karma of the situation. Michael caught up to her and dumped his burden. He maneuvered the cooler between the women that were staring daggers at each other, and winked at his wife. “I think there’s room enough for all of us,” he said, trying to play the peacekeeper.  “Unless you ladies want to go somewhere else.”

“We aren’t moving,” Latina said, placing both hands on her hips.

“And neither are we,” Suzie responded, copying the other’s stance. They both continued to stare each other down as Michael popped the umbrella open and planted it into the sand behind their beach chairs and sat with a loud sigh of satisfaction, tugging on a baseball cap and donning sunglasses while waiting for the women to resolve their issues.

Finally, Latina gave in and broke the stare, but still refused to move on. “Alright, like he said, there’s enough room for all of us.” She dropped the towel that was rolled up under her arm and spread it out on the sand, dangerously close to Suzie’s feet and daring her to do something about it, mumbling a string of harsh words in Spanish as she did. Michael knew that Suzie understood every word Latina was saying, and was holding back bravely from responding in kind.

Instead, Suzie moved next to her husband and began to undress. Slipping off her shorts and t-shirt, she exposed the blue bikini she wore underneath. It was one of her own design, a style that had begun being sold at several major retail stores around the country last summer. “Hey, Esparanza, look!” Blondie said, pointing at Suzie. “You two are twins!”

Suzie looked over to see the Latina, Esparanza, pulling off her white beach cover-up to show that she was indeed wearing the same swimsuit, even in the same color.

“Shut up, Amanda!” she said, throwing the cover-up in her friend’s face. “I would not be caught dead wearing the same thing that she is.”

“Check your pulse, then,” Michael said nonchalantly, pulling off his t-shirt and stretching as he sat in his chair, “because you are wearing a suit from Ba-Luna Fashions.”

“How would you know?” smirked Esparanza, looking over her shoulder at him haughtily.  

Michael smiled. “You could say I am intimately familiar with the clothing line,” he said with a mischievous wink, “and the designer.”

“Well, hurray for you,” Esparanza replied, snarky. “Anyway, I wear it better than you.”

“True that!” Amanda barked, slapping each other with a high-5 for the cutting comment.

The Latina arched her back, thrusting out her D-cup breasts for emphasis. “I fill this out much more than Miss Saggy Bags over there!”

“In your dreams, Chica,” Suzie threw back, nonplussed.  She turned to Michael. “Hey, pool-boy, I have a job for you,” she whispered.

“Pool-boy?” Michael asked as the other two women settled down onto their towels. “What’s that about?”

“You know, he who plays with inflatable toys,” she purred. “Why don’t we show up our new atmospheric-pressure-headed friends what we can do.”

“Meaning what?” he questioned, peering over the tops of his sunglasses.

“Give me a boost,” she whispered, holding her hands to her chest and then moving them outward, pantomiming. “You know; you blow me up now, I blow you later, understand?”

“Got it,” he said. Michael sat back, closed his eyes, and opened his mind to bring up the control of his special power. He could count on one hand how many times he had done this in public, not behind closed doors in his clinic. With all the noisy activity around them, he had to concentrate and block out the distractions before his ability could manifest itself.

Suzie sat back and waited. She felt the first tingle, starting at her nipples and spreading across the skin of her breasts. She had had this done to her so many times already that she knew what to expect, and didn’t jump in surprise when her boobs began to rise like bread dough in a baker’s oven. With all the noise around, she could barely detect the slight hiss of the gases as her breasts began to inflate. Watching them grow, she felt another tingle further down her body; seeing herself ballooning like this always made her aroused. The twin blimps began to strain the extra stretchy fabric of the swimsuit’s cups. Michael let his power flow just for a few seconds, long enough to expand his wife’s chest to about an F-cup, and stopped.

“Saggy Bags, eh?” Suzie said loudly. “I think I fill this bikini out much more than you ever will.”

Esparanza turned to throw another brash remark, but what she saw instead cut her provocation short. “Hey, did you see that?” she smacked Amanda on the shoulder. “Her tits got bigger!”

