Advertising accounts?

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Advertising accounts?

Hello, I just want to ask a simple question:

Is it ok to advertise accounts? I write my stories on DeviantArt but I don't post them here. So is it ok to advertise my DA? I'd like an answer from Luther or any other moderator.

Into the belly button the hose goes



Margeret Moonlught
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Nope. Advertising is the biggest sin here, Doing so results in being locked in a small cage with me when I'm in a bitch mood. 

Man, This party sucks. I fucking hate these people. 


What a lot of people do on here is have their deviantart account url as their signature. It's discreet, gets the point across, and doesn't take away from the other posts you make.

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Safest route: As Succoria suggested, add a link to your signature (much like I do). There's also a "Web Site" field in the user profile where you can display it.

I tend to be rather strict about what forms of advertising are permitted. It has to be something of note that's likely to be interesting to a large chunk of the audience. I couldn't say for sure until I knew what you were advertising.