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This is it. This is what I have been working for. The SAT. I feel nervous tingles all over my curvaceous body. I am so young and able. I know it. There is potential for something BIG inside of me. I have always been a total workaholic, working up late in the night just to get some dumb projects done. I’ve done that way too many times. The worst part is always knowing that no matter how much you sleep, you’re going to be dead in class anyways. I’m so glad that this is the last time that I’ll have to worry about being a slave for these teachers. Most of them are just miserable and use us as their playthings because they didn’t have it in them to go after those crazy impossible fantasy dreams.

I snapped back into reality when it occurred to me that I was the next person in line to show my ID for entry. I handed over my ID and registration for the test. As the person admitting people in looked through their list in order to find what classroom I was to take the test in, I thumbed the bottom of my knee-high skirt. I became more aware of my light brown hair and brushed it to the side. I looked good right? I looked down at my royal blue button up shirt. It was nice and snug and tucked in. My body was nicely made, with hips that flared out slightly and a perky pair of boobs. My outfit displayed it all fine but my shoes…

I snapped back into reality and realized that I was holding up the line. Right. I needed to get this test done. I apologized and moved along toward the hallway. I still felt nervous about this whole thing. Once I got into the room, I found a seat in the back corner. Settling in, it all set in on me. This was it. This was the test that would basically decide the rest of my life. This was the last testing session that they would have for the year and it was my first time taking it. Okay, yeah that wasn’t responsible of me. Great. I mean, I never really have been that talented in school. I put so much effort in though.

That’s what always bugged me so dearly about this school system. My smart friends don’t know how easy they always have it. They always get the best grades without any effort. They’ll have no problem getting into an Ivy League school or whatever. On the other hand, people like me that worked their ass off don’t get anywhere. Now I’ll probably fail this test like so many of the other ones I’ve taken over the years. Then I’ll be forced to go to some second rate school and take out student loans. Then I’ll have to keep working hard to pay them off for the next two decades while my smart-ass friends won’t have paid a dime and they’ll go great places. Who thought this was a good system anyway?

As I came back into the world of the living, I found that the proctor was starting to hand out the exam. Oh shit! I felt the sudden wave of panic rush over me. Oh man. This is really it. I’m going to get buried by these few sheets of paper. I watched helplessly as the proctor passed by disinterested in me, dropping the test on my desk like a pilot dropping a carpet bomb attack on me. I felt like I might faint or die.

The test was finished being handed out and the proctor began on the list of directions that hardly anyone listens to. Maybe that’s just me. I went through the motions, all the while scrambling in my mind to remember all of the lessons that I had been taught. I had nothing to latch onto. I could almost feel myself going over the edge of an abyss, looking into the future. This is never going to end well. Why even bother with college? It’s not like...oh shit it’s starting.

The proctor said that no calculators were to be used on the first few questions. Wait, we had to bring calculators? Oh crap. My hand went up instinctively to ask the proctor for one. He gave an expression that suggested he was annoyed that I had interrupted him and made this entire session just a little bit longer for him. He said that their were no calculators available and went back to reading the last of the directions. What was I going to do? This is going to be a bigger train wreck than I could have imagined.

He gave the final words and the test began. I turned the page feeling low on the inside. The first question was on trigonometry and I already felt at a loss. I held my pencil over the answer sheet coldly. Time seemed to freeze. What did I want? I mean, really, what did I want? I know that I didn’t want to be a loser. I wanted to stop breaking my back for nothing. I wanted to be loved for once. I wanted people to stop looking past me, avoiding me and through me like a don’t exist. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to be...bigger. Yeah, that’s it. I know that I have it in me and I want other people to see it. I want to be so big that people will see me and be jealous of what I’ve got. Aw, just drop it,okay. That’s a pipe dream and you know it. Just fail this stupid test be a nobody forever.

I let my pencil touch the paper to fill in C when it hit faster than I had time to react. My heart lept and started beating faster and my body had a familiar onset of excitement, the kind that you get when you kiss someone for the first time. My face felt flushed and I almost felt exposed even though no one was paying any mind. My chest felt more sensitive than the rest of my body. My body felt more intimate as I filled in the bubble more, like the person I was kissing was leaning in closer and caressing me more. I filled the rest of the answer in and the rush ebbed away. Wow. That was so unbelievable. My tension of a few moments ago was a distant memory.

I looked at my paper and somehow it seemed like my body was slightly closer to it. That didn’t make sense since my back was against the chair. My shirt also felt slightly more snug in the chest area. I shifted myself a bit and felt fine again. That whole scene now was so weird. It couldn’t have been anything really. It must have been some subconscious attempt to make myself feel more comfortable as I fail. I looked back at the test. Alright let’s fill another in. I tested choice A out by letting my pencil point touch it. Nothing happened. Of course nothing happened. I almost readied to fill it in when I thought I might as well give the others a try at least. No sooner than my pencil had touched choice B did I feel another euphoric feeling spread through me. I breathed deeply and savored the burst of emotion. Once the answer was filled in, the feeling drifted off again.

