Long as Houses

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Despite what went on in it, the room was not visually romantic.  It started out well enough as a spare bedroom, until the bed was removed in favor of more room for Nathan and Maria's activities - or, to be more specific, for more room for Nathan because of Maria's activities.  Then the cabinets and desk went, then the paintings, until finally the room was bare.  Today, however, the floor was covered in tarps and Maria's pet project, an industrial-sized tire pump, sporting a few more mechanical additions.  Two things trailed from it: A power cord leading out the door into the hallway, and a hose leading to the far wall, ending in a nozzle comfortably yet firmly wedged into the tip of Nathan's erect penis.

Nathan gave the nozzle a tap, running his fingers along his length before watching Maria finish up her last-minute checks.  He was under-dressed but not by much; both of them were nude, though Maria has a robe loosely draped around her.

Maria pulled a small remote control from a holster on its side, looping its lanyard around her wrist. "Okay," she said, "this can all be operated remotely now."  She looked at Nathan expectantly who, after a few seconds, shrugged. "Well?  Aren't you going to say anything?"

"Not really," he replied. "I want to ask what will happen, but having it happen might be a better plan."

"No, I mean, don't you usually ask me if it's safe?"

"It's not really any different from what we've done before, and you've always been concerned about my safety.  I trust you."

"Aww," she cooed. "Well, here we go." She pressed a button on the remote. "Safe as houses, then."

A motor clicked to life, the plunger atop the pump depressed, and Nathan let out a quiet gasp as air flowed into him, suddenly swelling him longer and thicker.  There was a second pump and he grew further still, now the size of a soda bottle.  A third, and his balls swelled beneath him, and he shifted his legs apart to accommodate their size.  The machine steadily worked away and he increased in spurts, the tip of his erection passing his navel, then continuing on towards his chest.

As Nathan's hands hovered breathlessly near it Maria disrobed, removing the sash.  She crossed the room towards him, gently taking his wrists as she circled behind him. "Nuh-uh."  Crossing his arms behind him she gently tied them together before leaning over his shoulder and quietly saying, in a husky voice, "no touchy."

In just a short while Nathan had already reached an absurd size, and despite its air-filled nature it had begun to angle downward from its own weight.  His arms restrained, he could only stand and watch, bow-legged, with two two volleyballs between his legs as it hung in front of him, over as long as half his own height.  Inches by inches it grew longer and they grew rounder, and he found remaining standing increasingly awkward.  Perhaps sensing this, Maria placed her hands on his forearms and eased him down, and with her help he lowered himself to his knees, finding himself cushioned atop a stretched balloon of skin as he stretched out in front of him, hose still in place.

With each motion of the pump Nathan could feel the air enter him, and he could feel every inch of him pulling and stretching.  His skin was smooth and taut, but with some give, exercised by his and Maria's activities.  By now he was longer than he was tall, the tarp brushing ever so slightly against his underside with each fit of growth.  His balls had lifted him off his knees, spreading outward beneath him like an overstuffed beanbag chair.

"So how does it feel?" Maria said from somewhere behind him. "Being this big when the rest of you is so small for a change?"

"Good," Nathan breathed. He felt full, firm, and overstimulated.  His head was in a fog; it was hard to think, and getting harder as he grew. "So big."

A moment later and his toes left the ground, his body lifted up by one part of his oversized manhood.  The other stretched across the room, closing in on the far wall.  Over the sound of the pump there came a quiet creaking; with a tap on the controller the motor fell silent, and Nathan slumped, letting out a ragged sigh of relief.

"Congratulations," Maria said.  She gently stroked one hand across his massive length, and he shuddered. "I think this is the biggest you've ever been."

"So... full.  Can't think."

"Yeah, this probably would be a little much for you if you were still that size." Reaching down, she picked up a large bottle of lubricant, carrying over to his side.  Reaching over, she hoisted herself up and swung one leg over, the pneumatic nature of his enhancement becoming apparent as his skin indented from her weight.  Unscrewing the top, she threw the cap to the side before pouring it on as much of him as was in reach, coating him and most of herself before throwing the container away. "But don't worry."  She pressed both hands into his sides and stretched out, running her hands along him as she ground her hips into him.  At one end she could hear him let out a quiet moan, and at the other, a quiet puff of air. "I'll make sure it aaaaaaaall gets out."

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