“What gives?” spat Amanda. “Do you have inflatable implants?”

Suzie smiled nonchalantly, squinting into the high afternoon sun. “This body has been touched many times by a plastic surgeon,” she cast Michael a knowing look, “but I don’t have implants.”

“Either you are lying your ass off about not having implants,” the Latina remarked sharply, “or you are on some drug that makes your boobs bigger. What’s your secret?”

Suzie sat up, her inflated breasts bumping into her knees. “You really want to know my secret?”

“Yes,” Amanda sat up on her knees, keenly watching. Even Esparanza turned, interested.

Grabbing her beach bag, Suzie rummaged through the bottom, searching for some unknown item. When she brought out her hand, she held in it a small bottle of Lubriderm. Amanda took the bottle from her hand. “What’s this?” she asked. “It just looks like regular lotion.”

“No, it’s a special blend of breast enhancement creams that my plastic surgeon gave to me,” Suzie said calmly, trying to keep a straight face. Michael had to catch himself from chuckling. “I hide it in an ordinary lotion bottle so no one knows what is really in it. I rubbed some of this on myself before we got out of the car. Then all I had to do was wait for the sunlight to activate it.”

Amanda squirted some of the creamy substance into an open hand. “How much do you use?”

“Oh, you mustn’t use too much. A little goes a long way.” Suzie sat up straight and puffed out her inflated chest. “As you can see,” she added for emphasis. “Just rub a little on your breasts, but avoid touching your nipples. You don’t want them stretched out to the size of dinner plates.”

The blonde reached her full hand into her swimsuit top and smeared the cream all over her boobs. “Give me that!” Esparanza demanded, snatching the bottle from her friend’s hand and squeezing an amble amount into her own. Pulling down the bikini top, not caring who she was flashing her bare breasts at, the Latina rubbed the substance on her chest generously, and then tossed the empty bottle at Suzie’s feet.

“I told you not to use too much,” Suzie pointed out, a faux note of concern in her voice. “You don’t know how powerful this stuff can be.”

“I don’t care, Saggy Bags,” Esparanza spat defiantly. “When this stuff kicks in, we will be once again bigger than you, and everyone will be staring at us.”

“Yah, and since we used it all, you won’t be able to make yourself bigger,” Amanda added, laughing a Suzie. “We will have the biggest tits on the beach!”

“More like you will be seen as being the biggest boobs on the beach,” Michael retorted.

“So how long does this take?” Latina asked, sitting back onto her towel.

“Not long,” Suzie grinned maliciously. “You should be getting a boost right about…now.”

Michael, behind his sunglasses, took a deep breath and closed his eyes again. He had to concentrate, specifically targeting the two haughty girls while not allowing any of the other women close by to be affected by his special power. When he had his ability under tight control, he released it with a sigh.

“OH!” both girls remarked in surprise, hands instantly rising to grasp the cups of their swimsuits. Touching themselves lightly, they felt their breasts begin to expand. “I think it’s working,” Amanda said almost at a whisper.

Through his control, Michael was making sure that Esparanza’s boobs were blowing up faster than the others’. “Look at you,” Amanda pointed. “Your tits are blowing up like freaking balloons!”

The Latina’s hands were being forced further away from her body as her breasts continued to expand. The blonde’s growth was far behind. Both women were cupping themselves and rubbing their hands over their burgeoning mammaries, getting bigger and bigger, straining the fabric of their suits until the straps burst, unable to contain the inflation. The two women were both well past the size that Michael had inflated Suzie to, and he continued to flow his power into both of them, slowly increasing its speed.

Esparanza was having to hold the blue cups of her bikini over her nipples with her hands to keep herself covered. “I feel so tight,” she said excitedly. “I’m going to be bigger than any porn star has even been!”

Amanda had her arms wrapped around her volleyball-sized breasts, squeezing them up under her chin. “My boyfriend is going to love these!” she declared as she was forced to drop her arms, unable to hold back the expansion. “Nah, forget him! He’s a loser! I can get anyone I want with these things!”