I could feel that my chest area was tighter again and slightly more so than the first time. I looked down in silent awe. It was undeniable, unreal. My breasts were actually...bigger? Oh my God? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my GOD! This is impossible. How? My mind raced with possibilities. It’s allergies. I’m dehydrated. I’m hallucinating. Life isn’t real. This isn’t real. I felt overcome with excited nervousness. I had to fill in one more to be certain. I found the answer quickly by tapping the choices and the emotions flooded back in making me gasp with pleasure. No one looked up yet but I knew without having to look at my chest that it was another quarter inch bigger. My shirt hugged me a little bit tighter. I wanted to laugh or cry. I could find the right answer every time. This was everything I could hope for. Was this what I wanted? This seemed so dangerous. There are so many questions on this test. How big will I get? I don’t want to be too suspicious. I can’t get a perfect score. Would it even matter? If I keep growing like this, I might not need to go to college.

This was so perfect. For the first time in my life, I had the trump card. I could make the moves I wanted. A wry smile worked its way on my face. This was going to be so good. I brought down my pencil deliberately and slowly worked my way through each bubble, enjoying the excitement that filled my being and body. My chest creeped forward and my buttons slowly started showing strain. It was so great that I almost forgot to throw a question or two. I filled in one of the wrong answers, half expecting to deflate or worse. Nothing happened. That was great I guess. By the end of the first section, my bust was 5 inches bigger.

The proctor said what he needed to in order to proceed to the next section. I felt myself up discreetly, as if the proctor or anyone else could be bothered to turn my way yet. They felt plush and more sensitive. Why weren’t they heavier? Ah, whatever, the next section was starting and now everyone set up their calculators. The proctor gave the cue and off I was again on my adventure to my dreams. I filled in the first problem of the section and immediately felt the difference in feeling. It was deeper, driving me closer the edge. I filled in another question and then another one. My chest inched ever further. Halfway through the section I noticed that my chest was pulsing slightly. It dawned on me that I was getting closer to cumming. I gave myself a slight break. My boobs were already brushing the edge of my desk and my nipples gently rubbed the desk’s side. It was making me so ready for anything. I opened a button to relieve my pressure. Luckily, my shirt below it was a similar color and it gave the illusion that my boobs weren’t bursting out of my shirt.

I felt a bit calmed down and continued on. The ecstasy made everything go by so impossibly. I could feel everything, every inch of it and yet there was nothing happening. Right? I can’t even think straight. I’m losing time. I’m not going to finish. Wait, no I’m going faster than everyone else. I’m not enjoying the ride. I can’t control myself. Then, I looked down to see that I was done. I glanced at the clock. I had a few minutes to spare. I breathed and felt the edge of the desk pushing my boobs defiantly. I was about 15 maybe 16 inches more than when I began. My boobs felt light and perky, like they desired more than anything to drag me to the ceiling. No more inflating. I looked so sexy. I was already naturally modestly curvy, but now I was amazing. I concentrated and pushed down my dream of being bigger. I could will it away right? It was the way I had done it the first time.

The proctor still was in his own world and the reading and writing half of the test ensued. Would I still be able to get the right answer? I might do better with this section. I drew my pencil and went to the answer sheet. I tried the answers methodically. Then I felt it. The exotic feeling swelled inside me again but it was different. I kept filling it in and I felt as if I was getting the slightest bit higher in my chair. No way, it couldn’t be! I felt my hips and legs. They felt just a bit bigger. It was unmistakable. I had literally pushed my dream down into my lower half. My face felt flushed. I always wanted a rounded out rear. This was turning out to be the best day of my life. I moved down the sheet, picking up inches in my hips along the way. It was getting more passionate as I moved along. I wish you knew how it felt. I’ve never had sex with someone before but if I did, it would feel like someone had found every one of my most sensitive points and was stroking each of them skillfully. I couldn’t understand my own love. Nothing was even touching me and yet it was like someone was right there testing my buttons. I was dangling on the edge blossoming.

I threw a question or two and found that I was at the end. I breathed softly. I examined my own inflated image. It was like I was looking through someone else’s eyes. This wasn’t myself. It was some gorgeous star that people must adore by the millions. She must be on the front of a lot of magazines. Her full hips curved into smooth legs that clumsily couldn’t help being flawless. I wish I could be her. She must be so confident. She doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of. Look over there. That poor soul in the front of the room. He’s telling those kids to finish their work. They should just have… fun. Oh those kids just want to play and be lovely.

I turned to the final section in my dreamlike state. Was it time to start? I felt like it was so I went on. Whoever’s body this belonged to was so lucky. The scenery blurred and fell away. Things felt light and delicious. Everything tangible and intangible swelled and grew. I felt like so happy. This...was my life. This was all for myself. I felt so nostalgic. It was like I was cuddling with a warm blanket. It kept getting lighter and softer. I fell deeper and deeper until I found the deepest resolve ever. I knew who I was. Then I floated back to the surface. I knew without looking at the test that I was done. The proctor’s lips moved and I got up feeling stronger and uplifted. I walked over to his desk, barely touching the floor. I was almost floating toward him. His lips stopped making movements. I was in front of him. I handed over my test. He was stunned. I laid it on his desk. To my right, I saw a frozen class of test takers. They couldn’t take their eyes off of me. I looked around the room, not spying anyone worthwhile. They didn’t deserve to share my dream. I flipped my hair and turned to leave. The floor swept under me. Even it didn’t feel worthy enough to touch me the way it once had. I walked out of that room, that school, knowing that I had what I wanted. Now I was ready to find the person that would be worthy enough to share my dream and my sensuous body.

Author's Note: 

I poured my heart into this one. Enjoy it. It has deep meaning if you read it closely.

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I liked it

I think it shows that you put a lot into this, good job, looking forward to more from you.

Really awesome

Does an incredible job from a 1st person perspective and the details/development were both well done.