Suzie just smiled again, watching both women blow up from under the shade of the umbrella. “Don’t let your egos become as inflated as your tits, ladies. You might want to remain grounded and not get ahead of yourself.” She leaned forward. “Then again, I told you not to use too much of that cream. You might not be able to stay grounded for long, since you did that.”

On cue, Michael sent a surge of power across the air and into the two women. Amanda’s breasts exploded from the top of her one-piece swimsuit, her growing blimps pushing upward into her face. “Whoa!” she cried, falling over backward and landing on her ass in the sand.

Esparanza’s twin flesh-tone beachballs escaped their blue captivity like a couple of front seat airbags, staggering her momentarily. “Oh shit!” she snapped, as a dozen people turned to stare at the expanding duo. Her breasts bobbed up under her chin, forcing her head back, her naked nipples pointed straight into the afternoon sky. She tried to reach the tips of her breasts to pull them down, but they were well out of arm’s length by now.

“Look!” people around them could be heard saying, “they are blowing up like balloons!”

“Are they going to pop?” said another.

“Help!” Esparanza screamed, her face buried in her own overblown cleavage.

“How do we stop this?” Amanda begged.

Michael, not taking his eyes off the surf, said, “You should have listened to her. You did this to yourselves by rubbing on too much. If you don’t burst from blowing up too much, you may just be left overinflated permanently.”

“Or, maybe, you will just float away, out to sea, like a couple of helium balloons on a gentle breeze,” Suzie added, “and no one will ever see you again.”

It was then that the Latina’s feet lost contact with the beach. Carried aloft her flesh-blimps, she bellowed a string of Spanish curses as she gained altitude. No one came running to her rescue, all stunned by watching her inflate and begin to float away. Amanda, fighting her own balloon boobs, reached out and caught Esparanza’s hand, anchoring her tenuously to the ground. “I’ve got you!” But that lifeline was short-lived, because the blonde felt her breast surge outward again, their upward tug increasing to the point of buoyancy and beyond. “I’m floating too!” she said, letting go.

Amanda turned to the two people closest to them. “Help us!” she cried, extending a hand toward the couple. Suzie slowly got up out of her chair, waiting until Amanda was almost out of reach before extending her hand upward. “Thanks,” Amanda said with a sigh of relief, grasping the proffered appendage. But her upward pull against gravity became too much, and she soon slipped out of Suzie’s purposefully weak grip.

“I’m sorry,” Suzie called. “Your hand was so slippery, probably from using too much of my lotion.” She waved goodbye to the two inflated women, their tit-balloons pointed proudly skyward as they began to drift upward and across the crowded strand. All activity ceased on the beach, as everyone gazed up at two half-naked women, hanging ponderously below pairs of flesh-toned blimps twenty feet above the onlookers’ heads. The panicked screaming slowly faded as they floated further away, leaving the crowd stunned and quiet.

Which was what Michael and Suzie had come to the beach for: a peaceful, quiet, relaxing afternoon.

”Don’t worry,” Michael whispered. “They won’t float too high. They’ll probably be found by some hiker up around the Hollywood sign later today. But they won’t be treating other people like dirt ever again.”

“You do good work, doctor,” Suzie said, looking down at her own inflated boobs stretching out her bikini top. “Sure taught them a lesson.” She rubbed her hands gently across her tight top. “I think I’ll have you leave me like this for the rest of the day.”

“You told me to blow you up, remember?” he prodded.

“Yes, I remember,” she replied, reaching down into the cooler and pulling out a cold drink. “I said that if you blew me up now, I would blow you later.” She seductively licked a piece of ice off the side of the long-necked bottle, her tongue traveling up and down the bottle’s side several times before she sucked the foam off the tip. “And I intend to keep my word.”

Michael shuddered excitedly, feeling a tingle stir things in his board shorts.

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The 5th entry into the "Control" series. Enjoy the reading!

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